19 May 2014


1.I audaciously don’t repress anymore to almost anything, having had my fill of dealing with the Ed Shultz dancers of various weights on NBC, and so, I leave things be now mostly. However my emails filled up with as many as twenty or more electric fliers telling me from various outlets that though was sneered back at and told to go away by most, still, they ah me on enough of a electric friends list to keep selli- sorry Sending me bulletins on re submitting my work for A Bigger Check,as I said, always the American core dream. Finally had enough and have no want or desire to resubmit anything twice, and so made this quick cheerful repine and sent in to most every outlet who had ethnic names making me think that they were affiliated with the artful dodgers that make Portlandia, when in fact none did. Ah, the catacombs of unsettled gods.

Therefor, and with the personalized heading to the film fiesta, sorry don't want to bother the spics by you parroting their Culture, or Vinegar, as MA WOULD SAY, as the days of white men eating grinders in jeans and running for the Senate may be over, and inst that too bad, as the noble savages dressage their failure as their their Vergillian guide Jews assuage their guilt but keep on at the vomitorum, as again, a good credo to remember when dealing with war inc.'s comedy divisions, we ain’t married to none of this. I sent the most sneering group to email me about WOP LIKE ME, there is no pale it seems in Filmdom for over allocation of Spartacus being denounced by its own hagiographer—as was told again as with Scorsese, if I don’t like Stanley Kubrick, well that is a blemish on my forehead, and should rethink film as a calling—as if!--as again the land of televised Torquemada Andie poo reveals itself again, that when they men and spoke of a first amendment, sacrosanct for their blood comedies, wop minstrels shows and vile video games of assassin-hood, well, the ethnics at the CNN table of prosecutors never quite meant you, it seems...

I was castigated by one for pretensions again in placing my video in what is called wide screen, 16 x 9. As in disliking the shaggy Dog, pacifist filmmaker who didn’t read Sallust all the way through like a Hollywood sort might not, give me the gist, baby,...an disliking the high falloting bullshit artist known as Stanley Kubrick, but then as an Italian worth my salt as the jurists made me feel, I am never shocked, just as Machiavelli said,but Always disappointed, though by now should know better. There IS NO DESIRE TO HEAR OF ROMAN CATTILINE, something I should have known of when in a 750 page book, my dismissal of Obama as a leprous, weakling, contagious, horrid black Elmo who was an on the pad hermaphrodite—I am the auger—was second only to my blunt admiration for a mad man of history as Catiline, as when the right and left meet, we are all under surveillance or in jail anyway, so release the drones.

2. So having to download the whole of a treatment and a pitch to NBC on May day, I thought it was due on mayday, but was wrong, again, but still I do better as teachers have told me when on deadline and cannot fall into habits of going over the same fields with almost myopic focus and can do better off the cuff than having to write hundreds pages outline for five thousand page books about middle Italy no one cares about. I was at wits end at the end of another Month in Obama nation as has happened I believe each of the last forty eight months optimism and gray skies are gonna clear up, Jewish optimism, Roman Overestimates, are extrapolated each moth by an timed readjustment of numbers a liar club of rejiggering, re niggering numbers, in a Persian like abatement called principally enough, mid month revision, where the great numbers of the beginning week of each month are replaced by sadder more literalistic numbers by the 15th, in the only Roman thing which Barry has ever been a hand to, as Ides is his middle name. Well, maybe not Ides...Still, by the end of the month we are all, if not in the one percent to whim the 93 and growing cents of each Diinarrus go, explaining why Caesars wife is still praetor, at least for now, we are all at bare cupboards with the wolf at the door as we live out a Stones soup society that only a half breed could brings us to with strega wop yenta and effeminate Mormon form vulgar Vegas as triumvirs. I was out of room on two digital smart carts to place another talk to the Obamanation, of mine to show my project to NBC, so took pieces of wop like me, still unedited in my snare and downloaded them and put them together, with a quick reading of my post 'Ill Pitch but I wont Catch', and put together in my rag tag artisan ways, a treatment for funny pages, coming in a 5:17 seconds , by downloading public domain pictures of That Girl and Abe Vigoda, Johnny Carson, and Berle, and made my pitch, and sent it to a place where Amy Polar is considered funny, but now that we have broken that sped record with such as Jimmie legs in the Tonight show, whose audience is evaporating. Hmnnnn, who saw that coming, as CBS reconsiders now the matter of Colbert openly, ...the other day upon the stair I saw a man who wasn’t there he wast there again today I wished he die and go away, in the original Grimm, as they were sticklers for murder, whenever possible, as so one is funny anymore as George said, why not me, and thus sent in the film.

To be bitchily as I take more swath than a nobody deserves, I downloaded the whole of the great Albert Brooks' Super season and used that as a Muzak behind it all. I HAD only hours before I thought the deadline of may first was here, and had to of course download a sign an agreement, which always I never see comm-in, so who knows maybe Nancy Polloozzoi will one day lecture us all into becoming beloved, and the Democrats might keep the Senate and win back the house. Ha, Im kidding, they is doomed, that I know. I downloaded the aggrandizement , and printed it on 9 by 12 Dick Blick art paper shaved down to fir my hp printer, and scanned it and used open source open office with scan and click to print an save the signature, even in Obama Clarkian nightmare, the most necessary part. I did this all and downloaded it all, finished by five o'clock on May 1st, as was vowed to the Tuscan god of all that is industrial to do, as Machiavelli said, be true to your lies, its the least one can do.

