01 June 2016



1. As I said, the elitist steadfastness of even a sissy on television and isnt it nice that we have made an all inclusive Nation which is safe for the elitism of a gay Vanderbilt, so decline and fall, bothers plebeian eared me and so have taken to watching other things, anything, including great TCM movies whose colorization process has maybe met its highest point in Trump. Really say all you like Whoppie and other elitists nothings, Sicilian doges you all, but sorry, she will look over there at that debate in which so as when she then gives into her snide almost Specter like Jewishness she seems all the more snidely whiplash than if she wasn't doing facial exercises all day long. She will look over and see bulbous vulgar Trump, a high horse whose back was broken by her husband long ago, and she will be at wits end unable to throw a lamp as is her Jesuitical go to in all arguments.

His counteraction and the concurrence delineating of the wicked poor ,in ways which would make your hated Machiavelli groan was so much, too much, and I have pretty much lest it alone. It turns out Bills love of Roman farce inst shared by Jews and white women on cable who like their crap spewed and unquestioned makes it easier to lie,while schoolboys like Bill and Newt and me and other jesuitical types like the argument they haven't taught you niggers and the women who you still amazingly shuffo fo, how to make, as like Metternich like their nigger saints as dead as monorails, though with Hillaty bubblegumming and gurgling and beaten and broken towards Larentium we haven't even heard a peep about any poor dumb niggers getting killed by the popo now. When the Clinton's appear as the Lunts of poly sci, we must be lectured to about the evil of a Klan, who amazingly their under girding ideas are as much as anything a given through culture by way of yentle Jewish Jets, not allowing any ethnic Sharks in, and most certainly not falling for any Antias or maria's or anyone that unblond. And concurrent with that s a love of the police, explained by how these two falseness felons who exist in both triumph and fugue, on the run this aging dying, really Bull get yourself checked, Badlands is boring us all to tears, and any nigger who votes for madam Lucrative, sorry Lucretia well you'll all deserve the dragnets that always come with them for everything and every crime except rape and treason. Lenny Bernstein after all long dead.

I had no desire to watch any of this, as against the rites of Plautus, the elites of bullshit TV and you'll never recover from having let Vespasian get all the way to Ostia, an accomplishment I saw commig when hear human ham sang which Rove was agin it, Ilium is yours, in itself that no matters of balding men who look like David Brooks and who scheme about the death tax as others are foreclosed upon are hated by the plebs you severe at and by slight of hand call Nazi showing your Jewish slips. Its all awful, against the precepts of politics 101, like caveat emptor and the customer is always right, there are rules to this geometry and givens that no natter how many faggots Jews white women and niggers in Armani crying over dead guitar players you'll never Diversity your way out of. So saw how it was another dirge on cable television as the Don RACKED UP THE VOTES, AS IF THOSE MEAN ANYTHING TO OUR  MEDICHI BUSHIES, AND AGAIN, THIS WASNT THE YEAR TO HAVE MOBSTERS OF THE ILK OF HILLARY AND JEBBEY as destroyers of the res publica all at once, even if Fix News did rent out its gals and cross eyed catholic school girls and Cupless honey bo bos to CNN to make sure all hands were on deck. Me, I wouldn't brake a sweat as it didn't auger well this  yera that there would be a Roman Numeral behind this new Praetors name. 


I did see the anger in our PLO captain Van Jones, where did you ever see a nigger named Van by the way and I am sure he is a max factor nigger as much as anything, but he is always first on the daisy chain to make sure that Rove's latest intercultural burp gets out and seen, but alas , passion is catching and so, the step men of debacle television as I thought, are being tossed aside if not worse, before this is over as a Cesarean might hurl them all the ground, and tells them what way the Germans are. I literally winced seeings some fox news hag named SECupp, another of the gals with good penmanship we all hated in school, another hag and hack, who like Vany, went on an on about the con afoot who somehow, these people are so vulgar such children, with Termite terrace escapee lisping queen Ejay on to explain somehow how Populism, a word they hate as much as any Caesar did, maybe more, is only somehow good if it has GE stationary telling you when to meet, speak, or riot, depending on the season. Oh, Ejay, I was meant to go to Georgetown when you were still a guest in the boys room, sissy, and don't sue Romantic thoughts like Populism, if you don't want to burn yourself on their senatorial furnace.

