01 July 2016


10 JUNE 16. 

With no inclination to watch Anderson Cooper’s American Bandstand, I searched to see something on Television that I could watch as the ox bow incident translated into polish against Trump isn’t working. You house Jews and blonds and sissies of American television should have known from Roman sonnets that a Richie Incognito only works when he is weak and thus able to take the shot herald at him by Jews and company Niggers on spirits laden afternoon yaks and sports beat without the carcass of Howard Cosell. When one is rich as Trump, all bets are off, money is your only virtue as Matthew Arnold said and thus instead of calling him a Neanderthal, your Semiticy go to you did to Richie, a good Jewish hack like Korenshier and his bloated coon Rastus near by are brought into the boss offices of the fortieth floor and told as we know now, to lave Trump alone. How about that, someone finally figuring the Plautus creed that the audience is all that natters.

Anyway could not watch Andie Poo or the high holidays cantors mixed with endless warbling refried Sondheim from cash blonds with dashed hopes of 42nd street glory as tap queens, dishwater beauties I see like Megan Jockey by paint as she readies her Ronald McDonald make up for her partial close up, I see my loved shyster cop Jerry Orback behind here as Chicago Gunba jew eminence saying ALLLLENNNTOWN…?, yuch. I cant catch this rockette on Fox or any like station, so went through the channels now that Better call Saul is gone. Though, if I were a television exectutive would pay the cute but not tv pretty Blond Rhea and my man Otterlopp, no wait, Odinkirk to be a husband and wife, new Emily and Bob, on television bearer like tbs we are inundated with affable fags and uncurled blonds showing us how funny nerds are again. I did come across 300, no Another one, and you are there, a sequel in the essence of the power principal called the career of Zach Snyder, who, it seems no mater how incompetent or deaf to mythology, their word against me once, ha!-he is, he keeps getting the tomb of Jerry Siegel to trash. And like the Romans, on whose strong men he openly based Superman, down to the centurion boots like his Machete D’Annunzio underwear as they take bits and pieces from the comic strong man to somehow unyellow him and make him less superman by the bit, that tomb of the late delivery boy has been trashed first by barbarians and then by the always looking British Museum, their spawn, a perfect word, as Oscar would say.

This was awful, the latest 300, and not even had enough money attached to it to have the image coloration quality of the first, as by now that Sky Captain is dead and no one says Shazam anymore anyway, and the whole idea of the watercolor comic book which I did myself as early as 1975 like the great Pilipino comics artists who to me were right there with the Italians who gave arbors to Kirby’s landfill, were sunless it seems now. Here, we are concurrent with the 300 Spartans, not as a loaded a word as Roman, it seems to the yeshiva boys even though look it up, the Greeks hated the Jews in ways the Italian never have, more the pity for them, and in fact, being born with Judaism is an onion joke now, but in Sparta and under Alexander, would get ones baby clocked in half again see the humming gears Creation for a once censored amusingly true depiction of Greece that the Jews can try to do to Rome, but which they cant get around those moments of street grime and yet still green laurel, so important to the Franciscans who trained me early with their watercolor Roman hyjinx that now even the Mayan queens and southern injuns try to replaced not understanding that is a deal breaker with the Aryan sort. We pickup our 3oo, as going to the hell gates, to back away an entire armada of Persian warriors, which always seemed a bit too Semitic for me to ever believe, Brutus as first Trojan king of England has been repudiated as say Moses never had, as after all and was an example of Greekey Jewey balderdash, as we now have directed the works of Hollingshead and others about Brutus the King, no not that one, the who founded Britain, as opposed to the Bible and the Koran which you know are true as they are still believed enough in too bomb indiscriminately for, no Silvas at the foot of anything wondering as a Roman would ala Jonnie Cash as broken hero, what have I become…We kill indiscriminately for that God, as say Mithras was once in Livy. I bring that up as in Livy, called by Tacitus the exactest Roman maybe historian ever, sorry Amazon, Livy recounts in a master work of historiography, a word sued which actually bothered some hack at Rachel Maddox page, but then their claws were put away one GE got the free trade from Barry the bag man that they had budgeted for. In four pages of Brilliance, Livy recounts how Numa was it, no maybe later, some Roman king had enough f the Mithras or was it the Zoroaster’s, who always thump their various biblers, and yet find themselves unlike other Seremitic Arab trash always closer to the Roman dance gals and the roman coins than you’d think, as after all, they are Semitic , as Alexander named them, and thus, of book, hurled and thumped, shoved in your face or altered from by a unturned finger coming from a Rolex can ever change the half ape men that baby Phillip thought of all Greeks and Babylonia trash. Even the Romans, kings of subsuming and accepting and rebinding had enough of these Arabs screeching and lecturing of one of their first gods on Roman street comers, the esscanse of cement metering lazie faire, and gathered them up and got rid of them in a way that told all the other Arabs, that famous line which comes from this very episode I gather, do as the Romans do, or get out. Now a days we Gumba Jews just wait for a Catholic holiday and merely shut the golden door as we suck each others married, and un bathhouse, but justified and leisenced cocks.

