19 February 2015


February 15, 2015

Dear Comic book submissions editor.

Posted are drawings, images, pages, ideas and writings all sent to see if there is any interest on your part to give a modicum of say to anyone who does anything other than self encysted adolescence is tough  comics, womanish prattle, and of course assassins. I show my bona fides by both having been dismissed by assailants credo hack Warren Ellis, than seeing he did a book using a idea of mine called Planet of fiction, which posts could attest to if need be. I wish to know if there is any smallest opening in your comics consortium, as these pages are despite being enamored of the hero an archetype somehow hated  by the floppy makers comics have become, are devoted to the Roman etches of Hercules and Venus, if that means anything.

Thank you,

Anthony Acri



Though in works in have the ability to personalize this letter, I wrote it once and Xeroxed it five times, never changing the heading, as this is after all only comics books.

Oh, I  occasionally out of no where I am given a thumbs up from someone, as was reminded of a essay I am writer of which amusingly is still up, a first for hated me, called ‘Capote‘, in which I was not amused by the making of Truuuman, though he is still a boyhood hero of mine, and created the New Amsterdam village I saw in my head as a place to escape the Warhol hated Pollock town of Pittsburgh, into an epic hero. The Truman I admired did a jig when he hared that the man he had come to hate, yes hate, Dick or Perry, who can recall, was killed by the state, and could be rid of that book, which by then had been more a crimp in his style than he thought when he wanted it just to be a piece  for the new Yorker, about the American Prairiea,   that Gore avoided like the plague. This came out of the blue and now dead Capote is refashioned by to me over wrought artiest Hoffman, which I always made the case, an acting turn was done much more ably and unfemmy by great English actor Toby Jones, who had a edge which caused him to be un corralled by awful English attempt at unromantic intellectual imperialism again, Harried Poftre, along with Ian McKellen too prefect as a wizard  for that anglicized shit. Caveat emptor as perfect magical incantation. [I was told by someone snippy that I was wrong, and that Toby Jones is in fact in Fairy Plotting, as agin may not have made myself clear. I think Toby Jones is a consummate actor and could have brought a humanity to that drivel as a teacher, especially the befuddled academic, always, who allows antichrist not quite Kemeter to become the evil so incarnate only a child post heavy petting can save English hegemony of the earth. But who ever said the English have to abide by any ancient rules when there is a deadline…? There always comes appoint where Victoria, like Octavius, said enough fun is had and woman have to start birthing children, future tax payers, as we have done to queers, as we push to marry and adopt before the teachers unions, see,,,?, doth make illiterates of us all. I think I hated Harry Pauper as thought magic couldn’t be taught like liberalism and or car repair. I think he could have been a wizard, or an actual being and didn’t have to have cgi paled all over him, but instead might have given some humanity to that crap, had he been left to act as a human being in whole.]

As was at a comic book store with a girl, a shady character of comics I speak to there, spoke to me about last night’s Comic book men, which I luxuriated in as saw the great Adam West, as now a Southey pretends he is Batman, and all is as they say in synch. He is not a fan of that show, as my brother whose only comic book was Mad, told me Ill meet you at the pretzel stand. The guy tole me, as if with contraband, that he had a name If I wanted it, an in at Marvel, and I said sure why not. He handed me a slip of paper with an address which I guess can be found in the yellow pages, but attached to a name, which Might be the money shot in all of this. I have a letter here somewhere from Jim Shooter, so have been seen by the biggest, and yet, I took this name dutifully as the pretty woman looked at old heavy metals, which I offered to buy her a copy, at seven fifty no little gesture on my part, and bought for her. So, I decided to send it off, left over Xeroxes the earlier unheeded comics makers who either see my work as an anathema and or as ignorable, more latter. I thought the fact that I never learned to drive as an epileptic boy and would have to be ferried about would somehow dissuade her from going anywhere with me, but she was fine with it, as likes the act me and my brother do, Like Lenny and Squiggy, a buddy of mine in art school would do a bit called The Gagazini Brutters at stores as gumbas, except with my brother its more real, as I am perpetually catching up, as we have fun. And I started to think about all that shit perpetrated on me by the overtly sexual of that catholic dump, in the land of Penn state and on cue tears by sissy's no one weeps for you because the jurists made you read Ovid in third grade. And thought of how things I was sued as a knock against me, were how people lived outside of the perpetual lords of Flatbush of catholic school, in that I find people like Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell did things like haying their mothers tape Letterman for them or had a lp of Saturday night live as kid and sued the things bas a way to calibrate self made shows, all things that just so bothered gueers and lunkheads here in Pittsfield, and it angers me as I watch the lovely girl reading a book she had the pretty girl impunity to take out of  a bag and flip through, An affable gent who looks like the bear man from the Sarah Silverman show is not amused, and I feel a bit off put as already walked into a new fifty two set up, backing into it last Halloween. It wasn’t just that my dick strongly grew at the sight of a long lean yet slightly chubby ish girl reading a book with a robot in drag on it, it was an image that encapsulated all that was life, sad if she were an Italian girl on a clamshell, and all I eschewed as I stupidly even my father told me allowed these hakes and immigrants now no better than drag queens and perverts, a fine place for the people of the wolf to be, as I had strange mixture of bile and anger up in me. Not to mention out of nowhere it seemed my body as producing lubricants in my cock. My meter is always running. It was strange that a gal in a cottin t shirt and jeans would produce this affect, as we are slathered in sexual everything, but then thought of Nero at the orgy, enraptured with the girl in the window, and thought again, something that the queers, fags Jews, hags, sissys and Negroes never understand, maybe not.

