27 June 2022



 26 JUNE 2022. 
So, putting it all tighter, cartoons and writings out of my own Italian American Decameron, and it is dreaded, it is disliked, and pooh-poohed by they who like their wops as Scorsese like n*ggers for fun and profit, –we must censor in the land of the Sopranos, and where uppity Jews who made Hogans Heroes  alas too made the Godfather, –seeing what has happened here today, I must send out this part that never got a dinner, The American Decameron, day Four Emma, not ever been posted there and here. As the curia that so deserves it gets it, as Ma would Say what you wahts is what you gots, I say the last living member of the Original caste album of Oh, Calcutta is getting you what you’d deserves, as when you walk with those who limp…or fall of Bikes, anyway, There is day Four, about Abortion, which WASN’T MADE LEGAL AGAIN REALLY UNTIL the race of my father and other southern and eastern catholic Europeans came along, the nuns noticed that, and how it was used as seen by me, and by whom, …will the Fascia that hangs of the wall of that hall of a hundred segregationists, will it and all the goons and aldermen within, will they ever, worse than they ever been, ever be on the side of abortion no less…?, and be as filthy as the Tidal Basin of Wilbur Mills actually seem to be
…stay tuned kids, as all is a kiddies show, same bat channel! It is about how it was made in ways that gave me as usual attaboys and accolades. But, because I SAW TODAY that so important is this to the Cyclops, that they didn’t miss a beat to make sure The Price is Right was right here it was supposed to be, as Bob Barker has always been more important to this Roman diocese than Earl Warren will ever be. Now, be careful as the Prater who comes with Arthur Murray, Sam Drucker like footprints with numbers of the floor telling him when to swerve, I hope he don’t cry too much, cause somewhere on linen scrolls on that fake Roman mausoleum, the collected fake Roman drag annals of that hall of segregationists, his name is scrawled on the Hide amendment. [I found it wouldn't  go through,  a fairy drawing post, elsewhere,  when I write “Hyde Amendment”, but did when I changed it , showing again what devotion means in the time of Bidey the Nincompoop.] Who said that Uncle Spunky Steverino would be playing with cartoons and puppets soon enough in a Paddy Chayefsky Nightmare before all was said and burned. AOC is out there, demeaning Palestinians like Indifata. Put down that box of Chicken delight ladies, to hit the pavement, do dah, do dah…But unlike starving them, will soon enough be like Amber, and be sighted at the TJ MAXX. Sue him back to the stone age, doll…! So, happy New Year 1970, girls.





It may mean nothing, but, I was awfully glad to see that the rats left at Uncle Stan's ghetto had to apologize and I would guess pulping the pages of seen by Pop and the nuns as scurrilous and venial and plebeian art, comics, is coming soon enough, as the house of Stan had to actually apologize for some black Thor they made erred in judgment, in their quickly unraveling series of disliked boilerplate. I recall when comics never had to be when not censored, because they were seen as garbage. Nothing that happens to the creeps and con artists who helped drive Wally Wood to suicide bothers lil ole me, Jesuit Tony, as I can recall  when sister Cecilia, who also warned  me about Abortion and the cesspool in fact this place  was, as my father warned me so. Its okay when we riot, didn't you read Sallust, Bill…?, which I'm not sure, but not only when you make your greatest enemy Caesar can you not be a Roman in modern dress or not, I don't think they let you pretend to be Paladin anymore either, much less Bret Maverick. AS NO traitor pointer at-er Queen deserves more screaming lesbians without feminine hygiene products throwing wire hangers Ala Diana from Network, in later too much pancake makeup- Paddy we miss you, you jew bastard. Until this party understands that Pride parades where uniforms are verboten, haven't we come far since the Spartan barracks, if not the SS, are done on the graves of Italian grandmothers, Castro streets and the Pillozzi family are vacated until further notice.



My elders sisters birthday, as I feel exceedingly badly as I have about knowing that Biden was the pot of something at the end of that rainbow, we made a classical Italian dinner and I bought a bunch of DC comics, my boyhood brand, films at 5 for twenty,  thought they were marked at 20 a piece to begin with.

The movie is World's finest, I guess, though paranoid Batman fears Superman, as destroying the Senate is seen as a straight line, though it was implied Leheay got it,  and not mentioned again. Someone dropped their flag, but now some barmaid is calling for a wiping clean of the Supremos for anyone she doesn't like, but I wouldn't put that Tabula Rasa, Cleared Slate in the hands of the man who made Iranamuck, a new low he’d pass anyways, with Anita Hill, so again I'm not expecting much. Do, tell the cvnts what the Hyde amendment was, and then leave a post-it for Paar at night. They get downright ornery do the fat chicks and the homos in boas and the rest of the trash of the revolution held here, when someone reminds them that they indeed voted for a segregationist, polluter, molesting goon who voted against Hillary-care once, and that whatever you pretend to believe in now, Jack Paar on CBS YOU'RE THE BEST, well, this old goon, as I remember when Greek Morning TV fun-house queens were doing B AND E’S AT THE CASA DE DuPont, ONCE, he was by general principal, and not faking either, was against it. There was no reason for a democracy hack  to be against anything like Busing or hillarycare then, unless of course,your turgid, worthless, whore mongering, show us your Guns,  son came in with a better deal in the wire transfer. People don’t like being lectured to by a puppet show, as my pop called it, or a New Florence, where a bloated Jewish macher pig from Schenectady was done playing the role of Cosimo at the corner table at Manzoni’s mezza luna Mezzumadade…
The movie, starts with a funeral and ends with one, but gets sad in the middle. We sat and ate and watched this Superman, lets say as opposed to Chris he doesn't look the part, learned all I need from Zero as Titus, I am a parade, and since I cant stand either Ben Affleck or any non Adam West Batman, I found it unpleasant as saw Superman being pummeled as he was, in what seemed to be a deserted Men's room. Happy Pride month, altar boys of America! As all is Stan Lee now, whether you like it or not. I felt an actual wince watching this more Bill Hader than even George Reeves, Ubermench, although my brother, bored, said  this Superman was back to the Reeves -Ruth Buzzi widows peak, than any spit curl, and  two, couldn't they find a black haired girl to play Lois Lane…?, but then such is Waking up in Dizzy land.

