28 July 2009


...Uh oh....watch out, look out...

It is a shame that Tyols fell apart, as does so much I do. Sometimes I think I do sabotage all this stuff, but, the stories I was following, They all have seemed to gain in speed and turnabout just as it all fell apart, as a project. Even before the ides of October, which is the ironic date of October 12th, meaning it is a roman holiday before a.d. events, like say, is Christmas, and which like so much was a roman holiday before anything else, Shnookie seems to have hit that wall, which a quick working Augustine Clinton has been turning from marble back to brick, quickly enough, and has been placing up, hoping to make a nice hard Barrier, all along. It is funny how the more befuddled and idiotic Dido the queen gets, with triumphs amazingly starting to darken up, don't they always, the more blacker he gets, as the golden child, seemed to go from Virgilian Gold, to high yellow, to fake cutie pie black like Belushi sweating through Sam and Dave songs, to what appears now to be headed right for satanic black. I sort of thought he was there all along, and that, well, being so much like who he followed and follows him, that in some ways he is getting what he deserves. Don’t think my man Bill, Harry Lime in the window light seen and stunned and shown now as alive in Vienna, despite what has been said, isn't smirking at this turn of events. Also it is interesting how while the boy czar flits about in a mad state, hurdling, whirling, bumbling stumbling, floating, mixing, preening, mincing, sliding, crashing, bloating and floating, why,--there is Madame herself, Mama Roma, all the gallentdonna, such a figure of calm serenity and poise. Ha!

Oh... A quick note of Florentine translation...It would never dawn on you white women out in freedoms acre, out there, the kind with too much gum, and think you are liberal because you think paying spics a third of what whites would make makes you a facilitator of the American dream , practically bleeding hearted, and that you feel so superior in slowllllllyy speaking to your Spanish help, but the fact Shnookie is dropping like a stone, well, it wont be helped by smarmy little asides about birth certificates, or Argentine mistresses or even health care. It all, as Machiavelli could tell you if you worked a day in your life, it makes him look cold and distant, and in love with triumphalism. See, as even 10,ooo people a day lose their jobs, him spinning around racing against a leap year even numbered year, when he will be powerless, is making him look, cold. Like all things Italian, it deosnt sound right at first, but the more you think about it.....

Also, The temple of the sun God casts a wide shadow, and woe be to gladiators who are too dodgy to appease the god of boxing, and the beloved Romans, of course, did have as Have a God of Boxing, bless them, who unlike Allah doesn't seem to like folks who can kill workpeople from far off caves . Any Roman God has predisposed to his existence a sacrament of manliness, in truest form, as this sort of implies there is a gospel in being able to hurl, or better take, a punch.

As sure as sun follows the rain, god dammit, our local diva qb, Ben Rothschildboiger, puppet extraordinaire, with that'' all about eve'', lifetime movie, understudy arrogance of his, he must be center of attention, so, has been charged with Rape. Loverly. Why this is delicious, in Caesar Romero as THE JOKER speak, when evil was not so...narcoleptic, is that a few years ago, a man who has used his big mouth to get himself on an alternative rock station, meaning in un hip Pittsburgh, he must play 1975 era rock between his diatribes, a pig named Mark Madden railed against a black qb named Kordell Stewart. And, he did so to the delight of the assorted Pollocks of a awfully southern northern town of Pittsburgh. Kordell had not been a Pariah from the beginning , you see, and in fact, was such a hit, he had t shirts and Dr. Pepper commercials, but that was when he was'' a slash'', a wide out, a running back, a six time a game direct snap artist. When he wished to be quarterback, here in northern Kentucky which is what Pittsburgh really is, all hell broke loose among the fat pigs who eat their own kind, in sausage, standing there publicly drunken, in dirty t shirts. A Pittsburgh wedding is obvious from the fact that the groomsmen washed their stiller Jerseys. Mark, now full out alter boy to the church of God Rothlisbooger, is a creep whose act I not only tired of, but saw the inherent viciousness within, as I did Shnookies, ---see, I am an AUGER, born in August no less, and have found that 'auger' comes from an ordinary Italian word as they say, for Now, MEANING THAT augers were mostly used to see what was going on around them at that very point, while others were lost in the waves of pretense tense. But he made his career such as it is as a radio sports Winchell, radio days issuing every means necessary and every piece of innuendo, mostly like a good American journalist, he made up on his fat ass, against this nigger with the temerity to have wanted to play the sainted role of qb, which upset his German equilibrium.

