29 March 2017


I. Like America, my constitution isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Not to take part in the meandering cesspools of what passes for politics these days, as said I was supposed to be Knusler and the Jews now are made of less sterner stuff. Still am quite proud of my oration here to recent events, as this is a picture of a comic send back to me in shreds but those horrid circle of people, wither in Isis or the senate, so sad when people don’t have respect for the noble knights of the ancients, as I was taught, or the film academy, who think their proverbial greed is a virtue , but alas, lately cant seem to make one of their caravans go off without a hitch. In this post resound how pages were asked of me, I only query intermittently, especially with the good cabals of bush help and rocket liberals and Yaleys palming fivers as they do, all polices is tunnel of love or worse road side attraction, and acquitted myself I think well, as these colorful shards were hurled in my face, when it was to an EC like compilation, I think I’ve had enough of that, as thought was sending what was called a amalgam of Superman meets Frankenstein. The Italian da was never dead enough and just batten and bloodied as a good Roman might be as the day I make a zombie comic as told a lovely Asian Gail thinking my take on Romero was sweet, I open a vain. Usually, Ill take what I can get.

This week through a Nyquil haze did see greetings and admirations to me from gals named Natalie, Deidre, Lena and Carmen and men who called my work commendable and honest and un utilizable by them. Life story. But I did see the five and dime Kondrakis at some hill less capitaline than it thinks, used a Dantean line to cleanse the stage of Hillary. Admiration as autopsy, Hillary as in the new life, the vita Nova, hint hint, I speak fluent Byzantine, meaning that all I heard about trouble in Verona was true and the always calculating Bushes are trying to make sure that Mother Hubbard gets the gist and walks off this stage they think they own or at least put together out of brick knacks harvester and found in graves, tres MANZONI, again something the censors at Yale never heard of enough to truest burn. But this story is important as these comic hacks with devotion, good luck Hill, thought they were somehow justified in destroying mere b movie Orson Welles valentine James Whale makes Ovid comics, again that is old mother Clinton in a nutshell she slits downwards too much that she gives her self a foot infection, but when I told my ma this trait towards the detraction that all drone liberals would have to get behind, as the argument is the paycheck, and the fish does tot not from the head but the mouth, she went into usual Verdiant operatic italic high dungeon, that would make Jewey Jonnie proud and that hed understand, as she has seen and railed against this before wares my stern father didn’t let the Pollock Synods bother him much, as she recalled the fact and it is a fact, that this wasn’t the first time this very character in blue and maze had been torn apart as it had been when I was a boy by …a Germanic horrid lesbian vicious bigoted hateful nun, a sister Gertrude that Hillary has too many of as she dreams of a Camilla to do her bidding or at least make her concession phone calls for…do you heat that clicking in this line, ask the white man whose hands grapple with invisible chicken all the time, his strangulation like a golf swing Hope wished to perfect, the rats are such serfs you know….

My mother wished for me to go beyond any mere leaf of Beatrice stamped paper with some cryptic busllhit of my own, but unlike the virus rampant in ruling families females, I admire Cincinnatus with a Billy touch, and know walking away is the best revenge. She calls that nun with viciousness you white gals cant muster coaxially with meters running as she thinks that first tearing of my pages caused me to not be the Vidal the nuns and she and my pop wished for me as opposed to wops in puppet shows. Yes, that is who you stand with gals, as had to as tire of the vomit on my shoes at that banquet that isn’t restricted they pledge, or at least let Frankin in now, as long as he apes the Romans at their MGM worst. I had to recall to you all and then go back to bed, that when told this story before about how I made and wanted to make a roman superman as Lou and Sly were monsters and or unread for superman, guess who gave me a like for that…why It was as fellow roman student reader of Ovid, which bothered some woman somewhere as hee haw did not. Hmnnnn, my buddy Brazen Bill. This is your final warning.

II. When on face book, on and off, try to befriend as many cute Italians as I can, as recall my father warning me about blond who’res who saw Italians as one-step above niggers. This is the empire whose Virgil is martin Scorsese, this the republic you’ve made. I saw the Dantean pages the vita nova applied sadly to Grimm’s stepmother emeritus Hillary by thee vulgar and inept. but again as with Gianni Paolo 2, are rage field of mars. Roman bill again seemed a directed schoolboy…as this morning got up, or ‘morning’, and went to google plus looking to see if I had ever posted my ‘that’s cute. Supreme stolen flying man page on my wall and could somehow download and print that as a page to keep. But amid the hicks and black activists not on the pad who send me updates and likes, did see some house nigger true to his creed saying how he was going to somehow pimp the first lady of the Untied states, actually a but of ephemera from the Clinton senate trial, no inherent the wind there, and now that that false flag creed is gone somehow we are in thunder dome and this smarmy house everything thinks he has the superiority of the poor, though like all niggers is willing to ho deed doo fer cash, the only sacrament allowed in America. Ah but like the Jew who went after the black POW flag, be careful with that’s cinematic self absorption as I was warned by the priests to never avail myself as a good house anything, or closest everything, as going to far one knows to late, and sometimes like the Jewey hack who spooled of Hilda’s losing as like 9-11, despite her crucifixion poses into vans, as a bumbling idiot, in which I am alerted now, it wasn’t a col. flag like fear of being out of it and telling secrets at all which caused her Hubby, safely still at a puerperal memorial to glad hand and play ex officico, to drive her away from Mount Sinai, to her said to be stricken by fear, as the con only goes so far, and the smell of the river Lethe started to frighten the ballsy Livia. Or is it Tyber…? Anyway, now, so much as if given Anesthesia to a drug addict they can sometimes drop dead, and then Hillary would be in that Dante’s inferno, American stile, with Joan Rivers, Gore Vidal answer to an American Calvino, and Michel Jackson, as tax cheat reverend is biliously digging away to get that solid hold casket back, showing again nigger rich follows a sad but brilliant r and b boy into the Styx. That’s called living your act, I believe though would love to see him put in jail, as that’s living your creed.

Same as how id love to see a senate investigation into Russia, proving again that old mother Hubbard is out to make Goldwater voters of us all, examining again how a cunt who shit her pants in public could possibly lose with Jewish cripples prodding her on with ten foot poles, again despite his best efforts equalizing again how Bill won, as eventually again the Monteverdi and Cappilettis, called by a gal the best analogy of the year, will beat each others throats, id say like clerical history demands, but its probably more like the reruns of Colombo. Thanks gods the sanctimonious who rail against Charley Chan see no problem in this Jewish idiot as Italian genius, but at least he inst a criminal. As I would love to see, jumping off that point, Johnny Podesta carted like a medieval leper in front of the latest Kefauver committee, and have to be brought before the Huac comitia acceptable when some Goldwater corpus says so, like anger at make America great again, dropped when it was found that Billy said it fist, we were allowed conniving compassion then before had to devolve into fat jokes about busty brunettes in Tonya Hardin’s land. I refused to drop something because Bill Clintons says its okay. As I love roman Bill as much as do any Roman moron in the comedies, but the day he is a moral avatar to me, is the day I open a vein. Id love to see Jonnie brought elf-like before this senate sub committee, usually only brought on television when Jewish hacks honking after ball players over steroids, when cheating mattered, recalling all those lockers they have been shoved into, and thus now with that purple sash that makes one better that the filth, that Hillary will take, even saying mayor just something, anything, that reeks of power as she dreams of being gotham cities mayor Linseed. Id love to see that wimp who I have seen before all my life, stand there and oath to a kensnsate table of dying white men, the senate as mausoleum goes back to Caesar, that he had to take the fifth, as that would be so wonderful to see and know that that company wop ended up as all the wops before, showing again the Jesuits were right and as house niggers show, you don’t end up that far one they cut you from a poisoned or at least a bloody tree. Id love to see this wop hack , thinking he was so good and credited and above board, sorry since days of yore just a democrat and the godfather ethic is all here in new Judea, Id lobe to see the look on his face as hed gave to be felled as the last TV wop criminal, in ways that hair plug procouncls were paid back to not have to do to Clarence Thomas or to Bush over Measly Beasley little arms for patronages deals fluffed off by a one term bizarro Carter who thought his Billys were all praetorian timber. Ah but the Bush family shall die off, as stableboys and nothing more, and Machiavelli said so of the Medici he despised, who once tortured him, that was importance once too, him for having written a book extolling the Roman Republic in Italy no elss, but then Lorenzo would grind out that green German armour always worn by the Podestas of empire is not only unwieldy, but pinches in all the wrong places.