A pretty Wonder-woman who has grown on me was the best thing in this, but they did her no favors, who does have characterization in Zack’s flatland after all, but she has great thighs. Dennnnnn, as Artie would say, somehow, who knew…? Doomsday Shows up, my brother asks, IS Betty and Veronica next…?, and Batman decides the first man he will kill isn't Moses from Krypton, all is Biblica, despite the Roman centurion cape and boots, and suddenly Bill Dale meets Mister Fantastic, is devoted to him after pummeling him for about forty five minutes. Ah The Snyder cut. They learned everything from Tolkien's plagiarism of Ariosto, there is no trap door unsprung.

That is the same magical ledger a hard ass named Roberts sued to somewhere over the afternoon made the count go from 6 to three, to whatever it is now, say he did and then he didn't vote against and or For Abortion. sorry Chanley Painter, I KNOW I SAW Roberts’ smirk head shot on the side of the conservatives, but I guess, Tinkerbell was alas mistaken. His first havaing been said to be signaling on to the majority, and wouldn’t young Mister Roberts be crashed if when he was a fire breathing dragoon for old man Reagan to know Nelson Rockefeller would be his Virgil,  guiding him through Hell one day. He finally went Nolo Contedre, but not so much you’d notice. 


But I want it recalled and packed here today, on a Roman wall in electric courtier new if not my own Roman blood, though Johnny Depp did so prove the Roman aphorism was indeed right, and in fact, he didn't own that very wall. Jesuit me, again, Amber, Id sure subpoena, –it comes from the Latin word for MALLET, NO JEWING DOWN HERE among my people, that motherfucker back to the dawn of man scene in The Sentinel, which again, unlike him, I had to , like Livy,  read in forth grade. I want it here before  the lesbians are unbridled, or like for Amber find the toll was paid to kennel them again,  and race across the vista in a dyke overboard satire of Sallust, where is you, in fact Roman bill, as of Sunday at dusk, i haven't heard a word from him, have you…? Although he was as devoted to it, Abortion,  as much as anything, Ill just bet how many TA and steno girls were led to the sacrament of the drains, whereas as the Romans just killed puppies for good health until, of course, the wrong dog like the later Wrong Daughters from the wrong owners was slain and then, as usual, all hell breaks loose and they call it excommunication for the fairy Flammen who was just following idesers. But Bill, he said it should be rare, you know as opposed to jacking off and free trade. The splitting of differences has left you with Mush. This time, no Charles Nelson Reilly IS AROUND TO host the cartoon shows, cartoons are now real and serious and Spaceship down, as the Rabbits are all sygned to death.
But again I want this known, that as said before My mother noted this story towards the end, in her disgust and her shirring at the in-humanity of it all, when Biden cone again had a death scene from Camille with another dying child, there are more there than for any Caesars since Constantine, who also ends up in  a hell of his own making, Up yours as Dante would say, when the son, now recast as a Some Achilles who died hurling grenades and such in mid battle,was actually digging towards hell because of blood poisoning or whatever it was in a death bed not made out of grass crowns, nowhere near anything in the comic I once made of Sertorius, a  name my brother  would see in his Jew street Times and ask me not to send them anymore anything, the lower class crime family son, he  told his onlooking death incarnate farther, not so fresh from the Maude where he played the hair clogged centrist who believed in nothing, the dying son, on his deathbed sold him this watch that he keeps in his pocket.

The old man was told by a dying son, now, Pops, remember to win the race on old chestnut for Gramps and Molly and the people of Far New Asburyville, but also, poison old hag Hillary, he added, or might as well have, sick ISIS on Hillary he told him, or words to that effect, that if Hillary Got in, their true villain and the man they really hated, Mario was just a saint in the way of the Biden Machine, think Rube Goldberg but alas out of gas, and who sued that line V years ago…? Bill Clinton, the Phantom Menace would again get his sleazy, oily, almost wop, like n8gger our forsakes leader is caught in some New York news station’s  black and white tapes using the word Wop, no less, if he got his slimy salesman foot in the golden doorway, into the Praetorium, the Roman addled boy so adores and loves, and should he get in, like a garden snake in the Gardens of Caesar this boor feels his birthright, why well never know, he would be , the son avowed, a detriment  to us living out this losers creed and being this well off. The Golden age apposes, or is just leaving, I'm not sure. He was as much pro Trump as anyone, as he had this all planned out to go like this, cant you tell…? as Bills hero Marcus Aurelius said, a loser third act is what he's been waiting for and to that self same idiot, any good fortune is a curse merely waiting to hatch like a spider's egg. Yes he did somehow tell everyone , this blabbermouth, this old yenta pussy hes always been, and that he did talk politicians and gave his vow to his dying son that in fact, this can be attested to, as this Aunt Flabby is always prattling on about something no one asked what time it was, or how to build a clock, or anything.

