13 April 2012


On the Facebook Page of the lovely melloto-esque woman I see on MSNBC, the one with the Dido Cornrows, a black scholar woman, a type I have done well with as opposed  to white chicks, I spackled a quick line. That this requiem for a punk, Travon, it made me itch, as I always recall a line of out and out bigoted Metternich when he said of Naples, a city three thousand years old then and packed by incursion Greeks, no less, that all were so diabolical there, a remnant frankly of Plautus, like the evil step mother, that only the dead were possibly Good, referring to German hated saints. A lovely thought, but as I told the pretty woman,-- yes pretty in a woman means much to me, as I found the fatter uglier women have souls to match as was warned by nuns, who would know women-- and placed it, this sentiment there, as I think Larry The Magnificent, before the firings at NBCEEUS, was baring a showcase spin wheel segment to his Travon coverage.

I saw them bring in Zimmerman, the true victory for the niggers of NBC, wont yet by told until the new Nielsen numbers come in, as when they cry for justice, as Cornelius Tacitus said, usually they are menacing something entirely other, and usually mean to say they wish to be the champions of the  Earth themselves, but again showing the nigger amenability in all empires not made racial until America, they'd die rather than march, and wont stop drinking at the beer halls, as he said. Its from that line I got the ideal of Roman Beer an alxir handed out to keep the lazy and the shiftless from bothering the Ancient Pollozzis too much, keeping them sedated. Bread and Circus, a fine time had by all, lest someone unoccupied actually see what is actually going on. None of it is racial, as I said, AS IF A Jesuit, until I as informed what after all, by white girls, are the Romans but niggers with a lovely language anyway, and perhaps a courage unfound in ones usual welfare eater of now, this as late as 1997. What should I have expected in Scorsese world after all. But I noted, Rome being an anathema then to the fat girls tearing apart Monica, worthy of over virtuous  Romans sending Vestal and their lovers into wells where cement would be pored--always fear a woman hater, they are virulent faggots and preen the good life of sanctimony.

I felt bad here, as were it me, would do something instead of allowing the woman's prison chained heat hell hole we have become to make a tragedy out of me for television city gawking, remember all, it took a month to make a small case in a backwater Tidewater sleepy hole a cause celebrant, and only after it seemed that GE was going better with Keith and Cunk, and they fell to 29th place. Grace is catching. And so the cathode tube gallows are set up again, and George Zimmerman --and didn't that name let Pig meat Al "Come back Shane" Sharpoon down so, is paraded no differently then Roman victim, as is seen in Ancient Romance -- AVAILABLE AT AMAZON .COM--I AM MADDOW LIKE IN MY PERPETUAL HUCKSTERISM--when pretty girls were caught at Veii or Tuscany or Sabine farms, would be made up TO LOOK LIKE VENUS, no fooling, and would be parade about as if conquered goddesses. All in all, they did it again, Better than you. So with Roman mindedness inculcated in me, I would have , being the almost as dark perpetrator as opposed  to sanctified victim here, a bad Augustan History sign I say, I would show up there and take the fat woman out, a slinging out of My pops Barretta, the one I once said Id bring to school and crush the proud if they bothered  me again, and I can always a born actor pull it off well, fifty caliber  cannon, strapped, and show dear GE Synod  galleries, having read  Virgil since Ten, I can commence a tragedy like none others.

But then, tired of this, I saw even Chris Mathews who is preening a kind of Roman gentleman hood, a wistful quality of come se come sa, which is death to a Sejanus, sometimes literally, as Petronius said, the difference between a wolf and a junkyard dog...is the leash. And because of that the wolf has dignity and doesn't have to spin on a spick, guarding  tin junk. Always cry wolf, a credo that was what the jurist minded fags told me kids. And I actually saw Jewey attorneys, on his show, so disparate to be seen as masters by serving well, speaking of how George Zimmerman should be disallowed from the legal use  the Stand your Ground Law, which may not be as applicable as mere self defense, who cares...?,  in Ox bow land, a disliked law that was what they had to sprint to when they found out Zimmerman was Hispanic in a toss up state--Hillary, I salute you!--and even Whitey Bolgier here had to be ver shvitzed, in saying how can a man on trial be denied an adequate defense ...? And not even be Gotti! He was stunned by this haplessly shameless news, which is why Niccolo damned men like him, minds like him, Bill, Newt, Gore, don't let them Capote you up, men, stand your ground means something different to us.

And I saw the pretty caramel skinned out and out colored girl, no mellotto here, Tameron, again Dido pretty news gal on that derided station, speaking to some white trash human sumac who was taking a victory lap over this, who had sued Facebook to demand this man be arrested again, once the niggers at GE tower were given the blaster fax. I was appalled, who is this nothing to damn anyone be arrested, this lucky charms looking white trash soccer thug, pale rider, skinhead-faggot, oh, lawd,  they are always so look alike, and how men will now be arrested or reasserted careering to the plebiscite of Zoidberghs pendulum. Oh I am only pre Jesuit  law, I couldn't afford the operation at Georgetown, which doesn't seem to take at all anymore, but you buddy would be the first person that I subpoenaed to lady Justus court and the seat, fellow. Who the hell are you to demand an arrest,of anyone, oh again we hear fromnthe good white folks, so virulent they are and helpful to their charges so, ... will arrest now be made according to public whim...? If a cable host can make hey out of it, at least before Tom Brokejaw says back off...? I don't think so...I still have the heart of a Franciscan, even despite or because of drawing lovely Turan all day. Oh no, Roman Antony would demand you first on the bench punk, as I would put MSNBC on trail, and old Jesuit trick, and well see how well the station owned by a cabal, which doesn't pay taxes likes being put on the arena trials of treason as screamed for by those pollock union thugs and their keyboard white trash leftist jokes, who eat too much at the commissary named for Milton Beryl.

So sad I felt at this, as now perhaps out of referee of litigation Charon, Sorry, Sharptoon --look Jonnie he showed up!--said he was willing to have Zimmerman a fair trial, Now magnanimous, but did GE budget for that...? Instead of catching this farce, I instead, seeing a hand of fate or perhaps Tuner Broadcasting at work, at this same time, The Lion in Winter was on, and I watched the whole thing. I was immersed in it, the tragedies were writ in English ocne, as oopsed to 140 cahticture boilerplate, and recalled when old faggots told me to watch such as this, as much as I could in those golden days of old, as always, Rome falls, but too, there is dignity in all things Roman. As there is always dignaty in a pretty lonesome wolf in the hills, leashed blessedly to no one.

Which is why, as I told that white woman and never got a respond well, better to decline and fall than to be in the sewer catacombs waiting to be called out like rats, for a lifetime. I said, which Romans this and Romans that, but Ian McKellen and John Gilgud and Larry Olivier, If I may, and Beckinsale, and Peter OToole, and Richard Harris, and Redgrave and on and on, they all played Romans, while Sicilians, they of the always caterwauling filth and bribes, ironically the passavnte glory hog gallentomo dignity needful porch monkeys, who never march, well, they are often always played by Jews and Hungarians. And although that line posted on Melissa's page as Roman counterbalance was seen again as too virulent for words, and had me banished from their sissy kingdom, how dare I recall their good Machiavelli's vileness, There is something to that casting telling the truth as nothing else can, still, I think.


06 April 2012



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