As too, today had some asshole shit all over my Google feed, with self righteous acrimony horse manure telling people he wanted them to all shut up, and made sure she made it public, Hillary was doomed from the beginning having that caliber of tenth row players she did, as that didn’t square with her love of secrets, as it never does. As he sent out fiddy missives all publicly causing me to block him, as I don’t often , not being a white woman, and thus give to censoriousness, as after a while this page kept going on and on with this creeps homilies about what a sewer he found, ah but as I said, it inst a sewer until Bill Clinton is chasing girls to it, alas like Roethisburger, a line given to me I admit freely by a gal who had had enough of seeing Wictheipoo now dreaming of power never to be hers, a latest Tarpea in the Cambrian forks of wood, and a mothers ghost never vanquished as all Caesarean dreams eventually are always pervertedly about, the rest of us just the mezzanine to these strange erotic dreams. Ouch. So, go wash your hands as my Ma would say, it not worse, as again this bald, always a signage of the vicious ninny of the left that Jesuits told me don’t exist, this white, stooge likes calling people racists, going against the rule of their hero Cicero who even he knew when the people are hungry the gods are mute so when 240 percent more people are in actual poverty more than were at the turn or your millennium, so always know in the mafia or the senate or any Italianate contractions you know, like Levitt said, know when to cool it.

Its nice to know you are a good white person, I shit back, I am not one for passavante brining more Neapolitan than Sicilian, who only wants your negroes warehoused and not hung, see above, as have to say, sorry. But Bilbo started that resentment is the mother milk of politics creed, as he put his name on true ephemera, as I was told somehow a torn page of a comic book was not ephemera lately when in fact thought I did a good job of proving it was nothing but. I love when people ask me to emailingly explain something and then say somehow I’m wrong, when they could have just rejected it as some of my stuff is, like a cartoon about the Roman legionary with a punch line unacceptably by white woman and Jews how just love Vikings, who knew…?This idiot sent out something about how Rachel Maddow was somehow, like that ninny as the poor mans letterman, which shows how far we’ve sunk, upset that’s somehow she was a Brutus to the cause by showing that hated Bulgarian Trumpy paid more in taxes than say bloated piggish yenta dago hags on afternoon yaks, and of course paid more in the sacrament of Taxation, they are all apostates, by the way, than did the Pajama game, save the tiger Stan lee of the senate , Boiney. But not being a good liberal company wop, as slithering faggots might take their cuts, I leave me Girl Rachel alone, as don’t involve myself in the ox boughs festooned on all now as if grass crowns, involving destruction of Incognitos and or Brunettes, and leave her be, as their are roman lines that fit this poor sap, but again as can say knowing how Savonarola would stray the Medici’s and the more sinister and diabolical and smart and thoughtful and Jesuit loved Machiavelli never could, don’t wear armor that inst instrsincailely yours. This the reason I wish to see old Jonnie explain to everyone, the only VIRGIL TO STAND at the gave the Clinton dug, with nary a Dante around, why his was the computer that was hacked, and not say the closer Friend and Roman Numa, the one she you know was stupid enough to think his didn’t need to be bleached away as was her mousey hair or ratty soul as she was sure that that railcar had nothing in it, that she knew of, having not kept the Sicilian now being dragged back into the American dream that Copolla was the Grimm brother to cobble from Italian shoes of leather, as they admitted once, for, close enough.

III. Lost on Yonkers. One reason that the witch-hunt, crucible, take your pick of Lutheran invoked crimes against humanity against Trumpy isn’t and cant work, and wasn’t going to work was that I can go in any bookstore still round since Bozos fulfilled Nanas Levittown dream, and find books about the end of the Roman republic by Livy and Plutarch. This end of a republic here was guided by news rags written at a forth grade kevel, and within had food sections, ads for Bulgari overpriced watches, and bitchy theatrical notices. –AA.

From Sunday to Thursday did pages of Earthrise the space opera, and last Italianate yeoman Denise Cynthia Fontana, as I drew her in red rags walking aroused on the planet Vega-5, wandering how she survived the end of Mister Spoke, and concurrently with that did stay up until late hours, and wrote on a lap top a play as was asked by the people who are issuing my Mud magazine covers eagerly and willingly. They asked if since they already had me as an art director if Id take a nominal fee and write a new script, as it isn’t working they way they want it to. Nominal fee, --what am I the queen of England!!! Ill do it like Dusting in wag the dog, for the credit, which is all. Stayed up very late, saw beloved Della and Perry, a brunette duo unseen now in our new golden age of decency where all the good folks are blond you see, like Disney, and watched a lot of Alfred Hitchcock, which are great televised plays, and thus when it was recorded by them was told it was more a play than anything, and very biting and funny. In four days or so wrote the play out, with Laughter on the 23rd floor as a guide to what I was looking for, and in fact, trapped there and then, in those old days of Norman Lear and satire and before we ended up with Colbert, our Petronius, Stanley Kowalski with girl issues, get some help ninny, made it a Mad Manish era romance of Mad at its best, in an age deserted now. But that we cant recall where the democrats ever were, which was in power. Blonds vomiting fake kindness at me has been a long held thing to dispraise and again, recalled a time when as I said, Jews told me to somehow be their vanguard to get even with those who kept them out of universities to which dying patricians were going to make their bictehs on command. Having got it, they admired it much, but alas, even 1970 might as well be republic Rome when it comes to costumes and hairdos and office layouts, the line about living Dave Berg seen as quite sweet, and such as this Was I was told, A natural light movie. That’s all I believe in, as cineretta and Technicolor is unavailingly to me.

But spent the week writing the play, in which as I said, placed the story of a 1970 Christmas when Mad was the pamphlets of beguiling satirical choice, when Christmas was still a saturnalia of cardboard, before the in law Jews showed themselves by managing their new found love of Arabs as akin to the works of Mary Shelley, see elsewhere, and added there a story about pretty Victoria, a gal met at a salvation army red pit tossing in diems for the poor while scoping the busty sister of the poor. I made Kurtzman with her as model, creating a first oh wicked Wanda than any fat Annie. What DO YOU WANT FROM ME…? ITS ALWAYS MY FIRST PLAY. In addition, I saved the last red shirt from the starship Anglicize, as saw that awful newest Ulysses for the imperialistic bullshit it was. While doing this watched long stretches of the Perry Mason marathon, as was told by the pretty woman who called out to me, that my brother was right, he, Burr, does look and act a lot like you, she said, and it was Raymond Burrs Jesuitical poses that enthralled me as a kid, to say nothing of the aging pretty smart Vergas girl at his side. Too, a gal mentioned here wrote to me to tell me she saw Perry mason was on, and all are steamily cutting the cord, a stupid move it w as to shut people off direct tv and the Internet to try to three card money Hillary into the praetorium, as those rains made people go elsewhere and now youre getting it in the nose. She said, she started to watch just n my talking about it, catching the Perry mason show and wonder woman also mentioned by me , a first time since she was a kid, as is closing in on forty, as is all my beloved Beatrice’s.

And found herself through the most glowingly saffron Etruscan royal blue, like Tuscan red thankfully a darker color allowed to be used at crayola by the perpetual bitching injuns, who will never allow these the ability to be put down as bad soldiers as you do to almost all the Mediterranean’s anyway, you barbaric hoard always seemingly in love with war in ways the Romans never didn’t much allow, as kikey like you like making it a spectator sport as much as anything else. As, so the Italians have always been too civilized, and thus corrupt, it goes hand in hand, to get the admirations of wilderness over there, loving noble savage selling into slavery Jews, and Bush maids, see my hatred of Conan elsewhere. The most brilliant Tuscan indigo ish eyes Id ever seen, from a Sicilian mother, as her father is from the magraeb, and they recall when they were white, or at least not black, or classical is the word, whatever. So she is proof of Ovid’s rule that southern Italian girls were prettier than Roman and Mediolanium girls, he always on the make like some praetors who will be as I said the only President Clinton there ever was, and imagine such being said once and even by the Greeks, because they freely mixed the three races that Italy was the convergence point of. Ah but this before as they came to be the firstly women to be dashed to abortion clinics, as war hostages, as they found the right to choose always sticks with the mothers in law, or least then. She watched this elder man and his aging, and yet still pretty, girl Friday, they as the perfect exemplars of a golden age and a retro future I never had, she watching till midnight. As in those days we were something then, or hoped to be, now demeaned by those who have made their careers if not skimming off the cash found when 240 percent more people are living in poverty, than when the democrats once ruled over the hanging trees they used as much as anyone ever did. I also heard that again I was the auger and saw something coming as a certain fatiguing quality of evil had taken hold of new Verona as it got sick of the Punch and Judy show called the Clinton marriage. I was told, while watching Perry Mason, he as Jesuitical always the clever man for the defense-- we are all Hamilton Berger now--, as despite the best efforts of toaster and bomb makers, people remember an America gone, and she saw that Wonder woman was in the perfect flesh that was Lynda Carter, is seen as fat girls now spill out on SI swimsuit covers, she is out there and shown again, as an answer and an antidote in the belladonna ideal. In this latest month long celebration of the useful to the powerful, that wonder woman is shown now I was alerted, as workman wives who lose are shown briskly if at all even mentioned briskly, as a less than poetic witch meandering in the discontent filled Barbarian woods, the Mother of all losers walk-ins alone in the woods, less a Walden than as usual a tenth row player Grimm realization that she must be seen in revere as her husband perpetually in flagrante delecto, as she is more along to Carol Brunette as Nora Desmond, hubby less a Max than a Great Gazoo, well you really did it this time dum dum, ready for her close up she as never is, gesticulating madly and rather tragically at all those plebs in the dark. Out of poison, vitriol, and cash, time is money, back in the eternal city in his mind, the real new Rome, like the strong man, to hubby, the goddess was always all.

