19 December 2016


Unfinished, censored and various cartoons.

17 DECEMBER 2016.

A quick aside I feel I just place that times stamp is so important to so many, but not to me, as I know all the punchiest lines of Plautus and thus always see things coming. I saw a post sent to me by one of my brunette starlets friends who I collect and only go to face book to keep in touch with as A Always B be C casting, always be casting, one never knows when in this cacophony of bullshit I might get my bucket. She is a bond girl sort, and posts her photos and she was very pretty, as she blew a kiss to her devoted schoolboys as though a Cynthia at the sea shore at Naples, tearing the heart out of the astute wop ninny who didn’t have the nerve to speak to her, Cattalus, which I sued to be like, but got over by issuing a Leo Gosrey lingo, and started calling gals dolls, which I found to the actual astonishment of Roman me, how did I miss this, that even lesbians started to be fond.

She had a copper coin brown hair, but not in the dreaded way of caricature building by evil Gigi Marquez, as can say here I was once called a bigot, what else can one be who doesn’t like blonds, after all,  but, not for my purposeful asides and wahts the word, slurs, not to bring up an Ovid line, but for once saying that Italians and not Spanish innovated Magic realisms as a literary device, and this bothered the Incas from New Jersey of some such, But then youll really hate me brining up my ideas on the slave trade, the Borgias and Torquemada, gals. Her metallic shiny brown black hair was flowing in bronze cogs towards a black background, like teh colors of the anisette colored old terra cognito maps, as it was said in Italay there was never a Julia seen that you didn’t want to Fuck, Jillfas I guess,  as I feel about the name Vivian, I have never met an ugly one. So, on this literally Saturnalia so eagerly explained always by the dreaded Rabbi Medved, she blows a kiss to her admirers, and I had to speak back and wish her well, as she, I said, reminds me of Ovid’s line about a girl he was interested in and dropped when she hennaed her hair, that she was prettier more brunette than not. As I said everything is personal and nothing is bidness.

And I get the feeling that openly avoiding face book as I have except to thank buddies for likes, the pro Hillary pages have dwindled down to a numb, oh I could have told you every of that fat jewfish yentas revolutions end up not with a David painting or even as Leopard waving a tripartite fag but as all such things do, with him going-over the bill asking who ordered the roast beef and who had three diet cokes.  But as the Roman goddesses shall  always hate and smite and call a cunt who spent the year hating wonder woman and shaming people to vote for a cow who with her ghetto Maureen Dowdy invested selling her winnings in Monica as the dumb brunette, ouch,  that wasnt going to fly, still, if I were all of you and on command barking out true conspiracy,  meaning that you all breathe at  the same rate, look it up, its in my Roman Blood, If I were you Id keep an eye out for the roman schoolboy, and keep tabs in what’s he’s up to. Am I to always believe that Bill Clinton was just so incompetent and such a non Niccolo or the Prince translated into polish that if he really wanted his wife to win it would have been this hard and that a ninny Negro and a first time plutocrat could beat her if he didn’t want them to…? SHIT Niggers, you’ve been droned. But keep an eye out for Roman Bill as I warn you here, only for the credit and the alters pride, better keep an eye out for him. As I said this Romanism isn’t affectation, why you cant figure it out and I wasn’t the one who smeared your queens face into bed sheets dripping with other woman’s cum for forty years, again you want Juvenal, not my favorite, but hell, ill do it, as those queers you can openly demean on comedy channels as opposed to terrorists, well, they loved that bitch. I didn’t trash her over and over, no our living charier from the satiricon did that, husband of the year did that, gets everything he wants did that. As a nice enough person told me,  Tony don’t bother sending us the essay of the cartoon I printed, as the anti Trump stuff didn’t come through, as it seems as in all things, Soresis pledge isn’t worth the papers isn’t  written on, but they were nice enough and have this year extended my circle of friends more than Id ever thought. Juts I warn as fellow Roman didn’t think that Bilbo will be sitting back and taking it ah the Plautus keeps coming, or cumming, see,…? Don’t think our Roman schoolboy who I tired of and hope a cent ani life at his farm and leave us all be, and have some dignity and don’t go from being Dr. Sivana or Black Adam, I got a like once for that analogy , its all Romans and cartoons with me anyway, go home to your brunettes, to your farm I say this with the admiration of a fellow brethren of sorts, go home and leave your misusus to stew in her underground dungeon with some mss Tesmacher or Beautia not worth the name. I waited all week to watch the Lucy show, thinking it was going to be the greatest  female comedy team of all time, Lucy and Viv and all the days it was Lucy post Ricky, post Viv, awful, and think, like Laverne and Shirley this is how  this ends, as with the two broke Girls wouldn't be shocked if the blond one my mother cant tolerate will push the Vivian Vance of our time, Kat out and just start mugging away with no one there to drag her back in off the ledge. 