As the people are fooled by Trump was their latest sneer soon to be dropped as quickly as whatever idiot brought that stinking shitty Mexican flag, what no slave ships sailed with that rag...?, who is somehow both vulgar and a raw meat thrower, and yet too calculating and conniving, you know what her in laws did to the Italians, so no matter how smart they were, and I saw this with better and more capable and more sadly for them ambitious Italians then I, am am alas never silent ever as long as a Roman wall appears and I have a grease pencil, the essence of all speech and graffiti being the same thing, as opposed to the curb your enthusiasm deli you think America is now. Like the Italians, they were either retards or Machiavellian, to make sure they were with the help of wayward downgrading bank needing and blond adoring Jews not as much trouble as the more hated Arabs always are. The people are being conned by him, big talk when a Clinton emerges, but you go int a farce with the Medea you have not the Medea you want, unless of course you're her husband gathering brunette lovelies like Plutus, the god of hell did with women and gold, and hey, his truest Roman hero. Can you tell I am tiring of Miles Gloriousus finally...? The pull back that the people aren't Nazi, just stupid, ah much better, this was later grafting on when all erased what they were saying, again that Trump was a chraleton, as opposed to the Clintoniststas who suddenly the bag men emeritus the evil vicious Koch bros. Could get behind,as the Warner brethren often had to with a star that was becoming box office poison.

She went n an on , this bitchy wonder, SE, im sorry but don't trust people who go by a monogram, like Jeb and JRR and JK, and Max Power..this glasses wearing slime ball, this Letitia by way of the dispensation of cardinal Aisles, whose be befuddlement and discordant in this year, as he has openly allowed Rove to sue his station as a vomitorium to spew out his undigested words against the people, the people hed need again when tossing raw meat and pretending that none of this happened, well, that dizziness of fatso Rodger, to me shown mostly by the more henna put in the hair of Kimberly Gilfoyal as I had been told, a barometer of the eccentricity of blonds on fascist TV, has been noted by the Aussie Cressus sons, the Begale boys who didn't like that fat mans singing towards the end of the opera. I hated watching this, but enjoyed that latest Doge Don was giving it to them good, and that the Roman street , more poetic and yet masculine, and potent and viscous and needy and angry than any Arabs pale imitation, was out in forza, and this Cupp was upset by this, as Politics, her last bastion, was starting to have the stink to it of a football game, and shoo needed that...? And she put down the people again, sneerings and saying Populist as if she said Rapist or arsonist, with a oomph on the IST, always a suffix of comportment, and she debated and clucked her way through the night, pushy and pully, with VAN I SAW , ACTUALLY SAW, check his Arafat like Phone, calling FOR NOTES of what is to be said in such harsh Atalanta lights, and what is said, again by him in the dank, that is a pejorative electrically to house everythings like him, as he is telling people that we are getting President Trump out of this. As he wont admit to a darker skinned hatred for the Clinton as one black man said we all recall how the 1994 dragnets he proceeded his first masters, well, that Fascist parade that didn't matter to a taste conscious middlebrow like the forehead, those dragnets just a first Clitonian gambit in a land of welfare reform, and other stolen republican ideals made veto proof, caused a lot of the broken families whose fatherless hoodies being shot you morn now, or at least before Iowa. I found myself grist-ling and shuddering at this coven, too incapacitated to be called evil, as Niccolo put down the silly Medici in German armor whose families ties unravel today even. I had enough, and shuddering at this hag and her wide blue eyed one time Fox demeanor as another Mary Catherine Hannigan Olearey looked through cock eyes having left the vaudeville act called the Orelley show, as he is on the few time even bother to watch is sure that its midnight and all is well and Hillary will win, or at least that's what the card says now. 


