07 January 2016





6. Tiredly, sat there and watched, and even looked for, reruns of 2 broke girls, but found I couldn't sit through the Conan to get to it. Dont know why I find him an awful performer, I think his mind is razor sharp and said before the Simpsons was over the moment he left, but something about all that red and pink bothers Mediterranean me.

I could nigger up and say that people of his barbarian ilk always demeaned and detested me, but that isn't true and Harvard sorts always seemingly liked me, including the sorts of Ogletree Tribe sorts who were always looking to get lawyers for the team, the way Patreno recruited linebackers. Still, I found it a horrendous show, and yet, watch it intently, called as I felt as it seems angelic creatures like busty Kat, as have seen her type sued in Lutheran and Jewish hated as Neapolitan perseppios, Anglicas as crafted and baked into painted clay by the divine artisans of Apulia as a boy. None of my business but think shed better go by Kate, quite Ariosto, whose story the taming of the shew is, as saw some Shakespeare hagiography try to intimate that Katherine of that story, played by busty Liz perfectly, was something unknown to the continentals, even though as said was taken from a short story by Ludivico which is harsher, meaner, funnier, because not written by a fag, as I was warned that Shakespeare was a fence of stolen Italian goods since 1975. She is a prefect Kate, like Beckensale or Ariosto's smart bitch, as again, the story changes from Ludvico to Willie, as they always must, and she is a perfect exemplar of the busty and yet smart Italian woman we find in Boccaccio, a gracious lady which is why I admire her so.

As her type has done to Italian clods like me, up until Romano and other Jewish footlockers, it could be worse, were made to be Cyrano's who were supposed to be as besotted by sexless blonds as they were. Did I ever tell the story that Roman Mythology as dismissed by Tribeca sorts as for no better reason than the love story, as was told Italians don't feel love, one of the first go tos for Jewish in laws looking to advance in Athens barefoot or not since earlier programs un lionized in films. I have alas have taken to both the chubby Jewish bitchy chick and even the daffy blond who is always the sort that deep thraoted football lovers disparage and hate , like the boys at the Czabe show, who for some reason I get up and hear as toss and turn in early morning, who willingly show a hate for blonds on ESPN. I knew when saw the star was named Kat and the other Beth, I knew Kat or anyone who'd call herself after a cat was by definition the zaftig brunette and the twinkling, irritating blond was Beth. I hate the name Beth...

A dreary unholiday drizzle descended over the decaying city, as I was out and about doing Christmas shit. It doesn't really feel like Christmas, a pall has descended over America, as we have all taken, thankful to the Virgil, so fuck you lesbians, English teachers and Russians, and we all find that a Trojan horses is beneath a Roman, even a new one made of plastic. Barry, thinking all the world is a stage, or a mausoleum, is never ending in his now flag draped and generalissimo laundered moments of assuaging America, a ball he fumbled a few weeks back when he lectured America about Arab discrimination, it was his biggest fear he said until more bweeving from Daffy assured President Fudd, it was in fact Rabbit season and he was told in no uncertain terms that until he is swept off the stage at the open mike at the Apollo this Praetorian is, at least pretend you are an American . Again big talk from a nation once gleefully at the jersey shore.

Like how a bloated house niggler, Mud bone, who by rote, tries to use Donald Trump as a verb, and equate him with being a bigot, again big talk from the man who dutifully didn't growl about Rylee Cooper, but then thanks to Simmons, he the latest Shutlzie, there aren't enough envelopes in a downturn, we have seen the memo. Once that memo went out saying root rot root for the patriots or else, suddenly his nigger ethics changed on a die, and suddenly he said that the Patriots, who he railed against, were great and they cheated. Hummnnnn, I take it the Georgetown recruiters I had were right about the cow college called Northwestern, as those Jesuit schools in Prairea, to mention Tribe again, were there as a way station to hell, here comes mister Styx. He of course hates Trump, always nice when Rachel Maddow and that a like are ob the Bush payroll, doubles you chances of a date as Woody said, ah but, The Roman Republic was a warning of mine, all along, me lover of Sallust as opposed to Amazon where I think about taking my book off as was never happy about that Rapprochement with them, but did feel good about making a top 200 list from a sever I didn't like , its hard to explain but it meant much to throw that in some faces, after all.