And here, every day, Mark spoke of how Kordell had been found by the Pittsburgh Police in a now taken as fact bit of stiller gospel, in the Allegheny woods engaged in ----Hooroors!!--homosexual sex!!! Mark , you see, Mark couldn't conceive of two stereotypes at once, it makes his brain hurt, as though a football player flush with gladiatorial cash, couldn't have had all the homo or any sort of sex he had wanted in a Ray Ray like crib, with a kind of rapper joy, a slurpie machine installed, as it were, and near a then becoming big plasma tee vee. This was, by the way 2000 and a bit before and after, and Pittsburgh was still dealing with ''The Best man'' like innuendo politics about destroying a mans life because he dared to ask to be qb, and wouldn’t just slash all day, a fucking football player was slimed and trashed over , --good lord, a football player!!!! , which here, is more important than say president, where, guess who this city and township went for and made no bones about in the last primary. Ask John Steigerwald, called a nigger lover on Rushbo's one time radio station KDKA, before Rush, called ''Boss'' as a insult by the always tin eared as usual Olbermen, left them in the lurch, or wherever having to resort to Dennis Miller can be called.

And El-Marko went after Kordell with a Hedda Hopper after Orson Passion, meaning, a persona non grata like, vendetta, which made no sense except that Orson made Hedda think of everything she was not. Ben, --shit Negro--, if it isn’t for the well timed yeller flag, and for mistakes the NFL has to apologize for on the Wednesday after the super bowl, one would note that his career numbers are lower than Kordell's. And now, turnabout hits the the vaunted Stealers, though Mark is doing his alter boy bidding by trashing this woman as a, of course, money gold digging who’re, he continues to trash her and those who dare speak of the surly side of Ben un shown to fawning house types on ESPN, with the implied acceptable-ness of the worthless ESPN, CSPAN FOR CLOSET QUEENS. OH YES, from which he was fired, but still looks to for sibylline guidance. But all is not lost, in that wondering hat he would say about a team who got rid of a nice ruining back called Bam Morris over some weed , no less, now having a rapist at qb, who still holds a ball like a loaf of town talk which shows a rapists touch, one of the Ben detractors , of which they are legion here--hallelujah, asked when mark was berating the released Michel Vick as , of course , like TO, as ''unsteleerslike'', meaning literally too dark as he once said, still, a drowsy cell caller asked, ''How many Women, wooers, gold diggers , have said they were raped by Michel Vick...or anyone who wasn’t a stiller in the last few years...?'' Madden had a usual silent moment of diva quiet, which he sues as a weapon, but this time, shoved at him by need. Oh, Call It Myron’s revenge, fatso, whose being Jewish, couldn’t take what had had been done by the animals he helped to semi domesticate with that bar rag of his, and said as much before he was summarily recalled with a monosyllabic, smiling, rah rah lineman who played here in the inglorious , oh yes, I recall them, 1980’s.

April, 2007. I am the auger.