This was the year I did rather well but again when the Clintons are doing badly all their paid demijohns openly have as bad a year as they, excepting  something tells me don’t ask them for a loan. I got much made and done, but still didn’t get the best stuff done out, as with Star Boy, the tales of the gracious Knights and other things didn’t get through alas I asked a gal looking for an Alan Moore like retelling of English myths of cosure, Id do it, don’t think she was impressed that I like he like Emilio Salagari and my mothers adored pirates myths, but of course we Italians are the enlisted noble savages allowed yet, As but haven’t heard back as I take it my cartoon of a similar creature  to JRR Tolkine being burned to death by Italic sprites didn’t go over as funny as I thought it was. I say he deserved that floating stone in Ariosto to land on him. To us schoolboys, The republic is all, happy saturnalia kids, on the seventeenth I write this, as the roman gods wont allowed Michael Medvade and Rachel Maddow to be on that same side, it cant be done, it wont be done, it shant be done. And so, don’t think my man Roman Bill is nearing that mausoleum as Caesar called that dying senate once glorious and now just a bankers holiday, don’t think my man Roman Bill will detour the res publica for a wife he couldn’t stop publicly shaming so much I wondered if it was like fat boys and their cruelty to animals. Beware the Dog as Petronius alerted, huns, be ware the porch dog, as our blood approves and misses are a better fate than widows, its all gut level, we just have better guts than you. Don’t think Bill will enter that mausoleum and in sack cloth and hoo rahs and love of christer death and bought cardinal votes, no way, as he wouldn’t be caught dead being another Sulla, as Boiiney signs the deed, but being Mrs. Sulla is out doc, out. You can be as I SAID TO my buddy Jewey Jonnie, you can be Cicero or be Barnum. But not both. See I knew that anti Trump was already too late and that you’d all have to preened you didn’t speak Greek for all that time as I SAID,AS never Trump bullshit as it should have been never Ted Cruz and not just because he looked like Major Burns. Why some day well find out did a family of patricians not have the pull to keep two first back bencher termed senators, ah Barry is catching, from running against sonny boy…and now you want to unravel  the republic for why, this ninny, learn you black arts, bitch. And what Bill knows and you don’t is that one can be Anthony see previous post, or Cleopatra, but even though the Romans owned drag as a sly anti Greek change of venues, as drag becomes what Shakespeare did in like six plays because of the Romans whose plays he strip-mined, you see with the Greeks he played Medea later this week, and they changed that, gods knows, so you can be Antony or Cleopatra but there snit enough drag to be both. And as Augustus, who gets in the best and last lines always, you can’t be either. So be careful dragging him through this shit, as there is no Passover in Roman holidays, they’d never do it, commemorate that time like so many they stayed in the cellar and let other boys die. I knew as I said where this was heard back when a certain schoolboy said he preferred roman italic Camilla, Sicilian Amazon, said when all the Beatrice’s were yenta hags and mob wives, hummmmn,  to that bloated English queen Boddicacca or whatever that lardy hags name was, as that should have told you everything from the time youd have heard it, but as usual weren’t paying attention.

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11 December 2016


Had my Christmas tumble as usually do, when its good its saturnalia when not it reverts to a cheaters Christmas, as it was four o’clock in the morning and for some reason was sure that there was some sort of warfare going on outside and running to the door, I was sure to mattress, I went tumbling down the thin railed steps, down the staircase into an immovable desk which has somehow petrified to the shag floor. I took a third tumble this season, this the worst, and went and took a header down the steps, tackling dummy into that short but studded desk. My brother awoke and raced downstairs to help me up as I mumbled something abut having to shut the door in a stupor, and he started to call this hospital. I woke more up and begged off, and said not to do it, as this Hilary dear is what people do when someone they love is hurt, as unlike her we have all been touched by the Jesuits in this house, my mother going back to the nuns who made Catalane a hero way back and as late as the thirties, and thus it isn’t just a hieroglyphics sued like pig Latin by various in laws. But then I was warning all along about the essence of hubby and what he was and more imprinted, what he wasnt going to allow but what do I know. Although  to be fair the last few times at Face mash,  I have been thankfully left alone by the horrid cunts and sissies and coven and salon whisking to betrayed the republic for a  Goldwater girl, and who want me to sign a petition to save her and their flagging party but of course with my pay pal account. I only give that out to gals wishing to pay me if want to for my cartoons, as again I was taught by a caliber of Jesuit that Hillary only knows if through her husband’s incantations, an honorable Latin she mistakes for tawdry Greek in the night.

Despite self medicating with Advil and Coors light bought at a black bar my brother has been buddies at and with since the doll days, as when we went to the supermarket, to buy some beer for me, the girl behind the counter, a pretty Italian Girl who spells Paula with an O, a dad giveaway of Neo-Platonism that and that she shines with a peach loveliness and leaves me stuttering, as always drop a paper or a box of cupcakes to her delight and cute laughter. She demanded, well asked for, id, from a sixty year old brother who said it was easier getting beer in America when he was a juvenile delinquent, upset he said, but this making her smile, but that was an America then we have replaced with sissies ninnies, fagots trash, CNN data cooks and creeps all waiting to try to Virgil walk us through a interminable bowl season, remember it isn’t Christmas, even Saturnalia, I did get my share of shit over that and no longer need out self made  cards, although am sure that if all things sent back to me by some, these never were, as Saturnalia,  which Medvenianly bothered some white hicks, its not duck season or wabbit season, its bowl season, and don’t you ferget it. So, have been sucking this rare, only passable to me beer, down and still hurting, but refuse to not do all which is needed to have a nice holiday as fat bleated Macy's balloons , human cysts like Moore and such try to give out primers on how to ruin the holiday, but stay tuned for that big hoped for Saturnalia game between the Sabin Girls the pride of Ohio, Ohio state, which showing we don have the ethics if the Romans, it didn’t matter if they lost to Penn state, rapes went on there, deep voiced closet everything’s tell us, on cbs radio,  as opposed to The north side or with Jimbo, and so, I tired to warn along back that when people think that the contract is sickened, fake, a new word found, that they stop watching, but what do I know. Too many Gödel’s spoil the blood sport.