When did Lex Luther become a philanthropist…?, my sister asked me, a bit lost,  she asked me, and then my brother said, wait, didn’t you make a Roman Superboy whose biggest enemy was in fact the biggest War Profiteer of that seventies Boyish time…?, yes, but not that it helped. In a piece I wrote called Paddy Whacked, recalling where we were heading before we go to our theater, Nostalgia is after all a mental disease, I said then that this country would indeed pay for two men segregationists, taking a Roman oath of office behind that much chicken wire, rung about faux Roman temples, where hillbillies and Hunters lurk, as AOC is now being brushed aside for wanting abortions in national Parks, cue the old Eddie Albert commercial, just with more plumbing. Go eat the microphone, old man Biden. Go pray to the wall, Punctura is doing her nails. Next page, shake the wax off the magnets, white ash, rinse and Repeat. On and on and on.

01 June 2022


1. In 1970, my beloved, hippie dippy, flower child, yellow submariner sister, who taught me how to Draw and think in that age of Aquarius style, was offered a job by Disneyland's Tallahassee colony, then in the throws of its post Walt dregs and doldrums.

She turned it down,as back then Disney, like Marvel and captain America and Barbie were seen as the epitome of tastelessness bad taste, but alas enough Jews at Black Rock, they came to deftness of such things and made sure no one returned really from the Se-caucus 7, and Jerry Rubin and Thalia shire became the American dreams. I don't mean to go Jesuit pre law here, but if I were even an opposing attorney and saw A LittleDeppulldoyou try his shenanigans and looking down and shelling peanuts MandMs and doodling, Id be Perry Masoning it up and objecting, as you brought this CASUM, PAL, just like he did in the HAPPY little island, and pay Attention, you shanghaiing Hoodlum to quote sister Cecelia and about Marvel comics, Or Id demand a stop to the proceedings. 




2. I either get a lot of rejections but with a proviso to send more, as in We enjoyed, say, The Marionettes of Pompeii, but turn it down, but do send more, or I get a lot of we had a lot of matches and arguments about accepting your piece, …

As it seems Biden's third act is hanging on for dear life ,as is the old crypt keeper himself, determined to turn that Roman imprimatur into a rubber chicken, if not a rubber biscuit. But today again, I got a missive that, I sending in a piece to a collected book about days of Planned-demic, that crusaded to call itself a Decameron, patent pending of course, that I was the only one to be actually true to the book that coeds and Biden's never read, more to their detriments, that I was the only one who took the mantle of an AMERICANIZATION OF FIAMETTA, and did make a chapter of a real Decameron, of sorts, using Magic realism , Basile and the fairy tales no less than masterminded by uncle Walt's Grimm's SAID ALL CAME FROM A BOOK OF COLLECTED FAIRY STORIES WRIT BY A Neapolitan , WHILE EATING HIS TRIPARTITE ICE CREAM, HOT DOGS, AS Roman AS ANYTHING, AND GIVING THE WORLD SMART BRUNETTE PRINCESSES THAT DISNEY WOULD NOT HAVE UNTIL FOISTED UPON THEM, LIKE SAY, A LOVE A DRAG queens. Or else.

And do they are dutifully having meetings and such to see if my more light hearten--with Clinton as Marius in it, I take that as an insult–and Wendy as the good witch, do i kiss their ashcans and thank them, so for not out and out rejecting the story of shady Groves, as some have, out of general principal.

And do they are dutifully having meetings and such to see if my more light hearted–with Clinton as Marius in it, I take that as an insult–and Wendy as the good witch, do i kiss their ashcans and thank them, so for not out and out rejecting the story of Shady Grove, as some have. Some even calling em a national socialist for having spoken of a distance kept by me for Hogans heroes that was shared by boorish me with the great characterize at Mad who wouldn't do the drawn satire and the bloat who ran that rag had to get Jack Davis to draw the piece…? My brother says tell them thanks but no thanks, as somehow, as in the first one, in Decameron, there are gracious ladies and toadstools are seen they said as somehow …almost sacrilegious, so they wonder if It should be included. Its no skin off my nose, actually, as here in Pa they are readying to explain why people stand in the rain to see Trump, whom I am sure you thought would be Carterized back when you were massacring Italian grandmas for this copse who has to come out and tap dance of front of Gores old palisades, but bast part I emailed back today, Ill take any reside line I can get as CBS is held hostage, so why burn any Miviian bridges…? 


As it appears that so incompetent is this midnight hack , this lifer stooge, that despite thinking he could both appear to be appositive but showing what a black hearted little creep the goon on CBS is, that in my brother's New Amsterdam times, It is becoming clear that this summer, probably as long and hot as this midwinter was wet and cold, why wouldn't it be…?, that there may be national rolling black outs…so hers hoping for a lovely Crown Heights simmer unto you all, as despite having helped craft a man who said the future belongs to Cola, he learned all his political boilerplate from the fine folks at Du Pont, there will be electrical shortages as what else would there be...? And despite having thought he could slink away and be supportive and not really at and to old coot Biden, despite his saying he would pay 15 dollars a gallon gas as he owned a Tesla, and thinking that mere electrical charges were somehow out of the death reach and hairgrip of this following winds old crow, caw caw!, that in fact having a Tesla run on fairy dust and power strips is nowhere near being out of the crypt keepers touch.