This one, though, this SE, was a distorter in so many ways, tearing down the people with a stagy Walgreen cosmetic counter aplomb, as she dismissed and demeaned the rage anger and the pain and the hatreds and the soreness of the people, remember them....?, what again...?, and she merely threw it all aside, well, CNN isn't that high a high horse dear, and they are looking ahead, as gay caballero Anderson is lardy and again trying to exhume Joe Patreno, no I have heard this already, as they wished to do to Leonardo to somehow prove he was gay, as if Michelangelo wasn't enough, there is no Italian tomb worth anything, no curse on any Italian tombs, unscantifeid as are where the Incas left their gladiators, like the viaducts they found, had echoes to the stone masonry that white people always start to resent, liking their savages noble and their Apaches in rags, stone temples piloted by corrupt politicos wanting power and blood sportswear was something they had layered dismissed and didn't want as your true history, of not glory if not honor means nothing to niggers and their owners, white girls always quiet about injustice when doing their brackets. Ah the decency of injun tombs, as opposed to Italian ones , which I knew when redskin activists, now on payment plans from Snyder inc. were saying that the UNESCO crowd who dig up Roman senators entombed entangled with the Lucia's they ave been fingering since Lucius, from makeshift tombs and the occasional vestal virgin cemented for stolen kisses, but with their paramours, no Jews here at the Tarpean Rock, as CNN just has to get back to the lurid accounts of the people someday, as STOP TRUMP as I thought worked about as well as anything that Karl Rove has ever thought through between trips to the salad bar. She was upset by the tenor of things, a middlebrow like her's, ultimate word, but I THOUGHT, A GOOD ROMAN I BE, let the people have their Cattiline days of rage, or you'll pay worse,as everyone today hun, didn't spend the day in schoolgirl overly domesticated glee circling i's with hearts and they didn't as you did, spend the day color coordination of lip gloss and eyeliner to polyblend chemise as to be a celebrity judge on Anderson Coopers dance party.

2. All hands on deck means all hand on deck in our black ship of state, was told that was racist, tactfully its Pindar, and Greek, but now that I think of it...anyway, I saw fat bloated pig man, and its pig man Jon, though I have gathered you love pigs and are freeing them into the wild I take it, excepting those who make it as Jewish loved delicacy called Priscutto, more an Italian genius than any Commedia to them could ever be. There on fox no less, all is after all forgiven when Catiline is in the dusk's, was fatso himself, Micheal Moore, another MM who seems mostly to be a human zit, a pirogi made attainment or at least enough to decide to not bother shaving.

This human growth was on with giggly 7 up painting come to life Megan whatever, the woman who made her bones by making more than one rape victim recant as we one had a nation much more ameaeble to rapers acutely when democrats and Stealers than the anti Trump crowd finding a misspelled decency would like to recall. Anyway, human hemorrhoid Mike was on here, sure again as you must be to pay the toll at radio city, that Trump is of course a liar, when not a neo fascist , but still is not conservative enough for Glenn Beck, who is in the wilderness bleating a plaintiff Pleh Pleh, as professor fingers has funked up with an exacto knife. ALL BEIENG FORGIVEN he too is on a warbling dying TV screen, as you forgot the basis instants of Roman farce thus politics and that is to be true to ones lies, as you shouldn't have been this devoted to Robo Set tv gas bag midnight snake induced lurid dreams and should have worried before May that it seems accountable hack Hillary cant win a state , elliptically those she promised, again a hack and stupider than she thinks, always lying the most to her sister hood of Gaea that she as going to close down the coal mines, as soon s she no longer needed a rented G 4 to flit about the nation nonspeaking on command.

The big fat piggish lardy lunchy leftist, hating Trump for a ban on Muslims I take it that was pretty much taken care of by that Epiphany telepathically had to keep them all out 400 some to 19 straggly Negros, I watched some of that when the golden door was slammed shut, on that winders day, happy Saturnalia from new Rome, the one that pretenses and poses in ways the other didn't, as I felt it was a Roman moment like the street beating of Cato, which told the filth what was what, no matter how much ermine that semiretired Caesar puts on, or how often Whoppie brays, now that she no longer can carry a movie, if she ever could,where her girlfriend accomplice was always a fat blond bridge and tunnel wop, make fun of the Guido's with glee and acceptance that she is doing the work of the lawd by always getting into ditch with the gumba mafiosi wops who have alluded that part since Micheal Moriarty an Jill Hennessy, ah Jill, were on law and Order. I have only seen like 400 hundred of these, ah we are kindred spirits we ethnics. Though Moore now, he was being led in circus rings, by barister hag Meggy, as she didn't even mean to, as again all ports in a storm, but alas one or two brushes with the insufferable hacks called Cruz's has indeed led her back to Trump tower , as addresses that mean something like they sued to in a less than classy less than sophisticated Thin man Loy world are hard to come by. She would only hours after this screed by this human glad bag would race back to trump , as her ilk has always seemingly known even when a fat chick who the bmpc always literally is and her ilk is always available to do transnational miss Clairol Translating.