I SHOULD HAVE  not gloried in almost 8000 views for part one of this Saturnalia diary, as with that and a computer virus and waiting three days to get scans done at the staples, I almost lost out on the first of three gals waiting for my work this Romanist season, which when the Arabs take over the world, you’d better ace room for the days of the invulnerable sun, as the christers did before you ,as what is never learned by Jews, Christers and Arabs is that no one really wants to take marching orders from a Semite. I should have paid more attention, but got it down, as I am a roman at heart, no longer even joke that use Spartan,  never much liked that word, as we become something akin to Sparta now, but with an overlay of adoration and defecation of the Homosexual…you know, Sparta. There is a love of war and marriage that has lamed us all up, causing CBS stations to show recollections of theta golden age, and Jerry Paris auras as our Saturnalia ghost this time, with italic smirk and next door neighbor aplomb as his name is rather noticeable in this Mary Christmas. I TOLD THE GAL AT THE one looking for chubbier images of women, fine by Patria adoring me, and fine by her too, that I was a bit off, but she was kind enough to let me Spar—Roman up and ran to staples with a brother feeling worse than I driving me there, in practically Robe, at which I demanded the scans I had dropped there in Monday and this was Thursday far Jesus Fucking Christ’s sake. It is after all Roman Christmas. But I got into out and sent as I said I would. I said to this woman one of many to take my side against those hags if cable TV shows who hate Wonder woman, she is one of many who love my Camilla, I spent the night making a fish in pepper and tomatoes sauce demanded by my mother for the advent, in which most years, you lamest ducks try to get things through hoping no one is noticing the usual curia’s as needed up as it always does with all the hacks of empire going in the same direction. I watched MTM all night as did this for her, and made a thick bread pizza, as watched these lovely images from my boyhood, and said to the gal here, it , with Laugh in too recalled and watched, was strange to me to see an America replaced by this arctic fortress of solitude now, this barbarian gate , if they had one, despite and besides the trees, as was watching men and adults who liked Scotch openly, satire and Brunettes, all of which ahs been replaced by a dwindling and dying Steven Colbert, who show sums up his bonfides and his good heart by catching himself on mid racing out, lest eh be sued by those who if he didn’t sell his soul to at least won the rights.

So I am Informed, and thus do not read Newspapers. But my brother and mother do, making stacks of newsprint I believe are only good as cleaning the kitchen floor. So Ironic for all those ad of Bulgari on those just cheap as they ever were, maybe worse, pages. He reads the Wall street journal, a rag,  which after one of the most  anti- Roman summers I can recall, that alleged Indy movie channel reveled in anti Dago bullshit thinking it was killing two birds with one stone, still in mid correction as they knew that had made the ultimate mistake of Roman theater, miscasting, a always b be c casting, and that dying warbling bumbling Goldwater girl hag Hill isn’t the one able to play Sister Gertrude as they had needed, much less Camille, as this death scene like Patton’s was interminable, they had to back off and say that the Romans weren’t so bad after all, as they didn’t build walls, famously all had to be about getting back to Rome, they built roads that the Jews and the Greeks and  the barbarian only built cull de sacs, and they didn’t hate immigrants and at they, they they..., Ah too late, as I HAD Veronica say in my comic. This was like putting on A view from the bridge, sorry, too many Sopranos, too say The wires, too many mistral shows you allowed yourselves to show as tell the yentas hag cunts at a bigger check, you see, if Guido gets to be a pejorative to you death mask cunts, well then so does Pedro. It’s the physics that Mother Hilly never understood. Its Roman calculus, dears, girls, qui Bono, who did it benefit, is the question that is not only unasked by verboten to be thought by the books that Medved Jews and their uncomfortably tolerated, ah thares the word in its realest meaning, hurl at each other as pies, but filled with blood as opposed to cherries.

So, have spent a lovely Saturnalia despite the soreness watching etched in silver nitrate wonderful old comedies, as a Roman would or should, as again saw that the games of Bombardment by hags and fags and sissies and scumbags who voted against Hillary more than they did and wanted it to Mean something the one time they did, sorry, again this is what Machiavelli writes like Galileo or vice versa, depending in what white woman is talking. I don’t bother to read newspapers, nor watch their dying televisions shows out of no sanctimonious strand, I couldn’t be bothered to pretend to care enough t be a Kunstler as the fathers so wanted, I certainly could nit be a Juvenal who had skin in the game as Barry was so intent on saying, but then, who gamed his skin as much as that tap dancing little drone riding nigger boy queen did. We know now that that horrid sissy ninny , the unknown comic was getting secret sealed orders from this ragged wicked white house selling the story, but parading to be satirist, I liked it better as a Roman Boy when you hated venal, I had to open by Bigggggggg Mooooouttttth,  that might be the only sin a Roman heart can commit, either be devoted or don’t, but don’t try to sell the shit through a smirk, that don’t make it. As such for the shit about being a satirist, no, according to Juvenal’s own ideals, that a satirist on the payroll of power becomes by necessity merely a womanish ridiculer, as we know you all were, which would explain why he went out of his way so often t make fun of all those democrats in the senate that Barry couldn’t shed fast enough, and who he always hated and deemed as below the Horiatus of the clock room, is it safe to come out yet...? what a hero, as to be fair and right, HERO begins life as a woman. See Coriolanus elsewhere.  I knew as much as  said it then, to the chorus of hags and witches which has gone away.