The Babys - Everytime I Think Of You (Live Midnight Special 1979) 4vov.avi

09 March 2017

Saw your page, gals,...

...connected to at submittable finally but didn’t submit anything, believe me have been nastier to some, as am ALWAYS BE CLOSING, AS NEVER BEFORE… and thought of sending you a work but could never get to you to send and or get back my art so cannot. But saw your instillation or reviewing of womanish pulp art, which as a lover of the pulp arts and the cheaper paper literalizers parents hated and the Jesuits I knew as a boy despised that I loved, try doing that about Italians. And see if there is anything but hoodlums and gangsters, but now that I think of it, having been written by Mario Puzo and Mickey Spillane, one I admire more than the other, Mike Hammer would beat the shit out of Nigel Bruce, toots, I wouldn’t not be shocked if indeed there weren’t better examples of Italian Americans in detective noir mystery man faction than there ever is at CBS or cable television.

I DID see that letterman said he would have ‘gone to work’ on Trumpy, which is a apt phase from someone who seemed to be above such Machiavellian vulgarity as politics before he was putting the arm on office girls and voyeuristically chasing women through binoculars cross the Conde Nayste valley, etc…again big talk from someone who should have  stayed right there, if devoted, a Sejanus in greasepaint, but again like Jon Stewart didn’t, humm, didn’t watch or helped mistress Hillary an her medieval sedan cross that Tyber, you just know Billy boy waits to allow it to uh…, wash things away if need be. I thought it was funny that recently got a email in slight boomlet of people both liking and accepting my work, like fine and dandy doesn’t happen much in tandem, and sometimes place cartoons whip off in minutes and stuff I care about lays here untaken, and some hag was bitching about my connection of Roman Bill, always love you Bill youre such a Roman son of a bitch amid these white chicks, and of course allowably had my sexuality questioned, as is kosher when done by the coerced—that’s correct, - people or bush family help, although only in America has the fetish become that close to an ethic and we all don’t have to fuck what we admire, not with Wendy’s around, god knows. And it bothered this bitch that I connect him back to Ovid’s story famously about Daphne and the laurel, in this case was the tie that he wore that night interrupting another Cowboy game, we know how to get an audience as he wore that as if a sprig off the victim he helped to destroy. I recall your glee at destroying brunette Monica so willingly and eagerly, the Borgais too had black haired victims with Italianate names, and so, close all the circuses you want, I know what taste for blood you all really have. As Perry mason wouldn’t come in, such is life in the lead rains left by Barry the fairy, so trying to get in digital signal had to put it on 2, and saw the dreaded Colbert show as he does his unknown comic act, but it seemed to me like when awful self styled serious clown Mort Saul would get on stage and read from the newspaper, as this thing seemed like a snuff film, to a career…?, or a taped esp trial done by the CIA in the 60s. Yikes and away!, with twittering nervous laughter and I thought of Roman Plautus, sometimes getting an audience is the only decent thing you can do. I have gotten a nice responses after previously having my work thrown in my face and it made me increasingly angry that these nothings went out of their way to demean me as my sharpie brother said they did it on purpose, as all is warfare  now you see, the co eds whose little red book is their life of Napoleon, like Bill read that, I  just didn’t make it a primer or a how to pick up girls treatise, until the leach is pulled, all think they can get their licks in. So, all think they are praetorian or clown, or both, and in fact looked at my settings as don’t often do and in fact saw posts from 2011 abut the return of mister stupendous were looked at this month, and I wondered why anyone would so bother. I was fuming, my mother still despises that German nun and Audrey my Jewish neurologist told me I made a mistake that I actually was upset that first time, as she said, if that all it took to derail me, epilepsy did have a hand in that, she told me sad that I ever bothered or gave in, Townnnneeee she said with Yenta charm, Thank gwad yur not jeiwsh or youd be bombing places now like something outta Ragtiiiiime.

I was upset by it all, as watched a Hunter marathon as always liked Dryer and Stepfanie Kramer, a pretty girl, again fat bloated porcine Silverman always cast as somehow an ugly girl, but devoted  to send out sixty queries this week, some hitting, some liked some even attested, so again, if they are doing this for Hillary, she ,a propensity to step in her own shit amid the any port on a storm co-conspirators in law Bushes like casting catastrophes around, to them every act is the third act,  and perpetually make you the object of their incompetence. And they aren't the Machiavellian her hubby is, always remember that. I was upset until I decided to bring the character I created as a ten year old back, stenciling of course Wayne Boring, as that is what comics are, as the same was done to me as kid by a Germanic nun, again you take the sides you take, and who was speaking of the CIA and its cracked walls and its assassins and its creed of darkness only five days ago and now…helllllllo, friends. Maybe everyone doesn’t like the idea of a Bush family who burns cities down when not drowning them like barbarians, or a cunt who like Cato said of Caesar cant ever build up enough bodies to stand on to become a mt Olympus, maybe too many men went into wars without sox, or too many life in prisons for three misdemeanors,  for enthusiastic admiration for those who wish to hold power, and maybe that’s why the clowns from afar are showing a level of devotion just above slight concern and walked out of the tent mid circus, better done in Romans history than roman farce. Sometimes I am even smarter, than I as was said, think I am.

and today...

Mar 9 at 3:45 PM

Do not contact us again. Your writing is not appropriate for our magazine, and is not acceptable.


Best part that very word unacceptable, was the same used by a cabal of eunuch weirdos making b movies to sell to a station that shows drive in bloody goer blood feasts, showing the Mussolini convergence of parallel liens showing this little civil war is fucked when again Sorsos asks who had the prime rib...? They wanted a script to make a film for a channel called El Rey. Again showing even with Hispanics, and women you can have all the stereotypes you want as long as somebody gets killed.

What depressed me was that you cunts would sue the word mourn to speak of that that witch Hillary losing a perpetually staying campaign she shit her way and bumbled her way through, as better that you morn her than the suckers and  the idiots the Goldwater cunt would send into another war, as we never speak of how she was taught  to be a good knight by her master Henry Kissinger. To be fair this was the year more than a few gals saw something decent and true about me, as my essays about you democrats Jewish rats closing the golden door after San Bernardino hit a nereve with some. If you want to know what I think of America and my parents did and the priests warned me of, go look up some of the reaction to a lovely pin up girl named Wendy Fiore who dared to be a Vargasan cheesecake gal here in war loving, sex  hating, Love disposing Sparta, as opposed to fat  ugly women who had coitus publicly while eating  napoleons. Too, you can as my mother did, she started out thinking Trump was an NBC ratings stunt, as  why else hed be allowed to host their satirical late night show as  he was though house niggers giving allowable fake news there were busily calling him a bigot, our lessening scarlet letters, don’t make the same mistake the Jews made!, and now she adores Trumpy as having  given it to a scummy pervert patrician, oh we are lousy with them,  named Anderson Cooper, who managed to end his cartoon colorama each night making fun of some Wommmmmmin. So, good work kids, as warned way back when that when my mother was little girl in Neopolis, that Cattiline was still seen as a hero whereas to Jefferson the slave fucker, he was not. She did take notice how an Italian justice dared to mouth words under his breath, literally sottovoce, and was scurrilously pilloried for  it by even Jewish cripples how showing  their hands and that they are  marked, as the Cesarean dice is always loaded  as Cato  said, and how somehow you are  allowed  to forgo decorum, an don’t think you  have to stand and applaud when a praetor, the title George wanted, making the Cincinnatus affectation complete,  even one you don’t like, enters a room. Well, the only difference between the Knesset we have playacting Roman senators and Isis is the level of mark up buying the art they shill like Savonarola, who is sadly the wave already had, in the deaths scene, tres Cornelius, where facing the Styx, so petty are they that imperial brats in angels are white sweat, beg their fathers to make sure who doesn’t get  in the praetorium next. Trumpy is the Cowboys, as said before,  and the democrats sadly are the Redskins, always having to pay the nobel savages off with trinkets as to shut them up even the sanctimonious is the least of their troubles.  So, the wall the Wile E’s hit its seems that the royal families are at each others throats, one trying for mere nolo contendre and the other to get back into power for  sonnnnyyyyy boyyyyy, and it seems again  that yenta Sorsos wishes to destroy the republic without  having to break that next hunnrid. Don’t lecture or spit down at me, as I never raped nobody. As for the imperious don't send us anything again, nigger please, you mis understand as white girls glassy eyed and overfed do the romans aspects of graffiti as i'm not in the pad and don't apologize when told. I wanst crazy about querying the first time, as paternalisms makes me sick.This Buds, as was swathed across the rfk stadium like so much left tattered as tribute once naming rights were sold, as while cigarette ads were verboten, For You.