I wrote a play called Saturnalia in which a character based on Kordell was inserted. He was called ''Cornelius Black Adam Jones'' , a wirery fast wide receiver who saw the old man who ran the team, Cyrus McCullsky as a avowed racists creep, who has, as in real life, gotten rid of every good receiver Cornelius made a connection with, instead keeping high yellow Melotto Loud mouths who made every out pattern look like a Herculean snatch who still does, and proclaims himself dee eladeer of dee wide oust wit dat smilllle you democrats doo expect from perodents and wideouts so! The owner then made it a cause to be getting rid of fast wide outs who caught sixty yards tds on the fly because of wearing superman S t shirts, which inflamed the murderous , Pollock crowd. True story. I sent the play to a black theater in off Broadway New York, and they liked it, thinking they would play all the parts as blacks, but as Italians, as is say done in say shit like Harry potter, OR IN KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE COMMERCIALS, WHICH WITH SUDDENNESS, SHOW UP WITH AFRICAN KNIGHTS. Or as is seen in later versions of King Arthur, I don’t know why, but in which it seems that white people can feel good about them selves, when the only black caricature who exists in the classical cannon, outside of Judas of course, [Or Hannibal, who is always distressingly already ancient history in every Roman movie ever made, as why give the wops and the colords the press, after all,] is strangely, Lyrically, named Othello. They liked it a lot, this black theater, thinking I hads been black, and were shocked when I said I was Italian. Easily, a guardian angel named Virgil, supposedly, ostensibly the poet, who swoops down in full winged apparition to the big Ginny hero, and who talks amazingly like a ring a ding ding Sinatra, was their favorite part. I was aked how I wrote a black part without giving in to too much of what Doctor Gates calls ''vernaculah'' , ie, words like Mother fucker, Cocksucker and Bitch, although never ever is it, oh but never ever, ''Cunt'' , scholarship EVEN FAKE, has its limits, hooo deee doooooo!--. I quoted the Roman Line,...'' that I am human, therefor, can empathize with all human things, as Nothing Human is therefore foreign to me''. But still in Saturnalia Mode, I ascribed it to Sammy Davis Jr. and not Terence, who said it, as Sammy is the image of Terence in the play, whom he represents in the play, like wise with Dean Martin as cosmopolitan Ovid.

Then, I got a letter, on paper even, I think it was, telling me, on second thought they didn’t want any ''lawsuits''. In the play, I had dashingly mentioned the Jonnie Gammage case, and its connection to the Steelers, a team which gets more breaks than do even the Cowboys, but then if I have learned anything, it is that Phosphorous is not Phosphorous, when it is hurled by Jews onto stone throwers, but then, too, it is phosphorous when contemplated as thrown at grandfather Iran, which is unthinkable to its masters, or controllers of the first place. Ergo, Rothlisboiger gets the calls, despite having or not having crossed the plane or the line of scrimmage, --ineligible lineman down field is a myth when Ben galumphs down field, god knows. I mentioned that a man named Jonnie Gammage had been murdered by Pittsburgh cops, killed, not beaten up, not had a plunger stick up his popo, no, he wasn’t neither a song and dance man, nor a scholar of niggerology, meaning, he watched soul train, and who didn’t know the name of the little girl jumping rope which Hannibal cut in two, and thus became a rallying cry for Romers for a decade of his being stuck in the mud, --well, to be fair, you know like Bill Oreilly, shnookie and his Iranian bag men don’t know if her or Sagenentia neither, so, hell,...Gee, I am sure that good niggers like Skippy and Spiky who saw no reasons to say a word about this murder, still barely know the name, and unlike Romans, THEIR ONLY BATTLER CRIES ARE THEIR OWN NAMES, AS IS SEEN, APPARENTLY SO.

The black New York actors, again, treated me kindly, but, they, artist activists, had never heard of this story. Well, sorry, but Jonnie had too many connections by chance to Daniel Cardinal O'Rooney, and so, Dan, an open secrete here in Pittsburgh, was sure that the NAACP, those most worthless and servile of nigger men to quote Cato, were slathered with tickets, games balls, helmets, jerseys , and other paraphernalia. And with the whole nfl then amid a sqeeze play and a caldera trying to get a show called play makers off the soprano station--they did, showing Sicilians are still in the places carved out for them by Plautus, --the Giants made sure that Reverend Al types, who seem to be a dying breed, were given such candy as to shut their insufferable mouths up. Not being a song and dance man, poor Jonnie, aren’t you all to quote the great Paul Mooney, he didn’t get the full Kmart on layaway Marc Antony treatment, including a golden nigger rich Casket , just to put a fine nigger rich gaudy, or its it Gotti, point on things. Oh, Cardinal Pig meat, take your gold urns and your Barney Fawnk upturned superiority and shove it up your fat ass.

