02 April 2015


1 APRIL 2015 

1. My ma wasn’t feeling great, and so we made a light supper of tuna and hard bread and onion for her and I told her that TCM was showing the wonderful world of Disney,  that she loved since a little girl in Fascist Italay. We sat and watched this leprechaun shit as she turned to me with a sneer and said, what is this Irish stew shit…? Ma, I said its march 12th or so, its St. Patrick’s day. She sighed. I don’t know who that is, she said. Turn this Celtic filth to Disney. It is Disneyland ma, I said. Its, I said again, st Patrick’s day and they are celebrating it on this channel. Jackie Gleason was on as the brilliant take on Minnesota Fats the night before, and there was a film about James Mason s an ira terrorist, which was fantastic. Its st Patrick day, I said, again. She waved me off. As she did have a point about how no one takes this imperialistic Italian’s holiday away, as after all, civilizations she said, never did take that well in Ireland, showering a hatred for that emerald slum that goes back to my forbearer Agricola. Since I allegedly Ruined Christmas I have been helpful to get an Easter done, as saw its another holiday decried by the academics who never seem to speak a word as spring break brings rape and slave labor games together as they should be.

Through looking for ec comics to download and trace, yes it has come to that as I Mediterraneanly become a pushy hawker of product, I found a free PDF of something called the dark knight returns. Anything in comics after 1980 is mere rumor to me, as I believed the priests who wished me to be a scholar and a Jesuit and thought Hollywood a sewer enough didn’t want to live out the tenement life of a Roman porch money completely and let them go. At 40, sadly I went back intro that cesspool to fins a low level of closeted everything’s. But better than the Image this garbage was perfect, and suited my every need for the filth I was both doing and railing against. This slop seemed to exclude the sort of mush that comics had become, self important, violent, filthy and above all mean. Juts horrid, filled with sissy testioereone, Spartan etches. To me its not for nothing that gay marriage entered the lexicon as simultaneous with perpetual war for perpetual peace and constant unending war adventures as I said, we were always to be more Spartan the Roman, as the roman had a healthy distrust of marriage of all sorts and Plautus sort of codified the mother in law joke as literature , though who’d admit to that…? Not for nothing that the man who took the comedy away from the spirit found a similarity between Spartana nd Batface, what I came away with was the ideas, this shit doesn't go far enough. Its far TOO circumspect and actually not brazen enough for me. Wow. 

2.  When the last third of MS was destroyed by rains that have followed baby Barry  into his golden praetorium, I felt bleakly and too, decided to go back to 2007 ish work and do work others would allow me to do and thus be acceptable to the résumé keepers and readers , as the scrawled Roman wall graffiti has resonance ien only for me.

I have done a few things now, and if paid or not shall list them, too wish to recall the names of some I did work for before, the lovely seaman chick, the magna producer, the web comic from Brittan, the spy spoof I did which as much like a processor to Archer. Though Archer is funny, I had a defined take don’t I always...?, which my Archer, tres Wally’s cannon, Nick Vase, super spy, was innately and unquestionably dull and glum, a perfect satire I thought to Ian Flemings awful hero, and he too had a busty accomplice, but of course, the comedy central types had to make black to be acceptable as brunettes are not to the white gals. I would like to find out who I had done these pages for as tried to piece it all together and yet couldn’t so well, a nod want back to various pits like Zwol and comic art places and freelancer sites to somehow place it all together, as try to amass a portfolio of comic work. What told me all as one of these persons I did pages for upset about my take on Comic hack Warren Ellis, as said, there are white woman openly hostile to Dante at various middlebrow temples like mason, and I, unlike others who chomp at the bit to be sanitized Juvenal’s, that’s a laugh, or maybe not,  wont scrub my accounts to make the Jews acceptable of mea, as all along they have liked me , Roman Fascist Anthony, no matter, just feign before the senate , in a swerve worthy of the worse of Roman corruption, fearing Tyberius making a deal with the Persians, again Rome on dark night, who only the Greeks at least admired, until shutting the ambassador of Achaia up a weary Augustus, our blog big daddy said, if you find the Persians so wonderful, maybe you’d like to make them your partisans and have them send soldiers to project your faggy shores, shutting the Greek queer up. The Greek at the bellowing officious God said no more, as he knew Augustus once send men to die in Bactria for no better reason than they laughed it up when Virgil died in mid epic, and Augustus heard the laughter of hacks as something that Ge did not guess or know is what closes on every night. As all Greek know no True Roman takes things as hard as a Persian do, and thus, at the first opportunity, the Persian, without benefit of Mohamed as a savoir would be thinking of the 300, wanting to cut Greek women tits off as they often did. 

