23 November 2010

23 November 2010


I was looking for some on line pages of Barnes and Nobel and Amazon like outlets to perhaps buy my Ma some classics like Ariosto for Christmas, and there, I noted that even when the over fed over eating middle brow white trash praise Virgil, I find it still makes me sick.

I was looking for a copy of Orlando Furioso, a book told to me to read since I was a kid, as my parents tried to, like Roman Priest and mother superior, tried to keep the fables alive in me in the Cleveland that is America, and still haven't read it all, and I found again, that the penguin just loves cutting at these roman classics , like Gaul, into three parts, as you wont find the second part of the Augustan history anywhere by them, as its a lie, you know, unlike Renegade, dears...?, and like some thug named Lombardo, its that alas the way...?, will refine the masterwork for you, though Coppola will make sure there is always a Bloated directors cut of his bloated blood operas.

I saw some white faced thug here, sneering at Virgil, though giving three stars ironically, but then, I note that last star for Virgil seemed to creep up the more your unnoticed sons died in Bactria, showing in ways that Virgil and all he reenactments is beyond him, if one thinks about it, ...do I have to spell it out...?,...And yet, saw this same reviewer who said somehow that the Metamorphoses is the Roman classic par excellance, and not Virgil,as is said of Ariosto on Amazon as opposed to Dante, as this is an example of admiration in this new time of cholera. This idiot who wishes to impose his middlebrow ethos upon the Italians, as frankly I am sure he sees them as dark enough to get away with it, I mean just look at Shnookie, nice legs by the by, as if we all just niggers out cherer syur, and that the laurel on Dante's head is no different than the Heisman trophy given to Reggie Bush, or for that matter, a presidency.

I found myself literally queasy thinking of these pig white folks thumbing through this brilliance, though, I must admit again, a certain cashe has developed about Virgil and the other Romans after the Bush Interregnum, and when I saw this same piggish fuck giving four starts to the horrid Harry Potter, upon which both I and roman hating Virgil eschewing Harold Bloom agree, -it stinks!-, I thought to me self, hey now, that pretty much says it all in an oneness. The Jews , I believe, call that Irony.

Again I wonder why these white people, who presumably seemed to bring their usual white trash liberal paternalism to Virgil, I wonder why they don't ever mention that the Romans came as it were, out of the ashes of the Tuscan empire, --for gods sake didn't bring that up! we already are fill of fake compassion for Jews niggers and faggots, god knows!,...and they never mention words like Magna Grecia or Cisalpine. Ah, but the Romans and the Italian are their greatest fear, niggers with imperial attitude, and they are the only darkys who ever did that moist heinous of things to a coward liberal, fight back. Lean forards all you like, but make sure you never stand for anything. Also, they, in men like Machiavelli and Tactius and Livy pretty much calibrated and gave the games away of every Shtick that you white trash and your observant, household Jews can try to foist upon us. Or worse, themselves. My favorite reality show will be, lets call it the Jordan shore, the east bank, when all your sex addled brunettes and T shirt wearing wiry, always part of the diminishment, thugs go up like so much pinewood.

As I say, the laurels worn by Virgil and Dante aren't Heisman trophies, nor prizes named for tabloid kings, nor are they mantels given and then taken away by the whims of Jewish men who look like Larry Fine or their white trash wives. I am thankfully though getting to the point where i don't care much any more, as any anger at Zoetrope wares thin what with one bomb of his coming out after another, and as that wine merchant finds , like they all do, that eventually the Sicilian clown cant make a farce which pleases the fuming Augustus.

2. And now , to show how thorough Signora Fortuna is, the other day in another of their lackluster games, The stiller QB , heavens to mergatroid, found himself in another imbroglio again!

This time, Our Little Nell, our Pauline, our Newt Gingrich of Football, oh what mess will he get into next as he pinballs through life and love and good news tomorrows!, the fates approve of turn about and so, he was at feast of the breathless wops and some one named Tunch said he was bashed in the mush by a large black man named Richard Seymour, but later on it looked like a mere swipe at him, as this bloated Chihuahua the always barking glassy eyed lil Ben, which one can bet he calls it, thinks more of himself than he should, still, though to be fair, is getting over a rape charge by keeping his eye rolling at the pollock's at a minimum still.

Mac Mullen on epsn, usually a house organ for the Stillers, an the Cowboys too, just with more vinegar, but house organ none the less, noted that big bad Ben was on the ground, and this an be seen on tape, of 7, you know like Elway, niggers pleeeese,...cowering like a woman. Like, say a woman brought into a toilet, against her will, should the roofies have left her any. Aha, but any But, the big bad quarterback went to the ground and no less than a woman named Jackie Mac Mullen seemed to take a Vestal glee in him cowering there on the ground, as again Macheivelli was right when he warend that what people say is so much subway bologna, it whast people are thinking is where the money is.

Any NFL player like say any boxer, or even Kobe, who has to resort to rape, well, that just shows a , as they put it on NFL TV, a lack of maturity. Probably worse than that, and I am hoping for a big Vick-Rothlesbooger super bowl, as that would be quite the Saturnalia, and then you'll see where all this is headed, as I believe the word Redemption shall be sued more that day on Fox, fittingly enough, than at a Glenn Beck Chatauga rally. And shall the hapless nation feel a bit unseemly at this, which is so why I pray for it, and will it feel bad, like the Roman at the wall, should you just not be completely shameless women after all, which is probably closer to the truth. A Vick -Rothlesbooger superbowl would mean that you better take down the honoraria effectedness of Roman numbers and find and replace them with Celtic numbers, should they have had any.

And too, like sun follows rain, the loudmouthed Steelers, the new Delta house of the NFL, strangely after thirty years of being the football equivalent of Mormons, spawned their caterwauls shit about being targeted by the league, and had the nerve , in a win, to bitch about calls. They are too used to the calls all going their way, but alas that had given them a repute not had even under a black quarterback.

So, the whole next day, instead of the Divas being lauded for their hoo hum win, instead again, Riggoletto contrives, and the fat piggish man, this Mimi of ours, was accused , like his rival for Pittsburgh rusted laurels of chain link, the sissified hockey Boy, of taking a dive with only some house wop on the dago sports channel disputing this.
But he can be seen cowering on the mud of the pollock Coliseum, and if it were a dive as one would expect, Machiavelli was right, and he lied too much to the point he told the truth, ...And as they all laughed, and worse than Olbermench --by the way Rachel, look up Fulvius and what Caesar does to a loudmouth supporter when need be--ever did to Kordell. And this don't escape the brown eyes of Roman Tony, as I am addicted and adherence of it all, no one seemed to bother to come to their standard bearers defense as the big black man sauntered off the filed taking his sweet old time, and this sight was taken note of, and exasperated by wops who last year were still rooting for the always gutless Giants. Whose loudmouth Jersey shore Big Fan arrogance and sleep walking may have given the Cowboys a new life, meaning we more noble Cowboy fans, who don't now call up unselected wops at night and speak so lawyerly of the difference of Vick and Ben, only really one thart matters on pollock hill, as Ben you see is "often indicted never convicted", YOU MAKE THE CALL!, no, we blase fans who were Machiavellian aware and sharp to begin with, we might be stuck with this offensive coordinator until Jerry Jones, the American, gets tired of him too.