As much as anything and the Jesuit were right in their beatification of Machiavelli as their black saint, hated as he would be by Jews and Negro saints all taking the bus now that the dnc has disavowed knowledge of Black Lives matter now that that shit has lapped up on Rhamluous Gucci loafers, always the hidden vigerish in all of this. I am tired of the son in laws of power, as Gore said, Satire now that is one of the few things each hack thinks his own, that he can do without a gummit paper, or maybe mostly with, for giving the game away, when he said that the republic was closer to a circus and the empire closer to a tragedy and that in fact, lighten up Lorne, as somehow you amusingly bring out Donald Hollinger to make Bushie the younger into some acceptably form, the res public is closer to the farce and that in it, the man who spreads Homilies is doomed. But later in that same afternoon yak sports Ill hate you tomorrow show, the keeper of the flame, fat bloated lughole eyed nigger mud bone did call Jerry Coangelo, Jerome Many angels lets call him, he did call this quarreled man told to clean up the once proud 76ers, and that team perpetually looking at the next draft as the one that would count, the next great one, the next star, always in the next draft, as a Cowboy fan I have seen this done more by accident then they do, and Doctors team when I was lad, this bloated house everything nigger Buddha called Jerry 'The Godfather', you know just to show his good niggardly heart. Drop dead.

But the worst moment of the season came when guffawing ho dee doing, Google eyed faces making nigger had the acuity to speak of obviously peaceable negro cowboy wide out hated TO, who had some anniversary on this awful show, which is all which is bad about the society of Jesus and nothing any good. This bloated nigger had the nerve to speak wistfully of TO, who he lambasted and hectored each day as a good nigger ought when given the pad and directions, and he had the nerve to say that the NFL could sue someone with the theatricality and grace and talent of TO, especially with the horrid Ofella being gifted catches as the new better and improved Dez, like spic and span and American cheese when I was a kid. He gets catches gifted to him that no way would stay in the Dez tally.

You fucking coon, I thought, and had to turn it, again I was taught by a better caber of Jesuits than the Negros and the house Jews who play the Nance on morning ESPN radio, lets say sent to Northwestern, and the thought of this coon right now made me sick and saw I had been missing Laureali sent back this fat into the afternoon to play old hallmark Christmas films incessant adn lingeringly by that station. I thought of how this coon went after TO all the livelong day shoonuff, huk huck huck, day everyday, showing the genius of Bill Walsh that he was a last pick of his, as in fact Aikman and Mike Irvin were finally picks of Tom Landry in that Romantic way of a fall I have decried before. I thought I want this nigger to get his, in real life, no less, not just pinks slipped as loved seeing that Pollock, and soon enough the Irish spittoon and young mister Olbermann to be.

I WANT THIS GUY HURT, AND HURT BAD, TOO ROMAN …​?, I WANT THAT GOOGLY EYED COON TOO GET IT AND GET IT BAD...STILL TOO ROMAN? As his act distressed me, as he sits there behind a Lucite desk, laughing it up with Rothelisberger, saying unjesutical things like the 'patriots are great and they cheat', ETHICS FOR DUMMIES, or at least ESPN, menacing this affirmative auctioned coon doenst know what he says but will parrot anything, as Bill Simmons told us, anything the consortium needs to have said, for fun and prophet. I want this coon to get his, I want as Romans have before me, Iago anyone, to see this good and noble understanding nigger to get his, and bad, as he can so willingly and eagerly call men like the Cowboys and the Chargers dogs. As if they don't win as much and as well as say the Stellers and Packers do, whose great tradition have fallen on hard times lately, and they have became more gorgeous Georges than Gino Marchettis and doenst matter any more. He tore into the Cowboys, yes AMERICAS TEAM, WHEN BOTH WERE STILL GREAT, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, those wearing Caesars star, the star that one must follow to fortune as it favorite will get upon you coon, and will burn you up as eons foreboded any Arabian meterorite falling Tasus came to earth in a stone rocket ship, a first revealed truth of the west as much as any, and bright civilization, I call it corruption as Ovid said, and that italic meteor eventually becoming the Tarpean rock will, I warn, fall on you. Cry Havock. 