So, as par for the course, received this  in my in box from a query I’m not sure recall even making, but such is life…

Howdy Anthony,

Please e-mail low resolution files (72 DPI, no more than 10” at their largest dimension) in JPG or PDF format of the complete story to this address and I'll forward it to the editorial team.

Dan Berger

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I must here show my gigundus brains and alchemies brilliance that you chicks can never touch, see, those anti Trumpy dirtbag hooligan Bush helots, boy they hate that!, scumbuckets dealing with me, an admirer  of Roman Bill and his always getting even, they tore up and destroyed mere copies of my work, copies done on newsprint, I, again to expose myself as brilliant, I destroyed the ORHIGANLS, as to make a point, ….not sure what exactly what it was , but made it, and here was an opening to a door seemingly oft closed to me, willing to take a further look even though as I said, the original pages were American confetti twelve days ago. Ad I have since Valerie Dorozio and Carol Burnette-ish  Corsetto, I do get them to ask which makes me a stinker, why is, they ask, even though blonder and lighter than not, and many,  why could their race be so demeaned and damaged, ah the ghost of Monica, who the Mussolini chined Jews don’t have enough roman ethics or remembering to have watched out for, I get them to ask, why is it their mothers and sisters and they themselves can be so dammed in our age of pizza boxes as silent tribute to all you believe in, and other sewn together if not fake ass transvestite hags must have their cunts kissed and bowed to…? Why can the bitches who spent days destroying an imperial secretary now be given widest berth and they get to decide what is acceptable, and what is not, and who said you darkies cant be criminal….? Ah theres that fraying standard again which is ametahema to you, but a holy creed to me.

Therefore for three days have been issuing xerography, tape, glue stick, white out and rubber cement to recreate these pages as couldn’t just send images may have saved, as they had to be in low resolution, as opposed when I sent people low resolution and had to send higher, like that. With the dedication of a Roman, am not vicious and or bigoted enough to be a Spartan, I went at etched slips of paper and remanded them as I needed to, or didn’t need to, as much as had to as again whatever their state, many of them were put there by me. And if thought I had scans, forgot that when went to staples to get pages done for a gal named Natalie and her books in which she liked that I can make woman not only zaftig but sexual, as have been drawing such Venuses since a boy when first encountered Franzetta and such, and no amount of covens will ever make me either hurl fat jokes at someone and never at them. As I have gotten my share of invitation and even empathy for dealing with these sorts, as again, the parietal sore loser men button-men of the Bush crime family is getting on everyone’s nerves, see miss tits Noonan and uncle Pat having had enough and again predicting a stunt at the Oscars as I did previously, which like talk of rabbit eared Obams sensed to again dissipate quickly and I'm not even catching anything but Della Street and the Lucy show, it all gave me a measure of respect. Did see the greatest American hero was on, but always disliked that jew froed hero or too didn’t like I spy, his Nick Fury, and again don’t send out castigations  as Hillary is as she seems to be playing the last act of Camelot forever bitter, yet that better that than the vita nova, as everything being old status quo and decrepit and creaking and passé is just how she wants it as Strother would say, but this was the original satire of MS done by me as a boy. Not casting aspersions at Steve J Cannell, who wished to make a comic book hero as he had made Jimmy Rockford a perfect satire of the gumshoe, as he was as Maverick the perfect satire of a cowboy, still, Id see it remade as Supreme, and others, a star man coming to boyish Curtis first, then renamed Joe, as Roman magic seemed bothersome to the German nun who would eventually tear up the asoring and ambitious cartoons of a twelve year old as if an anathema to a dying church. Ah bit don’t also lose the Italians I warned then as saw a Pollock made Tuscan prince pontiff, and again as Hillary what happens when as I warned, people start to see the similarity between you and lucretzia Borgia, and that all your victims have black hair or have Italian names , and I’m not sure according to the poll  showing again someone is working the phones, no body is voting in the Geary art deco Fawcett city metropolis emerald city for her over Big Bird colored time or not, as again the tenements if Tyberius are either too big or emptied for the jails.

I don’t mean to take victory laps, but again, twelve days ago when these pages existed, the CIA was planting flags, false I knew, As the roles of senators and six days in march and I thought it a bit depressing and overarching and over reaching, and in fact within days, we found the CIA go from the 1st act of Julius Caesar to the gang who couldn’t shot straight, to keep the gimba vernacular you all so love,  to show as again maybe all the Jews aren’t, as they never are , the same side. As I warned, auger I be in the bad verses of October in which now it seems I cant hurl invective at you as you do other ad have for fiddy years, as I warned though Numa was the key to all of this, a lovely gal I have always thought trashed enough by Madame Zelda, as I always knew, as her brunette ilk does I always knew when push came to shove and knife came too shield as Cato said, she was taking Billy’s side, as she was your last Brunette Hillarie dear, as Ovid crated the witch as much as he created the fairy. I knew Numa was sidng with him, as both Hillarie and Bill Bleecheat  ill find out now, in all pharsalias is there is a top and a bottom, and I have an inkling if he thinks he sending Jeanne Garofolo away, I have a thought that some fellows from Providence are going to appear and tell him in no undertaken terms that he will pay for all that cheating you see, and keep an eye out for the welts and the bandages on his face, too.

Again the dark ages has me feeling  quite sad , what with fat woman suddenly forgetting their roles in deterring praetorian concubines, and drug store rags telling me of the decency and the nobility of the Vikings, as if Cornelius Tacitus at the orgies and swells swimming pools and salons in Naples, speaking of the decency of savages, putting on airs, and so in a flush of nostalgia, would very much like to be part of Heavy metal at least once. I recall as a boy in 1975 getting , like national lampoon rare contraband copies of what was an adult ish magazine, not quite as out on a higher shelf as Penthouse, when women were still cute and herstory professors didn't charge rape to those they never met, but all an all, still and adult magazine. My love of the female anatomy comes as much from Franzetta as Raphael, and read these comics in yesteryear and as if a sorceresses apprentice all along, as even the name consents a remembrance of the noble past of Jesuits and nuns and the gracious ladies and the knights of old they all loved, before as I told some uppity high string vice’s as virtue double booking double billing this gums for hirer,  cow now reorienting they didn’t vote against their queen all last year, aaaaaaaaaas they told me of their coming imperia, and some liberal dynasty sugar mountain they believe they’ll create from the margins disturbing marriage first, then onto the toilets,  I don’t think so dear, you said yes to the dress, and thus, wash that floor. She took umbrage at that thinking I was saying a male joke, like Clinton know the roman liens, sick of them not getting their due in this dark ages love of the medieval either, and instead, had to tell them that in fact it was like so much a lines sued to defame the tribune of the plebes at least the roman had them,  who they said didn’t do  nothing but wash the senate floors, as again this is ROMAN AND SO take your love of the dark ages and the cheaters who hanging trees you didn’t fall far from and shove it as would be said by the ally grasping always needing Colbert as he wines and fixer pops on march madness Sunday to infest cbs as best as he can. I reconstituted some pages here to send out, agab remembering when they were first carted, first, in a past before we were all poor and before smiling idiots were on television cash night being praetorians for laughs and profit. here are the reconstituted through clipping and printing and gluing pages of the first issue of an old WHAM comic, as ephemeral I  think as anything, and hope they are to franzetta’s relic, as such is most America, satisfaction.