And now, the Stealers have as rapist at qb, to match the same accusations hurled at Kordell, even Mark in fevered best couldn't think of calling it Rape, as even a slug like him has its limitations, or had, though it is never a accusation seemingly never made against or at or for Raiders I notice. Minerva temepstua. And, Barrack, the house nigger to the praetorium has bestowed on Daniel Cardinal O'Rooney, oh how Catholic can one get, and how Borgia, an ambassadorship of his imperium, cockeyed as it is. Oh, ..., how perfect, as he gets out, as fat bloated qb rapist, who is disliked as much any one in Pittsburgh who has won can be, throws to another one time would be exiled choir boy, who traffics in drugs. But they are ''honorable men'', says the Irony incapable Madden. Oh, the black troup, who was actually nice and professional with me, as i said, no vendetta here, with me, you know, me, big tony, who white women call a racist,... they enjoyed the play very much, but instead, --no joke-- went with a revival of ''Amos and Andy'' as LESS INCENDIARY. Oh... I, Roman Tony, strike again, despite myself...I deal in triumph of which Barrack ''that’s so crazy it just might work'' Obama has no ideas of the Sort Of Triumphs which matter, of the Brunette Priestesses or the shininess of the confetti. You know, while John Steigerwald in Pittsburgh was doing battle with open Klansmen about a black qb, you know who laughed at Kordell, and made snide comments the most back then, besides the beady eyed Jewish guy who the players think is a fag ... it was Keith Olberman. God bless America.

Oh, Let’s play hardball, indeed.

09 July 2009


1. The Stan Savran experience on that dread channel, Ms. NBC, which I do try to avoid, really, was at his usual dulcet and subtle best, screeching about Al, AL Franken for somehow not being devoted enough to the lefty case. Poor Al, another Jew or Arab with not a stitch of Roman training tries to traverse the malabolgia of an empire devoted to its free bread, as Caesar noted, thinking that natural jewey conniving will see him through. It won’t. Now amazingly, the elitists who have played at being guardians of the po and the weak since Livy, waited just until after Al was seated to go after him, for the graying horses ass now thinks itself Busephilus. The underlying offense, is that Al wasn't being pushy and vulgar enough. To the Jewish mind, which marinades in the idea of supremacy and chosen-ness, the italic truth of conniving of Pass'avanti is always a shock.

2. This day though did tell me to recall all of that which was the whole emphasis to the letters of stoics read to me, and forced on me to have read, by my parents and by the roman clerics. Don’t become a goddamn nigger Tony, or its woppy variations, as in Coppola division, or Scorsese factions, as that was the secret ethic, not so secret, actually, of all which I was told. Don’t be a good for nothing artless doge hanger on, don’t be a worthless apparatchik 's whore, don’t be gathered human scum, paid off with a knife and laughter and the feeling of the safety of being in an army of sloths who destroy the latest of an unending string of Nero’s enemies, one ligurian girl after the next , as to them, there is nothing more important than doing nothing, watching games, playing dice, and whores and wine, and being admired for their every chug. I do try to avoid the fat ugly people of Ms NBC, Otv, but going though the channels, I saw the immensely large, bloated, catholic Irish priest well fed face of Olberino, and really all this mother fucker needs is bolts on his neck to obtain a kind of ‘’gods and monsters’’ kind of camp. He said, in that inimitable espn ‘’good team bad team’’, it’s perfectly okay to hate niggers when its Albert Bell, or TO and he almost beats golden boy, way, that any argument against Hazel, Sotomajorrrr, with the word ‘’Ricci’’ in it was somehow a failure. Well, he is showing his love of washer woman Sotomayjor, who amazingly for the rites and needs of Schnookster, doesn’t have a ''Latin'' name ending in a pesky vowel somehow. As does Ricci…why do I think Olberman and even Schnooker are more closely related to slave holders than is he, or am I, case may be. ….? ‘’Any argument with the word Ricci in it…?'' God almighty , even equally lunchy Beckel, --boy you heart bleeders eat well--a dem operative when Olbie was still turning on the first twinkle toes Barry, said this all is ''dicey'' cause Italians have had their own problems with discrimination in Gods new empire. And it doesn't help that it looks like what the passavanti, who Dagos have known and hated since Livy, really fear is niggers actually studying for anything. As the white power structure fearfully does recall that Tuscan like aqueducts were in Africa too, when Basmmy's white kin were still living in trees. Gee, really, Keith, does that name ''Ricci'' sound too catholic for you, dear...? Uh, What does that mean....Oh, poor Ricci, soon to be destroyed like, say, plumbers and other working people, all by the ethicist lovers of the working man, to the delight of honey haired Lesbos isle, tax collector, cunts who still hold out hope madrassa boyeee will see the light about ‘’done ask done tell’’, …well hope springs eternal …or is abandoned, well, it all depends on where you open the book. Ricci, yassee, and wont Minnisotttta soon tire of re fried Jack Benny cadence,... he is neither dark nor white enough to have the fake and or true devotion of the white trash tribunes of the plebes, who think just hurling words of constipated compassion, and sympathy, might somehow atone for that twelve percent unemployment rate, which they fear and race against like the coming of an Asgard venial somber German god in an already interminable German opera. Such a destiny, Yaseeeee, Rodchester--and get used to that one, naacp, even a blind man can see commin, is a reverse dues ex machina of destruction, at and to which a fearful College of cardinals already parry and besiege with prayers, and hope to get enough done before the tempest, as both they and their nigger queen seems to be already doing the Augustus hand out austere pose of holding back the incoming wave, there in Bills beloved Rome.