But I have gone to the dollar stare to make a semblance of a saturnalia to show again despite all their attempts and their moldings, little pun there, since you were so willing to let fags die once as opposed to know making housewives of them all, it was always the Franciscans and their love of the decency of poverty I was closer to and more akin to all along. Its at a dollar store one can by the boxes that they say Christmas  doesn’t come in in sickly smarmy doctor Seuss between the Macy's hard sell ads, and there that I found a tithing scene of sorts in which these poor people so dismissed and emended and ignored by a party that amusingly thought it was going to shove a Goldwater girl down our throats, oh that’s whey Teddy who needed a VW bug instead of his family Otter like sedan,  couldn’t bring himself to ever be a clerk for dear queen Hillary all along and I thought it was because of the fact like Liiva with Germanicus, the prince beloved by the old man didn’t make it back from the alps or was it the drink, whatever, I knew and saw that had Richard Nixon been allowed to finish his term, that the next in line was Teddy Kennedy, there would have been no Carter thank God, no Reagan either, the republic would be saved,  and that he would always recall this and that smarmy little cunt Jimmy Carter, incompetent Jesus freak, so much better than us all, as he wrote off every dirty war he needed to, that uncle Ted would carry that never was, that to the day he died, and would make sure that all those in that house committee who voted to bring down an American President for dirty tricks his brother called Tuesday, would get theirs. As they all have and if you don’t belive  Roman Tony,  look up how they all ended. Dopes like Trent Lott merely bumbled their way out if the ermine robes, some lost the preatorship ala 1876,…etc.  

But it was a first few days on face mash, in which I just go back to here and finish up pages having to have to do with Love and winter a strata for Roman Tony to bring up winter 1970. It was having been there a few days, and was getting likes more than now as now only get likes from old buddies, fellow comickers, and pretty brunette starlets I am always on the look out for. A  always  B be,----And then in 2011, or some unholy unroman year in which such attachments could be done, though again to be fair it was being befriended by the likes of Jon Stewart that really did turn a tide or the trick for me as Bill Clinton or at least Mary Magdalene would say. See unlike Steven Colbert having his dread dire comedy written by Dude, where’s hers my country, I always liked Bill Clinton because his farces seemed to write themselves. And in them first days, I said that I had, as a little boy stol—found-as many Marvel comics as I could …find, and unwilling to enrich Uncle Stan and his thievery of the word Marvel from Pete Costanza, and mostly Conan, I would take the Conans and steal the imagery of this bloated vulgar barbaric man, drawn so well by heroes like Bushema and Neal Adams, seemingly then a favorite of Barry the fairy, maybe that was giy he dreamed of, because that was his dream boat, like Bill I am a devote of the smear and the Roman joke, the ones gals don’t get, and I would take the images of Conan and remake him into a Captain Magnus or MS or whatever hero I was making. And to this post and showed my ma and she was quite impressed though she thought he was a disgrazato, but sharp as a tack, the devil always is, a Nicollo, she called him, I got a like and a thumbs up from Uncle Bill Clinton. That I as a boy took a barbarian hero, to misuse the word, who amusingly has  black hair like the superman of Neapolitan comics of the gilded age, that got admiration from Bill Clinton and that is absolutely true. I said that no one who dealt in that internal dialog  I saw exalted in Gore Vidal’s Tarzan Remembered, as I get wayward liberals to recall dear father Gore and look him up, and by doing that keep what would be seen as a windfall away from the collected pages of the New Yorker, now languishing to the point they’ll give you a year for six dollars as they keep posting at me, as if Id bother to even give a die to them, f you creeps and your lives of being now without what you need to live a life In Cold Cash. But still in that essay known to me and used by me to examine my Tony verse, one doesn’t go from the life lives of Antony, played by Richard Burton, and hasn’t dear Bill always been on the outlook for his busty Cleopatra, one doesn’t go from that to every part ever played by Tony Perkins. See what I did there, gals,…IM BETTER AT THIS THAN YOU. Right on Mrs. Peirsaw.  That’s who you were dealing with girls. So watching the brilliant Phil Silvers and his great act including some of the best TV actors and comic faces of all time, Zimmmmmerman….this televised human Top cat, caused laughing out loud as television doesn’t do anymore that its become a wholly owned subsidiary of the constant voter drive of the democratic party as it in turn is owned by GE, I sat and watched the great Jewish Comic, the original Plautus before Zero in fact, we are all so interchangeable in the city on a hill, my warning all along, that It was great to see the clown morays and his sleazy act of a gonniff unseen now as the Jews now out Lutheran the Lutherans for being Lame. On the show as was readying for batman, I saw beloved boyhood goddess, dimpled leggy, thick torsoed,   heroine, perfectly named Julie Numar as a lusterous con of Bilko, placed as a maid in a gorgeous outfit, statuesque and gorgeous, as I wondered how has that marriage gone on so well what with Hillary having voted as she did for Goldwater, no it was in a piece I write called 1964 one which a gal who ran a leftist website told me people upset at my even being allowed anywhere near the pages, Im used  to it,  there and the acrimony therein, well, when I noted that and they had no idea that they were being asked to support a voter of old stone faced Barrys, Hillary voted for Goldwater I was asked…?..., yes I sad, She was the one, and suddenly upset and scansions co eds left me, and by definition her letting me in, alone. I guess the bribes didn’t include such a roman thing as standing up too much. And, I wondered who would ruin a familial thanksgiving because some woman  you vetoed against like three months ago would be that vapid, and what with  the fallen prince having been so important to the young man as the man who gave him a wooden sward and a dream of imperial wreathes. How have those thanksgiving gone, as fat bloated pigs tried to fuck up the holiday for her which didn’t shock me as after all they were the pimps who did come up with the idea of welfare reform in an alleged Democratic party, as they had in the middle of a boom time, as pigs like they would. See, in the wall street journal in a small note a caveat if you’d like, that it hasn’t been the same America as twas before these two pigs showed up. In fact, a level of poverty as unseen  in America is now called a new Normal by hags and pigs, cunts who look like living Modigliani sketches come alive on stations unwatched, as they lecture us, and ask again for your pay pal address to save the republic, if not their expense accounts. Since 1996, poverty in America has expanded by 240 percent. Happy Saturnalia to those having to shop at the dollar store, as I gleefully catch Bilko and the comedy once Jews did and made as roman farce always has by those who haven’t reached the folding money yet and Bilko has been somehow recalled by Shumars, each one less funny the next. And there was Julie in her dimpled gorgeousness, a Franzetta drawing literally come to life, as she was an artists model for the ghosters of Al Capp, alas she still as pretty as any ghost has ever been, there with this gonniff whose voice was lent to Machiavelli  in an inspired, if probably over the heads of the kids it was meant for, always the best Chick Jones cartooning,  in a perfect show by Spielberg called Hysteria, there she was in living incantation of the Roman line by Plautus, that every man can use a maid.

