15 October 2007

Around this time in 1977, in catholic school, I created a comic book which seemingly changed my outlook on life, and the directions in which I had been going. Or rather, its creation by me was concurrent with various changes which went beyond the mere coming of age shit which comes out of Hollywood and scholastic books. I would like, before the end of this year, to complete the unfinished four issues which I plotted out with rca lazar disks movies as a guide to cinematic pretensions, I was asked to make to show my abilities to a church willing to indoctrinate me as a Jesuit thinker, and would like to complete the thing as a finished object, much like how Tennessee Williams reportedly rewrote plays and stories saying, Obviously, they weren't finished.


A buddy of mine asked where I had seemed to disappear to, and I recounted some of the brick walls I seemingly faced in a row. Including the making of twenty five pages of x rated comics, for a busty women who I have done some art for since last year. I never wanted to really be a x rated sort, as am still a darling little catholic boy at heart, but I was memorized by her ...attributes... and did the work. Amazingly, she liked it , but her suitcase pimp of a husband started to get all possessive on me as, what can I say, she was starting to fall under that black magic I does soooo well, and my romanticisms was a healthy and spiritually cleansing water after having a husband who pimps you out to any website with fiddy bucks and a couch. I made her look fat, according to him. Sewer rat, I called him, her ass looks no bigger than when It was stuffed with two negro cocks. Beat it, Romeo. It is the story of my life, I somehow get angers and resentments and jelousies aimed at me by men who sell their wifes to Negroes, in every way and in every destortion, for a hundred bucks an hour.

But lately, I have penetrated, or entered deeper, no pun intended, the works of middle ages and classical Italy, including first editions of fairy tales, which even Grimm said were treasuries which were indispensables, before Warren and Alan's self righteous masters like Tolkien started to actually believe they invented literature. It is all wonderful, and am stealing even more, even without a single bit of Anglican blood in me, so maybe I can actually do it without defaming the sources , as Dante so eloquently noted before Willie bought his first Roman newspaper's.

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