But, this day too, what I suspected was made true vibrantly, and a man named Roland Burris, this expulsion from new Roma dutifully bracketed with some kind of ‘’colords only’’ story they find when needed, was shoved out of that ultimate country club, which laughingly calls itself a senate. And that I was releaved to recall, as my father warned me, that in a world of the bloated compassionate, the Turbin Derbins of the world have superseded in perhaps opening up a seat that CBS seemed to know would be cleared of a black woman in 1999's pre nigger Transfiguration pre time, a virtual week before it happened. We call that pulling a ‘’Jack Ryan’’, since you are now so good at, like Caesar coming up with the word ‘’Pompous’’ so soon after Pharsalia, to add insults to dictionaries. Turban Durbin and dying old klans—no fooling, klans men white men--masters as servants - will recall the first black man to be elected to state wide office in Daily news land, with, it is being now amazingly said even after princess Caroline babbled her way through a perfunctory ‘devil’s advocate’ hearing, that somehow will install another Kennedy nepoto , how nice….!Another Compound brat, another Kennedy doge nephew, will be installed as next cardinal from the drunken familia of entitled, initialed, gods. Pass the salt less bread, dear… another Kennedy, Roman beer on tap, wants the seat to which he believes he is entitled by God almighty himself, as opposed to you know, being from there, or better, by the drunken genetic code of his shanty, lace curtain rats, whore mongering, but excellent swimmers, family…! Another of these Irish cokaraaachesss, as a nun called them to me, when I was a kid, wishes to be installed as cardinal, you know, as uncle Ted is teetering before his maker and the poor must have a drunken, ass pinching, passavante doge who laughs when the poor weep. Oh, well, check out to make sure Sonny don’t have a few rapes in his background, as that seems a sin you lefty swine excel at , especially out on the vineyard. A KENNEDY, AGAIN,...? Good lord Gesu, haven’t they all died out yet, ...Lord Tasus,will this Medici nightmare never be done,….? Good God, and in Chicago no less, what, have the Medici brothers opened a branch in India, after all...? How nice a black man is being thrown out of the assembly of Queens, for ties to Blago, but the thick ropes to my man blago shown by Rammy the Bulgarian and by Shnokkie are ignored. The black president, all depending on what day he is caught and at what, as opposed to a black senator, isn’t so sullied by Blago as to be hurled out. At least Not yet....

