21 August 2015


How wonderful was it to eye again Roman Tony, steeped in classicism, I mean corruption, since 1972, was right again, and that the bleating loudest mouth of the black lives matter movement, as if any lives ever mattered in Sparta, turned out to be an actor doing black face.The gods of Roman commedia have hit you hard, kids, as after saying that transvestism was some sort of decency and a prize, just as long as you know, don't be the roman clown in make up thinking of lost Arcadia, things have never been better, why no body can laugh at Anderson Cooper anymore as he spurts out truth and consequences, its a golden age!, --wait another triple digit loss today...? , get my account Sydney on the fucking phone!..., as that is un-allowable in the circus, brought to you by GE.  Oh such again as another of your proscriptions, although I could say turning Jonnie Storm into a brother was still irritatingly as close to the never changing blond miss Anne Invisible girl than they like, and of course the munster stayed Jewish. I, more than any anti Kirby anti Stan wonk got a reaction from dc madam editor and got her to ask, as I do so many about the wops, why is the munster Jewish and why does he speak like Leo Gosrey. How wonderful is it to know that thought as alerted to be some about how I wasn't colored enough as an Italian, or had a woman sadly tell me my Tuscan myth about Kemeter, that's Kemeter, couldn't be packed in a book of indigenous myths, that you'd be so open to shepherding by those willing to Jolson it up for fun and profits. I must say it does unnerve me when I see that caliber of bloody shit some of these pompous books accept. yikes. As in almost all my books I eschew that White woman loved Nobel savage shit and  have the radicals speak fo deysleves, shuuunufff. When the book submitted to, I think Yale university press died, the black woman who admired me as much as Bev Smith did, despite the piggish act I put on, yeah put on, still  she emailed me in 2003 and told me, too many thunderstorms and flying wolves, not enough brunettes, and wished me well. When one becomes a drag queen in circumspect America they must buy their max factor from the racially correct part of the cosmetics aisle, which shows how low this dump has sunk.

But, received another email in my blanket carpet bombing submissions, it took me until three years ago or so to realize my hunt and pecks might have seemed romantic, but was a waste of time, and had my work called Bulky again by some hacks in some Digital webbing ad, whose work again this is upsetting all looks like they were made of inked spider webs, which can have some ethereal effect, but not this amateurish shit. Too, a couple of self professed horror comics, I seemed to gravitate towards that shit doing my best Wally Wood, alas they don't recall ol Wally anymore much less Davis, much less EC, and are all looking for next cruddy ugly shuffling dead, which obviously even Soprsos isn't looking for anymore. I was called sexist for my bikini Dracula, and her killing of the tony verse Hefner, and used Lana Kane as the blond bunny he kills off,  though saw since 2005 it was used by the great show Archer. Sexist, in the ways Metternich would think, which mean by now I know, the brunette is cute and pretty and maybe a tad viscous, which flips the go switches of comic hacks who hate wonder woman as she is, much less my over Camilla version there of. I never got that epithet before started to cut and paste from old image comics, as I knew using Michelangelo quality that the figura of the man and woman must be elongated, lest all look like walking fireplugs, but still like the pages I somehow cobbled together. I just find it amusing that so ascared of the base is the creeps of the democratic party, so fill of trepidation are they that the leaders of this mission, as is seen much in lest say imperial comedy and like colonial poetry, as we are being subjected to this constant screaming and bullshit, why the alders again are shown as doing the kind of minstrelsy that you have fallen in love with by utilizing too many thugs and Jews  and Russians and Irish to play wops.