Finally showing up as propped ups as any Trojan horse by scaffolding and ladders, old man and the C Biden showed himself, to actually take questions where amusingly are turning as do the seasons, as after all, how devoted was anyone to the old coot who voted for the Hyde Amendment as Abortion, like so much races the dead jihadists of the clomper of death…?

While up there on the Firing line–cum grano solis, Bill, a questioned was asked, but what about those Americans who think you're a interrupting tottering old crone, bumbling its way through New Rome, Bill Clinton's Palatine hills, shady Groves, what do you say to those who think, once again, the understudy this time was less a Marino waiting for his big break and more a Scotty Mitchell who alas bit off more than he could hut. Aw, our save the tier said in his usual somewhere between Marty and Requiem for a heavy weight, Lee J Cobb as played by Wally Cox way, they're all Nuts yew know…? Ah the illiterate Hillary strikes again, its the same sentiment just said in a carnival barker, Hanna Barbara way, everyone is a pal To Joe E., everyone is back slapped and glad ta see yew glad to see ya, how are ya from Praetor Pinky, all he needs is a checkered hat and a spritzer bottle. The last living member of the dead end kids, well if one doesn't count Spanky Depp, heheh, the last living hell kitchen Brooklyn goofball inn Jug-head hat and purlioned vest ala Norton, our Satiation engineering president, praetor of the alleyways, calls people nuts you see , while Bill and Hillary always made their lies to the mirror mirror on the wall first.

That isn't my conclusion, that's what Biden friend and ally, George Swill said as the Clinton's sickened him in ways that the last living Dixiecrat from the tax dodge known as Delaware does or did not, depending on what the Council from growth says this time, between making commercials to see if a corporate lawyer can supplant Summer Lee, A LOCAL democrat and black lady, who assuredly the men from Texaco wouldn't not allow to poise her socialism shit on GE theater, where Reagan once stood and smiled. Not if they could help it. 


Everyone who isn't an accolade to this copse, is a bum or nuts or whatever he calls anyone who isn't as devoted to him laying in state as a third act as he was since had to use Gray Hart as a cover and quickly get his hat out of the circle no almost 40 years ago. Immaculate Rejection. Every body in our death of a Salesman done for laughs, world, is nuts or crazy see, as he shirt pockets his notes and runs his comb under the bathwater sink before going out to face the press, as it were. Hunts Hall as president, Alfalfa Schweitzer triumphant, were do I go to get one of these Dick Tracy walkie talkie wristbands, he asks the Praetorian Guard. They who are now noticing the Pa, as I warned again as early as Roman new year, Fools day is for Jews and lesbians, that the once blue state was gong up in a Prairiea fire. Right this way Senator Fetterman and Governor Corleone, I mean Mastriano, as to the Bushes now fearing the vox populi as much as they ever have, its all the same to them, as Jews are allowed to forget there ever was Bugsy or a Meyer Lansky, who wasn't even allowed into Sabra and Chatitlla, much less any Palm Airs, by the Cesarean walls.

The hand picked cardinals are finding out, as I warned, recalling my mother's admonitions to me, what happens to a church, when the pope itself us seen as a satanical legate over, a criminality that is in fact worst than juts the operational status quo , the only Latin they know. Outside of Nolo Contendre, Hillary, but then an understanding of Latin culture , I mean the real one, the honest one, a husband as Coriolanus loved one and not just refreid beans and unspoken of genocides, corn chips, but fritata and curea, didn't help you to not only not beat Trump, but at least keep the man who voted against your lives work health care, from clutching that imprimatur as he bodily sinks and is sucked down the aquatics of solitary imperial drains.

My sister was destroyed as Italian were so this country , or at least married Jews one or the other, if not both, and The Vulgarians who used ever Pier and Verna and Nancy and Annie they should get as pretty crumbs dropped from a gentleman's agree meant made sure this marriage covenant meant they could while preaching hoe much the loved frag queens could make as many Sopranos as HBO needed until all their steaming was halted by a Beaver Dam now at crippled creeks turning from purple to out and out Rose. SERVES THE ALL RIGHT, AS NOW, BEADY EYED creeps das running for Governor in Prairiea are alas like Colbert still showing imposingly, the end of an act apes as mercilessly as it did to Vaughn Meter.

I have been thinking g about my crushed sister, saddened that I didn't do more for my family but be an Olympic albatross. Though no Albert have I ever been. As I recall my sister in Ivy Art school finery, the Italianate costume of tie dyed T shirt and dungarees, that my mother said only Docket queers sailors wore in the patria. And how. she. Led me t o then catercorner space ship material drug store , with the Googie sign of an Apollo outside of it, the Suns drug now abandoned when I a m driven t through t ow n, as I never have learned to drive what with about seven years intrinsically or so of seizures having Iliad-ed me as sympathy pains for her such as anything.