01 March 2017


Wednesday 22 Feb. 2017.

1. Had a spell of bronchitis, I am seemingly given towards during Saturnalia, and was still whooped out as late as this late week of Februaries, the month in which the Romans recalled their dead, which the white trash has turned into a black history month in which they recall their killed. I supposed I  don’t have the genetic predispositions of our betters and imperial monsters who Can fluff off such pneumonia only to go to Brownsville flavian Amphitheatre and go back to taking time off from the perpetual campaigning of their republic hating lives.

Saturnalia is after all a time of sadness as I Tried to convince once a producer looking for a Christmas vehicle  for Teri Hatcher, who I saw as a perfect signora Fortuna but then all which is roman is by definition an anathema to deny to born again Jews like Medveed who are now preparing for lent, of course without a catholic Marti Gras, much less a Roman carnival in laws always saw as beneath those who try to convince us their bottle dwelling days are behind them or at least until they fall off their plastered wagon or showboat whatever the Mamet like  theirs be. I did write a play for her as perfect roman goddess, with as few words for her as possible, maybe that was the mistake, but she was the forum of the play, called interestingly enough Saturnalia, and was about three graces, Sammy Dean and Frank as the trio of roman angels Terrance, Ovid, and Virgil As the head, a gal telling me that was inspired, who turned out to be not so much three graces but were in fact escapees from a Vegas insane asylum. I was told over the holidays that this film too seem to be made without me, I have been aware of this since I was told no own cares about the Romans, only to see a mega-movie be made later that decade in a matter of months called Gladiator. Thus where again, as usual, this time an Englishman more or less, would play a gruff Roman and again , Jews this time were unneeded to play Italian as it was  higher class of criminal as Tacitus may have said.

But in this later film that disappeared showing you don’t have it like I do, I always get an audience, a piece of shit called the meaning of beauty or some such thing, Will Smith , on the sloshing streaks of all blacks once used and given enough processes to make the Jewish in laws feel just great about themselves, in this retelling of the debarred and direful works of roman Anthony, they were not the three graces, again an anathema to by the second books Medved and Glengarry glen beck, or even escapees from a mental home in Reno as I had packed lest there be magic in a Christmas movie, again see above our Jewish rats who think Luther ahd a piont, no, this time, will was being haunted, literally haunted, by employees who thought the man losing his son so close to the holidays was an impediment to the hard sell that is our American Eucharist. Good night and God Bless. Wow.

But Saturnalia is a time in which I do feel sadly recalling all I am and am not, as recall then , sorry ebuddy Jon Stewart that that rabbi named Iggy who came to play pinochle at my pops store with the rest of the gumbas and darkies and the blue collar trash eschewed by the mount Vernon wops, who were sure they had found the American dream with Pollock wives. And who told my pop to get me into the nunnery called Harvard,back then, as a kind of getting even you Jews were up to once and I am sure the christers among us are sure you after still no matter what is on Fox news or sports as the case may be. A whiter than not older man in fedora and black clock , a local shylock played well in the republican Roman streets of my youth that Bill the Praetor for life sidles closer to each day and at which I have never left, he played the trope of Roman Jew well, he told my pop over nurtured Pepsis, not a Jew joke there, my father gave sandwiches and chips and pop and beer gratis at the card games I sometimes watched argued with a verve that politics and history and religion didn’t ever have, and Iggy the rabbi would tell my father of all the conspires against us darkies that he was sure what was going on. Laugh, but it was from his  polish mouth and Jewish tongue in which the words coup against Nixon was first uttered  and which I’d see again, poo pooed in the brilliant if dismissed , the best kind of brilliant, works of Oliver Stone, as in a book called Silent Coup, the same people who were against Kennedy were against Nixon as much as anything. And to be fair I’m not sure they will allow this maelstrom of all things a Jewish coop and Bill Marhhed mc’ed ides of go forth, as usual there are more people in the spook camp who hate the Bushes and the Clintons than who don’t and I did note as my brother laughed it , I was not at all fooled by fat pigs from tinsel land who didn’t take Hillary’s side until she was safely lost, as never trusted any of the Sullusts who came down those steps anyway, as they all like Craol were wearing caroton rods where their togas should have been. So, Iggy the Jewish priest told my pa too get me already in 1975 to worry about getting into Harvard as was to be in the class of 1983 which then seemed like when wed all be in rocket ships like Capt. video or going to mars, as a book my pop had called the book of wonders said by even then 1975 wed be in space stations, but alas, instead of flash Gordon, in sted of that as I recalled, that would just be a time when fagots would be dying of a pandemic, like the brilliant imagery in Boccaccio, off screen, unnoticed by self appointed prize givers and takers as again dear Yalie father Medved would make a scene as Kramer did, but not wearing a ribbon of red to recall that poisoned blood, to show you know, he as a good fag hating heart. You know, like the bible demands when it stays all the Romans good enough to die in wars instigated to destroy Antochius and other Persian menace and good enough to build roads and not kill you all off as made into a transvestite  ahs wished, weren’t good enough to enter the elusion fields that they had stolen from Gilgamesh.

The rabbi was impressed by me he said, which was strange for the fact that the priest by then thought by now I had become a wise ass, and I was a perfect stone to be hurtled at the Harvard walls that were like la cote Basque then and other Capote haunts v verboten to the Jews and others, even while Hogan’s heroes had been, like Brigit loves Bernie, and the Montifuscos, been hurled off the Paley airs. I recall having done the drawings  of my beloved jack Davis, I copied then as was learning and this was before gave upon and in, and a comic called Cowboy which informed and made me to being what I am as much as anything ever did. Unaware of it and its mad brilliance should know, it was the basic idea of the sum between the cowboys of television and the real cowboys , a kind of pare and ink Sergio Leone demystification of the cowboy , but as mythic as not if one was honest and true about it as it wasn’t yet the mere ridicule that would be the black art of such human crud   as Colbert , a black art he delves in now, but which is a show strangely disjoined and unwatchable to me, as it seems  a left over tape or filmed LSD trial being done at the now strangely adaptable to Upwardly assuming hacks like al Franken CIA. Oh the wages of getting ahead that always bothered me, I could be one who went from sketches making fun of feared dreadful Arabs paining public hairs on Di Milo knock offs, those rancid vulgar animal’s at least then, or vomitorium sketches which weren’t s big a roman insult as wearing a purple sash that was the bottom half of a suit of Caligula’s horse, and then be a good little house Jew, hated by the rabbi as the company wops war hated by my pop, saw my bourgeoning brilliance and wit and ability to fake my way though unethical questions was a way he could for and with my card playing affable pop as a way to get even and make me that thing that is real and an antenna to what  the Italian master of political physics called the towers of fraudulence, as maybe literally this time. As Machiavelli said, in the empire of the frailest and the fake, the first actual stone is apostasy. And this Italian loving rabbi, they existed before you scumbag yids took the side of barbarians and that swine against the Italian wives you once made the biggest mixed marriage in America, look it up when Strom kept his nigger familia under wraps, who had a wife named Gummadi Yolanda, uhuh, anyway he told my father I was the best sort of revenge.

2. As a boy I was surrounded by a father who made me watch such works as the six wives of Henry the VIII that church was begun he told me by a wife beater and stayed along such lines, and I had to watch Life of Leonardo and such things as he was afraid of my mothers more European strains of tallness and healthiness compared to bantam and wiry he, he was always afraid American would make me a thug. He didn’t want me to succumb to what he thought was the American dream, as he was sure that blacks and other ethics were always warehoused in public schools and the projects that they tore down the little Italy he had come to, inst that interesting placement….? So along with that and a brother who made me read Boccaccio and Ariosto, you know, fantastical beasts and from where they are stolen, and added to that was a mother who thought herself a Dior in her own right, and so was surround my art in ways that the Jewish in laws at suddenly unraveling HBO didn’t like to think of. Too, to that was added two sisters who thought themselves That Girls at the time, and some of that would fall asunder as a American tragedy I wont get into here, again another like you like too pretending didn’t happen. So, therefore I was on a kind of cutting edge at the end of the golden age as Gore would call it, which ended when Ronald Reagan would appear and be the cowboy corpse who’d be the ghost that usurper Hillary would wrought having made him president more than she ever will her. Again two presidents being destroyed by one cunt who never quite made herself the queen bee she dreamed of being, but again speaking of Yale and Harvard as I have and shall, there was always something or someone there standing in her way, I don’t ever know if well know exactly what…