I therefore, occasionally I give in to a kind of nicked aorta sort of ambition, it spurts out and then an applied pressure makes it clot and stop. But, giving in again I went to veracious classified comics ads such as Mandy and like usually after a half hearted admiration as I gain mostly, as like when seen by Disney artists, was told this work, Machiavelli in Love was lovely and pretty , but not quite what we do. This used to mean much to me, except now Id like at least something on the divine resume besides good intentions an attaboys from people who gave up to the mouse factory long back. Like I could explain, Disney once did story’s about Cyrano with basso profoundo Mel Ferrier, and Verne, before they sold out to user car lover Lucas and his fairy tales of the cold war splayed cross the milky way. I send these out as both electronic and too, as Xeroxes here and there, as find spite doesn’t work in a Roman circus, and when surrounded by house everythings at cable television harems and covens, who find nothing is ever wrong with anyone who pay them, eases that these house coons are without shame, and after awhile, hoping for the Irish beg men and such of Bellicheck and Barry after a while starts to get on ones nerves, as was warned early on by priests unaware of the gloom gathering then which like Virgil I can now use in hindsight as the backdrop of Rag, being in the high noon of 1970, that there is no sanctimony more insufferable than that of the paid, and worse yet, there is no ship that can lose its rats as easily. Keep a look out kids, for Rag one, circa 2005, being finished and polished as we speak, and soon enough sent to printers, as again, if there is nothing as  fake a salon queer, Jonnie never having reached that state of the queen in make up in Ansonia recalling the long lost and sadly recalled past, I never thought he would, as again Tyberius lives out his curse of outlasting them all, its better to bug out before the ratings complete crater, there is nothing as real as scribbled big titted girl or an insult left on a Roman wall.

08 February 2015



4. I haven’t eaten for three days.

Ma was again a soothsayer of the Roman with variety, as great intellect Charles Darwin once said all Italian women look like witches to him, always nice when the thoughtful are  bigoted as the bible thumpers, when she spoke of a Christmas dinner of boiled meat, as thanks to A Sams club shopping, we didn’t even have that. Sams and Wal-Mart is to be avoided kids, as the meat there two out of there years is rancid, the vegetables even in cans I think were the first remands canned by napoleon, the …well just say everything there is suspect. I may have had a another of my mad man in the Romans street rows, which to be fair I have avoid and even this wasn’t s bad as could have been,  and was when I was taking steroid cream for a medical condition dealing with my skin, and so can only image what Christmas at the Clemens house was probably like. A few goblets were smashed by me, a hand cut, a tongue bitted, and again fell careening down a fight of doored steps which has been done before, as like a stupid horse, I always fall over these same unwieldy unhooked rubber rug whoever these Pollok’s were here before placed there before it went totally green acres and swindled a fat sister out of 13,000, of bad wiring.


The shooting of two cops caused MSNBC to think about going to the tape and Gillette boxing bell faster the usual, as the three named Negro and the rest of the usual coons ere recalled by voices of reason like Bob Herbert and others who wakened so discriminately in their new lives , to quote Dante, here begun once the fbi snitch stuff ran its course. Oh, the chorus of darkies wasn’t quite the Romantic ante of caveat, but even I was shocked at how they went feets do your stiff when the  cops got fried. No, no, in the perpetual 13th precinct, if nor Brkln 99 of new America we is all one stoop away from being Ray Sharekey slamming the cage, and not spitting ion the floor. The red channel you know if it doesn’t make any arguments against drones, liberalisms is fine and sold like knockwursts by the Libra, went to its back up plan of incessant Oz , ort lock up but alas with Obammy openly giving in as brazenly as ever, staying amid the happy Hawaiian holidays dun silent for his dead praetorians, he is unshelvelled and unwieldy when having to deal with the half that all half breed have dismissed since Josephus, never a smart move Vittillius, and sending hair plug man to stand at the funeral game of the cops brought down by a madman whose adherents and instigation like looting never passes the lips of good heist women on the pad and standing on principal between paydays.

This was not shocking, at all to the Negro like a jack Davis mad poster all scurry when the cockroach was bigger then wed thought, as this is what metamorphosis means in America now, the sweetness of Ovid, a word even the faggots did appraise, somehow, is eschewed in recapped of the Kafka night mare that GE had planned but will take instead the ominous bill and call it all a mitzvah. I was ver shivitzed more than I can deal with, more than I even like as can sue such a feeling oft to my advance, and still worked out nervy energy placing up Roman steamers, the Roman affectations of saturnalia that are now hatred and disgust the good Jewish in law emeritus Medved, who keeps trying to English us and nudge us as if nefarious shufflers, to every war against Antocious, that the Jews have been sending lunkhead thick necked Romans into for millennia, with the Messiah adored Ty and Herrie splitting the take.

I made king biscuit flour sugar cookies, I made much, and placed up small plaster painted houses called Dickens Ville, a Christmas town of potter , those left from shattering, doesn’t everything , with too left over houses in puter, all creating a house hold gods floating Etruscan Olympus, as like  kid, there is a strange wholeness as Ciotti told one who saw my mixtures of styles and images as somehow being w hole ,a s any fourth grade kid can tell you, or maybe its just Costanza putting to gather the boardroom where the metallic sqink happened and had to realize he was the peanut man. Still I felt off put, out of sorts, and a keyboard fell apart s skid much this time, and this strayed to bother me, as sorry to Luther longing Jews heard on Christine radio, my the influenza of that tribe seems to have no bound eh…?, but that feeling we all have about good fortune is after all a sense of the source of things that now Greek and or Jewish and or arabesque retelling of Mithras, God of the foot soldier as he was denied by Isis lovers when that still had dignity as wasn’t a name of American operatives showing up on command. Schoolboys like Glenna and Mickey and perpetual debate queens like Rachel can pretend all they might , but the center for all things, the empyrean in Dante and the rock of eternity in CC Beck, are all deism that no barbarism and Semites with enough lanterns can ever get rid of totally not as long as Italay is around, a reason, again like so much sea side villas, a reason that still, like the Greeks and later Victorians, they ar5e trying to get rid of as many Italians as they can , helped by Copula and film making hacks, who let in life, as bored innominateos realize what they are and have done and send out their space opera apprenticed wizards to tell us of how, like Spartacus, they never wanted the Corr-leonn family to be anything but replacement for the arson satire of Dante ‘s, even Roger Ebert had to show a fatiguing quality of evil when he mention the magic name as a anathema of the grinning gumbas he had finally, like the superior Gene had become bored with, in that in the godfathers, they were always really talking about IBM. Uh huh.


