10 July 2015


For personal reasons, I wished to get out to Jersey, or at least something on the terra incognito outskirts of New York, at least for a while, and three attempts at living in Jersey fell through. Alas, in a land where ancient flags can come down as goodness is everywhere and unassailable, as another Bush enters the room and demands Borgia like power, it appears my distaste for all things Scorsese and Copula and the wop minstrel shows have yet to be something that GE wanted to get in bed and do business with. I have no boot black black chicks or mellotto Burma shave queens like Alex empathies and emote at me, and neither does any Jew or Vanderbilt fag immaculately conveyed at la cote Basque ever bask in his own white high decibel wonderful hood when finally, cause bidness is bidness ever feel any empathy for me, as their empathy is something moneyed and cased by the pound. Frankly Im better off without Barry as my champion, you who have him, have done, Roman 101, and the rest of the me too crowd, as when republicans wish to white wash their own history with an assist from democrats who like thinking theirs was the party of Negros, once they stoped lynching them, I start to as if hearing moatzart itch. I feel baldly that signage up and props seen when people who actually stiffened under swastikas and confederate flags didn’t much care seeing them on super friends and get smart, or such, that now, the human hemorrhoids like Larry the cable guys make sure they do their bidding and make a federal case out of everything, escaped from free trade, which if you heard the democrats were the scions of dah working mahn from fat Pollock’s on tv, well, then, you just weren’t listening good enough, a malady when all hissing and shouting is done, except when at the sighing ceremonies in Barry’s closet, how deep that is the mind reels. What made me sad was this last Jersey attempt took three weeks, them never getting back to me with their further instructions to me, then telling me to resubmit color copies I don’t have the money for as need enough for a Nior festival later as they gave me with Trey Parker ahhhhh, and ambviolence that I just didn’t fit in their Marvell’s columns though was practically told all was well, and all three jersey dumps spoke of Blog spot, which told the tale. I got the scent in the wind, and this being jersey, it was like Homer said, let the sea gulls sort it all out at the dump.


Oh, as boy heard women speak of the personal being the professional, a credo of theirs until wives of rapists and the walking imprimatur entered the room and made them suck cock in many ways, as America, America god shed his glare on thee is tired of Anderson Cooper and his merry band of prosecutors as our bishops. Hooo boy! I felt tired and screwed over, as lectured to about resubmitting to place that make this crap…Helping my Ma ready for bed, she insists on watching Jewey Jonnie, who she was sure is pushed out by core owners who despise his Romanesque Rosanno Brazzi, or is it Luca...?,  act, but then she is deaf-ish and just enjoys his eye rolls and fuming, something real Juvenals couldn't sue having only the written word. But I noted that that night of that massacre, his requiem reaired, soon to be again played out as a white woman is later killed and one white woman's death cant be sued and useful the way a good weirdo's massacre can be, and I noted how the confederate flag was already mentioned, as we couldn't go gun control as said to some nudnik on Google because Barry the freeloader needed every republican vote this time out for free trade, so that scanimony was put on hold as the Arian Princess in SC cultured us, again like with the Jews and spics always nice to be lectured to by people who dealt in programmes, Inqusitions, and caste systems when the open season wops were starving. I eventually discontinued getting their breathless bulletins when they were doing jokes about which one is the Saudi man and which the woman, showing Raymond floats atop that glacier, as berkas jokes always leave the Jews laughing, and said goobye at them and the Klansman's ethics that still is in their veins. Get lost. why brunette starlets adore me.


Although have placed my work hear and there and will submit the pages of son of statan I have collected and undone in a bikini Dracula, my Vamperilla , into a horrors comic hopefully as again know the Roman laws of graffito which sorry gals, even Augustus knew the hardness of getting out Roman graffiti, its from where we get white wash came. I like the idea of rewritten credos on walls as has been done from Plautus to Dennis the menace to Bart Simpson showing we aren’t all good wards of the state, as am tired of hearing niggers on cue tell us what is okay this week, as tired of good white women and their human shield niggers all tiring of things at the same time. I never allied with Cosby, unlike Jewish rats who sucked his overused dick on telesvion, are those clips next to be sanitized missah Censor sur… I say what I mean and etc etc, as if A Roman in all ways, at least in allery ways, as they unlike Jews and Arabs they didn’t fear books because at heart all were four f. Son, Flammius scolded the Sicilian, you’re going to the front,…that’s were the Romans had their best church. I felt bad that couldn’t even get to deal with these chumps as a way yowards the wizards in the emerald city, as the theater in Tarentum, sorry Trenton, egads!, well, three hundred dollars wasn’t worth the bus rode to to the alkaline city, and the la teather turned out to be as they all are, a groping concern. I will redo and remake the horror comic as a vampire va voomy comic, featuring the sort of brunette that Jews and white women hate almost as much as satire, a Roman dancing girl, the antimissile of the type of woman that MLK I was told as a boy liked slapping around as being a saint outside of Assisi and in Memphis takes it toll. Is he next, ..wasn’t he always …? , as I am sick of white people decency being my own. A black reverend asks as the sanctimony reaches a crescendo only republicans can give, by the way politics 101, Bush Junior, don’t say you are ‘empathic’ with your base, it makes you sound like the fretful fraud con man you are, as if you’re Jane Goodall, viewing apes from afar, shhesh, but who doesn’t expect this level of kismet stupidity from a family that has given us more losers than the Flavians… Sanctimony is thick as thieves, this wont put a bowl of cereal in any black child’s stomach who is hungry, but then, unlike Medici indulgence, seen as a sin by Jews and Lutherans in laws, your indulgences are all made out of newspapers and apple cores, and if you don’t believe me, ask the Redskins. Sad to note the day the Confederate flag came own because black men’s owners defend it as a wise career move, our Buddy Keith was also taken down and folded up and packed away, shopping again, no matter what you niggers think, this , like all comradeship is done for a reason, and don’t burn that copy of the Metamorphoses, if you know what’s good for you, and whatever reason censorship has, its certainly isn’t yours. There are no night riders out there, causing ge appliances to make this such a big deal, no what we have now are Jews and white women in German cars, drinking and texting and speeding past the poor, making sure like Borgia’s and doges, they keep their windows locked.


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