Witch by Del Rose 

3. I HAVE worked often and well these few days into our Roman spring, completing a Batman satire, a witch ec like story and the robot cartoons of Magna star bleech. The pages to which, I was told to put on eBay as that’s the only ay Id have money. Never thinking this an option as a no one, yet still I thought, why not and went to upheld pages of witch and such on the eBay. But then, as prepared to scan the images of the Star Wars parody at least by my way, I dropped a sprite can over all the pages, slightly touching Witch, but making the flair and pen and el Marko of the Star wars bots run like mascara on a crying woman. AHAH I THOUGHT, that is a sign and an auger's signal and took the thick cottony pages and threw them aside, and shall not maybe tackle the resume line, but cut them up to pieces for other work as have finally heard and took to advice from Neal Adams who taught me the joy of the stencil and too don’t draw the dialog as I had been, drawing the action, down to drawing only the parenthetical action and leave the rest of the story alone. Id never thought I would, but…

4. A comic kid asked me how I got my stuff so ‘cool’, as was turned on to the star wars divergence from the Japanese company he had compared it to which I had not heard of. I take these accolades as a best recompense, id better as here payment ix another of Campbell's beloved dire myths, and saw that to a Japanese man, as to me, especially of a similar age, unpardoned with the Tolkien shit that barnacles whiteys, the idea of an imperial soldier is not the hateful thing it is to George Lucas and to his Virgil, the heinous Campbell, as to us, the centurions creed is something wistful even heroic and recalls that moments like the end of Gibbon when the race returns to its most rag tag unadorned and most honorable creed.

So, saying that, I saw with glee, I am a stinker, how this Easter, equally a time when Jews try to get some reflected pathos as usual from the in laws to whom they spill Game of Thrones and Viking horse manure all year, as how the Romance ethic can not be avoided in anything that’d build this many Roman mausoleums to itself, and to its Aryan grandeur. If you thought that Barry The Obamas time at destroying and purging seats of the democrats in the senate was over, well, think again as he now targets Menendez as having dared say something against the great god as he rides back to earth as a sun boy, in chariot made of painted cardboard. Not at these  prices.  

Dust land by Kokayi Hayes. 

Now, the rules of the senate are ancient, whether Valerie’s Pinocchio, he who dreams of being a boy someday but is caught as a puppet know or not, and even imperial hack horsy Matthews was taken aback by Negros and Jews of his bullshit chancel and GE theater screeching for transparency, as after all the charge of corruption in a senate is something that can always be whipped up at a money shot notice and when needed. And where there is smoke there is fire the usual hackney shit youd expect from a Negro Praetorian, Tip’s nightmare, and I shall remember that ethic when Hillary announces. She, too has been plummeting in polls as Chubby Bill had hoped when he connived all of this, as again hed know as DO I , THE MACHIAVELLIAN ANSWER TO ALL POLITICAL QUESTIONS, that the difference  between a farce and an epic isn’t timing, as its been destroyed, but Time, and so when you are in the sixth year of an interregnum and still they have to fudged numbers to show your economy at a rounding error number of 0.2 percent growth ,well, this has been a dreadful waste of time. As Hillary’s first mistake wasnt anything Bill did, but actually tethering her self to this failure. Bye bye Livia, as the nation that made fun of Newt is stuck with her unraveling again. Hmnnn, if they get rid of Menendez, their hatreds are always above board and unquestionable, you know masters and servants, a Hispanic for you sanctimonious white women, as if it natters when it doesn’t, he will be recapped you know as has been since Marcus Pictor, by the governor of the hill from that he came---that would be Christie, whose treason trial  was the beginning of the end of cartoon colorama, a mere echo now as one erkel after a while got on everybody’s nerves. To show the Roman sense of humor here, as we saw another attempt at Jesus movies again by Jews who bite their lips when all the Jews I knew sort of admired the Romans for again killing or dying in their sted, a Jewish pontiff tried to make himself Prince of the Senate, but finds a load of buckshot from say other Jews like Boxer and such, whose see Senator weedeater,  the wall street hack, as against their preened believes so much he cant get in as he calls in every marker as the Jews after Barry , their secretion selling out to the Persians  who have, like all Aryans, arm a deep seated distrust  of the Roman ethic, but which in the end they must admit a certain admiration for,  as forget about falls of anything, they are stuck perpetually killing their own brothers and marking out land with a ox bow and it never seems to get farther than that. The Persians walk away from the table now despite betraying Barry, being their prison bitch as after while even they know the deals you make can bring you down as much as anything. But Barry will work s long as it takes, ah we have finally found his doggedness ala Peckinpah, with the unappealing credo of an abanded child, hell do anything  you need momnmy, just don’t make him ever stand up for his party, his flag, his people, anything’s gouache as that, but anything else, Brutus is king, and that coin is worthy of biting.