I enjoyed watching the special on Turners about Disney and it as fine to see the coalhouse walker face of Uncle Remus again, as its amazing what appeases for a slur when the sopranos is not only on but lauded as the Jews hate themselves and anyone remotely like them s fatter all we aren’t bombing any country that preyed to Thor are we…? As nothing is scared trod a Sicil—sorry Negro but suing for peace, there that picky Metternich were not supposed to know about again making Marvin and Tammie’s marriage less fraught with angst than is seen or as seen in Norman Lear spun off episodes of all in the family which is triumphant now as Cosby has his show just as censored, and for worse. Nothing being sacred to a coon, the day of funeral again became days of games for the darkies as they showed up in numbers lesser, a bit darker as all the white girls co eds and the Guy Marxists all left Columbia for hone and the holidays they must out at, as they decry all Roman festivals except of course, the fasti that this year, the unpaid Negro serfs of academia will be forced to play until a week past epiphany, the longest schedule ever, with two extra games, thank God the over head is none existent, and shall play this time, in a  not ready for prime time lineup, as Tricky Nicky did all eh could to avoid Famous Jamey, rapist and chiseler perhaps meeting in a game over the italic handsome boys body, in a  match up no one really wants to see.

Who does one root for there I ask the white women who astutely accused me of sympathy for empire in the topes and bumper stickers the flighty and the undeep sissies must adhere to lest they run afoul of their masters. So, the put upon mayor being told as an Italian he is persona non grata aren’t we all incognito after all, now its that the Jews who called themselves after misspelled or respelled names to evoke Jimmie Stewart at the roman well of a senate that sad ending Frank Capra may not have known he even made, instead of the Germanic name he was baptized in, he is Street Soothsayer, when actually he is little more than another Disco Stu. Somehow the mayor unwilling or able to be a drama queen, emphasis on queen, like his I’ll stop you a million times slurring mayor the queen of tragedy and the eulogizer non paralleled doge Rudy, he was put upon so savagely by an on the pad keeping precinct diary hoodlum cop, Gore tells us that the cops and the remanded come from the same abbess pool, to requite Passolini, ah the roads and where they lead…

Hmnnnn, someone had a phone video of a drag tag splinter group, heh, of this crowd, beloved by Rachel until of course someone shot one of the pigs, and sued the word pigs s soldiers, our romantic ethos of the man in shields has become almost sacrosanct now that the Jews have taken their place as clerks of the state. Thesis shown dutifully on fish face Barbie anchorwoman dream house Megan, cute spelling I eschew, lets I vomit as am already head spun, so that’s was Plautus would ay, for shaded in our farce so as not to allow any wayward cop assignations came and go, like Joe Turner or Kordell Stewart for that matter, without any, as they say in drama…gravity. A new or least unopened emachines keyboard from eBay for five bucks as a self made Christmas gift is heard for me to navigate as the keys are exceedingly small. I continue my diary of the holiday, once called Saturnalia, now to the academics who adhere all manners of indigenous known as bowl season.

The cops were shot, execution style we all are but button men here, you know like the IDF is in old Judea, and the perp,--I love when I go Wambauch, as could s a fifteen year old, killed himself as they always do, as dead men tell no depositions as even the Romans, like Negro feared the crypt in ways to allow the Etruscans to keep enough money to buy their way into burgeoning Rome as a the Jews do now. Though have been easy ion the internet and the computer merely playing with a post called bandstand I receive the email I had been waiting for. A concurrent with Sundance film festival, and sadly, Chamskinnnnnn, in this lifetimes, I did get an email almost fauve days since I sent in another sixty dollars to somehow buy, like a papal conference, a sate at this slammed dance skin dance train dance whatever it is, as was with a wink and nod advised to for a placing there, again just for the resume lien which hashit a wall, of not the mantle of the eolith. I was given another of these hey hip buddy were all in this together emails, always a bad sign I am all business after all, and was told why there were almost a thousand films submitted there, and though was in some high percentile, still, I take it the sixty dollars wanted again, or whatever it as wasn’t bribe enough, as in Osama nation unlike Rime, the sanctity of a bribe is after all everything. Again , though it is hard to breathe as might have really fucked over my ribs, and trudge through ,Roman am I, but I was feeling quite the sucker there as bought into the oldest con there is, the double dip, sued by enmities always at wits end as they scam and fleece the less than woolly hungry sheep of a sort more Manzoni and less percepio made in Italay, and thus bothersome to both white and Jew alike somehow bothering both who can speak to God without any pesky Latin Thrown in that they can not decipher unless in a Writ, which Dante called, as a lawyer, imagine that, the worst and tersest language that man has ever uttered and thus good for law. I fell for the at Christmas time, when moneta is assuredly tight and sued some of my envelope money now down to a stack of ones and fives, the big bills, like Kramer, on top but does it matter…? I felt idiotic, stupid made a sucker in a land where Modern Family gets to preened it is witty I must go through hoops to remember Cattiline well as the fag marriages now seem as fake and fraud and less sophisticated than Bob and Emily’s were , but then aren’t we all.