Oh look, the matrix is on again, as a riff I did about the matrix as Christmas movie as a joke last year is sued by the  always wholly independent though owned by a war consortium poison war gas company station , is using that now to shill this crap,  which I must say again, I DON'T GET IT! Another sci fi crap show that steals in bushels from Ariosto, if it even knows, and dutifully fills itself up with Negros now, as blonds were once, and again showing the American dream, the Italians even in space travel will perpetually be not out there, but taking your bets and getting you whores, as i was warned by sharp Jesuits there is a reason Columbus must be somehow demeaned as getting 'lost', not knowing he wasn't in 'America', though Amerigo hadn't knocked up that Medici girl yet, as the mere basis of being a explorer and daring to go to where the church sad the dragons layd their eggs, like being a cowboy, is verboten to men with dark brows now.

7. Again BY SHINING PROOF OF Kat and Beth, will watch almost anything, as long as a pretty girl is in it, much like my Roman forefather's hagiographer Cornelius would, as he was once caught seeking out the dancing girls and farces in a city becoming then filled with political screeds, never good.

I put papers together and send out more and more a little bit ago, looking for lines in the resume, and little more than that, though maybe made a few hundred this year as attest a best hall ever, I did see the always horrid and easily beloved television performer Chris Matthews, actually have the audacity to question, I mean like openly, like this cow wasn't an oracle or a saint or a recpeticale of truth and Twinkies, a white trash fat gal piglet petunia pig named what else in our decaying John Ford movie, Kathleen. Oh god the Irish have won, as was warned by doomed priests , as only the petaphiles and thus Celtics survived the brothers deaths of Venice, like say Andy poo did. So, fatso Parker, and her beady eyes bickered away, as if seeing Adam West at the con, or say, Wicca like , or at least more like the witches of a Nazi inspired and rebated Stonehenge, more than any cites witches once available to Caesar in Rome. 

The fat little pig bitch has a look on her cartoon moon face, a look I was warned about by Eucharist explaining Jesuits, that somehow she a passvante in Ella ways was being actually questioned by this thug creep whitish sodden bag of sour mash, and her look screamed a how dare he. Though truer to a low end Jesuit education than I am, to low rent brethren who end up shipped to holy cross and the hinterland for things a joke in Boccaccio but now sued to hide the pandemic tingled upon them by anti papists weirdo Jew clerked America, he does have a jesuitical lets call it suspicion of the woman kind, and has tripped up women with the shiv called the unwanted question, and will I think bereft this is over do it again.

This wasn't supposed to ever happen, she was another Caesar's mistresses, above reproach, and she demeaned almost Margret Hamilton in her facial tick. It were as though this Irish catholic, again the hidden vig of the Gunner reproaches and approved, this thug tossed malicious water out at her by asking him to , as a commemorator exercised by something he said, which like all political bullshit is now is best taken at face value in the three card money game all has become.

She seemed insulted that this spittoon did dare to question this living bag of supplication and summers eve, despite the handling by the brethren as initiated before it isn't all women I dislike, see Kat elsewhere, as have weakness for the Laura or the Cynthia, as the center of poetic for all Apulians was never leaves of grass.

