21 January 2014



I saw the precise moment when as the Goddell turns restricted up and word was sent to the field that the Seahags had to be paid off for the bad Superbowl they lost to the Stealers, who had to be paid off for the spy gate scandal, as did Peyton, and now, on and on it goes, with a commish who is cowed by a shameless lentil eater reptile man who the ESPN fairies, or as I call them the Greenberges try to obscenely tell us isn’t a lying snitch ass cheater. Keep those eyes peeled for clear though, those niggers in the rank and file cant be trusted you know, but Bellicheck puts the company in company men.

Still, after having abused them all game, I saw the precise moment that as praetors with equal high middleweight yellowtude, a gentle push had to be given to old alleged black qb Wilson, who has been not exactly setting the world on fire as he was carried on ribbons of less yellow rag, as Roethlisberger once was, not that Godlike Godell has ever forgiven him or the Stees for that. Still too high orange woppish Kaeperfuck didn’t stand a chance, and so the die was cast and suddenly calls as happens in Godells America came in micro bursts, which makes him feel less like the wwe has had made the imperial sport. I could sense the turn, suddenly wops from the central office were brought in, to explain why the seagulls keep the ball, but then I am a Machiavellian, that somehow the gods of football had decreed that who better to go up against white bread hero Manning than a good half breed to show on the year of Ritchie that any colored Can make it in the gladiatorial bunkhouse, as they did in ancient Rome, if willing to salute their tamers and too get brain damage. So, aware with Italic antennas almost as good as those bought by the now beaten down Bellicose Bellicheck, gets at the radio shack, and whoso if you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin, I snidely saw the turn of events to come, and that a team that had been beating the shit out of the team from good livable lands, ie lots of whites like San Mateeo, was not supposed to win. Welcome to being an Americium's team, Harbaugh. The Romulus and Remus act was last year and isnt cute now, as father Rodger, Rodger the dodger anyone...?, move on toe pay back Manning, and or the Seashells whoever get the paperwork in first. Like every American I like Manning, though doing due indulgence , ESPN queers like Cowturd made sure that his love of Bud Shlubergh like love of selling shit was sued against him, as Cowturd said, he sells Oreo s and Pizza pies, egregious to him, while Brady Inc, like Tigger woods sells Longiens and upper requisite shit to the one percentile and targets the high end costumers,when not targeting, As Tiger did, every waitress and hostess of every Dennys to fuck over as this house coon was clowning out the American dream, sur!

But, then I saw something truly heinous, even or despite or because we love in the Incognito land where you are evil and they are just peachy, again apportioning to who gets the paperwork in first. A dreadful dreadlocked man, a dead giveaway but the way like a dashiki, went all Jim Brown on us , and for tipping a badly thrown pass, undertowed no less, and with the bump and grind, which is allowed to all but Cowboys, it seems, he started going all native on us and prancing around the field like a intoxicant, darkie and Rastafarian all the love long day, ringlets flailing about as not seen since Palamalu or Wonder Woman bondage cartoons of the forties. Turnus here was clomping around madly, really as a Cowboy fan, and thus no fan of the SFers it even bothered even me, for Gods sake, and this negro was stomping around as only seen in unhallowed nigger cartoons of the forties or Pulitzer prize winning plays by August Wilson, which when one thinks of it, are the same thing. THIS BOO, as in going jiggy wid it, started failing around madly, really unseemly, helmet off and prancing around, and having studied ethics under Jim Brown had to taunt the poor wide out who dint even know,as they never do, he was a house nigger all along, and no less soft and queer. Yapping like a Cowboy in the golden age times ten, he then looked at Kapernecik no longer the percipient of bad calls, once it was learned he was a Wop, and thus no longer available for the tears of good millionaires, as who recalls the Sabine women when Mob wives is on, nobody. I watched this for as long until the truly wonderfully entertaining new Sherlock was going to come on as I, even Roman I, was foot balled out, and the day was saved by seeing Tom Landry not be smeared again.