The bloated Detroit pig was on, and discounted Trmup even as his cc- line on the mass email heroine, Hilary, or soon to be a heroine, its the same act Merman here pulled on Tom Snyder, he is always the queen of the underdog until its folding money time and then goes back to toxifying the wayward girlfriends he has to to to be a step man bag man in good, at least in his own mind standing when not getting an embarrassed standing, sit down asshole, Martin Scorsese to play Sicilian radical and be the only one giving him a standing ovation amid the Jewish dream factory workers who see nothing wrong with another war anyways, at least not here at the Prom.

I watched this some, as he did his usual fatso act, as he laughed his petafile in a van in the park charms, as he leered and sneered and undressed her with his beady eyes garbage pail kid assuredness, hed like to push Trump off a cliff, such a devotee of peace our nick is, as I thought when did the party of meathead and pink shoes and codes pink and speech and such faience decency becomes so violent in its action words, as our tv Juvenal is said to always skewer and eviscerate, as a devotee of long gone republics, that unlike Jewish gods, never Zombie back, youd better worry about when that becomes more than merely rhetoric. Youll know when Jewey Jonnies drops the pig and runs screaming towards the exits, as as usual hell always get it first, if Bill Mahar has anything to say about it.

I cant stand this pig, who admitted that Hillary might get us into another war,... what again...?, although a good apparatchik, he wont hold her emails against her, as unlike bridges and even her speech to phone companies all the presidents analyst, that's nothing, compared to people getting their skin thrown in wars that Jebby wants so willingly to enacted as if perpetual war for perpetual paces is something that needs to be Englished and jewed and finessed like say one man one vote or the idea of a republic itself . Fuck you Fatso, drop dead and do us a favor, as know all I need to know about this pig when thought he in full stage whisper, this is after all, kids, important and when he asked the South park boys, my buddies here, to do free south park cartooning for his shitty movie, movies which we have frankly been freed of while Obama turned out too be all he feared he be, still, when wanting an anti Gun carton made fir him, and Trey and Matt said no, they rather like their guns, he want ahead anyway and let it all be seen as tacit approval as he later went to hurang and harries a dying Michelangelo, which playing a man who painted God as white, unlike Rembrandt did , or at east signed off on, was someone who is his cockeyed brain derived punishment. Ah, drop over you human pudding pop, and go worry about your divorce, and the pebble in your own alimony. You want someone over a cliff, be a man and make it your wife, the canniness of the roman farce, the wife joke, oh but our Roman satirists are all married hags like Beebee, no lovers of a well turned ankle cosmopolitan Ovid here, and all love marriage now as much as they love war, your bathroom antics what you have to do when all the perverts and disquieting Jesuits and Gore are all dead, dears. Ah the Roman joke book, which my brother noticed the blond wiaterss girl is in another remake of Plautus on Broadway, and thinks that is obviously wrong casting. The Roman girl was always...

So getting rid of rumbled porno consumer Demeter simp MIKE, saw Anderson's Hullabaloo, and a fat little piglet Spanish woman a Bush apparatchik, all stunned it went this far, what with the Borgia, yes look it up, the Borgias and Torquemada and the slave trade her her fascist little heart, that when she was asked by our Allen Freed queen of the hop Andie poo if she should now get behind the candidate, she had the never to in an accent of courrrrrrrsswsse, say Vy, vy should I....vy shuld Eyeee. Ah because doll face, you fat little pig, because those are the rules of the game you have chosen, and see its been to the swiftist goes the race and fortune favors the brave and like classics that were cliches when Shakespeare sold them, they were minted long ago and believe t or not, you as Bushie might need a majority, no Im keeeeeding, like their in laws the Clinton they are the doges of pluralities, buts till fair is fair and since you were recuperated like Parrino so good at demanding things in Sore Loserman time, forgoing what you didn't like, your step man bag man qualities like with Moore are getting on everyone nerves. 