I was just moving through the channels looking for a comely frame, a funny show, Roman that I am and weak at such things, as her eyes flared with Hillary like umbridge, she seemed actuary like insulted as her sort would be, as Capote New York is gone, and the ladies who lunch are of a lower order, like she. In a matter of advent days though, our corn fed bloated, myopic cow, our Nebraska cheerleader showed up seemingly moments after being hate crimed, you know questioned, and by a papist no less, as I have been warned since Christmas pageants long ago, paid for by hangers on of the mob decrying and deafening a Christmas party no one asked he throw, and whose finger banging fat daughter squeezed into our catholic school by the always show offing dago rat would ruin my life, throw it on the pile, and this cow without words and lyricism by Steven Sondheim, quickly flitted away to be at the CNN tower of Anderson, where we still go off on tangents its now that we have paid off all the upstanding debts to and of the Mac martin case. So, with the last versatility of la cote basque, there she was, at the new salon, worthy of being the fat woman at the vomiteorium I saw her as elsewhere, with Andie glimmering and shining truth at us, Andie poo, who still amazingly holds a grudge against Capote, as all swans like him must.

She now has found her circle, more clutching than any of Dante, and knows a good fag like well bred Anderson would never interrupt her memorized soliloquy, as the generational scion like he, who know the best placed for Irish is as the help, no really, a dignified and rose red Irish priest with flame colored hair named Father John told me as much as a kid, that liberals know the basic set up of things, and wish to make sure it inst changed until after fat woman like her are long dead. As for Chris Matthews, well, the training of Jesuits cant go away too much, explaining why Bill is out there speaking of the disaster, which would befall a Bush attempt at brokering a convention to set him up, the holy sportscaster himself in a lead balloon, smoking a this time five dollar Romeo E Juliette, perhaps, as Republican Bill, hoo boy would I commence, still, he knows that that family has rigged one too many elections and should now gracefully bow off the stage, and concierge the monies they gave to smiling Jack Meechem got have been another of those books that Tacitus would write for the praise and or the key, but whatever, that operetta is done. Poor Christine, to show no good dead goes unpunished, having actually asked a white woman to explain her argument and not just write given on that side of the geographic proof, or is it a speared sheet, this is after all corporate TV, he was ambushed by some fox news rat and he true to his Leo Gorsey creed told him to drop dead and other street wise tethers he learned when Tip was grumbling about niggers costing Red, buddy Red lose a first round draft pick, causing Draconian punishments for crack cocaine as opposed to fleet street and wall street masters of the universe powdered, the world is yours, and so I didn't feel badly as sometimes do, as figured he got what all bag men deserve.

I finally turned it from the ESPN hacks and afternoon yaks, as bloated nigger queen fatso baldy Mudbone likes kicking the Cowboys when they are down calling them no account coconuts and like sanctimonious Barry can sue the word Thug agreeably as why else is he on the payroll...? This fat bloated coon was trashing the decimated Cowboys, insult to injury is our national creed, and I thought, that was enough of this bag of farts, click, always an answer that fat girls and niggers cant ever use, but which distinguished rtierns may have caused both Rome and Sicily to disappear from the HBO lineups without even a whisper of a faggy boycott.


Today, as the incessant sad holiday rains continue unabated, and no one is even running for anything yet. We are days from the Roman good year that end up with a man standing at the south face of the Capitol hoping for the winter grace of Cath to allow him to not crash the imperial chariot as Cato and Ovid warned can happen.