The film on tonight, and why was I seeing a better caliber of movies and TV shows when I only had three channels as a boy, the TV set teemed with Super cops and Mash helicopters and Tennessee Williams glass baubles and Superman in rotoscope glory, ah America America…anyhow, the film was 300 plus one, a sequel to that dreadful movie, green lit back when Jews and Aryans made a first shaky peace, what with both thinking they had a common enemy in Arab filth. If the first was merely direful, an it was, this was to avenger them, yieks, and the Roman dare I say Italianate Brutish manliness of Gerad Butler and his black Irish oomph was gone, sadly, as he like say Kat showed a dark italic though not, at least not lately, loveliness, which they don’t much like to show as Jennifer on affable, roundly and heinous acts, trips on cue up the red carpeted steps. Leon ides, as spell check corrects it, I must remember that name next time I need a ….nom de plummmmmme, may I say I wrote this astrology long before the dreaded Frank Miller, but not the three hundred by the affair between he and the lovely and of course English queen Livia or whatever, in which, like Statius , I couldn’t imagine a Greek being this full of shit and had to think there was some speck of humanism to the fathers of Italay and Rome, yes look it up, Sabine is the ancient Italic word for Spartan, as the Spartan, in fact this Leon ides himself, in my book was instrumental in being of first conquistadors of Italay, naming it for the Deer’s that roamed in this earliest and unnoticed new world there ever was, and for Vesalius, where we get the word Vital, the elk king felled by the Gerard Butler looking Spartan, and thus giving his land to the Spartan king, the kind of story we now poo poo as unreal, again as opposed to any chapter and verse Glenn Beck sits and hopes his absolutely real as it is after all his way to make sure he can take it with him.

But a sucker for this shit since 1975, I figured is watch as it would be batter than nothing, or the empty hole which Anderson Copper is, hehe, like the jurist told me, Tony, stay true to your martial spirit, don’t let these Klansmen with black secret wives and then boat lift mistresses, turn you into a nigger and hick, and then, don’t be a woman, Hooweee!, in that a man is a thing, a phallic thing, and a woman is literally nothing more than a hole. Yes this is how fags spoke before tempered by aids and marriage.

In moments I knew this was mistake, as again, there was no red, but blue on these Athenians, yuck, my Hesperian heart is left cold, and even more naired and hennas types as the hero of Marathon, he is called inherently dare we forget, like Barry being historical, look Brutus is indeed coming out of the toilet , he is a limp wrist spry again Athenian, and the blue cloak, doesn’t help. Even Tuscan Yellow and white would be better than blue, as I might have had an effect when poor and poverty bullies of the swindled tribes of America, no bringing bad at war or Italian jokes of surrender for Apaches god knows, came to Crayola demanding Indian Red be censored, like Indian summer, like Indian Giver be expunged from our Swiss cheese record and chronicles, I may have made a stink that I wanted like the then coming Washington Senators to be reamed and the football team, to be given the term Tuscan applied as being an Italian and the only Minstrel shows that Jews and WHOOP CAN BE INVOLVED IN WITHOUT SHAME OR GUILT, and thus, within weeks found that the crayon, still used by me as much as anything else in art, was called Tuscan red. Again, not having the poetry of the sainted Barrio or the wonderful Simpson adored injun, but instead I was on the make as Italians has been since Plautus, Ill take whatever I can get.

So, blue evokes a Greece of Anthony Bordain eating grapes and olives asking what happened here on Lebos, or worse, like we are watching David’s troops, another septic war hero who knew , in his veins and pulses, how to forgo war with the grand gesture of cheating, something kept alive by those flammen themselves, Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton, and then they wonder why all hate them. Blue as a warrior cloak don’t make it, at least according to the receipts all that matters in circus as I tried to say to Bloomberg Boys the set it papers is being struck, Blue as a war color makes them appear like hacks and sissy from the UN, there to make sure the world is never tospy tury and that no Romulus ever can by dint of a magic club and a broken skull ever upset the imperia apple cart again. Again the brotherhood of soldiers amanitas of Gerard was gone and basically we were looking at Herodotus starring Clayton Kershaw, as it seemed who ever else this was had just been called up from a farm team of The Los Angeles Dodgers, to go up against that Rome that never was, Persia. Too, a lovely actress , in England even the pin up girls can act, named Lena Headily as here as the warrior queen I kind of recall as I do kind of recall all of it thanks to the Jesuits, a queen of the Persian fleet, who was literally rotten to the infantry.