Our Roman festival of vendetta  though got better as Jewey Jonnie announced an heir to his show, a cable show called important by a Jewish hack named Howie , who spoke of Jonnie as you’d expect  from someone who actually trashed fox news but let their tide salesmen into sell their gospels eagerly, no Keith on this show as we vie for whopping eminence, that Little Jon’s heart  was in the right place,  the NASDAQ Composite. As Jew and blond wooed us to what we have headed, and it  wasn’t less hidden than that. Still, the high yellow black kid that Jonnie found, lighter than Olivia Munn who broke the brunette law of that show, was found inciting by said Howie and his blond interpreter for having written down mean and nasty things about ,who else, Jews and women, and even the black chicks at CNN had to be aghast that a comedian would say untoward unkempt unseeingly things. So, who can we make fun of then if not white women and Jewish cunt sifters and their mongoloid children…ah the question that caused them to refrain from dealing with Roman Tony, but which causes no matter where I go for Jonnie, Rachel, Keith and others to befriending me,  to the horror of their mousketeers, as who doesn’t like Juvenal after all, and why. Who can we make fun of …?, who is allowed to be made fun of in our land where every man is a passavnate, the question I asked causing the white chicks and herstory sorts to fall mute when I noted everything that Copula and Scorsese had DONE was closer to Plautus and Terrence and Roman imperial comedy than the good white chicks like to get. The black kid was unannounced to make such comments, a furriner he is, Howey honked as he nosed his way in, sorry, but new favored show is Kroll’s League and his countenance would be good for that daily show, as we now know its mandate is to as usual make fun of the goys tween Viking shows and Bellona ads where the goddess of war to Rome, abet a blond and what’s that about…?, stands spilling herself out of a tin girdle, all brun Hilda, with men speaking of empire all dressed as Shylock or Copernicus. What the…We are an empire without Satire, as Gore said,  and now I know that was never more true than now. 

Instead of watching the unraveling news shows, I had taken to movies, and watched skitsy cutie  Holly Hunter loved by Great Albert Brooks, a cast yuoud wouldn’t get now, Matt Helm might be Italian but one who could play a bloodletting psychotic seal, need I tell my Caesar at the Persians story again about how he , god bless him thought that the Persians were basic shit…?, and a film and the divine goddess Monica Bellucci as a of course whore moll,  who would have been a movie queen superstar back in the days when unions ruled the American earth, and a middle class was here. Way when before the others lined up to be bag men for the rich. I caught an ifc awful film, the sort of r rated dreck comics have become, trhe assassin as HERO, not for me, as I answered and ad to do a comic and asked if I could sue the image of Mister Stupendous for a book written by someone else,  as was left with another ruin. I sat there and watched Monica, the sort of girl Jews like but cant say, as she rescued sexuality without showing anything, her Turan body, instant Carmen, was shown against another actor’s in a way that the good white woman who live in filth and muck and think they are decent and wholesome could only sneer at as sex,  Like politics, art joy and violence is far too human for the gay mattresses of honor and bribe takers to ever Romantically understand. As I hared a closet everything upset that his diatribe about Caliperi, see, a team going 39 an o doesn't excite him like a good rape would,  became too quickly people calling in and openly hoping that the Pollock at Wisconsin beats the five blacks kids of Kentucky,  I laughed thinking what did you think that can of vermicelli you opened was leading you froggy queen, and laughed knowing, like Seneca and puck, the Roman always strike back.