The put upon mayor again told to stay away from funerals for ops as the Wambauch ethic I mentioned is over and done long ago, was slapped in the act by pantomiming coons always doing their jazz hands sorry hand up don’t shoot, their anthem, which like much of their stick is only true depending on how good it is sold. Like how Rachel is an liberal after all. The mayor was greeted with crowds of screaming Negros who don’t bother me as radicals as much’s  they bother me as not being anything, as the fires that accompanied Cattiline’s war as we now deign to all it as language as usual is so importunate to an empire of liars,  end are always brushed back here when the good occupy white chicks unseen now as are doing last minute shopping, and again the good coons sweet sweet backs are told no loitering, though this time its noble,  so,  curb your enthusiasms if not arson, and keep trot the right, as we all must. Ah, the gunpowder mixing with eths smell of onions from a bodega this time, again as a boy was read up on about centurions old and new eons back, caused goodie yentas like Sharecropptoon and the recast to back off backed away and shut up as the good liberal owners as usual sue the police as much as anyone lest anyone get too close to their shit. Sharptoon, dee solicitarrrr cherrrrr, could be seen as a fall back , in tallin’ to that man back ether as Fred G my Negro Sanford would say aint gonna tell yew again, and was seen out of his hovel and his rock from which he slithered enough to ladle, like Petronius truth if not Uncle Bens rice and stove top to deep o on saturnalia, which is a strange Christie affection and inclination as the Romans famously gave out bread and circus in ways Negros and Jews and Calvinists are always  too very cheap to do. He WHENEVER HE IS SEEN, always scans the room jittery and filthily s a scab’s snitch might, the rule of the Sicilian creed of the thousandth man destroyed might destroy you, oh hell I’m not explaining anything, look it up, or better, you probably already know what I mean anyway. The mayor alerted put upon by fox news got the straggling naggers who think they re unleashed, untoward and unhinged, until they aw that bigger crowd, probably funded by soros if not imult came out in support of cops, as again, that onion fields I this time just a bodega at the corner that sell all the foods that smell that way.

A man was beaten senseless by a crew of darkies in a street as he had not given them enough for their of course basketball hoop dreams, the only ones that the boosters allow you to have anymore, of varsity Americanism. I wouldn’t much care, but having had the sopranos showed in my face with cupola for 430 years makes me feel good when we can say as Ovid did, if something is true for the Italians your slurs atre true for you, but their existence really bothers your Jewish hegemony doesn’t it…?, then it is true for the Romans too, the true joke at the core of farce, that all slurs are true and none can be dismissed if any one excepted, a Roman calculus that darkies and Jewish masters cant quite get no matter how many Roman ornaments they break. There are flame mobs anywhere with rag tag nobodies doing their shtick, no Roman, but certainly no Arab  streets here, Ertiwans  are everywhere, and so, those marble fawns you thought were racked and old laid eggs which you hope don’t make the streets slick and full of shells.


5. A few days before Christmas  I saw the lovely almost mod almost Day-Glo Loesser and Burrows musical costumed epoch as such nit is now, A funny,… no wait, how to succeed in business without even trying. Here was the garb musical, with later Tru perfect schnook J Pierpont, and his lovely Kelly girl, the brunette we don’t see anymore now that e all love Negros and injuns  and even James Bomb is ugly and sullen, Michelle Lee who as a great Cinema gal, a girl Friday of the sorts unhallowed in our new never never land where Hook is a pedophile and Tinkerbelle a chick with fat nickels from Girls, as we return the favor to Lewis Carroll and make sure all is dire and dank in the amitosis of a Jesuit dream scape. This as telling s like A miracle of Thirty Fourth street, it as a million dollar movie wonderful Town on the town cinema explore of a emerald city out there somewhere that I sued , still full of vim and Merman, that to which my hero would fly in as Boyish Hercules, all unseen and frankly detested now that woman much shave their bleeps as they say on The Sabe, a morning wise ass I must listen to as Jewish Gilligan and the oaf pretend that they are all working for Morrow, when they aren’t even Cosell. Those Jews dey dead and we are all alone.

I’m sure there are many things about the mad man ear comedy musical that would offend the good white women now, the secularity of powerful men with cigarette girls, the office creep played on Broadway I think by Paul Lynne, as a slightly closeted queer with agenda, Michelle Lee as pretty woman behind the huckster man, et al, or least they would say such thing before Jewish doges of Gotham hit them with pepper  spray and told them to back down, you know like how they shall now with dark money, once a cause celebrant now unspoken as if wayward drones, as boy chicks young Olbermann laugh any Turrley like disquiet away as we all hear what really silly and unduly musical that NBC is doing live. Its been a hard day for NBC, as Cosby no less, has a maelstrom evaporate when he made a n insinuated threat that if they didn’t back down, he would say acutely what his relation ship with the house of Burrell or sore, Welch really as, and so, that tidal wave went to sleep,. Went away the praetorians and guardians now more the circus masters, what’s the next act as we make the world safe for vaudeville...?,  of 30 rock as they do often get drunken and sleep as if Michelangelo Moses, who are horned as an exemplar of the heinousness of goy geniuses, like by silent now lest the wife emeritus come back with Arafat stained lips and have to be scuttled again, Cullen,  until one reads the forgotten script, that which explained Christ’s as Beuonerotti’s  as Mars too.

6. While catching this Technicolor ruin of a lost America, of course, a trudging relative had top clomp home. The worst part of Christmas is relatives and forced Disney and too, forced affability, as that sort of thing came with mister Gimble as a remained of making roman saturnalia come out of a box and turning it into Christmas, which, sorry doctor Gisele seems to come out of a crate.

I was already angry due to a slam dance turn about, a  miscommunication , in that I sent my brother to Silverman’s drug store to get me a 40 money order to send to the low rent festivals, and never received an email for any number or tracking anything, nor asked where my money was, neither was I told they never got it, it as just left hanging there, causing again the Simpson’s,  like south park to enter my thoughts as a exemplar of things as you call became too vulgar for the opening Virgil at any page and reciting the first lien as divination rite to work anymore. She, the fat sister came in usual, screeching about heat, though Ma is elderly and she is often ice cold , but what does that matter to the fat chick that my sister exemplifies as a fag hag supreme. Too she kept throwing it in my Ma face that she had gone to Stimulus, a Greek store to buy anchovies which I know sound horrid, and are mad by a mothers kin going aback to the Chinese colonists of Italay , put that on Hitler channel I dare you, who taught the indigenous there that Kartina--i like chick with a little extra in the trunk if you get Roman Tony’s drift… doesn’t weep for on October thirteenth, Columbus sacred to the Jews of empire since Clinton now, that salting things kept them seemingly fresh like bahclala and anchovies, a helpful hint from Traschon and early pre Aeneas Turks when the Romans afraid to strave the southern Italians and couldn’t until Queen Victoria entered the fray.

