07 December 2014


Haven't seen the dear Kartina Richardson, as much as before and there was that unpleasantness at Facebook...still, I had to get somehow in touch as thought about our zaftig little sweetheart, i don't know why you bother your pretty lil head about such weighty matters, as had to say to her what I have seen. A commercial in which a pretty English brunette was in a lab coat and making the sort of double meaning jokes the Romans loved in Plautus an such, was torn off the air, while at the same time, for the same industry,  there is a commercial with a bloated fat bumbling rippling Bellona of a cunt in the mist of the medieval Tolkien Nazi adored warfare we will all be headed towards, just as soon as Barry can use his niggeralia cover to, less Oberon than Flash Gorden each Saturday going to spaceship war against Ming, he shows his willingness to back down, his best asset all along. But I have some effect, as I was the only one who mentioned a commercial in which a guinea pig spoke like a Scorsese player and it is gone torn off itself. I was talking about the awfulness of the praetorian guard battering this poor dumb nigger to death over cigarettes,and sorry to the apology machine,  but cigarettes is what gives it is Roman oomph, like Caesar's men on Cato amid the woman and the dice players and the pimps and the stooges, the whole point is they are criminals, Jonnie. I heard nothing all summer and fall , Oh that was when you were trying to pull Grimey across the finish line as you all loved guns and the cops in ways the Italian worth their salt

never would. , oh well, looking for Romance here is a fool serenade. And soon enough occupy hags and fat jerks and Guy Marx mask wearing under grads will back down. You didn't have to make up a rape story doll,...Jameis was right there, but you'd never be bold...why you'll lose every time. I have written plays and books where the cops were becoming an occupation force in 2004 and had white women tell me... paranoid much...? So I have to cry on cue now...? hell, no it is a happy Saturnalia, hunnie, to the lesbians and the fags who aren't the ones I recall as  a little boy, we who adored Roman Feast and I who was given a copy of TAOIR, hows that for an initialed Epigram  kids,...?, which I read amid the tinsel  and wax and lead old balls and painted perceppios you all, like your grandpas, dutifully hate. As a boy, Barbie Batman Marvel and other heinous things were going bankrupt, but Regan, now the heir to Disney according to Beck, boy did you just say a mouthful pal, saved you all in time. Catiline and Don Meredith forever.

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