Not big on Greek bullshit as saw it as a acceptable continuation of the dared Bible, which to me was just Jews selling Gilgamesh at a mark up, I recall the nuns warning us as dark children and Italians to stay away from the Greek church I now love closer to than ever, sadly, a monolith more like Jack Kirby’s inculcation and less Arthur C Clark, much less the Ovid wall for whispered kissed which Calvino noted that 2001 was stolen from forever making him verboten in that happy little island that like thinking that it invented Rock and Roll and Sonnets, though again stole everything it has ever done. The egress lacked a certain aquiline appeal beyond mere fagginess, sorry gals at that comic book shit hole then forwarding any discouraging word to some hacks central office, but there is a cult of masculinity that you’ll ever understand simply cause your Sadie Hawkins life has allowed the hustlers like Bill and such to use you like toothpaste. These Greeks here were insufferable and there was a layer of racism here which again the more Romantic Spartans and their darkness didn’t allow for, as by now, the first spurt of post 2001 imperia hazard fallen like so much Roman into entropy and thus, fiasco wars ginned up by the very seamy mental giants trying to trip up Trump now have taken their toll whatever Bush babies and marble halled whores donated to that war fund or not. Again house Jews like Crystal and other children of Long Island socialists wishing to carry water in the Praetorian with a David Gergan like glee, they don’t know the backdrop if their hated or accepted charts enough to know when one renders unto Caesar that means even more than God Jr., could have known as he mad sure as Jew would all his labors summed more like magic tricks than Steve Reeves Movies. Think America, bless them, has tuned you out, sorry Jewish bargemen you always think you are father from the tenements than you actually are, and like in my gardens of Caesar as you have since MARCUS, YOU FIND AND KEEP GETTING SUPRIZED when Augustus, like Lucy, pulls that ball away and makes you land into an Iron Maiden.

I couldn’t watch this shit, mostly because its affectations of watercolor panting and classic comics was so out of place to the fedoras piece worker boiler room artist that is Frank Miller anyway, as I have ever been shocked by his gross ness or the way he can ate treasure Trove of Mythology and ruin it, as frankly should the ghost of Eisner by no, neither. There is nothing he cant ruin. I saw what the above people thought of his incomprehensible Batman vs. Superman, which thankfully tanked as badly as any movie starring the amercing hero has ever for the Warner Brothers, no, one could hear Jack say, Superman as hero and Batman as his best friend , as the deteriorating old Jew atomically said, carting as usual when told a b movie player named Regan had because of earlier incompetence, made himself Praetor. Though I have been called list of things, I couldn’t catch this shit, Headily as again Medusa witch, something you Greeks and Jews amusingly accepted, what with your mother hated an all, as all little sissies do, the fags is nothing more than the fatherless child as Tacitus said, exampling both Paul Lynne and Rush Limbaugh. 

A piece of dreak like this made the ultimate sin, beyond being propaganda, the sin that Augustus said of Plautus, whose work he dispraised, He wasn’t funny enough, like Max sweetly holding the ears of a blasé cat while sayng, it wasn’t funny enough. It wasn’t something enough, as Oomph from did Plautus to Jack Warner as everything and this as a drone, ironically enough, as Bill Crystal doesn’t get it, as neither did Rove and the rest , you cant play Machiavelli if you are from what all can see a severe fuck up who keeps shooting off your own bill, ala Daffy Duck. America don’t care or listens to your breathless brunette or fat Mexicans or hags of power or Purrnos or hair lightning Kimberley’s, don’t do it, Kimberley, it’ll finish you no matter what that snide faggot Jew alter boy who thinks he funny says next to you. I couldn’t catch this war comic, too vicious and yet too washed to be good, that half measure to take in all Roman sports like Blood and politic to cleanse you hands between Wolman’s. I sorry missed Andersen Coopers newest rate a record. Roman up when you take the field, kids, boys, gals…or don’t. 