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05 December 2016


Since last Saturnalia diary went very well and helped to gain for me an abundance of Girls , radicals, even Arabs, all of whom I was sure would dislike me , or at least that’s the way the lovers of Samantha Bee would explain it, I was not  sure if d even bother again to do such a thing. I found myself unlike some fake liberals who have suddenly found a dislike of fake news, who allowed it, even wallowed in it,  in it as nag as Jewey jonnie was enucleating people to their specs, I told an anti Trump letter that still thought my Patricia and Boyne cartoon was pretty and could be after all taken anyone would like, aha Hillary’s demise in a  nutshell, girls, I said to one that wanted me to go on about the hacks of the mercenariness night, as that as a Roman Boy, my hatred for mercantile war perpetual war for perpetual profits takes a toll, and I didn’t want much too explain or express my dislike and distance from human cysts like Mickey heel eat anything Moore, ah the cheap shot is the Colitis age Carminas dear, and didn’t want to even write another essay about our dying Borgias as did too much of that, too much and need to wash my hands as Machiavelli would advise.

That's okay they said back, they weren’t going forward with it anyway, as I take it that the trying to preened you liked Hillary was the true heavy lifting of this, and like the two menaces who left  the local Prothomitory’s office, here in Pittsburgh as  they were advised that it cost 150 dollars to open up a rather stale desire to recount votes, they both walked out did these lesbians, as again as I have said before the American credo truly isn’t even ex uno Plarues, the opposite of e pluribus Unum, and means what youd think, as much as it is hold it right there, bub, we aint married to any of this. As this didn’t seem to get the gaze of the press that a woman in a tux spouting vows did earlier, and since all American liberalisms is meant for the tenth row, they walked out, it appears that Jill Stein, demanding notice said she wasn’t doing this for anyone, and wouldn’t pony up the cash needed to mount a recount,...was she ever…?. As the taught line things up so much in new Judea, that the suckers in the dark out there, that they would again pick up the tab, as if she sued a million for that, our queen of the backlist market would only have six left to play with. Maybe, dear, you can use the same contactor to make your additions as Boiney is using, altooow dese gonnif dago cnemnat heads are bleedking meeee drayyy ovah here, …yes. Id like to never hear their names again, frankly, like Rachel Madow, they sprang their traps too soon on prom Night, and now even Steven Colbert shows his hedge of heart as he always would by buying a new pair of gasses to show he has now a good heart, and that line of roman circus and theater and theaters if war that I put in Boineys mouth  yuck theyeeewey, well, it’s a true as anything I have ever written down.

Going to the dollar store to do my Christmas shopping as many now must in the duchy, I saw a lovely blond girl who I HAVE BEEN friendly with, but have no sexual layers with both can attract and repel the gals, as she is tall and white and thin and not enticing to me at all. She calls me over as I walked in and started to buy shit loads off batteries. Hey, Big man, she said in blue smock, which was actually not a uniform, but how she dresses, like a Bohemian, I seen we get a bunch of comics books we sell now in bags over there. She pointed, a an instillation of bagged comics, each for a dollar, sold as they were when I was a kid in real stores, not  highway sidelined strange outposts where one was forced to buy a comic book as old married men once bought their porn before it became ubiquitous and thus boring as ATT thus makes everything. I think, she said, That  its a new company and I saw that, and thought of you and how you send out your comics, [ I seem to instantly attract the gals and others who like to draw.] So, youd get a bag or two and send out your stuff to them, as the covers seem to be reak shit and you could do that in your sleep, bro. I smiled, That’s very nice of you I said, to think I’m not sure Id bother as I am happy juts getting my stuff here and there now,  me for that, Julie I said, as she, with a kid of heavy eyelid smile ala Kat Dannings, and a bit spacey, smiled a slightly dreamy grin. She started talking to me a bit back, when she told me as  I was buying a bunch of rat traps, believe me girls a Napoleonic complex I do not have as had to put recees pieces into wooden mousetraps to get the now everywhere rats,  the flood of rats around the Allegheny river here as never seen before, as she told me. She, as she told me she lives out in the farmland by the Latrobe airport and told me , seeing me buy up everything like that there,  that shed never seen so many rats and mice as she had seen that summer , a summer of anti Roman Bens and Hers that would come crashing down once Lucretia Borgia started shitting her pants  and bumbling down steps ala Lucy  without  the warmth, Nixon without the joy,  at thrown concerts to get a audience, using the old Roman knack of republicanism and free beer nights in which the collocated Gagazinis and constipated Barmen from Jersey made sure to always bill what they usually got for a rich Jews bar mitzvah, as things are tough all over. I was alerted by her that rainy summer day that they had in New Ken, a place she was sure was still run by the mafia, until I told her being from there, the mafia at lts worst was never this incompetent, as the Greeks and Romans sadly did  teach the Sicilians something, as this was tractably what happens when the men of the people get their hands of great tracks of land,  as Ovid said, Now becoming the partisan saint of this blog work, a republic is doomed when the parasites of empire get their money from a different place  form where they get their voters as I said, the death of a republic. I made her laugh when I said to  her never seeing so may rats around, I didn’t notice at first, as that this was an election year.


