13 October 2014




The only holidays I observe, as they all do, have Roman settings and roots. Saturnalia is Christmas out of a box, May day the Roman announcement of the coming spring, and Columbus day, the autumn ides, openly denounced by good white liberals who didn’t have Italians in their Viking loving districts as there, the Jews as usual do grunt work to make sure that Nazi map showing world as Round is seen as true and Dante’s round world landing to Mount Purgatory is not. Cue la Vie, I didn’t expect anything more, thanks to priests I never did, as I find it joyous that Ebola scares do seem to follow the germaphobe queer king who swaddles himself in as much self righteousness and impunity as he does the purelle he has used since paratrooping near the Negros streets or faggots ge derides as perverts he has always been suspicious of, as they him.

I didn’t want to say anything this year for Columbus day, a day in our Olbermann world of null ethics must be discounted in the only way fed over fed liberals can show their decency, but again, for the thousandth time in the barbaric dark ages, but not giving into their tree dwelling urges as every strange German engine and or Auschwitz has a lingering sense of the barbarian fires and wishes prayed to wizards madness inherent in it. Columbus day therefore is a day if not handed now over not to the indigenous liver eaters, but somehow the Hispanics, this is a month to somehow celebrate the conquistadors in spittoons, the Jew hating Torquemada, the men in tights who trashed SICILY AS DID THE ARABS NOW SUDDENLY LOVERS OF MODRENITY, Freed told me so, so fuck you Dante or any recalled ruins of libraries holding Virgil, burned by camel jacking murderers, you in America don't count, as their were never any Jews at Cumea....well, again not enough for Gummit work. The Hispanics, who held to dehumanization campaigns rivaling Sulla are somehow given over to, somehow not European despite their slaughters, somehow their imperialisms being a point in their favor as all their arguments seem to return to, like say calling the redskins the ‘Americans'

and someway this renaming of the beloved indiums’ with the name a Tuscan city and or a pickle vendor abandoning the Medici niece, the American immigrant par excellance, is ironical in ways they do not wish to know. Why Columbus day is a day an Italian may be free from the pantomime their masters have given unto them, a day in which they can be free of the gumba acts that white woman have allowed on their checklist of nobility for them, as my Father told me, impressing the black scholar who taught my work was too enticing and good for the babbling sanitized work of any collegiate press, in America they don’t castigate you as an Italian if you are a Mafioso. Only if you are not. Like a Roman Helmet this bit of self realization can be disquieting to the good white women at the buffet.

But, quickly if I may, as the good democrats find that merely science might make a great cover of darkness for your thievery, but makes horrid political theater as all now seem to be under towed by Barry the White and his lackluster un Clintonan thievery, why, not a Plautus like busty closet girl anywhere in sight as we find out even his own safety and praetorian guards are up for sale, as all always is with a half breed, but why keep shouting to the stones and worse than senseless things, who cares, ah but that true sin that trust plague, that worst of all Jewish fates, the diminishing return has seemed to take hold, and Lorenzo is nowhere to be seen anymore, except at rallies now made into Beyounce like mansion private parties, he likes them best, and do make sure he signs over the checks to you and isn’t as I said before feathering his own villains nest. It makes a point that Columbus day is too venial and atrocious for the good liberals as they begin their latest sorties, and spake of boots on the ground, and do other things that seem strangely for code Pinkos taken form Caesar commentaries, which seem always more than any little red book or The daily worker where all our good liberals on the pad get their theist talking points.

The love of the savage, like Saturnalia, is another Roman acquisition, sorry girls, as it was invented by a once beloved now unmentioned writer of Historical diatribes named Tacitus, now appearing I saw as a quick image on the Bloated Lou Dobbs show, as has happened in fact, the filth so adored by big business as slave labor, this is compassion when done by good white chicks, have come into the tyber as Juvenal said, brining their disease as the Christians did, in fact, and this all happens, like black riots, far close to Columbus day, still acknowledged where the Jewish Doges need it, to be comfortable. The latest shooting of some negro in mid crime, it is always telling when the Black activitists don’t see nuttting, came far too close again to Columbus day, this time as the scared as ever as the good yentas and the Jews and the men of the people polled and find their purples sashes starting to wear and tear, and despite any blackies revolting and pantomime, I think again, Yenta Lugosi shall be, as has been before, ignoring the filth and be seen with Shumagh eating Pisha Freet and Backala at some Generio like festival somewhere, as Jewish shylocks have the nerve this close to the Etruscan trees and nails, bitch that tarp somehow wasn’t enough, again days before an election proving the days when Jews and Italians could rule empire is long gone. I do find it telling and funny that a day of Italian parade is too much to bear for the Godess less Poppa Gladoator, and his maters of the world, the Roman helmet is verboten now, amid in fact a month of pagan in the acceptable non goddess German way, of death and killing and unbroken strings of blood feasts on sci fi as if the lesbians Hallmark Christmas. I find it funny that Columbus day bothers the sort of people who would vote for smiling clown Al, Al Franken who once said on morning television, no less, amid the coffee clutches and the smiling blond half wop woman, showing his hated ilk, I think, were better when Communists, that they have interbred with the Germans too much, as the Nazi if anything were a race of Brutises after all, as if the Metternich asides about Neapolitan Italay ever mattered, to kill the Arabs, kill ‘em all, Go Roman he said, as I figure he still tries, as beneath their mixed race thin lips.