She kept screeching that the fish eggs and such in large tins of Greek letters were cost, 300 dollars which everything now cost in her Freudian slip way, and she couldn’t abide it. Already angered I sneer back, you know we wouldn’t have had to do these fish again if you didn’t put a straw in the four bags of pickled fish we made, and this et her off more. No, no Brotherhood of man or you have the cool clear eyes of a seeker of wisdom and truth today, which as strange as once the diva esque sister did have plans to go top new York and be the new Bea Arthur they always can sue and need in our then Toadied world, but alas couldn’t make a dent in her love of Ma’s carbs, or fish pizza, as the case may be.


For some reason going back to my boyhood, the television is oracle to her as it as no others in my family. And not Good television which was bountiful then, like Mary and Bob and MASH and Archie, no she was a devotee of the swamp from which Opie learned the art of cinema like Laverne and Shirley and Home improvement and other light classics. So I figured the lack of television stations showing such fair was perhaps menacing that e could let the 980 year old mother catch a hated pope still though surrounded by the Etruscan  temples down to rooftop saints that again is distasteful to weakly turkey loving Medved who seems like all Jews to think Kitche is just art as Flavia told me that cant be sold at a 1000 percent mark up.

Pixie escapes at Pisneyland.

 She finds ifc, not a station that I was dumb enough to  end 100 dollars too when allow as said an done as they do as I said, double dip to keep themselves in bidness, after all. She finds something called the Matrix, which I avoid all this time but sat through to be festive as she kept like a Martin Short character at the dice tables shushing everyone like she was watching king Lear. In this epic, it appears the machines have taken over, and yet in this third installment watched first, guns and king fu arte the weapons of choice even b y machines cause you know as THEIR VIRGIL SAID, Guns,…? where are the guns, cause guns is cool. Like smoking was once in films kids, eventually tamped down, but the gubs still there. A bunch of negro occupy types, though suing machines in a twist as Mike Bay would say, to defeat machines, it is , a civil war with cgi as the mercenaries I guess, are rag tag rebels, who Hollywood just loves as they go against various Coriolanus unless of course Arabs, our hegemony with a stickle of new York Tenements jumpers finding the golden door is fine, no slavery here, we said we wont beat you up, just blast you to perdition that all,  going after them as we don’t have a suicide pact in the connotation as the Jew barrister said openly seen as evil again when arabesque Scalia admitted as much.  Its not easy being green, so, for some reason there is a green tint top all, so fuck you environmentalists, its an evil colure through the color of earth,  as in Jewry Hollywood, its funny , like when we call human beings after run off during venial if not dirty sex, it is always amusing deep won what is said in the bowls of Sony Pictures when the cleaning staff is about to com in, or Jews think, there’s a laugh, that something is off the record, when assuredly everything always is.  I thought of bender as they explained the sort of dues ex machine of the piece or the et up, who knows with Fish burn the dude from School Daze, showing us all an every ready battery as the Virgilian end to us all as history, that somehow all human beings would be made into the gerbils whoa would make the society of the future, I have nothing from the world of tomorrow, Rahhhlfff, run. In this strange world, the machines are denoted by a slim gummit G-man, and the low lives again, are all apishly darkies, its populated liker Tyberius tenements this real world,  who rebel against everything, they arte true and real, down to their melanin high yellow ness, the Zulu is as missing from the slate of acceptable admired stereotypes as any, as the darkies of a ghettoes creed revolt against the machines they are too Bell curvy to unsterstand. These movies always distrust and dislike the machinery of power, and the rebel is godlike and saintly, but in real life lobby for a new war against Isis, as called evil in ways that Black Russians and Ho never were. Obviously Morpheus, cute name, as it denotes the sleep the script writers had for script meetings, never met the Italians. Ungovernable they are, as so a dreaded and disappointed Caesar said, but then they are always disappointed, unless slick Barry they hope to somehow make it above 44 percent again. I’m sure such a bump was in the codicils of the all he crafted while the senate was being lost, like Constantine’s Rome, a previous agreement like with the christers as the radicals must be, like dogs, fed first, that the pantheon be left alone, as all Roman kings fear the ghost of Remus and or Augustus each shuffling about the world to get revenge for their lack of funeral rites, as it all makes sense to me if I spout this shit long enough. Roman senate was written off buy a half breed without papers yet again. Yes, its only Christmas, lets watch this warmed over Shaw movie shit that Mongo probably thought was hip, I said, the green less like Seneca’s garlands festooning Rome when the Germans were still savage like beloved Indians beloved as then by queers in salons wishing to go native, was starting to give me migraines and the stop action one step above Rankin bass but with humans beings or as close as Kenunu comes, got me queasy.

Eventually,  she kept yelling all day, then watching a horrid show called Jerry Springer, where our ghettoes up sisters learns much of the lingo of the oppressed, from a good liberal carnival huckster, who, when presented with the idea that he was a fall of America, started spouting liberalisms by the scads, speaking well of Kenney boys slain, etc etc, , and is no longer seen as the Roman circus , but up a few pegs to Romans attire, as when in trouble, always admit to your lefties hearted bleeds, and you will get away with all, I call it pulling a letterman who , like Anthony Wiener should be in jail, but amusingly , somehow the good white girls , like dawgs bark and the circus moves on, or don’t bark, or whatever, and still the circus moves on, as soon as the right people as Gödel showed are paid off, as we are less of a kleptocracy than a Hypocritocracy, as Ovid said, all actors doting their parts, or more  aptly shuffling up and not Soliloquizing on demand. I saw hat was in her paw, as when recharged her I phone 2 bought at sale on eBay before the phones got there quicker than they would have thought for you know being big bulky and arsons, I saw that her boyfriend a email gigolo, a thuggish brutish hustler was having Xmas with his ex wife and kids, you know like how divorced people do, and her number was blacked for the duration of the holiday lest his sister finds out his has a girlfriend which if not just a hucksters con, if true is even more depressing and strange if one thinks about it,  which I said, giving away that I had gone through the phone, or at least saw all the uncapped calls when I plugged the Chester Gould device into a  Hp, which has fucked me up before. AH THIS EXPLAINS IT, I thought, but tired of her sisterly act and her angers and her act since about 1980, give or take.