The Trump hater, he gets his sense and his instrumentation from the wind and they call the wind zeitgeist, and he started bellicosity and trashing the Cowboys as of course behenth his contempt and dogs accuse, as he calls anyone who like from the downtown in as much as he would like like the Chargers who he says sleeps walk through their series. Id like to be Praetor, let me be queen, cause like with Krauthammer, ah a name worthy of Stalag 13, and Rushbo going into war, Id like to see that steel wheeler go to a war he braying for incidentally before told to preen his decency against vulgarian Trumpo.Too Id send that coon onto a field and turn the neronian thumb on him and lets see how well you do with behemoths coming at your heed with a blood sport ethic,  a schoolboy punk like you likes thinking isn't there as you openly, like ESPN bathroom attendants do, call the cowboys names as you openly root for a team with a gbh pocketed lunkhead dragging girls into toilets for the closet to heavy petting a rapist or a aging Praetor, can get. Sadly, wow Bill looks bad, the old knight at the circus now has taken its toll, and finally i have found the old transvestite wistfully thinking of both Heasparia and or Teri Hatcher sadly, as i isnt no nigger on any pad and don't root for the stillers, not since Joe Gilliam, which Mudbone and the faggots are paid to not recall. 


Ah, but, it is a republic, Stella, and too, Id like to hurl fatso Mudbone unto a field of men, lest see how well he is at Romancing it up and watch to see how long it is before this coon shits his sears boys department pants. I cant stand this coon, and even more than jewey Kornshier who seemed to be more ver klempt with this guffawing nigger each day, Id love to see his bald head busted open, but then I have a less decent Roman heart. The Cowboys have actually been quite game, losing late and keeping even the beloved by Bankers and wall street-rs, hummmph, dreary Green bay and Seahags to a defensive struggle, but then, what does it matter when a nigger says you're no good, what can one ever say in ones defense.

They are after all is said and done the exquisite victims, saints among us, nothing unsaid by Metternich, retrospect showing what they were headed for in 1938, and yet despite their sanctimony, somehow all their vouching means nothing and we have more people per capita and in actual numbers in jails than do the boys of Mao. Ah but the persona non grata was a Roman affectation, a trepeain rock they landed on eons ago, and thus, don't be shocked when it falls on thee, I guess, as it wasnt white knuckles on the triggers that took out Malcolm X was it...? I remember to the other bad teams left off the hook by injuries to Dez and Lee and Tony, they will be healthy next yer, I suppose, and wants this coon to get his and still, hope the Cowboys, already at a top five pick, hope they win a bit more as losing is beneath a Cowboy as Passover beneath a Roman, and yet, with high rounds pick in all rounds, they'll play a losers scheduled, like the Romans and politics this ash been booby tapped by the spirit of Rozelle, and you'll still be everything you already are. You like that...?

8. I thought 2 broke girls was gong to be on, as have taken to the chubby, gorgeous, bitchy,big lipped, Jewish chick, and even the atrocious blond inst as awful as she might have been. But the guide was wrong and instead saw parts of the dreck without saving grace, big banged theory, which tries to place the universe into a music of the spheres that some Jewish hack can contemplate and feel enamored of. The truth I can sense that is palpable in the waitress show seems unseen here as this geek think is entirely fake and the usual TV shit that I avoid. No Kats or Katz here, and the blond is an ethnic trollop who thinks if all power comes out of a barrel of a gun, all beauty if not cheapness comes out of a nozzle of nice and easy. Conan was started then, even though the guide said 2 broke grls, such is my be-dulled enraptures with these gals and the strangeness oaf a zaftic polish woman and a strange ad sweet mixed race new York as has been seen since Damon Runyon and Alan reed and Robert Alda were the first radio play of guys and dolls to try it out. There was something sweet about these two chicks and their fake new York, as it recalled Allens Alley and the underworld where all the Jews now trying to short their way to Americanism try to ferget ever was. Like Oz.

Conan was one and again I must say I admire him in all ways, except when he is physically on the air,as he makes me sick, why I don't know but again think he is a consummate wit and writer as maybe he would have been better off in those dark ages before Obama and such, when smart raconteur men were hosted by Bill Cullen and Mel Brooks and Alexander King on Merv and Johnny and whats my line.

