08 December 2015




One was last night, with the Cowboys inexplicably winning, on its once showcase Monday night football, before that come-backed to nitch programming just to show what we have become. The cowboys somehow won, with signora Fortuna and or My Man Otis, Dez shutting up the goofballs Jews Negros and trash who are altered always who they are allowed to openly hate. And now, the Cowboys are one game out, horrid turn of events to those who like now demeaning anyone who roots for the Cowboys, in ways I do not recall, as you trash can speak of this nation and that nation, raiders , Stiller , etc, but in discussing the Cowboy fan base we merely call it America. I am not a house coon who can go out there on the pad and say how much I love the Stealers as cant quite get the Rooney largess to sprinkle and I mean sprinkle at me, although was told after acceptance of my Play Christmas themed Saturnalia, because it had a scene in it about Iron Mike Webster and his sad end, well, I was alerted that on second thought, it could be seen as actionable, and legal-able, and so, then rewrote the play about how Kodrell was treated, and made the awful rapist handed hydra called the stees into the villains, though was told it was then too sad to be a Christmas film. What planet are you from...?

The Cowboys are one game out now, amazingly so, perchance Signora Fortuna has taken a sad pity on Landry's boys, as the eagles are a Klan meeting who seemingly doesn't like Niggers of a certain definiteness, that will be next, and the Giants seem to have a Baryshnikov -Belitnicoff, who cant seem to make a two handed catch when need be. A Saturnalia miracle. Too, Barry has gone out, never one to waste a moment capable of lecturing the class as the good apple polisher Joesphius like they always are, as a wop have seen my share of half breeds and thus know that they always screech like a weakling but alas think themselves the superior of the two dies they inhabit. My favorite money shot of his speech lecturing us all, beyond him just Bush family hanger ons at CNN, unable or willing to recall as lecturing Trumpy that during Thanksgiving he tried to make more draconian the visa bills to make sure the side of the family that grandma warned him of was going to be made harder to get into this shitty golden door, but like the fact that he has exported more spics in three years than Italy exports rounds of parma cheese, no really look it up, he lectured us again, and wagged his bony finger in our face, but then you niggers do you best work while the streets are being washed of blood and soot. I love how he was told by some vicious hateful winged bitch called fate to do something inconceivable to any previous non other President, when he brought a podium, ROMAN WORD IF NOT MEANINGS ALERT!, HE brought a podium into the officiate, as if he didn't quite still believe it, and the strangeness of it just showed what he was and is and will be world without end amen. Now we cant talk about how he was queen of drones, again big talk coming from the bombers of hospitals , and after all if you love darkies and trash so much, each one worth five votes as the roman joke went, and they are all Roman jokes, and again it all falls hollow, with being at 33 percent approval now, the bag men and on the padists are perhaps looking for a stringer horse after all. I could make a Bill Clinton joke here about Imprimaturs but leave it at that, and lest call it gilding the Lilly. 

But the Cowboys, won bless their hearts, this causing womanish hearts to seep in causing achita amazing the trash and negro and filth and garbage and Jews and blonds whose sanctimony was from the get go bamboozled and doomed and unredeemed by the Romans since day one, or at least 502 BC. So put Bushiness in, the fat faced little chimp, but don't bother ROMAN TONY WHEN YOU ARE DRENCHED AND LOUSY WITH FIASCO WARS AND BANK RUNS. Once the people go ways, the parade by definition stops, and suddenly men at the new York times find their long lost sympathy and empathy and ethics. As if. See, if you love the immigrants so much send them to Israel, because for fifty years no one was so concupiscent about what is a terrorist, Palestinians were terrorists, they were it and that was it, as they were poor, the worst thing that they and fox news can think of and now that we have found wire transfers from the house of Saudi, well, sullenly its a Jesuitical question, to both Barry and his detractors,  to question of how many demons can dance on the tip of a fountain pen. Its still a republic, like the Cowboys, battered beaten torn asunder and dirty from sent gone lost sparkling days of ore, sorry Yore, and Jews and Semites have been the enemy within since Cicero, juts to show who we are dealing with, he was like Livy a Jewish Italian, call it sympathy for empire, and so don't get too theistic in that year long Columbus days bot to happen, kids. The Cowboys one game out, I still cant believe it, as sadly sure they wouldn't win, went to bed, at 9-9, as I must say here and then go to Saturnalia and send out works bought by some, as have the ethic of a griffitist, in ways none of the pompous do. You Arabs lecture us with Dido about our ethics, ah but to me, I know this is the country of Sacco and Vanzetti, and there on cue was Glenda Beck, saying as he does every Julian year why he'd vote for Hilleraty before he'd vote for Trump and others, ah, well, I take it a funny thing happened on the way to the new magic kingdom, drunken master, ah but as busing Roman calculus, this might not be the era for your perpetual taking of perpetual pledges as perpetual war and now perceptual losses are taking their pound of flesh.

If you think I don't know who Obama is, he goes to call his ilk Thug realllll quick despite the glossary terms co ed lecturing of house niggers of cops on CNN, a reason I avoid most of it and watched a Fred Allen movie on the old films channel that have been watching too much, ah we had this thing when I was a boy called the middle class. I must aye here as recall the last pages of Gibbon in which the great dying scene of the rag tag battered and bruised Roman army under.... who was it, I still despite it all get it all mixed up but ways get the gist, Diocletian, I think, its right here a foot away, still, I recall those last pages in which the greatest Road team in history, the Roman Army, when the world really could have been totally destroyed by an
alliance of Arabs and Germans, hence Constantinople, humnnnnnnn, that never seems to work, an army in rags literally and with standards made by the white flags of later Italian dyed in colors of stolen beets, a loveliest romantic moment for that dreadful tome, to make a stand that appeared like what it as, I say a salute to the cowboys, to the Romans, to those who survive, without the help of gonniffs and thieves, a toast to the last Romans, marching down Paris befit thew world was taken by barbarians. I say with as much decline and fall sadness as allowed in our hall mark hall of fame, recall when that meant something, as Saturnine as can get, as am surrounded by flitting top heavy queen bee fairies who all look like one particular roman gal from a painted wall, hopeful as ever and with Staurnalia Red flying, HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!


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