3. As I also saw another crumbling apparatchik on sports television, why do I Watch this slop, unlike Sorsos hacks am not even paid in IOU, which will come to its head he hopes after November, like say the indictments, I'm secretly pulling for a staged resident queen Livia now being shown to have willy nilly caused CIA operatives to be so killed in the field as that would befit the land of Homeland so well.

But, after the Kentucky Derby, the milk dud on ESPN, this bowl cut Mudbone, whom I despise, was making arguments for claimants sake with his vaudeville act as he plays Gracie to Post's Goerrrrrge, and he went on an on about a hatred for and of horse racing, which took the barrister on the left side of the screen as he sometimes does with more than Marley stage direction anger. This blowhard made a point that he hates horse racing, fine who cares, circus like television is dependent on getting ticket buyers or seeers, and like NBC, no one buys a radical who works for a giant Valhalla Mouse, talking ducks, or for that matter beams out of an armimentarium. Oh but its not just hatred of horses as a fat man might hate the cowboy ethic, and by that mean both the Tom Landry and the Larry Mcmurtry invocations, all is Freudian, God help us, but never enough here in the land of Ommph, Oz , I saw as acquitting idiot wop Franco Played wizard badly and like most sleepwalking, that that file cabinet was shut down long ago, ask Gore, and that this house everything went on and on about how the brothers in a place he calls Portland, watching the now excruciatingly boring NBA playoffs which are only not uninteresting when the game looks as rigged as we all thunk it to be, that horse racing is beneath him as a darkie and black man. This is horse racing, we still see the hippodromes that the Romans built everywhere in the megreb as blood sport despite what Harry Shearer, actually have loved Harry since his better than Ackroyd Snyder on snl, thinks, was a staple of the bronze age and not just in Tyberia, but everywhere, with only the Jews as usual thou shall noting in everyone's face with their Yahweh variation of Thor and their love of death as a sacrament, causing women to be publicly stoned, something we don't make much mention of. Why would horse races, no no Black Stallion for him, a fable used by Coppola to cleans his hands of Napalm and gabagoo, a sport since Cyrus, bother this house everything who knows... He has to know unnecessarily on no cc line to be told what to say today against Trump, no Fox fixer he, still he want on and on about horse racing as being beneath him as an avatar of black thought, Malcolm the Xth hating the idea of it as ante bellum, as a remnant of slave holding, yes but they were Darius' slaves, as all thoroughbreds are lateraled to that shore Bucephalus, an Arabian stallion owned by Darius, taken like so much by pushy drag queen black faced Alexander...or was that Roxanne.

As have said before when I suddenly find a TV show I adore because of figurative or literally gorgeous character named Sterling Archer or Max Black, I stupidly but needfully go to some web site called TV TROPES to try to figure out the years of story I have missed. This is a mistake because anyone making a point they are smarter than television must be a woman or a absolute retard, a word like so many we may not sue anymore now that all the accepted and wanted fetii all turned out to be genetically broken from all that in breeding that white elitists and their daughters never figure out isn't good for anyone. Still, this website would as I figured have an open hostility to Max, she the kind of Beatrice that Jewish imps like these and their in law women try to avoid seeng there at all costs, and even Beth, the blond with a game pluck is the kind of blond they don't like much either, as the streets of Hollywood are strewn with casting couch blond dishware hags who are hardly the playmates and pets we all grew up with as now internet porn allows you to see a type of Girls net door that give the lie to whatever Hefner thought he was doing.

4. The denseness of this site belies its jewey want to always be accepted, their Semetic noses up against the window, they have made it up past the pizzaras and other places just a rest stop on their Tacitus noted assault and accent to get to where they really wish to be, the Germanic in laws they see a strange kinship , and thus a hatred for the Romans, Persian and Arabs and Sicilians in apparent, who they openly demean on their lovely ineffectual television, as they hope for a lower level of blond and children named Brigit and Christopher and somehow anyw way they can to escape the Leninist grandfathers, radical Yentles, yeshiva comedy writers, and then the levitown as they are always on the make. The snideness is apperant in their collected bromides, which like say Roman law did better, and still noted by them, in a Jesuit fashion, if something is dark , like a woman waitress she is slammed for not being light, if some one is light, like the other waitress, she is dismissed as flighty and so it goes, everything in the apparent of legalism not being something else it should have been , and I dint even own a dog.