Tonight was the star wars show, and recalled and watched much thinking that perhaps would see the triumph the dog puppet when he was at the phantom menace in what was a masterpiece of mans on the street stared by Steve Allen, speaking of a better age and time, sorry if they let you niggers congregation for fiddies now and protest, but I recall an America before the destruction of the middle class, and right on time, with misers being not frightened but lauded by the ghost of Marley GE stock king of the year Welsh, we hear that three days before Xmas, that the numbers have been revised again, and indeed that bullshit economy you thought you had at a paltry 2.4 percent growth is actually reconfigured at a more truthful 1.7. Well, 5000 plutocrats cant spend that fast. It was back before Peanuts cartoons were antisepsis for the patrimony that white women dint seem to realize they are now wholly owned subsidizers of, again don't be shocked when as Augustus said, thou art outnumbered.

I watched anyway, as Conan did his geek act, like Letterman one thinks one would know when being a smart ass like being a letch is too much for the cragginess of ones face, and that one should move on after a bit. But on here was the horrid grave robber JJ, who I really cant stand, I am after all told I am an anti Semite, you know now that Kunsler and his ilk is dead and the remaining are all blond fuckers with pink Christmas trees. And being as Romantically anti Drones didn't help, but I found this an overload of dislike, especially with Jewbaccca here doing his act and on the other channel as Charlie Rose talking to Lawrence besotted David O Russel and so I felt set upon on both sides by credits to their races, and the American dream that I have always forwent.

This was awful watching this, as somehow the family aspect of Star wars has been forgotten, I have seen before that this was a story about one family, as is stolen by the dreaded Marquez from no less than Vidal and Politziano before, it is again an Italian affectation no spic would ever give credit for, as they preen somehow their overly lyrical BS came from Hemingway and Faulkner who didn't write this way at all, but what white women actually read any thing...​? The star wars was the main story that of SeJanus, the last knight who became hatchet man for a dying empire, and then for some reason and in pages torn away long ago forgotten had some sort of conversion scene that has meant much to later Italian masterworks, of evil to reclamation as important part of Italian literature which denies and desists the evil queen trying evil to the end or Lex Luther as loser perpetual. 


I found myself feeling badly for George again, why this ninny was allowed to come in and Saroyan and deface and reamer the works there since recognizably 1975 when he wrote it. George Lucas had to stand there and shill, and act out his story to a Hollywood which didn't trust him nor his ideas, as back then we were all acting like gritty Pacino and Hackman as grungy cops running under L trains and brilliantly so. But George, with Sylvester Stallone, my model for the pudgy, lacrimose, slope eyed italic strong man Captian Magnus, knew something they the always frightened away clever welling always pink treed Jews didn't know about the jesuitical ethic of the Venus and the Hercules, and the hero being all. George, as a founding member of zeotrope and who was slated I heard to make Apocalypse now, Id pay too see that one, he made the Star wars into a universe of its own as would say a Altman, bringing a Sergio Leone sensibility to the space operas as that Italian had brought to the western, as its always an Italian who does that.

So, Now, watching Abrams tank his way through as the tasteless Jewish hack to have sucked the correct cut dicks to be an auter, and like with Toni Morrison I find and have found people closer the centers of new Rome hate them even more than I do, as I cant relay care, as am at heart a graffiti artist and deal with others who realllllly hold a grudge, again don't mean to be mean but have heard my share of true disliked and disgust from a lot of these people who took me into confidence as an outsider. I sat there and watched this sadly, as the hack did his act, and really jewed it up, and I just kept thinking when is Kat and Beth on...? I cant take this shit, and then turned to Charlie Rose and watched De Nero, who I didn't find as awful as at least they were doing something new and something of his own. As have thrown likes gotten from people like Bill Clinton and Alan Moore to me to hacks who hold them in higher regard than I do, I once got a like from Robert DiNero on Facebook before the unpleasantness, though couldn't relay that into being accepted in Tribeca. Though I could tell the star turn of the ingenue who now must play the prerequisite long island ballsy chick, Oh Gawd that's played, still at least it was the great DeNiro, whose Jewish cheerleader did once tell me as I said, Italians dont fall in Love which makes me laugh when our new Hepburn and Tracy, Blond and sandy haired Lawrence and the horrid Bradley Cooper, are constantly in love that the other, but then figuring with janus calculus about Italians, maybe as usually with Jews she didn't mean sandy haired ones after all. Roman Mythology, well, in it and on those walls, like my rats, I made them exceedingly black.