3. Across the hall in this laughably titled ‘’senate’’, this Knesset more likely, a haggard old nun of Monza, old sister Gertrude, so bony and crumbling, this Manzoian monstrosity, has seen for the squash of a resolution, a meaningless , worthless , ceremonial page of imperial pities and a ribbon, perhaps noting that the state realized the contribution to American folk music Michael Jackson made, and suddenly, as if on cue, the niggers who flit about the broken hemorrhaging power of democrats, and their hypocrisy, stop. As if on cue, the tap dancing niggers with prince of foxes goatees and fat chins, the incongruously named Elvis's, and the hagiographers all disappate, like so much pork fart in Nero's dining room. Oh, Janet, cutie pie you are, just slip Obama the God a fiddy, believe me, you’ll get everything you want. That is how he gets his ambassadors and even chiefs of staff, to not a peep by the censors and the overtly just, the elderly sons of one times klans men, of whom my father perpetually equated democrats with racist , and was not that wrong as it was anyway. I knew something was up p when our perpetually care filled queen took a week to say it was kind of sad that the boy who sang ''abc'' was dead at 50, but as my Ma says of carefuller Disgraziatti, '' he looks all four ways before not crossing a street''. Again, it sounds better in Neapolitan Italian, like say, the word Empire itself. No, now that Bush is gone, but can be brought up when things get a bit dicey and the Pallin circus shit seems to be not working, imagine that, the watchdogs are asleep at the praetorium oven for warmth. But alas, with how The Stenny ‘’Nothing is over! ’’ Hoyer targeted Nancy, our Mother Gertrude, one would think she would need or fake all the good will she could get, that she would be so callus and frankly dismissive, as to crush this, as it is only meaningless prattle, and of course let it be known, is strange , unless they haven’t been the party of yes, as the big faced fools have pretended them to be. As sorry, Ed, lunchy, lugubrious, crummy, pea soup stained Ed, there are masters and servants and it is funny, is it not, how democrats seem like they voted in masse more easily and orderly for Fisa and patriot acts than they do socialized anything...?

4. Oh, I can’t wait for the destruction of the house of Mirth by the suddenly reawakened wildness ascendant and overtaking it, replicating it, overwhelming it, the vines made alive and reborn of an ancient Italee, as Chaucer called it, taking back this mere white mans affectation of Italic ‘’rule of law’’, again, like ‘’natural law’’ and ‘’chiaroscuro’’, things which were found in no Koran or bible, but in the mad brilliance of the race of poor pitiful patriot user, dearest, ebert disliked, Machiavelli. I can’t wait for the reclamation of time and tides by and of a Jew feared, deep down, Roman god. I can’t wait until the house of mirth and its yenta clerks are swallowed in like something seen in Ariosto or some medieval Italian fairy tale, and then, the old women will make a sign of longhorns and nod reassuringly that their gods, as opposed to melancholy Christ and his Banking creeds of heaven, do so effortlessly ‘’ crush the proud’’, doesn’t they always. I can’t wait until Shnooker opens a door, smiling all deee while missa Chaney sur, and a billion acorns come streaming ahead, in a sea of rot and mold, and coming swimming down them all is the smiling, Laura like Minerva,-- if you must--, smiling and sexy and mean and bitchy, perhaps wearing the Capri pants of her later incarnations on Caesar’s island of warm winds and nubile women among the traitorous, ambitious, fags. I can’t wait till it all blows up and I can’t wait to see how inhuman and tone deaf Stan--agaion, not teh eral stannnn savaran, who I like,--thats as close as I can phonetically get to To Yinserese, Love daaa show.....but his doppleganger, Ed Shlitz, and Keith will be to keep smirking and smiling and laughing and needing and wanting amid the wreckage and the termites and the eaten through planks of wood, and the blocks they thought of as carrera marble will end up being just bathroom toilets smashed to bits. I swear I will start laughing right when you all think it has all become such a tragedy,...Just like how innumerable Romans filled the music of the spheres with laughter, on the day when Al cast his first vote as a senator bucking the praetor he had been lauding as a savior only days before, and I did chuckle when I heard that, to the silence of honey haired lesbo cunts on thatawful channel, now conservative democrats, the spawn and the eventual vendetta of Don Clinton, are asking for Sarah Pallin's help in securing interestingly suspicious , oh I mean Racist of course, parishes of the forever apostate atheist liberal church in deprecating Ohio....God, I love the Ricocco. Booyah!, Jimmie…Booooo-yah…!