The love of the noble savage is again a Roman affection, and not one of their best, like step men who suddenly screech for war, when you thought they were pacifists when giving out cakes in the campaign, on the side of the porch monkeys and antae war, all the while owned by armamentarium, and we have war for another six years…!, in the small bits of time that become and unreliable decline and fall between bullshit seasons called elections. Shit negroes, you naggers yids and unmarried women have nothing on the Roman minstrels of deputy and corruption and are merely bag men, and so I say a toast to the Etruscans again, those indigenous you never heard of, whose resistance was poo pooed by German swine, who I always thought Hitler never corroded as much as openly showed. I recall a new york times that read like Mien Kamph, and I know it was the taking on of Jews who made the Nazis seem more vulgar than the bigoted spawn who had mere up till then demeaned the makers of the Roman republic, even Homer was eschewed then, and the Arab cobblers of civilization, when the Jews were allowed to make their money in a strange peace, the fact that Germany made a bigot like Luther into a saint didn’t bother anybody, nor their gathering up of Armenians and other colored’s, now forgiven as long as a darkie can play Viking, in TV shows whose helmets bother no one. Tacitus invented this love of the wrath loving, woman stoning, savages, as it seemed to be Romantic, if I may stretch that misused word, as he liked the idea of the Barbarian nation Italay was once to him, and never was, as the Sabina and the Samienites were never the crude barbarian that the Germans were, --this is not me, but a history of Italy by a Greek no less, so…--and neither certainly the Etruscans shows never loved blood as much as the Romans the apaches and other slayers of things do. He presented this die of the Nobel savage, someone how after all was a political unicorn, someone not needing the roads and bridges and welfare that the soft Romans he said needed, why again he is now presented by Dobbs and not Copolla or Kerns Godwin anymore, has I think I have helped trash the poor genius histrionic, but admitting to those who had admired him, that there was a chapter in his sonnets called ‘the Jewish’ and how they would destroy Rome, as they made better senators then soldiers, as they always were Cicero’s Enemy within, as he, the first fronting hidden Jewish hack, would know.

But then, he was just as they all do, looking for the good life, as the rabbis and imams, as Clintons appearances now show, always bother us plebs more than Plautus coming out to tell us the Politics is a temple. Or something like that. But, Tacitus, who I started to admire when he become a persona no grata for not being the lover of Germany he pretended, as I related, that Germans in Roma speaking Latin was to him the sound of door hinges, ouch, that’s the rub there, fuck his reportage on Marcus Agrippa and his jewey needs, was what dropped Cornelius fron the pantheon. That, and so almost perfectly Roman laurelling for this day, when Jews and Negros and all the trash can join in conman cause with the redskins, with all their corpses unnoticed floating on the door to hell pass in Mantua, was presented with an upraising in Liguria, by Italians, not the usual shit, but the farmers of the ethic he presented, and at an emerging meeting of the senate, after reeling against similar emergencies of state, and contingencies called up by Tyberius who he dislikes as the end of Rome, Cornelius had to cast the last vote for whether the Roman armada was if in the days of Remus would go back to seeing Italay as a frontier, and would cause the Roman army to go and keep that most important thing to all communists--, order. The people are such children.

He said yes, and sent the Roman legions in to pound Liguria Italay into the dirty Po, and killed every man who had held out against Rome…In Italy. You won’t be seeing this on Showtime or as any History channel Arabesque about the now suddenly Nazi Romans. The first person I saw really push that shmere was x man emeritus queen Brian Singer who compared the Romans to the Germans and spoke of their corruption. Look Whose talking! Again to show my own madness I was upset in 1994, when wasn’t allowed as a first time filmmaker, as still am, I have ethics, and do such a roman film in Cinemascope. Another Senator said to this turn, Today we are forever Occupiers in Italay, mother Italay today was raped by us, do some speak of legions in Ireland, [again one of Tacitus best books, again a strange turn to the white co eds thinking he a senator hated Rome, at least in the café ways of decencies do, showing the love of the roman soldiers you all seem to have now] or the Tigris, it is even still the Umbrians who must fear Rome, as if we are Numa’s legions. One line in the dreadful Parallel Lives speaks of the onslaught on Italay by Romans then, a play called Roman Sicily, so pure of my heart and mind that it is unalienable to see it stolen by bloated Pixar hacks making talking cameros, a tale never brought up as we must hear insistently of Jewish and black tragedy. Ah, Tacitus after this turning upon Italay soon made his feets do their stuff and petitioned for a seat as a Roman Ambassador to Turkey, and then came the sonnets to in law centurions who killed barbarians like even MSNBC is always amiable to, if not Al Franken. --by the way don’t sue Chaucer’s spelling of Tacitus or anything Roman, or the polish starlets at Zoetrope will think you’re an idiot, and when you tell them, will call you pretentious when you are just being cute,--the Romans senator, the old man queer cleric said, He, Cornelius, is a Roman Senator, an therefore, a Ligurian nothing. The compassion of those men with whips, the Italian saying goes, is to be avoided, although, I don’t hear the usual indigenous bullshit this year, especially, as 40 is a new watermark of the champions of the poor and the weak. Has there ever bane a better con…?, as they not only whistle but gimbaled and race like spook fearing coons, raccoons that is, across the street from Augustus’ grave, they find that a love of injuns might be calling the wrong ghosts. But more importantly for names like the Tuscan city of Ameriga, never to be demeaned, denounced or censored, but except in the Roman way of fearful quiet, as Petronius said the only real compliment Is a seethed distain, a name as sacrosanct as any, --HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!


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