She rang up my stuff, a fat older woman studying behind her as if a guard, to the Goldman sacks of who own this chain as they do the senate, we are all thieves you know, which is why if Barry the fairy had an inkling his ante Cop shit was going to as they say catch fire, sorry, dear, they need those once vaunted blue knights as security guards to watch their veracious gold, as soon enough well all be Arabs in your beady eyes anyway. I knew that Hilary as finished as the Jewish hacks who drop bombs on tenements, like Moved away from her slowly  as she made a too hot for the heat sort of shameless war on the FBI , her last ditch battement to get the blacks to vote for her. Oh yur done, I thought then fer sure as they don’t want no cow in power  demeaning the FBI and having  war with them, year right you and Dillinger. Beat it toots. So  bought a couple of the floppies in bags, if don’t like them or frankly when I get a address too which too send some work, will give them out as gifts to the Salvation army, as got the early Christmas card from lovelier Victoria in jersey to my mother, as she gave her a a lovely card to my ma and her family. My mother opened it and smirked, or even frowned, Aha yes, the newest girl who loves my choochofricatto of a boy from afar. Don’t keep them close, she said, in Italian, with a fake concern as again every Italian is always on stage. See, she said to me in Calabese tongue, You might get laid with that worthless dick of yours, as yes she does talk to me this way, mother to son, she never having bought into that bullshit  Italian motherhood crap one sees of cable television between the Jew jokes and the meanness, but like Shakespeare, its sounds better in the original Italian.

It would be nice she said, almost lording me to send a few bucks to her back, if I was too actually find a girlfriend who liked me enough to stay put. Ma, I said, Shes working in Manhattan now, a real success, I said, she doesn’t need sent out cash…Send her something, she deemed, I say, don’t let this one go into the dusts and the either’s, she demands, as she fears me becoming one of those idiots in towers sending out poison penned letters to Rachel Maddow as a past time. My mother sill believes I can find that belladonna my father wished for me, alas he told me to beware blond cunts just as he told me to beware democrats verisimilitude reasons. But reading the paper she sneered and was upset. There was the Jedediah Leland like postage stamp ochre picture  of the dyspeptic constipated sissy closet everything George Will in the paper, as he thinks amusingly or not so much for a graduate of Oxbrdge, as  that was the chapel where Giordano Bruno imagination creator of modern science as even Neil Dyson said, was booed and chuckled at hectored  so much that to keep face the shitty stinking worthless cheater faggot Synod silly smarmy college of cardinals had Bruno killed and dismembered and burnt to death for saying that the universe was infinite until it would fall in on itself and wise itself clean, an I am the number 4 speech of Kemeter sued in Italian literate ness, not too demean anything the Italian genius has created as  mere pompous literature,  which if sued now by anyone will surely get you a one star on Amazon, after you as I DID won one of their contests, unknown to bleeding cool hacks and sissys, which to me was ironically lovely. She, seeing him try to scrutiny back to his part, trying to remember his lines, send in the clowns, no one is there, ladies who lunch Sondheim bullshit, My mother wacked the page with old lady witch-like aplomb and said, Oh, no more from you , cretiino, strego, disgraziatio, …she searched for the word, tu…efimmiatto , that is  the perfect word, she said, Go sell your milk, again I don’t know what that means except in Italian it means go sell your milk, …?...I think it means go peddle your papers, literally now, huh, go away she said, and go take it up our ass as she, the  old mother was not as against faggots as her equal number in the suburbs always have been, thus why they as they do all go overboard in trying to convince if not me, themselves that this is a nation of pure decency, as Michael Medved WOULD SAY AND KNOW, without reservation, and that the only person who recalls the day that a Moscone was killed and a fag died as martyr to coming gay palimony, and a wicked witch of a senator was due to walk in wings flying and husband double billing, well that’s just a stooge in the wings of empire scratching out dirty words, as I have been called lately,  in a  few asbestos for words websites  in which we all feel so self righteous and wonderful. Oh sorry does my looking askance at the nation that gave us Hogan’s heroes and Aderbal and had to get coach off of a team they had juts won a national championship with lest Jews in the morning have to keep brining up that unpaid niggers were given the equitant of LSD, a fake version synthetic heroin, snits everything in America, handing out  slices of Mary Jane, does recalling this all mean I cant sing carols at Michael Medveds Christmas pageant…? . He as on the radio I heard him  standing up for the crucible or some such thing as I always thought he, Samantha Bee, Carlos the jackal and Kellogg’s all faltering after a bulleted half hearted love fest, being on the same sad side  was death to that side, but then I am a hapless romantic, or at least that’s what Face book says.

