23 December 2008

or Yes, Doctor Savage, there is a Bauffanna.

I saw where a bunch of comic faggots seem to have some sort of love of the first amendment when it comes to their previously, I guess, un-prosecuted love of cartoon weirdo porn. In this world, THIS, perverted cartoons, is what they get angry about. But it doesn't shock me that the same people who so virulently so hate things like Captain Marvel and big titted heroines, except when raped by green lantern of course, seem so at ease with such images. Yes, I was pre law , kiddies, I know the bullshit about your fake admiration for free speech and your defender of the defenseless creed shit,.... Without money involved , I was taught by clever, Ovid loving, Roman minded men, ididots only defend what they believe in, and want, and defend nothing else. But, as the smiling faggots proved, like bribe taking Frank, the anger at bishops suddenly near the queen, when suddenly saying things that YOU don't like, suddenly opens a floodgate of anger and dyspepsia, proving how full of shit you all are... Take a hike.

But then, the first amendment has become as fluid and as jewie as anything in out weasel lands, and so, as in other empires, the powerful, or worse yet, their adherents, make it all up as they go along. One minute Hillary was championing black girls in a basketball team,....the next, she was lauding ''white working people'' as a secret handshake to the bigot democrats, which didn’t really want the nigger in power, just as they suddenly seem to be angry at ''associations with priests'' now, so suddenly it is almost whiplash inducing or maybe just BARNEY FRANKIAN IN ITS SHAMELESSNESS, after saying things as that certainly didn’t matter. Thanks to the Romans and the their believing priests, and my own Stoic Pop, I know that behind every dancing faggot, behind fake every gay marriage, --no, this empire has no Virgil or Botticelli, just a sea of hausfraus--Behind every death mask of the joker like Micheal Musto, or Musty as we call him for short, behind every sneering lesbo, behind every burning flag, behind every dirty little picture of comic book weirdness, behind every blot of decadence, behind every Gandolfini, behind every perpetual child murder case on cnn, behind every foot washing baptist, behind every staggering old man who once lauded the roman senate and now does shtick with Leno, behind every Gergan, who is caught between his secret Hillary duties and his inherent love of whomever is Praetor, behind every Koozie, behind everybody's grinning nigger queen, behind everything which is low and base and senseless and vulgar, like niggers, wops and even dark haired beauty queens being arrested with their controlling suitcase pimp lardy scummy Mexicali stooge boyfriends, behind every Scorsese smirking in a busted usery outlet commercial , behind every Tina Feh who does somehow allowed masculine cheesecake, as the great brunette living sex doll, [yes I love straight sex, it seems to wonderfully filthy as sex should be as opposed to lauded drawings of little girls,. or next to domesticated fags and their sanitized sacraments of cum] antidote to Marilyn and her little girl creepy sexuality dies ironically at the same time, there is an oligarch, counting his money.

[''Cato"' Published by far left magaine 2006]

A good Saturnalia to you all, and Pruscutto for everybody. In Roman days, a giant pig was cued and cooked, and even the poor around his land came to eat and be festive , which is where we get the idea one must eat pork on new years day.Merry Saturn day everybody, ..!I recall, as the Spirit is getting lambasted, oh, there are Roman gods in Roman heaven, that one of my first reviews of my comic work, the first done in at least ten years, or at least since Jim Shooter said I did hard stiff well and easy stuff not so much, was from a nice woman called the Comic Queen. She said that interestingly, though I was dealing with obvious take offs of wonder woman and Superman and Captain Marvel--Vundergirl, Ubermench and Capt. Magnus caught in a triangle of ''love, lust, and Hollywood or dc comix Babylon'' to quote Tarantino loved ''the bad and the beautiful'' like fifties trailers, --I never once submerged the book into comic stereotypes. I proudly sent the review to some friends, including a Jewish producer who said I always went ''too far'' with things, and he emailed be back, and apprised me after a cigar no doubt, ''Tony, now Thar is your fucking problem in a nutshell...''. COMIC BOOK BABYLON Hmmmmmmm, ...NOW THAT'S A BOOK TO WRITE! So, Give me your hands if we be friends, and Blago shall restore amends...

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