Still, have to get some idea of what has already happened when come in in medas res as I have,and try to piece together the story as best as I can , although now that I think of it dont really know why as could just using that Roman affactation mentioned above, just wait for the whole tale to be told at the banquet table, and just rid along with the story, and see how our Madoffy heroine got to live with this vamoony gorgeous Jewish chick, or as my mother said watching this late at night once as I was engrossed, Does the blond one, she asked, Ever stop laughing...? QUI STUNATELLA. YECCCHE. She adds. Who ever writes Sophie knows the antipathy that older old world ladies would automatically have to Caroline, no mater what. Yet still I find myself wondering why certain things are done or not. Like what happened to the cat, as opposed to the horse, who we see constantly.

In this Full aria of sanctimony Trumpo brilliantly shut it down by doing that which he does with the sense and the smarts of a Dante, surly as genius, shutting up the demons by looking away, not caring, as they like with Stealer fans is their biggest fear. And like most of America he doesn't care about your fetish, which is so important to you all. This was of course an unkindest cut to Anderson, sure he is resented for his flaming beauty, an Adonis in blues brothers chic, who has been thinking with his underwear since a boy, as we are always one step away from Athens, which no Roman can abide, as all art means to many is that , as an art teacher told me, it can be sold at a higher mark up than the shit and clay Socialists look at, until of course it cane be called Folk art, and then the price goes up. But in not caring a real lance as taken out of the quiver of the blonds and hacks of Fox and their now pan cable alerts to destroy one man as hasn't been since the bankers and the moratoriums hated Catiline, and again who was bringing that up at the beginning of what you all thought again was your Democratic golden age only to know anything with a Sesack in it as an elite was doomed to fail, as I did. But Trumpie was poo pooing this as as in law and and elite that Cuppy and Mary Frances Gllagher and Billbo will never be, well, that took some of the starch out of Anderson's stings and humanized The Don him in a way they weren't expecting, worth a Cambrian forest of Rachel Maddow breathless hurled updates between Medved allowed on, a corporate demand that made Keith finally walk. ...I adored seeing this, not that your married faggots mean anything to me, I was there in the golden age, beloved as a alter boy of Venus before even the fiasco queer disco priests died unnoticed like something in Venetia, long before Rent.

But what I loved the most was that that show I have often spoke of a Roman show ornate and lovely, the propaganda that Machiavelli and Caesar spoke of, so benieth those whose words are cleaned and sanitized by Legal departments between drone attacks, down from the trash and cooking shows and hageoreghy of August Wilson on PBS, that show like a similar show too human for the showing of Arabs, really how many Nazi do you Jews need before we say as was said of Scorsese enough already, when do we get to recall the Canaanites in this bloody record...in that show about Rome, with the voices of such as Bill Clinton, and Martin Sheen, that crap sack world that these Max haters and Bar Mistzvah blond addled creeps like to think of Rome, in that show, demeaned and demeaning to be Tacitus about it, were the Romans so unlike good and decent and noble and Harry Shearered up us, these stupid Romans demeaned to a punch line on the dreaded Simpsons as somehow close enough to Italians to be allowed to be made fun of as the daughter preens about vegetarianism and Buddha and the mother openly is in horror of a catholic son, what Jew writes this, Odenkirk that couldn't be you, anyway, in this show about the awful corrupt and venial and vulgar Romans, the big slight in this show was that...their bathrooms were unisexed. Owah. The boys of Bacchus, they were if not vulgar at least adult and weren't the gloomy awful Christers to come next. How lovely a thought that corrected to me now as recall bits and apses of my blood-works, too often walleyed to be burned away in some Germanic rite. How wonderful to know that the empire that sympathy for is in fact the beginning of a resiregmento or a Renascence, as genus follows genius as in Venice and Florence and Rome, but censors flow to poverty as in Messina, or Cairo, Rio about to lose the classical Olympia, as the papacy, that shouldn't be in Columbus's mistake, or Tallahassee. Ah so sorry you TV watchers who still need to spit downward at Dezi's creation and Sarnoff's bounty, sorry, the Romans had uni sexed bathrooms, so upsetting to the lesbians and bough Irish Catholics civilized by dee verrrgin Mahhhry, as shown there, so poo pooed and named by even PBS middlebrow sacrestry and now are caught in the decline and fall that you never thought you'd see coming, not with all that synpanthy for whales, as you were all on Atkins and your gay wedding chapels with Elvis as the lesbian cantor, and all your shit. I felt good to know in Trump made a point he didnt care about the toilet,s so important to rabbi Fwnak as he realigns everything in America, but who gets the cash.