08 July 2009

Ancient Romance.

My Ma called me and asked me , ''Che Raquela...?'' and handed me a remote.

I wasn't sure what she meant , then it dawned on me. I had figured she, the lyrically titled sex dea now named Raquela, was forced out, as a thin lipped black bravado menvra haired octeroon had been appareled and shoved in the Klan meeting that channel often replicates. She, this Sally, not Beatrice, was seated at a desk not as hipster red white and blue as the previous occupant, and I was sure , at a station where Donald Holinger called Queen Schnozzle a God, that appallingly placing smarmy, Plautusian , satirical, quotes around faithful tireless'' advocate'', whatever it was, gets one fired. I tried to avoid that station,as I do the daily show, as crestfallen people at first can be so depressing, and then, they just get mean and angry, and stupid people getting angry is quite dull. But I saw Queen of Olbermen screeching away, wanting to get Glenn Beck arrested as a enemy of the state, and have fox news boarded up. Well, we haven't decremented that far down yet. He worked there though, did Olberman, as his love of baseball announcing was much more a pull than his rhapsodized love of Clinton, or the republic, and gleefully went to work there well after the Monica thing, but the Pope Peter can never be a sinner or a penitent, where we get penitentiary, can he..? Olbermen learn their ethics under Harry Shearer, it seems.

Screaming, yelling, baseball Olberman, joined at this station by another epsn loudmouth--boooyah, indeed uall--, and Olbie and the lout Scottish fag, hagiographer of Renegade jimmy, were laughing vociferously about Pallin, the latest of carcasses burnt on Nigger queens perpetual fire. I thought, though I have been assailed as an anti Semite, I admire the ancient brilliance of Jews, actually, and I cant wait until the house of mirth and all these smiling knivers really do get theirs, and to put it in my own vernacular, cant wait for the temple of ZERO, OR EVEN PLAUTUS, TO COME TREMBLING DOWN, as that finally, to quote Alice Kramden, that would actually be fuinny. But, Menvra has excellent timing, as she loves a great pratfall, and turns out, since that book came out on June first, you know about the ''renegade'' who finds his hands tied for fags, and who amusingly kept Bushes war and ficsa together in tact,--hello suckers--where they made sure that Bill Was demeaned for a nigger queen, there has been a reversal of fortune. Machiavellian Billy was all so vicious and so unsaintly compared to the god by the poi, but it was the dandy saint who, as I pick up bits and pieces, TOOK OUT THE HAND SANITIZER, WHILE IN FULL VIEW OF THE COLLECTED FAGGING HACKS OF HIS ATTEMPT TO JEW DOWN EVERY FAG IN AMERICA--OH YES HE DID, KIDS, AS OUR FIRST WOMAN LADY PRESIDENT FEARS CATCHING AIDS FROM DIRTY FAGS, AS WAS ALLUDED A MONETARY LAPSE OF SLIPPED TRUTH ON SOME FAG SHOW ON NPR,--STILL, Shnookie, or Hayden, has lost thirteen points and now is at a crippling minus eight. Six point drop since Fridays job Numbers. Nuance is just a pause before the slapstick, and Machiavelli's Virgil was Terence. You can kiss it goodbye, Keith ...you shouldn't have read Boys of Summer, as much, or at least as like me, read it once, in 1992, but should read or even re read, Agricola. As in it , when Domitian is destroyed, Tacitus takes great pleasure is the fact the praetorians as of that moment, are now destroying all the men who breathlessly applauded him, too.