Christmas for me, Like comedy, is hard. And Commedea might by harder still. It was Christmas  when a German nun wished me to be thrown out of St Peters, while sexual miscreants and closeted fags like Violet and Albert were given gold stars for an American dream  that would be gone soon enough. Christmas was when my pop died, of course he would die on the seventeenth and get one last jab in to us all, a reason I refused to much cry or feel anything really, and didn’t show up at any funereal allowing him to roam the earth as if a disembodied spirit never getting his due from me, no Februus rites from Tony, get it from your old men buddies who’d dint show up either cause as some gumbas aid, he barely knew you, though every time went down to that store he was there getting free Pepsi. Ah the least hurrah. When the great Saturn too him, my father finds and THAT IS a bit overstated, as he was not as bad as some, and never punched me sucker or not unlike others named Veltri, malefactors all,  whose the distaining of me Viola would marry into, get the muricrome, while I get the kodacrome. Ah, the making of wop like me, was just for the making of it, Romans walls and all that, still if one gives a bribe exacted to get a placement, in return be true to your con huh kids. I was upstairs,  as couldn’t take any more Jerry of any sort, she is my sister a lover of the gang of Jews , although again Jason is Jewish though distained Christians to Latin Festivus, for the whole of yew, with screaming parents and Michel Richards Italian which aquaplaned withy this Hebe karma had a fashion sense of vintage.

7. I went to my computer when al left as shut it down when she is here as she is taken with subsuming my wi fi draining it in a few days time with her adolescent act of e friendship, mostly I started this when saw her befriend at one of these  sites included the derad Albert Curio and other wop hacks from 1974 smarter enough now to leave me be. I am sometimes stopped on the street with a hello and say nothing, if we are all lucky as sometimes give a namesake Roman  up yours. Getting on I saw that the sixty dollars to another slambatrhankyewmandacne whatever was unaccepted though I was winked to and told that that sixty bucks really gets you the inside track again, dont fall for these cons kids, ah but you become what you’d destroy, as Caesars said, and so wif yours steal from the poor you will stay poor Sicilian ethic stay poor as who would know better than that, as Francine Ford Cupola presents  the black stallion on Turners though nothing much lately. I saw an mail amid the script blasters responses sent since around thanksgiving as sometimes get a spurt of ambition now and again, and that leads to nothing. A pretty tall gal named Victoria Zaza emails me from the scrawled note left to the visually savory brunette. In this, recalled how some white woman editor was so upset by my description of a girl in a script as a pretty Italian, as if she couldn’t evecine of such an idea that the two words were implacable together, pretty Italian…?, she asked with usual womanish aplomb, what does that mean, very Italian….?As if the word pretty was not her bar bar word for lovely, strange that only brunettes could be called thus as it is a Teutonic word, and she took it to e only the codifier of much or a lot. To which I always the smart ass and smarter then you are, said, Why Yes. That also didn’t work out.

If I had to describe what she looks like, amazingly for me, she isn’t so  much a Patty Fairinelli, or a Karen Price, but she resembles a more whitish, doe eyed though blue eyes, thick lipped vixens Penthouse girl I often drew named Dominique Sant Croix a lovely amazon girl. I recalled this as I had drawn her in a poster done in art school, and a snerd named Josh took the same image of the same pose, a bathtub naked legged girl and did it more in a Dorein-Vargus way, and yet still in spite of this, the cartoon almost Roman wall wax crayon version the old man teacher said, seemed more vital and alive causing the snerd to openly sneer, but what can I say about the Tony Magic. She wrote a greeting of Christmas to me and wanted to become more friendly, thankfully and to me divinely interjected. She sent me a ecard a link to a I tube clip of sirens Irish drunken and disorderly  crooners singing And the bells started to ruing on Christmas day, of some such ditty showing in the hands of the Irish even the Christmas carol couldsound like a  dirge. This showed again in me the healing properties of beauty, as in our strangely uppity and yet tawdry world, the image like that of a penthouse pet showing nothing but in a towel can be almost an elixir of good fortune, and can be antibodies to the filth that gathers at flesh pits and bathrooms now sanitized as wedding chapels by wayward and strangely overtaken scrubbing bubbled fagots. I listened to the song, I cant recall ever hearing before, issuing some high speed ai had been saving all month as for as Irish songs go, it was sweet and it was brayed as all the irish  are, as John Horne Burns said in The Gallery, having like so many barbarian found life in the Italay that always bounces if not strikes back, no matter how many Luci or barbarians try to defies the  savage, there is something indomitable to the land of Galileo. As the Italian actresses, and she is not willing to see the masculine aztion of all things be better for all as all egoist queers are now, and weren’t when they taught me Ovid, she told me about the story about  told the dower and resentful and plagiarist  Willie about a play of Julius Caesar not his, as if he owned the rites now, dear Playwright, then Italians are merely returning the favor to the cobbler of Cassis and Iago, never getting the point. I ahd written this story therer saturnalias ago and looked in my settings to see that someone perhaps this pretty girl had read all of my posters under the label saturnalia from the beginning, and that made me feel kind, and I tear red up a bit, glad to know someone could speak back.