And Trump was brilliant uncaring and thus getting the scorn of Glenn Beck, now worth as much as getting GE THEATER to finally admit this was about making sure no body said a dickering word about the fact that they bring good tax dodges to life. We all, the plebeian eared, when Glenn made a point that somehow bathrooms were imperative amid the decay, in this dying empire,we all saw his puppet Teddy baseball in that dark, with a Foxy Brown ringed up by the mayflower madam, as Terd in boxers and black sox garters allowing his thin Cuban Pete hair to fall from its brill-creamed perfection. And, in this faulderal over bathrooms coming as it did now, like a laughing Turnus, made you all look the fools you are, you didn't even think that a Roman Decline and fall was possible in all of this sanctimony, but after two years of such good Marc Madden and Pittsburgh creepo induced anti Joe Paterno, festooned and stocked by always available for a hard on inducing story ANDERSON himself, as you derided him, how can you now be so Blase about the bathrooms of your precious non Roman, blond interbred, Ray Romano like American dream children, why why how could you allow for, ...blah blah blah, ...now that Obama has made his bathroom policy, again who was calling this imperium the boys-room five years back, well, don't all you Jews and ethnics and trash men of the people all rush the stage too fast to support him in this good Roman year....sounds of crickets. I laughed thinking to though as you Jews never do with pink Christmas trees and black pirate pow flags, you never think it through despite your repute as clever , something hurled at me. I recalled how my Romanisms so bothered those polish starlets at zoetrope until Finally barked back, hey, fuck off you hags and your merry Christmas shit, Im not the one who named my brat who lived Roman, like that wine press owner thinking himself De scia over his fucking gangster white heat meets Verdi shit. I felt good that the Romans are in fact striking back, eating the apparatchiks for lunch as they have since Ostia, as you had no idea you wayward blonds from fox thinking you were made decent and whole, as house everythings bitch about horse racing, not understanding that the Bin Laudins once truly eviscerated the psychopathic Al Kida Taliban types who saw Horse racing as evil, as they have owned those horses sired by the Persian king's Bucephalus,too. Bucephalus by the way the name of Hercules horse. Herakles, I see far too much in comic hack work, is a slaves name, the black winged horse was Bucephalus, Not Pegasus, which is strange that Darius as said in Gore Vidal's Brilliant Creation, and never to be filmed, not in our world of 300 and the Persians being like the Romans and wops an ancient people made comic relief, while the Jewish husbands take dictation form their white wives, the king of Persia would so name his horse, the one that winnied that gave him the throne in some fake cheap way that Jews and Semites  get kingdoms by betting, and cheating, The stuff I bring up that everyone from Jewey Jonny to Rachel to Keith to old sweet pirate Bill recalls vaguely,  in that misty past perfect American time, before we all become prisoners to the bribes taken from and by Se and signor Wincess saaaright ssssaight, talking fist apparatchik queer sissy Fall in, yes that was mine, and its not even like im looking!, Chris Hayes, still unaware of the differences between bullhorn and lavailler mike. That recalled ancientness and romance so begged for, in a land of bag holders and bathroom attendants, as opposed to Roman valor giving the kingdom to whowever can get and bring the head of Tarquin best, but then we were all devoted to that strong man god once,Cornelius writes that even the Germans sing of Hercules, the Roman one, the only one, the uninterpreted, unstolen, one, whether you lesbians and sissys and anchor DJs like it or not.


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