We walked into the Sun Drug, when they still had spinner tacks that sold comics before some genius decided to make the sale of these once scurrilous thing into being akin to going to Spencer's to buy sex toys on the highways. I was as said else where both amazed and taken with a copy of Action Comics, and the Lethe herculean, majestic and powerful Superman who glided above the title as a kind of corporate insignia. She was quite proud that even at 4 or so I could already read put the titles of these books, and at then 20 cents a piece or so she bought me a dollars worth which kept me in the DC universe for days if not years and even then then years before the admonishment by sister Cecilia, I knew just from the walking stones which were Kirby figurines, I wanted no part of any Bullpen, as I figured, precious I was. That Bull was the operative word.


3. It seems too spring time and nice not to get out and get some Sunny Vitamin d in me as the long withering in Pompeii has particularly allowed me to lose my Orange sepia coloring as now acrimonious Dinah Shore with viciousness between cooking segments Whop on TV once said. I went out there, but found a light pigheadedness that had me almost Johnny Depply crumble onto a stand selling the Sun and Globe and the National Perspirer, which is still selling the cover that says at least Bill Clinton is alas dying, and I'm not doing as well as I thought. 

But I soldiered on, through the syndrome of disquieting sunshine, a little too bright today after so much Biden aged gloom, I guess I was unsure to having my slave made Nike's, bought of course, at discount, screwing and sliding ion an amazingly open store. The Merchants of venom have, l I take it, juts emptied the store out to look like at any moment Lucy will be prancing in Furs on her Lunch hour from Mister Mooney bank, just where the Preparation H and the Tylenol, which Obama once wanted one to have to get a Prescription for, ah the Golden hours, used to glimmer in the florescent lighting.

Thought I have thought myself a self appointed Roman Satirist, and at least a translator of the world of Persky and Denoff, lately I found even the beguiling and beloved Rose Marie cant make me watch the truly heinous program I have found that somehow I missed all along that the Dick Van Dyke show really indeed was. Here was a real distaste and dislike of Brunette Laura, named , or misnamed for Petrarch's Lebron life like attempt, and Biden's too, of always doing what some master did effortlessly, but which they can not ever seem to do without getting a Hernia, like one time Jew Joke making television city Tevieh Georgie. I find I cant even watch any more the Bonny Meadow Road suburban satire, I thought it as, as adore Carl Reiner to the point I wouldn't let them make Tonight on CBS as they asked can they just use some days of wine and roses MAD LIKE MC, instead of the brilliant, but needed Carl Reiner. Sorry, but he is the Plautus that this work needs, like Bill Clinton was once, and Biden alas cant remember his liens much less lead any I am a parade through the frightened dinner goers , who herniated, are free of masks or will be buried in them like hospital supply outlet shrouds. Too many ghosts, there is Dick York, or is it Donald Trump talking to Miriam-Princess Eleanor Donahue and I have alas finally at 55 had enough.

So, we all eat lunch each day now that it has been brought back with Angel and Rocky and Beth and my beloved Jimmy Garner, the epitome of manliness, as even the occasional lesbian, or unmarried girl as Anderson demeans them at the salon, had to admit they are alas looking for in our Depp dive and the unsteady world of Timmy Burton and his Wilson first drafts. Thar I sit each day with probably some sort of salad, Baloney, Tuna, egg and the like and watch these shows from light years and Silver-men ago, like on some craterous Franzetta Moon, outpost trying the recall what the civilization used to be like. Its a form of Ovid, I guess, left behind on the black sea shores, trying vainly and almost Valentine to remember the world of sophistication that was once there, that even a Augustine, favorite saint of middlebrows, and lesser, had to weep about its crumbling and ask, as the born again, reformed worst sort of drunk there's ever been, has to ask, what has God Junior wrought in his tortured place.

Today, it repeat shown was the towards the 1980 sad end of the run, Rockford Files, like so many, left much too soon and should have , in a Carol-ling through television way, wring that peach as Ma said, till there was nothing left but pit. Today, was a repeat I am quite fond of as have been since I was 13, and a house party of wops, barley above minstrelsy, this was written, as i often said to angry clods of television and pigtails Poly Sci majors, who thought Vito Scottie and Richard Liu were their Mic birthright, I wonder what Biden has let fly when a CBS mike wasn't around, huh...?, alas by David Chase who would take years to Paddy up as a TV man again, as he had salami and would travel, and would at the drop of a shekel make sire his father race would be demeaned and disgraced to keep his Van Nyes Home.

A reverse me, he'd go from Paradise Cove to , well,what else was this episode called , the Jersey Bounce. At the beginning after dad Rocky is being openly ridiculed, again my distaste for who Italians have been presented now seamlessly through the months of This is your History that Jews in television and media now give out like testimonial dinners, Ignoring Cum-ea and certainly as they keep making middle earths they now have a busing program for, the elevsih word for Token is what..?, is that I'm sure the man who shakes hand with the wind would be agin it, it informs why I cant stand those on CBS who think ridicule is anything more than the wit of high schoolers. Jimmy still then in his forties, robust but no worse for wear, and still masculine in every way openly hated, but secretly admired by say the Hillary Coven, I mean she didn't exactly settle for Montgomery Clift herself did she now...?, he tells the wop goon, not as authorial admired or sympathized with as later Chase creations would be, juts to show when my pop died that as the end of a lot, as I surmised, he really did fear the one time stand in for Rock Hudson in Doris Day movies. An aging Maverick is better than no maverick at all, and like Kojak, and Perry and Della, they wrung that Boyhood heroes all back when I was an adult, all back once making television was no longer letting a Jewish man use a business card seen at a restaurant with Paley, to make Paladin before the dessert cart came by.