I had an inkling back in Saturnalia that the fat chicks in Palestinian drag, now in dog day afternoons no where to be seen, were nudging the shufflers away from the tree, ...oh not that way, that's the Apple store, yes that's right,walk this way, Igor...but there is something fitting in the unseemliness of these blowhards being the sort of thing seen in fantasias like Avatar, the poor stupid trash is given a lead and a hero from say one of the ruling family in Rome, to go against the Principe, but you know, like Jesus, within reason, and he legally tells the trash to remember who to render unto until rendered unto him. This is why no body believe you house everything's anymore,... as everyone knows it a con and a fake, no Cattilines  here, I knew that, and as the market is trashed as well as any mad Jesus could, I say I preferred the America before Barry the bagman, when men named Newt and Bill put on a sad Roman-ism that is unforced and not much admired, even hated, here in the dark ages, look another show about the middle ages, your golden age, has commercials during the good fellows loop, how perfect. You wanted clown cars, as announced by hemming and whaling scarf wearing women on the spittoons daily briefing, well, now you have the circus you were stupid enough to call for, because Roman sadness doesn't play well on cable television thug shows, and I am glad to see that men with Roman affectation have been replaced by scared rabbits of fox dens, and the men of the working man, comedy men, those who hemorrhage union thug ism, well they are gone, pink slipped, ironically enough, as free trade is law, and as Barry splutters one must ask, Or maybe its just Tony,whadda do you need this time, ...? And half breed brunettes have Dopplered away  from the less than Oviddian midsummer's night. Within the time it took to send these monstrous files, told to resend them again, as this late in the Presiids must watch each mb sent, ouuuuuughhhhhhh, in hours of Barry's disapproval  rising again, he tap danced as best he could, and he never said he'd not Blanche to bomb them all back to creation, the likkud party is revolting, and if you heard i was avoiding war, well that's before we took the call from uncle Imult and he reminded us this is the buisness weve chosen......yeah yeah yeah, we know what you all are now, a big minstrel show once that you allowed that soprano poison to leak into the well water. Does this house darkie we know now is whiter than ivory snow, as the radicals always are, lest things get out of hand, does he get to have his life trashed as an Incognegro by eye rollers on TV, cause I'd wonder openly who had more lynchings in their family, but again that's just me, or will we just let that greyhound sleep....?

After doing vigilant work ethics page sand sent in the work the 1o days before told to be there, found the people of color comics have torn their page down, unwilling to as Roman Tony did, see it through. I'm not shocked, as a Machiavellian I never am, but it is strange when I am the professional one. Hundreds pages of comics since spring...? The womanish email that somehow I didn't do as they asked, though did it to the letter, as sent a courtesy email to see if such colored institutions were again open to Kemeter's alter boy, or is it all just fat girl Wicca cows you Negros pretend to adore, or anything so Italic, as gods knows the Greeks were never imperialists or anything... I followed their gruel as if a Jesuit student, which I can be scratched into being again, and followed the guidelines meticulously down to size and paper height and spent thirty bucks I'm not really able to do this as professionally as I could, an was told that they weren't interested 'in completed comics', these undone only ten days ago, hence the first email, after told to again, lets what you have, figuring the query cold emails stood for something, which of course it didn't.I was capitalistically and physically exhausted by their secretarial response. And I felt it hid something else, but then as said before am something of a Machiavellian and so don't buy the shit like those on the pad do. So,  their colored anthology isn't going to make or break me, but worked diligently for ten days to put it together, only to go back to the beginning, and have to somehow resubmit this again, though it was sent all in an email and could be used already if wanted, ah as the Indy film guy told me, they love to make you jump through hoops. But will I drop box or whatever again, as am willing to get it seen, as have an inkling it isn't some mistake in submission that booted them, in as much as it is the Roman Conan  I have in red here, as didn't see the first time, or didn't take it to heart that these gals it seems are against,... ugh watts the word...Hyper-masculinity (parodies will be considered) again Does Roman farce count...does it ever...? Maybe more than you'll ever know. oh why wouldn't it. I JUST have a feeling once again Roman Tony as a bit too Juvenal for his own good, and Virgil's Camille doesn't help. But maybe I wont resubmit, as the idea of my Hero and heroines amid this shit makes me rather pale. As my brother told me, telling me to quit giving in to these hacks that Bon Jovi said love playing office, I aint a guerrilla anything. The comic ghetto is starting to unnerve me as am failing with a much higher level of proprietors now. I'm not pretending to be anything, as what I wish to be or am is lot more than max factor deep. Oh, that's enough.


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