Then in those days, I was surrounded by art and Jesuitical thinking, and therefore I saw the end of the gears age before the aids caravans came and went certainly before their bombing was signed off on by dying old meatheads. I would as a boy watch things I would hear about in the Jew York times before taking sides or at least telling us which walls were Kosher,  and which are not, and cravenly before on of the chosen braying jackasses put all the bookstores out of business as it w as at a book store I met Monica or some girl who looked enough like her to be another American tragedy, but again am too sweated bad fevered and blistered and beaten down and tired to go into all that again and just want this all to get out on the kalians of March, the month of you know who, who is the god as Jewish alderman in chief ,Marcus Agrippa said with usual yiddy effrontery was a god who as listened to and beheld and adulated by those who went to  war,  while his brethren in Roman theatre did not and I’m not kidding and can be seen in a chapter of the annals of imperial Rome by Tacitus called the Jews, which I agued , being a bitch against ff copula when he said he loved Tacitus as opposed to plays taken from them and dropped this little ditty on the vineyard knowing already the Jews in Hollywood, much like my Jewish neurologist Audrey weren’t crazy about the dantes of drainpipes and their mean streets, and that was if not a long, a snide goodbye to them. To be frank, it was never the substance of RM that botched the house winery of Copula as much as it was my review of a script called Harod in which as I do for villains from Trumpy to Iago, and from Nicola to Incognito I had far too much admiration for than a company everything like he and his polish starlets would so want to sign off on. It  as after that review they hurled me from the vineyard to be honest not the play based on one of the wayward Jewish bankers in Tacitus chapter see above, as much as it was the script of a woman I had reviewed and her lovely David Leanish Herod which was too much for the Goddaughter =usher killer faggot doge to take, and then ashamed when I answered back, alas a problem to those who think they can keep up, as I found this circumspection stumpage from a vintard who recreated Noam Chomsky, I am sorry I mean Rube…sorry you were all such villains once, Hyman Roth, and when proved I had read the play, which the review had a nice reception from the woman just trying to get some notice from this blowhard and his colonist artfulness,  as they sure to show their believes of their precious first amendment between Himmler like book burnings, they tried to say I had tried to get away with not having read the script, a nice dodge, but alas, showed them my Jesuitical notes as was taught how to only make it look like you are cheating, and then told them pretty much to drop dead as the Jesuits and the nuns and my father and his buddies like rabbis hated him and his operatic thugs anyhow.

But at this youthful days, I would see the end of the golden age, a bomb exploding it seemed weakly as recall when watching laugh in now, or seeing Carol Burnett reruns in which the mama sketches were a road side device as at that point merely bubble head red hairs goofball cutie pie Vicki Lawrence made a theatrical creation,  along with carol, it was thankfully rearranged and the older woman made the daughter, as she exploded as Mama, in sketches  that rivalled only Jackie Gleason’s Bus driver and wife and sewer worker as better exam plars of that real America out there than what was on actual shows without dancers as a variety show seemed to understand American bettered than anyone until Norman Lear. Out of sorts and a bit ver shvitzed I recall those days of Perry and DELLA AND HAWKEYE AND THANKFULLY TRAPPER AND NOT AWFUL RIVAL BJ, and recall those times of youth gone too fast as my newspaper buddy of the airwaves Phil Musick would say, and too late smart. I sit here and eat late as only get up at 2 pm, as the nights are fitful and vomited, hot and sweltering when not shaking with cold, and eat the only thing that doesn’t make me sick, Salami grinders with horse radish or sometime hot sauce or sometimes all alone and cracker jack, washed down with fago red pop recalling their days too of comics books and rubber bands and teahouses as all is antacid to me, while around me all I see as my brother agrees with me is a perpetual game show and 21 as we are lousy with van Dorens and Jews taking a fall on Marty as a question. Time to eat as I will try to eat roast though am sick and my mother demands a dinner as the smell of Margarita suprasade makes her sick already. I shall, as American Caesar, said, return.


It took me about half a MASH or twelve minutes top eat down a hunk of [pork meat and some toast in a pre Carnival dinner, as we bought thirty pounds of porcine fat back to make sausage and sauce for a Marti Gras dinner of a pasta that is homemade and looks like shoelaces and which is awfully good, but alas all are too tired and or sick to get it made. As walked a letter between mother and my brother as they communicate through flair ink, my brother calls out top me about one of the few stations that comes in and through as thankfully my television set is now free of the toxic spill clown named Anderson Copper for a good three months as again am no usurper and made a sign tow ward away the evil spirant and too the Bush Family who were utilizing the bad souls and bad calls and bad verses to get to where they are today , pinballing between ICU iron lungs and super bowls that despite being the first in history to go to overtime, ends up being the fourth behest game ever, again showing that Prairie may be at wits end.

He calls out to me, about the Cavett show on shown each day as they should have stopped as maybe he should have stayed as an ABC Carson, as on PBS he most unstable as an effete hick. He seems to be talking to a lovely older woman,, with dark hair, this is a remnant of a misbegotten past, who turns out to be Italian starlet emeritus Sophia Loren. She is still lovely and an aging sex pot, it is hard to believe the Italian race was once so shown as this pretty as she played well with Italian actor Marcello as a perfect tow, a kind of Paolo and Francesca that Bill and Monica made a game way to replace at least he did, and thus left a third act that no wife could ever live down, not really. Our first swell ever from weeping water Nebraska but sadly not the last is speaking to this relic of the golden age of Hollywood, and my brother frowns as she is answering a explanation that Sophia is beautiful , though Italian as by that time Martin Scorsese was still like Christ one chasing shikcsas in junior high, but later in his requiem for a dying career he would try to Virgil us through Italian Film as a Cinema Cantore expelling Italia genius to us as he is predisposed. But the sissy ninny here is explaining s well as any English teacher white woman could, not shockingly, that you see Sophia is ugly or misshapen and unattractive bit by bit, but packed all together perhaps as a Picasso Painting, Modigliani never comes to ilk like his mind, well, all together, all this misshapen parts come to together to make was Jack Warner when saw her in an Italian film called a Dago Garbo. Like Amminimus, and like Jews often were when I w as a kid, I took the slurs manly and willingly, as I somehow guessed they had a good hearts and a decent thought, and too, they always said that the Italians, especially the spans of Sabine girls were good looking and pretty, despite them being criminals and or stupid, as back then, that seemed enough and soon enough that would be down the Romano Toilet too.

Who…who,…my brother said exasperated, Who says that to a woman sitting right there, explaining that she is pretty, or even apologizing for it, as if taking apart a internal combustion engine,  but how or even why this glamour queen was actually pretty who says such things he said, as he handed me a 9 by 11 piece of contraception paper he has bought for me to use to send cartoons though they sap the markers quickly, Who he said, says something like that to someone sitting right there? Someone, I said, who Carson made go to PBS, making my brother  , always proud of my itchiness laugh, as he is becoming even more impressed by my knowledge of how the Florentine lost Italy to the Curia and how the royal families of Umbrian always lose more than ever. Macaroni con Ferti we have to make he says by next week, he said to me, but not now and not by Wednesday, another Roman affectation of ash that both Luther and Michael Medved his channeleer would think beneath the queen of the Jews. Who say that to an older woman who was a great beauty almost accusing her of some kind of fraud…Norman he said having seen that earlier, had a great Point.

I thought of the essay as where I left it, the admiration had for me by Jesuits and such and two sisters who wanted to be part of Broadway and the glittering city and its west end so long ago. It was that admiration they had for the sx rms rvr viewed, nourished beats and auntie mames and Prisoners of second avenue, that caused me to see and watch these American buffalos when they were first sent stampeding, and of course Glenn Garry Glen Ross which I saw on I think Great Performances, with the Proskys and the Montagnais and the rest who made it a thunderbolt that effected me like nothing seen since Kane five years before or Shazam seen as a boy in the issuance of comics. I recall too though, speaking of Dick and his rather ungracious sissyness before this aging goddess, I recall hearing of a woman who was making hey as a Yale drama student, as Yale was brought up by my father as he had received that letter speaking of my cognomen as that of the Roman Generalissimo who had put Ireland where all but the most drunk believed it should have been,. A line by the way, not to be a bitch that would be said again in gladiator and then remonstrated as Ma would say in the verbiage of Jews who are always willing for someone else to be marching for God, even yours if need be, as we toddle oo toodle oo to find the latest bauble the Bush family needs to make the complete set of scull and or Bones to decorate the Turin table, nota s warm as any in the mezzagiornio.