I felt badly that this hack had somehow purloined his way into the as I said, restriction of a Sergio Leone universe, he seems amazingly to have become their Virgil if not Orson, which schooled me, as his done by similar hacks like Tarantino who at least could have some of the genetic predisposition to the art of decay, but I doubt it. I sat and turned back after that was done on CR, and there they were still pushing the procurement, still pushing away the password here is Pushy, as I flt badly that he was here as interloper in a universe created in flair pen and manila paper long long ago.

Who was this creep to come into theses creations and muck them up, and of course with a healthy Jewish disdain for the Roman-ism of it all, as after all, there were no theological tests in Rome until as Tacitus said, wherever there was SPQR, there was the cross, a impediment in a chapter called the Jews in unread yet lauded Tacitus, soon enough dropped as a favored Roman, mostly by FF Coppola as I script blasted the email that that chapter appears in the annals of imperial Rome, as Coppola pretended that he had not only read it, but that Tacitus was his favorite ROMAN. IM SURE THAT GANGSTER MOVIE MAKER THOUGHT HE HAD THE GIST. And then they called Tacitus dangerous.

9. But then, on the feast of the immaculate conception this day Ironically a festival of Chanikah, which appears in no Bible, and yet seems to keep a close allegiance to a similar Etruscan Italic festival my Mother still calls candellera, the Mediterranean is never that wide, actually, the senate, the assembly of Queens, oh wait no, the house of deputies, came together and voted 407-19 to bolt the golden door from the inside. Senselessly the Arabs that niggers and cheap tricks of the democrats to go after Trump did have enough of a snake clear eye to vote to close the door to America, as could never happen to those Jews, oh wait, no, there were Jews returned to the Reich as Romans to Mussolini, humnnnn, and now suddenly with Barry making an gaming mea culpa that he didnt cry enough while tap dancing about men and ladies cut apart in Napoleons mud town and van nyes by Arabs with choppers, well, suddenly the waning days of power have given the titled closest executive God a sense of decorum and even humility. 


How about that, the two faced God persists shows us his middle throat, in which as the Etruscan said, Tarchon, their Aeneas senate arrow into the air to kill the two faced presto in mid song, why would I be wearing this one, in bibles long forgotten or meant to be burned in the next go around unavailing nothing bit the sopranos and Seinfeld, those unlike Roman gods bother no one, ever, and whatever Roman numerals endless episode of star wars we have come to. On the feast of Lucretius rejection, all the good democrats proved the floors were washed as the Romans said, and all but a hand full of niggers, perhaps the same rag tag crew who didn't get the envelopes not to riot this close to an election year, they all came tethered to sing patriotic icy songs in the mausoleums cellar, and they voted no matter what all the white hands on deck say on cooperate news stations, hoping the last Bush campaign is not as doomed as it has seems to me since oh, 2007. The provosts of the senate, they call came together to make sure only the most jerimandered were against the golden rules.

