24 March 2008


I sent the political cartoon pictured below, to a place looking for political cartoons. First, they said in an email sent on good Friday--my, working on good friday at a lefty rag-- how commie of you--I would have to do it over in simple line and black and white, no gray scale. Fine. Then, I was told to remove the word mafioso as the tag line. Why is that, ...the precious Clinton's too good and wholesome to be compared to villainous wop thugs as they tear the republic to bits and use the word Ethnic voters instead of bigot...?

One page playboy style cartoon from June 07.

Not to pat myself on the back, but, Gee, did that Obama poster behind Vundergirl last year, complete with insinuation of ties to Osama, and muslims, and the ho dee do nigger minstrel show attributes pretty much foreshadow and foretell the Clinton encamping on mount doom...?? I am, again, an auger at shit like this.

A Note.
I sort of knew where all this shit with Obama the good was heading when I sent this to a left wing magazine, barely, on the sf coast and got it in a 'progressive' cartoon magazine, one headed by a rather large woman in glasses. She loved the work, thinking it was great SATIRE, A WORD WHICH HAUNTS THE PRAETORIUMS AGAIN, and all, but then, the next month, I sent in a cartoon of Hillary as miss Mind, the worm with glasses a bob and no ears, really no ears, and I was castigated for doing such Hateful work. I noted the Negro as a heavy traffic, Bachshi era, big lipped nigger wasnt hateful, but a cartoon worm version of Mother Hillary was. Oh, I see...

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