3. I went up into the attic, where I keep hard copies of brother word processors files, unreadable now, and found the ruins of funny pages, a zoetrope file exists, I, to get even for the Patria and maybe even my father, used horrid Zeotrope as a personal transcribing service, until released as usual here in Scorsese America, that the puppet show owner was from hunger again, and Sharpton like had to eat as much consignment as he could gets, as his pdf files all looked like gray shit. I have a few saved page but not the rest, having to do with the central part of the show, as I saw the cast shown before me from 2012, last time it was of us to me, how you treat your dying lame veterans and aging centurions, as you keep telling us the gladiators are hungry, all quite anti Roman, but what do I know. The cast is all here, A genius named Will Sasso as two characters, was in the moviola roman thertro in my head, great cartoon artist boy man Morty, and Lucas like space man tyrant William Falcone, a boyfriend from Gilmore girls Jason Paldecky and or Heimlich Linkletter as thin reedy cartoonist Edith 'Eddie' Head, the stoner weirdo, the girl knockout who played Simone on all my children as bitchy girl cartoonist new hire Cat-woman, Janice Smythe, hot pin up secretary receptionist Wendy Fiore as vavavaoomy Denise, local sportscaster mimic Jon Burton as black geek Larry, even vinegary Television bitch Keith Olbermann as owner of conglomerate Anvil Comics, a last Bernie Kopell sort, a Sterenko sort. etc, these were the cast I sued as I use to hear the characters in my head. And there too, was the fulcrum of this show, Stan lee like cosmic impresario who had been tossed out of anvil comics on his ear, Uncle Harvey Berg. He has been here thrown out and goes to his buddies, younger less successful sorts, less wealthy comic book Indy daddys boy Turnus Jones, to show his anger at the fact that Anvil which he created out of nothing and made a powerhouse is about to be bought by the Disney land of the Tonyverse, and he is out. Again, this was written 2009 or so. Pages I have left, include an appearance by Turnus on GE MSNBC COLLEGE BOWL, AS THAT CHANNEL HAS BEEN MADE INTO GAME SHOWS, Edith falls for cat-woman, who is a unmitigated bitch, and not in that cute bullshit CBS way, they try to fix the Superbowl knowing the Dallas cowboy quarterback is a queen and thus try to black-male him with a John Madden doppelganger, and my pilot , if she dies she dies, which is about Turnus using Imatch .com to hook up with an old woman he is going to marry, Lucy Carmichael Warez Schwartz, a gravelly voice ex golden age of television comedienne, who he is going to wed to get her money, and then she dies, throwing out the first pitch at the Mets game laving him nothing. I must admit there is a love in me of Petronius and Terrence, Norman Lear and Mel Brooks that makes me think that again, as making a film about Italians and Italians in film, no Marty anymore, that uses puppets of Roman radicals, that I might just be , in our Tina Fey-Barbie world, barking up the wrong petrified tree in our grimmest Forrest. As saw that one time heart throb, the girl for whom Roman Mythology was not made, as I couldn’t bare it without oxygenated hated Angelina Jolie as Clementine, an again I was using that name before was made mere dog dinner by the Indy crowd because, the name it went back to Pop, I take it in America that she had to play a witch, as she could actually be nothing else. Is all Forgiven now, as Disney makes you beloved and puts you in your place...?I used also first sighted Wendy then as receptionist, in the script, as spoke to radio good guy preoducer once, and he told me at wkrp, again a kind of show we don’t have amid the Crack head Christmas specials we have with the suddenly dark dentists from Seinfeld, bah!, meth heads and guilty killers and men in gray flannel suits, that the role of the receptionist was meant for a bosomy brunette who would be a ditz, a cute turn around, oh heavens, and horrid toxic spill of seventies rescission implant Loni Andersen asked them to change it to a smart ass blond, which has never appealed to hee haw me, or really anyone else. She sent in her head shot as brunette by the way showing that we are losuey with Jennifer's always retrying to game the Grimms we have been taught, and so keep the ode of a brunette ditz as the receptionist, but did conceit that Maureen dowdy, as with so much black horses beat me to the Monica I had envisioned, but did it as she does all with womanish menaces, and viciousness that I didn’t think of, and which Clinton had to create, as a lover of Terence too. 

In making the NBC PITCH TRAILER, I looked up a  show I recall as a boy called the Monetfuscos. It was savaged by criticism, as the thought of Italians in a middle class life of the sort defied by Persky and Denoff was too much to bear and to this day we expat our Lara Crofts and once time sex bomb Gias to revert to Grimmest, no Walt like, shorthand to keep the white women happy. I Wonder what Jewish gate keeper napped between them and the suddenly long last love of Gandolofni and his dead end kids, in which packed the plaintiff cries of Pleh pleh, but middle brow and lower tv critics suddenly in love with the obvious Truth of the last minstrel show allowed, at least so openly. But then, as I have come to know I am utilizing their farce places in ways far too Roman for the Jews who still dream and yearn for a queer assimilation, somehow keeping theorize Shumah like timeless elitism, all the way too, To the hags who have called my work antisemitic, sorry, in your spasm of self adoration, its isn't that set of Mediterraneans I have been admiring and castigating, and using as exemplars of glorious decay for six years here. No, fuck fiddler, to me Zero is flim flam slave man producer of farce in stockings, and idealistically says  the Theater is a temple, Comedy tonight! Hillary is that you, cause Bill just came out to tell us all with a wink you were sicker than anyone said you were, ah,,,,the viscountess of the doge, will he ever tire of his evil eye...? It aint Jews I think of as  dare I speak of how Republicans are destroyed by bankers, no sorry dolls, I aint a fox new hound or a Ge template looking fore dark unenlightened, unlightbulb  monies that are evil down to the very bones of clever Machiavelli. I alas feel I am trying to get even for too many Bososmy starlets that hags like mouse faced Anderson didn't give a chance to as she always failed to be the dishwater cunt in the t bird in Lucas fevered unreal dreams. I am getting even for too much, and cant do that at NBC, god knows, just ask Keith! 




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