Reining in pages of my comics to sent out, found out one can just send from staples and all from there and avoid the strange art deco grand central ish post office adorned  from little Chicago days of boom time and aluminum bounty, now gone. United States, the giant book I studied as Virgil says to find a  book and imbibe it, I just unlike beloved Arabs don’t add parts where really I want to do is kill people,  the book itself  near Virgil and the monster society of evil falls to the ground,  in an effect I have noted before called Rhaposomancy. It like Virgil it appears to echo, falls open on the famous essay on John Horne Burns and his once vaunted book, the Gallery, which maybe attempted to note as Father Gore  said that the soldiers in Naples in which it depicts without naked and dead Harvard bloodless ness and aftermath so scarily a given for an engineering student, was at first admired as barbarians from Caesar to JRR have been aping the Italians methods in more ways than one, even the dreaded JK, Kelley girl to wizards, said she had a rich panoply of myths to barrow from, as Brittan was conquered by everyone,  which is strange as the land of Lewis, CS NOT Jerry who I revere much, was always making a point like Sparta it was never invaded, but merely lost die to a  land grab and a bank magic like Israel or Persia. Allowed to be called an empire by the Jew York Times, and without caveat or reservation, or at least they’d like you to always think it so. The book fell down and opened in a way I believe is called spining, to the pages of a short essay about The Gallery, what Gore calls the best of the ww2 novels, much better than as I said, those who like Butchers and grocers cataloged the naked and the dead with a dispassionate grimmest eye for detail, easily those grafted atop all. This was the book about a Irish catholic soldier consorted by the mezzagaorno of the graft, the Byzantium of the west, the Italian Baghdad, Naples, which I have made into an Oz in my own books. It was too about how Burns was ruined by those days in that apostolic sun, how he was turn asunder  by critics for daring to have written that ,as Gore implied that the ever so wonderful and decent American soldier was a thousandth invader to the kingdom by the sea in that original middle earth, and how a gross barbarian came to find the life and love and joy an life on ways that the Italians have never tried to keep from others as you all always have, which makers the kennesate and their horrid scions hatred of Trump all  the more laughable as again it wasnt me who went on television after nine eleven and cried like  schoolgirl about how those dirty Arabs bastards didn’t take down the colossus and the golden door she , or better it, lifts its tawdry French red district lamp light at the attached by 400 clerks of empire when need be and unvoiced on a catholic holiday called the feast of saint Claire , which I wont forget, no matter how shameless  you all get ever, or the locks thereof.

A little before the 5th it seems, I received a missive from the website to which I had sent my terse sonnets on Halloween movies, as the search terms seems to the term Halloween movies to  my name has been attached, as a shorthand examining who is looking me up  and why. They sent me an email about just that as in little more then six weeks went from being thoroughly defamed and dismissed by a movie website for my ideals about how much I loved chiller theater and Chilly Billy and his humanoids and sci fi and who I seemed to get Rodger Corman and mainly  Romero in ways un-understood purposefully now, I recovered my answer from the other website who had seen this bad verses and its double meaning to a hag who was sundering out thugs to beat up Cinnas left and right, ah but Roman Tony could have warned you, your heart wasn’t in it, no one likes the dear savage queen of tarts, and thus, her fetishism wasn’t strong enough to make it to fascisms, at all,  her ropes was made out a cheap shinny talebearer cloth, as opposed to good republican cloth coat she tried so in vain to recreate , and so, now I had it after all that, my answer from these people. Anthony, it started, thankful I as it didn’t have a Zoetrope like hip and hep and with it Goober says Hey. We, the site, enjoyed your submission very much, they said, and were delighted by the level of artistry with it. And…we though admiring your scope and ambition , and how much work and thought you have obviously packed in this, still, we cant at this time cause our site to be connected to or with Roman Mythology. Not that we didn’t like it or don’t appreciate it, we wonder too,  how it is that the people who made some of the best films in history would be so eagerly and openly demeaned and despaired by the film communitayyyyy, you have brought up a great point in your writings, which we have gone over as it was hard too not give in to wanting to see what youd would do with what little resources we have, but we kept getting feedback that  this script was far field if what we would do, like a Pi, if you have seen it, up against a bunch of zombie movies. [ my emphasis’s. I  thought they meant some movie where some Sabu house boy is on a barge with some tiger, but my sister tells me Pi is a film by Darren Aronofsky,  about a man obsessed with 3.14]. And we do hope that you get this Bad Verses explanation of your piece, a piece that caused at least some consternation among our devotees, and we wish the best for you and this and hope that you’d get it made. This actually worked out well, the last six weeks or so, as I did get this read and put up and almost got this film made, but kind of had a a feeling that a site that loved guerrilla movies so would see something out of hand and misplaced about a filming script which at least now is getting some tractions better than when it was summarily hurled off project green lights and Zoetrope’s in mid spasms of minstrelsy, when and before youd all be so Samantha Bee and nigger Jimie about your scansions when you were still so willing to laugh and hurl fat jokes at the patrons girl falling out of the closets, breasts first like the plays Augustus and you school marms all hate as too satirical  and too alive, ouch, the Roman stuff does give me a leg up on you no…? As you hate all Romans satire especially when jewey jonnie can sue a name barely recalled, but Romantic enough to make his fag jokes made at the expense of the senates Nance,  to be seen as some sort  of literary device and thus sanitized by the fat co eds and the over fed Jewish in laws and the  Wills who did get caught dead being all on the same side. I appreciated this from this man, I d been dealing with a girl most of the time from there and was glad I finally got to speak to or from some man who was in supervision and thus was in charge. What…? No, they were all very nice, and I appreciated the second bite at that Calzone. Still I said thanking them in email back, that I would have liked to have gotten that as a chance as I think even with a Franciscan cupboard I could have pulled it off. Oh, the man said back, we gained a real admiration  for your views Tony, he said, We know you would, that wasn’t the problem, and your talents, recalled someone has to be able to give the Italians their due and their decency, but they aren’t sure it could be them, is all, which I  said was fine with me, I too take the compliments often in lue of or as payment.