But what I found almost diabolically intriguing was this cow Richard Sherman , self proclaimed sergeant of men, first man, taunting someone in ways no Stealer or Cowboy or Raider ever aught, you know teams with actual following past the suburbs of the their settlements. Then he looked at Kaepernick, and in a Augean Stable where Richie Incognito must be trashed lest someone count up the felonious, in a leauge where women are hit with jack bottles in the face, as we so blatantly worry about the feelings of thin skinned tokens,who look like Obama with glandular problem, In a league where rape is underscored as a perk, taught at the collage game unlike press coverage or sixth grade math, this howling coonskin, on looked a a starting qb and grabbed his own throat with a imminence, which makes me wonder how he spans his Saturday nights with his babys mammas and fat white gals along the road. Oh that will come out soon enough, kids, it will come out, and it didn’t take my man Prime long to say hold up player, what is this brother on brother shit, no body ever heard such things said about the forty niners before. But the 49ers weren’t supposed to win this engagement, not this year, god knows, and on cue some coon named Lamont Hill, he who just adored the cop who lost his mind and started pistol whipping maids and Asian girls, came to this coons side, of cocksure as in America, spiting at men who didn’t spit and you first is the national pastime, more than even football, and on to the Saturnalia Bowl, which I sued eons before Howdee Dowdy as usual turned it into an insult, where I again in Roman mode I wonder what shall happen if the fronting nig berates too hard on Peyton , Oreo seller or not. That poor wide out didn’t feel bad enough, he and they needed this human cartoon to rub it in. But wait weren’t two touchdowns once wiped out in a cowboy game because Miles Austin and Half Witten danced too hard...? Hmnnnnn, Ah, but God will remember your unnecessary Cruelty, its Machiavelli 101 and from which I learned all my ethics. All I know is that 21 would have caught that ball to begin with.

Cornelius Tacitus we about to fall salute you! 

UPDATE: WEH WEH, LOOLIT HERH, seems dat dee massa o de NFL Godell, didn’t realize what eh was gonna get when he had to make sure dat de year o Richie Incognito ended up wid a good Nigga as the face o the funeral games in newest Rome, or at least newest Sicily, New Jersey. Naw sur, he waddnt exacting old coonskin Atrocity Seymour to grab the limelight like dat, naw he wassent, makes him probably think he traded one Ritchie fo another dere, ah dee shame of it all, eh...? No, when the marching orders came out and the refs won day game for Russel Wilson, you know dey always need a hand up and a hand out and slap down if things go bad, why, who would have thought that dee bizaaro Deion wuld shown his Carthaginian head in so Roman of a game...? Oh, if Rodger could only know dat why he wouldn’t have let the sea-hags run innna the punter all the live long day shu nuff! But at least the castrati of ESPN are being told to reform dis nigger unlike wop Richie who had the temerity to ask to be paid and shit, this punk ass Stanford house nigger can take dictation, like all the good coons, can and has been apologizing all day long sur, showing that isn’t of a guy doing acts that every lineman has done since the barracks of Brindisium, fo comradhood, Gladitorial aplomb and team blooding and brotherhood, things the oaf in de morning admitted he did way back, naw sur, the Stanford nigger ain’t got to do nuffin they don’t wnana do, no sur, no Decorum fo dem sur, why dey is educated they is, and soft and playable, thin skinned a credits to their races, why dey can feminize men with slaps on the ass, and then do cutting throat signs with that sniggerin dream, impunity! Ah, but to break the minstrel show act, and quote an Italian genius, impunity only means that eventually you will have to destroy your masters or your masters will have to destroy you. Ask equally high yellow Obama. I said the Prince couldnt hoit. Yeah hes a real Prime huh, why dey done civilized you boy, Or if you a Good nigga like Richie Shanaynay, you hast go on TV all day long and apologize for biting you masters hand. I WONDER IF THEY COULD HAVE KNOWN, if them phantom unnecessary righteousness calls would have rained from the Colosseum sky....oh well....

Id rather be censored as I have been than to be like Scorsese and Seymour and beg for forgiveness for having stepped outta line, shu nuff.

Next: The Paper Chase...


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