I watch Rockford for the smiling sardonic man, a prefect satire of a gumshoe in the same way that Jim was preferably made as a Warner's hero, who cheated at cards and wasn't some square jawed law and order idiot who played John Wayne in the back-lot Dodge they had made out of plywood. It recalls in me when I was a boy and as a kid, while older siblings were out on Friday night dates, which my brother says he has had a lifetime of and he is sickened of, I and Ma and my dad, him especially,we watched the Private Eye, though Heroic looking Captain Marvel matinee idol James Garner was, his scowl and his eye rolls and mostly a yellow streak of coward nice, made him all the more Human, and someone to root for.


And today, as Eugene and the other wop live out a tale in which, as I was saying back in the golden age of Comemdia dell arte Sopranos recalled what David Chase did say once before begat his own prequels to a really less than decent retelling of ancient Roman myth, and how he was almost disdaining of the Coppola an Scorsese ethos that he demeans so perfectly as the two idiots do as Jimmy says with Malibu wittiness, they did a murder for the local Godfather, a show menaced itself in not so hidden or discrete ways as an idiot with cotton in his cheeks, giving out favors, the two idiots realize in a strange ways, Crime in fact, like the Wally Wood EC comics way, Does not play, at least for his ilk, though Jimmy did a career of goings against insurance salesmen and plastic Malibu surgeons in suits so David Chase getting a wop or two into this was indeed a stretch for Malibu , after all. But then whatever he felt forebode, he'd give it all up would David, and wit would be repelled by worse than ridicule, minstrelsy, but abstractedly so, as long as it meant he'd be back to screaming at underpaid underlings about where is his Pumpkin spice Latte and who didn't trim the fat off his roast beef...?

And after Rockford as I said, went out into the sunshine, which deceptively, like the democrats now, holds the strange decay of 80,000 new Coronas, back to the Latin word for crown in case anyone out there forgot, cases each day. I went into the CVS up on the strip of asphalt I have rendered and re-render in my comic strip, American Decameron, which has done better than the mere essays of it , but not by much, and not completely. I walked into the airplane hanger of a store, where rationing has Bran and L'Oreal lipsticks are all herded to the front of whatever stalls are left in the decadence of the creep who valeted Olgletree and women holding banners out of order as his fairy Godfather, Danny Bush, showed us all the way by asking that Ronald Reagans microphone be turned off in a presidential debate, and pooper scooper bag man Anderson baby would soon enough demand a church like quiet as polemicists lost its Plautus actors in drag charms.

4. I went to what the guy at the cash register and Plexiglas therein, told me were all the office supplies and stationary that they had left, if they had any at all. Lots of sharpies, binders, graph paper, tape, things they had a lot of before the steerage recession of them all. I still sue a box of crayons, 64 is as high as ill go, no 100 box full of unusable Clinton era Tuscan mayflowers and Mac and cheese and turquoise for me, as all them later colors are by now uselessness and barely make a mark anymore as god knows what is added to beeswax to get something called Pomegranate. I saw though in the cheap and waxy colors though, a small but thick box of Colors of the world, an almost Clannish color wheel I've seen before, and which as used by less sanctimonious types once, what wasn't once...?, and frankly half the box of supposed inclusive browns are more on the ice than Mud peoples of the world and couple of maizes for the Asians who again whose month this is according to these Jews who could actually afford the oppertaions needed to work at CBS or Disney land, or frankly to gather information on actors that Disney , like Hoover , holds over each hennaed and or out and out Peroxided head. Here looking at you Johnny, I say, for finally being the third act that people like you and Biden fear of webbing, but have to be in the end, and well, as Strother would say, that's the way he wants it, and hes gonna git it.

I bring the small box of left over, unwanted, wax crayon home, wondering if there is a Olive skinned tint here, or what that grinning gargoyle jack ass Caryn once called Orange because she was busily always bringing drinks and busing tables of the powerful who now know what happens when you don't tress the pig correctly and septic ism is everywhere. As I have tried to recreate La Scala and Roman circus here, as I am just waiting for all the political hajjes to be as awful as I ever thought they were, and I couldn't have wished this bad a papacy on anyone better than this goon from the assembly of queens to have to swallow this many Magnums bottles of piss, as he is getting really all that he deserves, Id say. Now what happens when running a Tesla is MORE expensive than the suckers who just have to sue gas, did you actually think, between grimaces and smirks, and lest not forget the patrician snits speaking of A Medici CUGINE, THAT HE does fall mute , he does, as made Trump no less be the Innominato, in an insult in the Chappiqua Liberia, that I'm sure this imbecilic little comedy writer had no idea he was doing, or was it even noticed by the praetors of yesterday as you wont be the first to live out the unemployment line of Game Shows, of not a Sejanus worse. Meet me on mt. Purgatory.