AH, HOW CORRUPT AND ROMAN, ALLOWED AS OPPOSED TO JEWEY, WE HAVE BECOME NOW, we all on the literally west bank of the Potomac. Somewhere fat old yentas are either glad or horrified by fat blond cunt fish wives, as occasionally I see the American girl like Wendy or Molly or Kat somehow berated as they breached through the Abrams walls, as old snide Jews rail with anger at public displays of secular Christmas, once grandfathered in, as rabbis who speak to and for Gods unseen rail against even pink fake trees, until told, like Jews still using Nixon to trash the black MIA flag and then told in no uncertain terms to zip it lest uncle Rupert names sure you are sent to the outre Hebrides of News-max. There, a jewey hack screeches about Chris Christy of all Ralph's for the audacity, Sicilian he is, as opposed to Italian, but then that must mean something to his in law masters, he is pilloried is the poor soul for hvainag elevated an Arab to the bench, without even asking Micheal Savage and other bankers what they thought, as an Arab you know, even a republican one, is suspicious as the women who lunch once thought of them.

So take your honied sconces with the patricians who churn and rattle and hum for power can Dare call anyone a vulgarian more like hubby than not a bully for having the temerity to stand in the way of our legacies of frat house imperial sees of power. The word Bully, should have been avoided by in laws and sons of damned gestational power, like say the words Rape and corrupt and free trade, as again, the ethic here is that when one says Lucretia, the next word is implied , and doesn't even need to be said. But I warn you Arabs as I did of Ofella Beckem, how did I know...?, like a Stealer rapist or beater of women with Crown Royal bottles, only the Cowboys must be lectured or called a circus, that strange disparagement shows me that the Jews and the niggers the Irish and the lesbians don't know the business that they have chosen, as without the Cowboys and the Stealers again hanging on for dear life with lee press on nails, the ratings, the only truth, are middling. See, their transvestite quarterback who is not Manzelled as the boys in the band and the bus never came to notice that fact that Big Ben was a drunken queen drama cunt who raced through Pittsburgh like a white tornado, slovenly and unshaven and threw up in overhangs and threw the finger at god guy Italian sportscasters told to burn the tape, and maybe, again Rooney being so penny wise doesn't know yet as do I that he has paid for keeping Ben around in more than just the fifties he tosses about the old Pollock of the Post Gazette. Maybe he paid more than just the pennies he keeps like Jewish villain in literature, always Ebeneezer and Lex Luther, the white girls have it no other way, he has paid with the fact that Mark Madden is pushed back to midnight by the always pr demanding Rooney family, and starts to actually tell the truth about what he was thinking all along anyway. No one, Machiavelli said, is bribed enough to forget slights, ever. So when Ofella or Stealers do things that don't even registrar as important the house coons of ESPN just don't notice as they yo yo yoo dawg and do their niggardly act, ah but as I warned before dont make the same mistake NBC did, as the last peon before Mudbone I couldn't stand this bad was Eddie Kiss me goodnight Shutlzie, and in that dismay was joined by the suits in legal who had, one free trade won, got enough. Why I am the Roman auger, take your choices, Abdul but don't cry at me, as this Christmas a channel as usual, filled with Jews who cant dare go up against the low hanging Lutheran cunts they have coveted, will be showing Mob wives into good-fellows again as a last minstrel show allowed in so decent and noble a slum archipelago as this.

But then we are all Sicilians now, as opposed to the credo still inculcated in me, that I am a Roman citizen, as praetorian with conversion scene Paul so eagerly said, Jewish was just a accident of birth. Happy Saturnalia to us all, as the bag men blame Heat Mizer for ruining Christmas sales, ah hes too much. And perhaps somewhere a fat old yenta fish wife could say as beady eyed fat men like Frank Rich and Kathleen Parker blow Oreo dust in hot breathes on perpetual enflamed television, perchance a old Pinocchio like wife could say to show how far we immigrants have fallen, but as we all live out the lives that Plautus and other Romans wrote for Sicilians thereto and yon, a credo for the new colossus, not quite same as the old one, OR THE OLDEST ONE, not to me, a yenta wife can say encapsulating the cycle epic of her levitown house to the New Rochelle suburbs of Jerry and Mill now not what they used to be, always the sub urba joke of the Tuscan quarters, 

LOOK,  all, I lift my lock besides the Golden door.

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