A rage bubbling in me has disappeared then. I had been calmed and tired, at the concurrent moment it seemed that an always wary and truly restful Barry stills cared of the darkies he would have to sue as human shields as grandma warned him, sent not his nigger Consigliore, neither any black nuncio from war TV, as station manager Al was now told to back off and phone calls made to seiu Jews and recruiters to look to the south and the boarder down mehcccio way as the negroes  like Romans traps before were unsalvageable, and unswayable in the land where Richie Incognito is out for life, but a three rape accused quarterback plays for eth most sanctimonious team since the court of John the king. The Leopards in winter. The doge of two races, he sent not his Negro dispatcher bus driver black Kramden type to any cop funeral where the numbers show,  as numbers are all that matters to thieves and pols, showed a drenching of straggling white chicks and the black men they wished to hook up withy at the revolution. Ergo always weather vane Barry, still afraid to be there and take it like De Blasio did as even the red channels against him and his non aqieionce to get the snow off walls first, came and stood there, like Berlusconi, like Italian going back to Augustus and the eagles he stood there like a man and not a nigger hiding amid the always useful poor.

I didn’t have any Christmas dinner this year either, and looked about to each Chinese restaurant I knew of , and again the Jews were full of shitake, as they ere all closed. It is a high point for me, I thought, that when I called my buddy Doug, he once had his hero Jean Sheppard on, and I made the man who said we need Insight and instead get Look, and Life and Time, which made sense when we had look and the others, now we just get sexted senders  of junk, still, I made the man who wrote a Christmas  Story laugh as he admitted to me , to me and not Doug who was enthralled with the linguist, that he wished by the dark winter of 1993 on WTAE, I think, he had never written that shit, when I said I had a Christians take myself about toys coming to life, a brabie  doll vs. a wonder woman doll, causing as I could Uncle Dougie to crack up. I used to make him and Phil Music and Bev Smith no less crack up, she hurried me off for suing the word Negro in away that caused her to, like the Jesuits did, to hate the fact that I could get to the core of the matter , in medias res, and she said, laughingly enough, get outta here. I did this until a Jewish yenta had me barred for noting a bit too bitchily that it was strange a woman screeching for Eslian, the Cuban kid who made it out, to go back to the workers paradise, as in fact,  was doing commercials or the local Lexus outfit. But then Jewish ethics have always stunned and consigned me as I was taught by jurist brothers no less, which show that only Semites understand any of thus, as the Romans and Etruscan only seem to fight on soccer fields, but then to the people who vociferously revere as they do pigs, as Ma said, no human being is worth much.

The Patriots new fight song. The Roman gods are not amused. NOTHING IS OVER!


I calmed down as the requiem for Biggy and the cigarette martyr fat Albert was given respite and recalled by the cops funerals, as they can do tragedy as no negro can, as none can play the bladder organ based on a italic instrument that lens itself to poverty. I was glad to hear from Victoria, of course she would have a Roman name, I am Clinton in that way of dramatis personae, I guess.

On the driveled Glenn Beck ALL THE TIME CHANNEL, WE MUST BE HUMBLE YOU KNOW, but I use Life lock and you should too, I saw some hack on Calvinist central start to bitch about it’s a wonderful life, and Frank Capra as he had been pilloried by Cecil B. Demanted a round up when coming to his aid of the ante communist crusader, fearful of the Sicilian Capra sizing ancient storehouses, was John Ford to tell the great reactionary Calbira stealer to leave Frank alone. But it was enough to ruin the career of the man who made why we fight, a black list story that no Ring Lardner would ever care about. As those Sicilian ideals and such are now an enemata when the Jews gat this close to the blonds and the pink Christmas trees which now must be recycled because the man centered world cant conceive of wood being bio degradable on it own just to show hat we are dealing with.

Some hack there, as Fox disappeared and we are all the better for it, for a while until Felix Unger and Wolfie and fat Briana and sissy Don Lemon and the fest were too much too take, ohm thank God, a plane is down, scramble everyone its Showtime!!!!--still Beck is pleading on these channels, and was trashing Jimmy Stewart no less, but then Glenda hates TR, and who in gods name does that…? Zxuzus pedals  mean nothing here as we must be seen praying in your face, an recast bit of regiment to a god man who said, don’t pray the way the Sanhedrin do, but then the devoted have done as they pleased since Zoroaster anyway. No mention of the berkas in the Koran means nothing to the Arab devoted either.  The Sabines, as I said, are next. No sorry, father Christmas  Glenn, but I was to be a Jesuit and so I know that Junior said, aping a Romans senator named Tyberius Graccius, that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a Rich man enter the kingdom of God, but then without the Romans that eh like Shakespeare and Grimm’s at least admitted he strip minded, he would have had nothing and been another on the pad rabbi as they all are. Of course the Christmas tree must be called Scandinavian, when in fact the liens of Seneca about Rome in December were to be spoken by Teri Hatcher are sued in Saturnalia, but that is a dead horse, though would have been a nice respite from all that hallmark shit where gals find a date for the holidays.

I sat unwinding down from true rage and watched the cowboys, perhaps Americas team again, perhaps allowed that thing all Americans truly hate, Bullwinkle’s second chance, and I’m not so sure that having found a team that makes numbers that the doges of blood sport will fuck it up with prevents pauses that follow Bleleciechek and Riothlisbergher and the other Romney’s of the nfl. I watched the Cow boys bate the redskins senseless, ah that story too dripped along the way, a judge making sure that Snyder as a Taffy won, and look my laundry’s done, but then I knew this was bullshit when the wind talkers , or money changers all met at a summit and we had to be lectured to again about the  difference batten Roman and Inca fathers, when there is none. I lied there,  seeing the cowboys beat these hacks shitless, though felt sorry for RG3, named like a Lucas robot, who should have known when the team of don’t ask, don’t, wait, hands up, pay off, no wait, give up go to the senate, no wait, ahdns up, the Italian joke now made sacred, whatever those Negros of a dirty team cutting Sam, gay sap, humiliated him by as captain but benched,  made his come out and shake hands with all the players that Cower despised Fisher still stung and rung, got in a trade with poor mans Jones Snyder, and then, had his men target the dreary and horrid and self promoting Beckem jr.’s knees, as we all had enough of that gumbas parodied shit. it’s a Saturnalia world, Reggie, and when they entrained Kodrell, they did much, and the ghost of the forum, knight get even with a Rooney family whose name I had to change in saturnalia, and still it did no good, as they might find out the Goddess of bloody fields might just subsumed people herself now that they can not. The sight of the Cowboys beating them pretenders recalled in Any who previously sneered at the cowboys an America now gone as flash mobs wish to make the Arab street recalled the Pantheon that White men keep desperately trying to rebuild and cant. And may all your Saturnalias, be bright….


