13 March 2015


Though I once thought myself heir to the poverty dignity of Franciscans and thought much of the lowered end acrimony, I must admit lately I have started to spit that bit out, as I have become, like America  tired of the nobility of the exacerbated. The various places even willing to listen to me are low end indeed and though some poor mans Marvels thought  was putting them down, I had to show my Juvenal ethos by making sure that the ragged , the ghettoes and the bodega like and the Sicilian at truth have always held a Place in My Roman heart. Disney buys up the known imagination land world, this is fine by me, who cares, I only wish I had been good enough to have my bones picked by Abrams, the Ringo of now, as I still look upon Fletcher Hanks and Roman walls scratches as a epitome of Modern arts, in ways untoward and unliked by men of a white caliber who show up pontificating in Charlie Rose verbally farting and Poor Charles as they answer their own questions, if any at all. I did have to stay up and watch Brilliant Brian Denni-hey and his Irish drunkard aplomb on here, as captivating as ever, as Nathan Lane chortled through gorgeous television, making me recall an earlier Susskind age when people actually said something. Sadly Jesuit trained me, always willing for an argument, is out of place among the woman that they hated, as censorship is their only weapon, as womanish brains like theirs and Scorsese cant imagine anything better until of course they as they must, have to ask, did I say that, well I certainly didn’t mean it… But I was told today that Rag could only be 54 pages, and no more, and if a efiles could only be 200 MB which doesn’t seem like a little bit, but to me, king of grayscale, it is. So Rag returns almost in whole to its beginning as a two man play, as Dore entices Veronica at all star to replace the blond hussy, and Big Hank is out, only half of CM on mars meeting Alan M., and lastly to show the story of V, Pogum appears as a five page insert to tell us what has occurred. But Ratman is out, too a Gag comics Mad like ten pager explaining Uberman as perfectly as satire can. I often resent these plebeian chores, the codex’s that Augustus thought were hoops were only the poor had to jump through as they do pale a premium everywhere on people having the ability to say anything, though occasionally lets chicks in from YOU TUBE who prime to be as close to clean and healthy and decent and self centering as even the filthy can be, as again my tastes have always run twirled at  Juvenal-ish as I have said, at least Mel Brooks, as the principate gags on sanctimony  but I have noted through the accusations of general dynamist liberals on the pad that Barry has, like with Bullets, been quicker to drop any argument like its hot, and the sanctimony has a shorter shelf  life than bananas,  as even the insinuations they are not wholly owned commission taking bribe stealers, at any scold the good liberals and libertines, Queers and perfects at the sacred rights, and not in a Roman farcical way, those even amused to be slightly disliked ideas of flags and mice by the censors at Fox, no idea can be not dropped and reversed quick. Unlike many radicals  I have been at a black mass, its much like the original but slightly more plageristic of Bacchus rites you were sure were more fun and had better caliber of trade if you know what I means... if not Dantes Inferno, always looking for a Beatrice,  sadly seeing only Brown  students,  woman poets making sonnets to woman's hygiene products, and fat blonds playing Bellona, For a lover of Catiline, I find the consigliore reverting to terms once heinous like punks and thugs to anyone even grazing a praetorian guard is below Roman addled me, but then what dos one expect from a house everything who before he became Malcolm X was buying imperial vacated sentences from the closest Augustus he could find. After the black chick Jessica turned down the carcass known s the daily show, perpetual guest host Tina Fey is being discussed as it widow at the wake, which, well  I won’t say it. Still, it would befit America to see her still dowsing a Fargo imitation to allow the Klansmen grandchildren to know who we can ridicule and who not, right after she is of coursed alerted. I must admire someone who became the Weekend update anchor for Life, like a cardinal. Hey maybe Dr Evil can be her show runner, but don’t expect any forth satire, forth canto, forth eclogue, unless of course, as Bruno explained the universe, one pulls out reallllll far.


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