I think of ''Ancient Romance'', which is tarped in disks of brother word processor files, wpt, I guess, and contains boxes of broken pieces of Tuscan minarets of which, like fished from a Tuscan sea wreck, I can bring to the surface's of a murky electron sea of pictographs and squiggles. In Roman times, witches were expected, almost like lesbians, to be good looking, as god bless the Italians, why if someone was a witch and had all of demonic powers at her disposal would she allow herself to continue to be demeaned with fat jokes. I thought of Ancient Romance as a necessary treasure to extract form the bay of Naples at which somehow I live my life as an anisette tinted antidote to this horrid new Poland of Pittsburgh. In it, there is a romantic story about how and aging Tuscan Priest saves a woman named Patrica, seen above from the roman later trials of witchcraft, as is usual, the way they damned the Tuscan was to call them all wicked , when not raping them. But in roman trials which not surprisingly like the whiter versions, as here on the Tyber, both witch and warlock--this was Rome, godfathers of all, --where both were placed in a pit, chained and and covered with that most Italian of affectations, cement. Again, bless them, the Romans show a strange decency amid the bronze aged fools,and that instead of just stoning women who surlily had affairs with invaders of dear Judea, thus dirtying that most white of Semitic races---uechhhh--they killed both witch and warlock, meaning fallen woman and whore monger too, certainly more decent again than the more beloved Jews, vikings, or even the Redskins of empires of bloody Mexico, the Mezzagoirno of a swamp called america.


I think that is what so bothers me about house niggers braying on msnbc....times are tight, I know your a house nigger, but QUIT LAUGHING!!!! Someone please tell the'' ugliest people on television'' without a doubt, NBC, the most unattractive, and downright ugly and thus most liberal of people screeching at the walls,--Tacitus no less believes there is such a connection between ugly woman and weak men and liberalism, ''talking women'' he called them, with vestal mustaches, --ouch--, as in ''Agricola'' he believes all anti war protesters be bought for by enemies or just cowards who fear wars they may have to fight in--read the whole book next time, Francis , don't just watch the movie,-- that ugly spoilers smiling too much does have a Da Vinci quality, which can be disconcerting to the folks back home. Oh, you know, the rubes and the fools and the red necks and the bigots, who he sees as America, and the dunderheads who, if I recall right, I never heard Charles Nelson Olberman ever say explicitly NOT to ever eat those baloney sangwiches he was once shilling , before he became a defender of the republicanism. Small R. Or is big R....? Unseemly is the word,... I have seen them pull nigger Jim back a bit, as it was a bit distaste filled, like hostess zingers, to see the man who had nothing to say about Neda seeming to become so very Marc Antony for the carcass of this spic pinko hack, and of course, someone in the praetorium will lose their jobs for not saving Bammy from his own incompetent lack of ...what is the word, Clinton shrewdness. But, quick, A letter from the perpetual Roman front in my noggin, the Roman front, a missive from the palatine, yall, see,... Hillary, Mama Roma, has lardy and fat ankled, already sent it out, through places unwilling to squash it, right wing and fag newspapers, like say Fox and now suddenly angry demeaned faggots who feel like comic hacks, --I bet Bammy is just a riot amid the Roman Rubble, what with all granny taught him about ''That race'', --that Hillary was shocked and appalled at snookers weakness with Iran....hmnnn, thank you. Its a gift I have from the Jesuits. Like Herpes, it don't go no where! Or crabs. It inst Sarah Pallin who Mama Roma is now on a fill blown palatine hill whisper campaign against, which I am sure , like your beloved nightly Jewish clerk with Bammy amusingly seeming to now protect his true patron CHANEY, NO FUCKING LESS, YOU wont see anything coming. Maybe you should all quit laughing into that slip of paper, which is a strange and off putting affectation, as why, on Gods earth would someone try to suppress laughter on a comedy show, especially when it is amply shown on what passes for news...? I think america could use the epic of sadness as a antidote to all of this. Then, I will start laughing, full throat, I can promise that. Some one, please tell screeching Olbie and the rest of the thought police at MBC, the dead peakcock, that Clinton Didnt WANT to get away with just Censure, cause that comes from the Romans word for NOTHING . its Latin for for Nothing, and he couldnt allow hisslef to he called a noo--thing by a crowd of jews like Liberman and Goody Fienstien who amazingly for their race, cant seem to count to sixty, damnnit....Strange, I know. But alas, as opposed to pig men still waiting for Pollozzo, sister Gertrude, to now somehow be freed to do what they promised and deliver on checks Bammy cant cash, well, See, I speak fluent Byzantine...