Amber is a third act to your funeral games of starlets and Gold diggers of 22, id say, and so, and you will never return to what it all was, as there is no catacomb Depp enough, no Pompeii cold and stony ended enough, no Capri hidden away behind enough RED WALLS to allow this bloated pig to escape that of all the people he destroyed he never bothered to destroy a goon who was trying openly to crowbar and kneecap his presidency by voting against his wife's hearth care, and who sent out xerox copies of his yellow sheet at the Motel 5 to try to get that nomination and balloon drop he has fallen upwards into and still alas had not gotten yet. Who wrote Swanny River...?, is the question fate will ask, and his Floyd R Turbo face, an Art Fern that was always to me, inferior, not to be mean, but was inferior to Jackie, anyway, the look on his face at bombing, none the less, will be hilariousness. As the Italian patron saint of scalper and such once did say all he learned about politics he learnedly pocked up at the Grand Opera, the music white women are allowed to hate as opposed to slavery blues or Compton cop hating rap, and with me, its similar, although all I need to know I declared all from a Virgil with shifty eyes named Stuart Margolin, and the farce I loved the most to teach me all I had to know was the Rockford Files.

Sometimes, Ill see an image on repeat television that that wretched device has become, Like an imagery of the mod Batman before his recantation as a mean drunk fag befitting our dyeing repiblic and its love of vigils in the night, of all sorts and kinds. I will see sometime a Julie Numar, or a Stephanie Powers in early seventies nightie shine or Stuart Margolin in Gypsy fence perfection, and I feel badly. My sister has had to leave, for reasons I will not get into, and i feel sadly that she is gone, as a brother does so much now, I realize totally, that Ill never pay my Italian family back, and that unlike Scorsese or Frank Coppola it means much to me that I keep such legals pads, still. I sit here at night, as I did for the Good wife, and crack up still with old Rockford, once a favorite of my pop, as a way to find a kind of nonpolitical salve. I think of Neal Adams now, too, another artist who as Raphael said at a demurring Bonerroti, a sight of any page he done, should have sent Kirby and his scrubs back to art shoppe how to draw tabloids from Walter Foster, as he seemed to skip all of that. I miss my sister being here, though abandoned her, as do all, long ago. But as the images of Bob Crane and Frank Sutton and Telly Savalas seem more like men than little Johnny angel, older then them now, who have guessed, as bad as I feel, I never did become a Jesuit, brethren ,lawyer cleric, and never carried water for any quarterbacks, pirates or Hot Springs pimps who'd pay me to, and I still recall the exxing out of then passe legal inquisitions of rape victims my mom warned me happened here, to avoid the mothers and wives of such men, I never did their bidding while daring sketch out Brunettes that impressed Jim Shooter, so that's got to count for something in my favor.

02 May 2022

The Last Pages of Sallust.


Now, I have never used something called "Prompts" whenever have sent anything but to lit magazines and the like, but one site on Submittable type things was looking for poetry about news, it's all just depressive, womanish, boilerplate, as you'd guess but have gotten if not published there some nice accolades and of course the instant reply to send more in at the next open session. This time the place was looking for poetry, all my stuff is based on a paragraph I read of Cattilus in seventh grade as opposed to say dimwits like Biden and his praetorians who are in race to see who will die if Covid never having broken open Boccaccio ironically one time. But this time, though did my middle if the month essay assignment to get something out in the first as often do, I saw thus outlet to whom I sent my Cuomo boys as preps in the Manhattan south of Lt. Kojack, I sent in a query that in deed could write something about their prompt , thus time it was Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, that I figured no white girl, or CBS grinning goon could come up with, as said had Trump been allowed to win as he had, messiah's don't lose Shaker Heights, ask friend of the show, fatso, Porky Karl Rove, would have the baying dogs if #metoo showed up for her, as she is allowed to twist in the wind, with Chanley as weathergirl, poor Amber…any port in a storm, as a living weathervane Biden could espouse.

Maybe at another funeral the Bushes are not invited to as Sejans prepare the caskets of the empire. I would, as opposed to say alumni of Cal arts, I have alas always tried to be more CC Beck than a warmed over Gahan Wilson, I said, a true cartoonist adored by Jesuits once, that I would make Johnny and Amber into a pair of doomed Italian lovers, I'd make them into TS Elliot's The wasteland, or maybe its Ash Wednesday, if not both, which I've known since third grade, see above lived by Jesuits, was based on the truly greatest Italian lover story, no not the one lesbos hate, but the mute to them Paolo and Francesca.Which us ironic if you know anything about the Biden family values. In that story a brother takes and marries and rapes and enslaves a good brothers wife, which is dangerously close to the old man's drama at Casablanca della Du Pont, but with a bigger tragedy than just Hunter with bogarted luckie telling the woman to get checked for crabs, if not worse, as hes now convinced he'd has as he has gotten with since one too many Asian whores. It's a golden age, just go with it. 



As a sharper, well wishing of me always brother whose inherent dencey made him dispose the society of Jesus and it's closets full of untaxed gold and hidden away victims as he said saw in his Wall Street Journal there was a article in it's book section about The great half of literary civilization to old TS, Dante Aligheri, who was a last italian genius to have wrote under two living Pope's at the same time. He asked me if he should save it for me, but I begged off, saying I'm sure if even acceptable to the strange combis of drag queens and schoolmarms of now, I could only guess at the over under if words it would take before this middlebrow, to use Father Gore's perfect word, would reduce to sneering. 