This girl then I guess, as much as s anything was named Mary Strep as I recall, and was playing , sadly to me even then as  a schoolboy, are we ever  anything but, she was playing Catherina, herself, the shrew of Ludvico, speaking of fantastic beasts after all, the woman of Italy in whole, the botch goddess, so played so perfectly by Liz Taylor and now being played by this pouting white chick, I recall those days enraptured with my own italic Kate’s, so sad to hear this, that this cunt hag thought stepping ion the posies was some sort of Plautus like giving the hacks of that dying school what they wanted, a Kate as the italic bitch they all dreamed of but , in my esteem, certainly and I’m not kidding or being mean, certainly not Italic enough, no Sabine girl she , she was a lummox and a hag in waiting, certainly no Kiss me Kate, certainly not the kind of a woman that would draw both Shakespeare and Cole to the yellowed pages of Ariosto’s said meanly to be the end of italic wit, because they wanted it that way , and thought of this studdbubba calling herself another Angelica sadly in our dying empire, as earlier in the day went out to get someone dick medicine still have that atop all, hoo boy!, and saw some rag named natl Geographic in our perpetual decoration of the Sonnet creators Dark ages, a celebration of the Vikings and the best warriors ever, you mean it wasn’t the apache’s…?,  or the Ninjas or god knows the Carthaginians, no not in black history month we must not speak of a million man army of good fer northing colords who couldn’t despatch Scipio and his five thousand dagos, look it up dears. I felt as bad then as now, and let it go, as recalled the horrid witch who spoke to me of being ‘Gay’ for Bill Clinton , a left behind Hillarie, and my admiartetion of that buffoon, she called him, better than being called a slur by Will, Dhylock he calls her I meialed back, sad that these assholes thought in my state I wanted to play flamer, as it is alarming when you jujus and white woman let your guard down and how sadly she thought it was that I gave him this Oviddian panache and his moment of green laurel, as I answered back. I do admire Bill fir having the balls not interested in them, if you’re your slur was instructing if by the Colbert like in its acceptance when needed, like something kept under a glass case in case of emergencies, but though I adore Wendy Fiore as an exemplar of italic beauty you payee drones like sopranos and Romanoes to preened don’t exists, well, sorry topots, but though I love the curvy woman, Bill has always been to porcine even for my tastes in Catherine’s. Believe it or not his tits are too big fir even me, and I thought of as I sometimes do, posting it and who they are and then I reconsider it, an if you dumb Niggers don’t know what paternalism fuels all of this, well that’s you’re tough luck. It was sad to me to see the story that Shakespeare stole note for note and shake for shake, taken by that fag in the Elizabethan age, like so much, and then starlets try to think that there was anyway that a mere play could be anything better than a prose work where the warbling actor and his ticks are replaced by exposition, as saw a movie where this was seen as some sissy Englishman finding or minting the feminist movement making Ariosto’s a non person that his valentine to Italian woman hood and the witches and boctehs and gracious ladies of the city of Dante where supinely saved and given voice by this hack who frankly from having read the grand essayist Bacon, nothing Shakespeare writes was ever that well thought out. I did see our Catherina wait to trash Trump until after they had started voting in their Oscar race, so sad and so conniving and so bitchy, ah typecasting, but no Catherine are you, old lady. Her Ovid’s metamorphosis, as I can hurl them out, is seemingly becoming Celeste Holm, by the hours starting as his Daphne did, starting at the similarity of the jowls.


Though willing to do any number of Zines and Indy comics and low rent outlets I am a fan of the pulp and the circus that white women think theses better than and to which the Jewish and gumbas hucksters do wish so fervently wither  senator or worse criminal,  to never return to, still, was offered the chance to do a cover for a zine that was ante Trump and begged off and said no. Sometimes people think they can get a nice work out of me for nothing, and though I am willing to do that just for the credit when wanting one, this item will not be part of this, and boy do they get angsty when I speak the devils as Ma says, in that when I mention they are all on the pad or worse yet doing the bidding of the Bush crime familia, oh does that piss them off, along with caling the fat chicks ugly or them corrupt or saying that they are all chicken hawks, ungood at the wars they wish to foment.

Oh, look whop doesn’t  get the Italian treatment anymore, kids, look who wont be tarred as Etruscans are, as the poet said, look who the new Romans are, who wont take satire much less CNN like rot hurled at them. Sorry but I’ve been getting even for the Romans since that rabbi and those days of Jack Davis in holidays of 1974, gals, and ill call, in this age of post Monica, Ill call any woman any name I wants, as Machiavelli said, everything you think is ammunition is ammunition for your enemies, I’m not some Indian being kept away from Guns dear, and ill call you anything I like, as that is my Roman birthright as trash like smirking Colbert thinks he is the return of Plautus, which he aint, maybe my beloved Jerry Lewis doing gook caricature, but even that is pushing it. Like I said I wasn’t shocked to see that ninny on aged tape on Decades openly sneer or whatever that was at the girl on that dolphin, as did see before his middle American hackism was so enflamed by rather unremarkable Catherine Dunerve, ah a Laura taste, and so I’m not one of your niggers and thus don’t we have to and ever do take anything down unless someone asks me to to give them the rights. I am not rich enough as Nicola said to be a catholic, much less be a Radical, as those squalls seem to be dissipating, the closer we get to our Imperial Springtime. I don’t do the bidding of that awful family as I said, as recall how that family of vicious but they make up for it by being incompliant, Bushes think they could destroy the first ethnic and a Greek no less running fore praetor, no sorry, whose Broad stripes and bright stars….too Bushy for me, maybe I have heard too many dago jokes by now not to look askance at the while mispucka by now.

I was told it didn’t have to be that vicious ,as like Calvino said of Manzoni I’m trying to have a allergy to evil, and the never trumpets are nothing but. Destroy the res public if you’d like you old man and your   Carter from hell family who think all its drunkard Billys presidential material, I have read enough Dante, Tacitus, Virgil hell even Puzo to know your act tu dying Borgia’s , and want no part of it.

But my brother was shocked or admiring of me to have read in his wall street journal that indeed the Borgia’s and the Medici’s are at each other throats, each thinking the other should have gotten out, as both think they could have beaten Birney, though all lost to Trump. Guess which familia THINKS that they were destined by God itself to be queen, and which side was mare Ozarks garbage set up as road kill in a runaway train that jumped the tracks. Guess who thinks that the Borgia’s were interlopers and Spanish Jews and which though started out as stable boys, well they ere after all Italian stable boys and if the Bush family begins as grave robbers whose purple seems to turn brown ell, that’s too bad and the mention of Bush as a word that may not be named, Innominato or Volt mort you make the sullen call, it isn’t my fault you sold your soul to that family of demons, and too, always recall, anyone who sent CIA operatives into dark passages with less armour than the ante Romans sent in their centurions without, well, you’re not as beloved as you think you are, as you cant have tow royal families kids, and as one side tries desperately to cut to a deal, Hilly is still afraid of that bathtub gin of hers, the other side of the apiarian cull de sac thinks they are seething the road for a triumphal; chariot to bring Jebby to his beloved sons Fortuna. But as tone deaf as they all are, when you destroy an interregnum, you destroy that flag with it, and devastating Trumpy as  even now Miss Tits and others think it through, they never liked Lorenzo or his shitty assorted relieves that much, and think what you’d like, but they just found a tresore trove of antiquaries left by Isis as they are pined by The Don as never were by Barry the fairy. Hummmmmm….still they lefst so fast they left the good stuff, the mark up stuff, and Venuses and Romans relics, that weren’t smashed as hardly barbarians or Visigoths, they knows as the Florentines and shylocks once knew hear that the Roman stuff is where the money is. How did I know…, my brother asked me that these self appointed priests and Savonarola’s were keeping Hercules’s in a cache for later sale? Because, I say, reading enough medieval Italian stuff, that the bigger the Savonarola making pronounces from God, the more he’s trying to sell the collected sunburnt Vanities tow whoever Shylock will buy it over the marble fence. Or be fenced. Fences as a word doesn't mean the same thing to me, but then I was a darkie playwright who mentioned Jefferson street Joe , and I’m sure Viola , a lovely actress, has never  heard of that poor drunkard, certainly not in the cycle epic of a city i frankly didst recognize, not that i felt betrayed by that slop. 