02 February 2015


I KNEW something as up when we heard that the worsted and most insufferable team of broadcasters at NBC was going to read  a repaired statement praising the efforts of Gödel as first among equals, this from the two needle nose and can you top this Michaels, who, exacerbated were so over the top for a catch made by Beckman jr they got other teams than the Cowboys to go for his knees. Elf himself Costas, once our Torquemada of cheaters, as long as black and or spics,  was almost cavaliered and snide jokes about deflated balls, which by now have lost a Plautus’s like comedy quality as have been co opted buy the man. A game in which no call against the patriots could be made, there was no tripping on that play and Lockett was merely disorientated, and get out of Gronk’s way, they punch horses don’t they…? if you don’t want to be hurled to the ground, ended with the same elation that has netted the NFL since Dez. Roman circus does not take well to Jewish effrontery, as Josephus, or Marcus who was cut down by the extractive God, Octavian, no not killed just removed from power, a fate worse than death to that ilk, as fat bloated pushy stereotype with cash, the cantina dream, Krafty, laid it on as thick as a thief now daring to call himself the equal to Lombardi, with house niggers ho dee doing all the live long day. To paraphrase Gore and Opera, I AM NOT A FOOTBALL FAN, I ROOT FOR THE COWBOYS. And God help me, thar is decency in Jerry Jones, as a born chiseler, he keeps his shamanism to business and plays the game like a doge would, wanting something decent in his life whereas Bill Payley Automat shnoorer made good Karfty is always Glenngerreying us and always be closing. But the hard sell has its discontents, as no one maybe at park avenue wanted to see this, but a deal is a deal, and Gödel owes his Yiddish bag of shit, while others like Jones and Biscotti didn’t and got theirs. The best moments of the night were good girl pin up Katy who did a yoemans job in a hard spot, causing even oft fired dash offed espn loo on Yahoo radio like The Sabe, to call it actually good, as she took the brunt of anger from the boys in the band seeing their goy hero Brady as under attack, look their getting Buddy, lets get em gurls. But deflation is delegation, a mere rules violation we are told by Jewish bag men who make a Roman game akin to how they do their taxes, the line told to me by monsignors who saw the born agains then amassing for new attempts to bring disease to the masses, but always away from Perptuas daisies and the stables, gods knew, as they did in Rome , you didn’t know Glenn…? And I still think the anno Horrbilius for Gödel and Krafty isn’t over, sad that TV magic queers like Greenbergh and the oaf in the morning try to put Brady on their backs, as the rest of a defrauded America, like the Ethnic senator in quiz show wants no part of the applauding of a wasp who cheats so blatantly, as when Greek and Poles and Italians never had anyone so circumspect as to say ‘the R word’ for their children allowed to become retarded cause of a lack of sanitation or doctors here in the golden door. As a Jesuit tried boy myself, Machiavelli forever, I can admire and applaud the thief the chilsler the liar, like Jones, but to BELLICHEAT, the question I have is why was Ritchie Incognito, again I must, why was he exiled for interpersonal texting between he and a nigger of whom you may not not like, god help us, as America is the place where we allow sanctimonious pleas among the cheaters and the looters, but only when the meter is running, personal between him and another man, one we now know who is such a house nigger he battered on not burglars but shoplifters, Omabamation you have won!, and no one had to pay a percent for tempering with the very balls that should be at least somewhat fair. Don’t tell me you’re Chuck Noll, I’m not on the payroll. I KNOW  you're not he nor Landry nor Lombardi,  but then the sniper is our hero, despite what Caesar said, as that war is passe and far to Roman for the collectivizing Jews and boston Charlies  to demand as they passed weeping for American enimes long ago, ans so, you're own your own. And I have an inkling you know that too. And what as I write this at twelve o’clock, is trending on Google…, Remember the Cheatriots. All that is Roman forever.


PS. You dirt bags Cheateriots, got caught, be men and say as much, and Don Barzini the Jewish consiglieri to lunkhead Godel, who couldn't even pull off a Superbowl this year, got paid back, as a deal is a deal. Now we have a lovely Racial aspect to this, the high yellow boy quarterback had to be the hero, the paper bag Superbowl, talk of another cheating scandal in the works over headsets, that will be next, and Godel and Bill Paley having a lovers spat in the Royal box, on tape, burn this please, cluing a rift between Damon and Pythias which made an owner not even mention the commissioner in thanks, something even Al Davis did, we wiseguys understand decorum as the Irish Boston thugs do not, showing who wears the dildo in that relationship. Men are caught in prostitution stings at the clandestine games, fired immediately, as wops and Niggers always are, and best yet, Dr. Shrinker, the most surly and now ungracious sociopath the NFL has ever seen, no Lucifer charm for him, keeps a star on the field without a concussion protocol as heard on Wamo radio, again the racial aspect is juts beginning to balloon, our man wobbly, Edileviess or whatever, Julian, was telling Sea hacks he had a concussion and please don't tackle me, but then caught passes, maybe with a real concussion. See the black guys calling in as I listened thought that Eldelman was Jewish, hoooohoooooo! The Roman helmet forever! But the snows come in often and cold at horrid Bostonians, and the sanctimony is as frozen as a Matt Damon performance, and parades are suspended for now, how perfect, as it inst nice to fool with Mater Natura. This year wont end, and I'm having a ball. No time fir losers. 

Next. Saturnalia diary part 3.