As Madeline deep from the Styx, didn't not let me give the eulogy saw on a site she didn't want Uncle Bill to give, as he oft does give the standard eulogy, although it does look like look rival Jolting Joe from Kokomo is trying yet again to elbow his ultimate rivals shodow out of the parts of his feeble plebeians brain, where he still haunts him. No, Bill was eschewed this time, the Roman joke of the prepared eulogy I used, in the prince of Crows, to echo the Satyricon and the ways we live now, as it were, which he has already wrote out for any clerk priest and or doge, and instead her estate planning, she went with a goon who voted against Hillary care. I'm sure Bill is just devastated,which a first lady, white wife didn't want the first colored chick thus close to the segregationist who I'm not the only reader of Livy or Puzo who thinks that that hyena is poisoning this old Fool. After these warmed over socialists googled Paolo and Francesca, somehow I still got the go ahead to get it in by the first, as I figured, but did it quickly and not as intricate as often do, but got the basic message out.

They said if I could connect this tawdriness to the decline and fall of the Roman republic, as notice Bush family members are falling all over themselves for Trump's imprimatur, they are sure this trouble at the bleeding alps doesn't bode well, as the Jesse whites of the Democratic party are out of cash, but funding ads on Jeopardy to go against one of the few black women in the house from here, as Biden and wifey have never liked coloreds in the marble rectories, they almost seemed to take it as a bet I couldn't make this look like medieval Italy at it's rotted worst. Who…? If I could pull it off, then THEY WOULD give me 5000 words to do it. I'm not holding my breath, and no matter what will post it with drawings for the Mayday hat Jimmy Olsen fighting to be senator in PA here will find out still has a curia with tapestries on the walls.


And as I've said, I have known them Jesse Whites of the democratic party since I as a boy in back state Jesuit passes to meet a one term Georgia governor who, their sanctimony against Nixon, my father told me, would saddle them with a sanctimonious old man then who'd nail Teddy the brother into a Senate where he was safe from of any secretarie's survivors subpoenas. Ah but Signora fortuna can and will, as Ma warned me, always get at the powerful, no matter how many rings of chicken wire festooned the unstuck set for the summer stock's coming Julius Caesar, as she is enamored with the plebs and hates the ciria and its Jewish ringmasters, and as I warned when you all dated call anyone who got too close to the golden doors of the Hall of a thousand segregationists, that I'd never get on any boat in which Erronous Biden was Captain leading us through Mickey mouse and Popeye theater, and Fleisher Superman cartoons.

I bring this up as another trial  isn't doing well for Uncle Walt's mausoleum, and they lose 30 percent of their magic kingdom, unaware Magic is their business and ever going against that just to sell plushies to Arabs and the Chinese is something akin to apostasy, Uncle Remus. But beyond this metered corruption, today a crew of democrats in New Amsterdam seeing a wop hag who is being left to twist in the tempest as Biden is a weather-vane


therein, one who too eagerly went against Columbus statues as cried too well for indigenous not Tuscan,they quietly, these imperial Bag men blocked Republican white washers and masked dirtbags out to change the name of Cuomo on a bridge over their borough on the Styx. But then Roman history and the Italians mean more to me than any mere minstrel show, they are funnier and meaner than any of that, and I am not shocked as the brethren taught me, there is only such shit a praetorian will in fact swallow. It may seem small, but told me a lot as Bushie acolytes who spoke often of tone are now looking for every Old Trump sign they can find and have eschewed any Gucci loafers as they circus poster and preen with plebs in commercials that look like rerun episodes of Shipping wars.





A lesbian gal had the same reaction to a piece she published of mine called 1964, about our beloved Goldwasser girl, whom she hated, that my brother has had as a take about me since I was 11. I take this all too seriously, and far too romanticized, he shakes his head at my attempt to make Amber Heard a Roman lady in waiting, married to a buffoon who likes acting as an opportunity to wear Eva Gabor wigs far too often. Put Gire Vidal's line about makeup here in later revisions. Oh look, pretty goo goo eyed Chanley turns in a Lois Lane shoulder padded dime to now cop body cam ruin Arrec Baldwin, all coming forth from the Sweetwater PD.My brother, he is upset, as smilingly tell him though sent out Cry Babies, i'd found a shit load of Ian McKelken reciting The Waste land on You tube. 


But I have empathy for those that Hillary and her coven hates, Iago, Ariosto' s piggish prince, So in Love am I, and now believe they are right. I saw Roman , old habits die hard, Billbo coming to this goon' s war defense, as he did after all give Newely crowned Czar Boris Yeltzin no less assurances that we'd never bring the Polish Pacts into NATO, but that is so Noam Chomksy for a mausoleum of segregationists. That's more devotion than he showed you or your wife in 95, fatso,when he was Xeroxing yellow sheets about you at the Motel 5 before you, as Carnac would say, made it to the Motel 6. A Roman life…?, no I say so not, he was closest to being a Pompey smeared with imperial blood, as in a Brando scene, when an in the bag, on the rag, queen of the Kotex army, Hillary was busily throwing lamps. Trash begets trash. Someone will demand payment for Monkey Business, though. Or Ambra, as the case may be. As Roman Tony can proudly tell anyone not standing on a corrupted Trojan horse, as such things since a wueer named Virgil, hated by a pornographer who wrote of the heroic qualities of Petaphilia, were always beneath a Hesparian contempt, the next time you sell your souls dont do it for a segregationist, who have eulogies for old men whose funerals were restricted, who may ever even gets close to the word kleptocracy to the point the perpetually spinning away and towards the plebs, Bush boys are washing their hands in three Roman coined fountains, screeming of invasions, lest they have to work for a living, if not in the trashed men's rooms on the highway.