And despite the fact that the cover makers actually acquiesced and gave me a nice line and some kudos for my guns and sticking to them, it wasn’t again a love of Trumpy, but of the republic I wont be part of short sheeting or double billing which is why never trump died long ago and these are the death throws lot a bush family whose power at last is a bauble stolen from a crypt befitting the stable boys going full circle. So, wont go into it as I thought I would, and cant, but real quick, received a parcel in the mail from a different not ante Trump supposedly collection, that asked me to send originals because I have a penchant for not being able to copy well in any direction. I have a Jesuits mind therefore am always suspicious, but sometimes my work Xeroxed can be muddy. So I spilt the difference like a good priest might. I keep pages in constant scanned states of unfinished ness, as can as my buddies from arts school could tell you I can put a page back together in seconds, scanned and cutting and pasting and such. So, I made twelve or so pages and sent them off original I guess they could be called, an s a good Jesuits Ill always see you in court. It’s the Georgetown part of Bill Clinton that made him a winner not that Yale shit. In the package I got I opened it causing again, snowflakes and slush to use the sled appointed perfect words of the anti Trumpy hags, quatrains of colour slips of paper with my pictures fell to and hit the floor, no fooling causing my brother to ask angry what kind of animals shit heads are you dealing with …? I WAS SURE IT WAS SOME MISTAKE I said, but already had my suspicions. They sent me a mean snide little letter about how they were self appointed lovers of Hillary and such and how Trump supporters should be ‘dealt’ with, which I found instructing that they didn’t say that to begin with showing again passion is retching, and a cunt dies from the …I’m sorry a Fish dies from the head down, a cunt doesn’t have a head as the Jesuits taught me , no no no, gals if that what you even are. I know all your tricks and recall that you and fatso like Mickey and the rest of the Sorkin trash didn’t come to her aids until she was real lost, as again, I didn’t send her a bill to be a fucking Philadelphia concert when she should have used that money to pay off the niggers she didn’t incarcerate to show up and no one did. I Took the large placards of paper, already uneasy about having done the strip to connect back to the star boy shit and public domain stuff I have often avoided before, but went too close to because of my being a resume whore. I ripped the placards and pages of 20 x 30 up and not in forth’s like these ritualistic lesbians lazy eyed cunts, no in shards lance and big, and with a table lag I shoved them into two priority, inserting word, Mail us postal boxes and with 8 bucks a piece send them back to these cunts, there, as a good roman ill do worse to myself than you can even think of. Here, is the work you spawn of barbarous think you destroyed, and didn’t, done by me, so there as a gal would say, and stiffed like Oreos into boxes so tight and tapped that when broken into I hope you get a lovely little snow storm of colored wax. American Confetti.

I did that faster then I meant to, not as impacted by it as I thought, though I had to ask did you cunts think you were the first to do this to me, like this year…? No, see too with this was mailed a little yellow sheet of paper demanding they’d be signed for at the post office I believe as a registered letter. You wish to destroy the republic, fine, but not by the cheap and, not by the tawdry and so pay for it as I demanded you’d have to, a s Passover isn’t a Roman holiday, they ere much to decency to have people die, children no less, and be busy having dinner off camera. So, with that as a pay back , and with that angered as much as anything, not from the tearing of the sheets until I am not as smart as I think I am, ask around, I saw one page not that badly torn up as a picture I did in arts school of a gal named Leslie who another pretty girl n named Victoria wishes Id forwent, but drawn she was here as Ms Mary Amazon, more lithe and tall and thin and leggy than I usually do, and so, not in rage or circus act feeling I sat there and carefully with tape, rubber cement and glue stick put her back tougher , sussing xerography and redrawing to lessen the ruin and I hated these cunts whose gambit I knew was bullshit hen Hillary dear lost eight straight primaries and I knew it as the recounts we are headed towards as the purple sash like so much would be kept in her husbands name.  who sneering at me about feminism, despite my work asked for and liked and printed by lesbians this year who appreciated  by Moonbeam as wonder girl,  and my priggishness destroyed pages of my Italic Camilla , as irony is beyond d these German hags. And like Colbert and not with Rachel or Jon or anyone lese I am supposed to hate I wish them ill, as I did Gandolfini, whose Herculean intake of shrimp exposed on pages six to laughter as worth him not getting his brains blown out.

It has been a lovely start to the year as so much s Machiavelli’s dues ex machina seems to be as I said before running down and out all at once. Nat’l conscious and high yellow Jiminy Cricket Kareem Abdul Jabber found that one may not get too far field from just trashing Trumpy and found that his flippant dismissal of LA LA LAND was NOT AMUSING to his masters, who just love a Broadway show and humming past the Pantheon. I was listening as Rodger Ebert goons on wgn late night movie show radio wished him dead for such temerity, so welcome Lew to Tony land where no matter what filial piety you have you must succumb when dammed, though to me, I ll never watch a movie where the only negro sells out jazz and the white boy is devoted to what I call unalienable music as Moatxart called Italian opera before stealing it. Too, Lebretard is castigated for something always other than having a dumb wop play stugutz and isn’t that loverlee, as the yo yo you house niggers explain not only cant you be a bully when black and lesbian you certainly cant be Richie Incognito either. And best was the Head master at Yale, insinuated by the rippers that id never get into it despite my story about the rabbi, as once again my SUPERMAN in Michigan Drag so bothers the barbarian horse as has before I may wave good bye to a man I never wanted in sky blue anyway as superman himself seem more and more to disappear into the wild blue background. He sand basted the name off a library, so Joe Paterno for a mere slave holder, but worse than the rest still left, and so, an instigator of the fairies and the slush piles and the dogpuke and the sissies and the queers and the Bush familia button men, had to get up and leave when he had the temerity to scrape this name off a building,…don’t tell me the endowment ran out, but during the sainted black history month, which is less a Roman rite than recalling how somehow all the niggers with wings died until Michael Jordan, who is now somehow shown as crying because Lebro is a scum bucket and not in a good way like barraster Bill, but just a bore. He had to get up and leave when asked how dare he show this kind of bigotry to whoever was on the line by putting the name of a woman on a building in this februus devoted to slaves, in which a holocaust never mentioned but found in the city of God when Augustine asks what have we wrought, ...?, sees his nuns raped by Germanic horse men who didn’t as Tacitus admits, keep fighting in the rain when fire itself didn’t stop the tenth legion of Caesar, now called Spartans, they didn’t make the list either how about that…? Emboldened amusingly by this recollection and reminding of slights past, and I have placed it upon Amazon, to call that Bozos bluff which’s as my buddy brethren Roman Bill  said, Romans never do, how come I know all of this and the wife is always shocked…?, so it is public as it as at zoetrope so please as we hear spasms of decency from Jewish rat senators in horse suits , please feel free to leave your reviews and say, despite tell all you aid last time about what Italians are, show the good spics and Arabs with who they deal now, do set down some lovely words if you can, as I’m not watching any Oscars this year. Oh not out of any moral imperative, at all, I just don’t get abc anymore, and don’t want to anyway, though read on drudge that they maybe putting the ixnay on the anti Trump shit, because it might cost them a dropped dollar or two, hey stereotypes are your business, Jackie’s. Do take a look and see what you’d think, as know Amazon wants no part of me, still it’s as public as it was. As whatever I am as I said of Jerry Jones, whose biggest detractor ahs been seemingly fired from overnight radio, how about that, after asking here all the anti Trumpy, bless his vulgar heart as a Cattline the Bushes have always hated as the send their inferior races and ethnic thugs to die in wars they demand as family hits, less Augustus, that role is filled , but moiré like Michel Corelones, which despite speaking Spanish to his help and his kin across the river,  Jebby couldn’t say without sounding like Senator Geary lest his tenuous hold on the Prairiea be gone.  So were at the Brownsville circus ….but that super bowl bothered me ,as my brother bought a bunch of cheap food for it, chicken wings and such, and I begged off seated in my large lazy boy, and watched Mary, and was laughing so hard at a masterwork called Lou and Ted buy a bar, that he came down as we all sat here and watched three hours of lovely Mary, as he couldn’t take the ten hours Super bowl any more, and couldn’t take Fox news and its pregnant pauses as they tried to actually make it seem like Brady was the new Schweitzer. So I placed the work back up, as recalled as much as anything, as Scorsese found himself uninvited to the Jewish Prom, but no hard feelings Martin don’t be so ver shvitzed by it,,…I operatically wouldn’t go, as have an inkling from the new polls, they have gone too far with their medieval flatterers, and know it now,  now all is Game show as my brother said, agreeing with me, all is 21, and instead of a Virgil we get a Van Doran leading us through the swamp with crib notes, as all is circus and I have an inkling the stunts haven’t even started yet. A gal did tell me that I make the creeps and the criminals of now sound a lot like the charioteers out of the roman books and Italian sonnets I love so much, as some have said with disdain to that. But another girl told me that is true, Anthony, as the unmarried girls have warmed to me, that is a gift of yours, but I think, she said, you’re giving them more credit than they deserve.