But the same day, a little while later, after a Wendy Fiore blamed upon, or somewhat responsible for virus attacking my lap top  that I wont go into yet or here, I got another email again showing the Janus like aspects of my Roman nature, as that too is something seen and expatiated by the clowns of empire as Father Gore called you all. Youd think my Jesuitical ying and yang wouldn’t be as upsetting to the satirists, they are all satirists you know as get talking orders and matching points from the Praetorium. They who were somehow able to suck Barry the fairys dick, oh, come on I couldn’t have been the first student to hurl that epithet as this nudge, as somehow you are able to be two cocked enough too cry about slurs, you know, now that the Jersey Shores have been closed for repairs, and ninety cents out of every dollar going to the rich while the drones fly unabated. I got A LETTER  from some name I guess I WAS SUPPOSED TO RECOGNIZE, but I have my own problems and internet wars have never been high on my lists of recalling things, and the Jesuit taught me how to recall anything, its what I use to bother people forever as the little bitch studenti I remain. Always. My work it seems sent in at first appearance was merely paled in to show my being an anachronism, somehow a dinosaur, at 50 you relay have shown at least me some of your best sides all along, and again, shown me that the brothers were correct when they told me the rotten apples as like the niggers corpus dont fall far from the hanging tree. If my cartoons were sued at all by one their sites and one of these on line zines, oh Jesus really buy a stapler, I did, it was to show me as a thug I was told, who is this asshole I thought, haven’t the bowls started yet to give us a respite from the hacks of academia, and that my work was only shown to show me as a thug and brute and behind whatever times you thing youre in and whose in after all, as that got some nice reaction. Why is this faggot, Id lay book, bothering me on a precipice of a holiday I thought, after I had just been so nicely dismissed from people who wanted nothing to do with me, but like Leslie cant just leave it at that, cant just leave me be, as something is perpetual unsaid, literally and figuratively. I WAS placed in this on line zine, yuck again, as an example of how much a Neanderthal I am, which made me email back, careful kids, like Tony Kornheiser being reprimanded at espn , the sinkhole that started this miasma of decline, sue of the word Neanderthal for people can be seen itself as a slur, especially when handed to or hurled out  at an Italian as the dying afternoon yaks who miss their ethnic victims like Monica and Ritchie and never bother to make a moment of green laurel out of a tie or a leaf to make those seem all the more human and sad. As there is another word for that, as I am sure even then the low brows of the Neander valley hated whod become the Catholics like Barry’s grandma. Uh…ah the but he lied , you cant have a Jesuit joke without it…But its seems that we have gotten more views and reaction to your pages , CAPTAIN MAGNUS ON MARS, SEE ELSEWHERE, than we have from everything else we have posted here. Hehehehehehehehe….see I’m not the only one who fondly recalls Hal Foster as thesis pages were my Sunday best, and an attempt by me to compare to the Prince Valiant I adored as a kid. And what I thought is this silliness supposed to mean…, making a concerned fake face like Anderson Cooper does when a Negro is speaking. We didn’t think your work would be so….accepted, too much even by our readers, so we thought this would interest someone like you, --really you sanctimonious must eventually grapple with the idea that losing but using a Trojan horse and still losing is some sad dick Livia had, as you, as they said reeking of a caste system warned of to me back when I was a boy and the white girls got abortion pushed through to keep their bloodlines safe from Jews and coloreds they now had to pretend to like. You, they accused me, why am I reading this shit...?, seem too make a point you  are all about the getting of an audience, as you have said, blah blah blah,…again must I recounted the magic of Roman Tony…? I emailed back, with some choice words, to leave me alone, but whatever their intentions  that was their own problem, I couldn’t care less, Semper Fudge Kids, I don’t much care and resented it when people think I do, not at these prices, and if these fagots think I am changing  or taking out of my resume that line CAPTAIN MAGNUS ON MARS will be taken down or out, fergt it, its in there two lines before Bad verses being picked up by that other site and getting into the third round, as will place my having plead there proudly but not here as never want to make those who follow the rules of theses things feel bad when they win. Making people feel bad about things not only is petty and womanish, but will eventually come to bite you in the ass as they are learning at the dreaded Espn, and by now, no none are listening to fat blacks chicks who from the start never gave Dak and Zeke a fucking break, and still root for that house everything I cant stand, ready for his close up Russell boy, who is hated in the projects as you all on some level are. But then again last year in that post called Gun-shy, I pretty much agreed that the Cowboys would be back and that I saw a Saturnalia ghost come down in wise guy running suit and brillcreamed wings, Big Al, to sprinkle some fairy dusts and good fortune on us pirates and raidsah who had taken the brunt of sissy dissing too long. I am the auger, girls. As I will place the things I do for gals who reach out too me out of the blue. You accepted the pages I said, the eructation you got to your snide little smart remarks means nothing to me, I got it placed, which frankly is my only concern, as I have said before, it is my Roman ethic, my credo as Roman enough that I could make it embroidered on a purple flag of my own, in silk,  In creepy Latin, as the now dangling and dawdling Rachel said, as tried desperately like so many to exhale she was never much a lover of that Hill she was excepted to die on, certainly not if it costs a dime, I mean again even he doesn’t seem married to it, so it is my Roman affectation made verbal and whole, and what no one seems to really get, as they double book and triple bill and save the aces up their sleeves, This is not my country, this is not my augment, this is not my warfare, this is not my pad, this is not my ….as here is nothing left to say right now, to explain this, only that This is not my wall. 


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