Got a bunch of accolades in the email, fun with their slush pile than ever, more than I have the occasional now placing in a book or a magazine, which frankly I HAVE DONE MORE SINCE BLEEDING COOL than the two ears before and am up to almost five pages of resume. One activist at a radical lean magazine liked Tony Land, the work about dealing with the hacks of comics as late as 1997, and the editor who said all my heroes look like Colored a lovely thing to have in my back pocket when I am called a racist who love the fact that somehow Spanish a different race called Latin, and are so easily pleased by tow dollars a day to either beat up people at rallies and or clean toilets which they do again with the same scrubbing bubbles devotion no Italian could express famously even for Caesar, who famously in the end sad that the Roman were unrulable, as they'd never have ridden around in forty year chariots and letting Fidel have skimmed fro the top. I hold onto that recollection when needed, for only drawing Brunettes, and which I keep as retort when they make Obama a superman without shoulders. He loved the comedy and the style of it, but isn’t right, I can image he is inundated with true believers an such, but felt a need to compliment me and asked if maybe I would so something like Italians comic booker Sassos Palestine, but alas don’t like to get that maudlin. Okay by him, still if Id like to send something else….

A woman too liked the work, openly a feminist it turned out Daisy Mae and barbie were not her faves, and she liked my amazonian Moonbeam, but alas it sensitive to only girls and women as contributors as the alphabet soup shit doesn’t work as well as say the Roman bathrooms did. She too felt moved to comment on my Pow Girls as they seem what wonder woman isn’t allowed to be as they openly spake at dc of making her look Greek as though that were a pejorative to the gumbas Jews at the cellars of Madison ave. My brother told me to sue the lines in the résumé as if blurbs, like critics on a film, which I am not sure I should or can, as have made it into a few more Movie festivals of super 8 accepted out of about Forty submissions, which I am told is not that bad. But no more money as a fee, over with that. A woman writes back II have been going back and forth with, as wanted to placed the ordinal eight pager Rag somewhere as have gotten much else of the sixty four first pages did back in 05 and not yet the original floppy which save two is sold out amusingly enough in the last few years on eBay. I sent in the original , I mean original , the galley sued by me to actually make those first fifty comics on a zerox at a Kinko’s all that time ago. When I sent them in, their smallness caused this woman to tell me that when blown up, they are muddy and unfocused, besides the story tying, hehe, but no, they are a pixilated mess at 8.5x11. Also she tells me, though I am not into Grotesque enough to be allowed into Marvel and or Disney and be a Gahan Wilson Copy doing warmed over Payroll, sorry Carroll, this wan, a feminist woman’s libber type, newspaper editor loves Rag, loves my Dire, loves mostly my reapportion of Veronica, Moon beam as Julie Numar hero, again I am asked, who could now one does this tow wonder woman, a once tuned to be fascist icon, now told to war pants lest the awful stink of her cunt borer the triumphant fags, and yet…She tells me that she cant allow the images of Ubermench, by the way as opposed to a comic hack fond that that name is in the public domain as it as written in the time of Pinocchio , as should maybe the for real’s superman by now, as he bates up on blond wig too much eye gloss wearing Vunderfrau, who Dore never liked anyway. She gets the gist, but still, it might be much fir a magazine for which such images cant be allowable.

I have never held the restrains of others as anything against me, as dont like co eds demand everyone say what I think, which is nothing when confronted by unspoiled monsters like Bill C and or Ben Rotten burgher or Jumbo allowed a level of Satyricon boyish horseplay for you wed call a felony, antics no ghost of Joe Paterno is befuddled allowed. You’d all better watch out which rapists you make your heroes girls as it nay lead you down that rabbit hole, or is it dark alley you cant get out of now called the Hillary admonition, all that left is a band of gold. Take it out, she said, not meanly, Take aught four middle ages, and Ill publish it, she says.

But though I hate Lucas and his letting all the original charm melt away, would like the first pages of Rag , the beginning as published as is about forty of the original sixty five here and there. In this earliest book Dore Explains to Veronica why he needs a new heroine for the comic opera which is getting Capt. Magnus back, as a stall worth against Hitle--Claus Kant, mien furere. Without that, it is an older pervert asking a hillbilly girl to take off hers dress and put on a one piece with a v on its front. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, and at eight pages, …still wonder if I should somehow rewrote and redraw this, but is the very talk of Ubermench beating Vunderfrau, I am devoted to showing the German aspects of your little funnies, …would I…? Yes I will, because this woman has been very nice as have many of thou outside the Kirby catacombs, the adults, and too, she took my side against the two loudmouth women who forwarded my emails as if they are always on the look out for apostates to their in flux doxy. She said to me, Tony, I don’t know who these hack woman are, or what they are about, but, I read your work, as see where you are coming from, what you mean, I, she said, am not such a fraud I have to be on the outlook for enemies and such, I don’t have put you or your whole RACE as incarnate in Capt. Magnus, at least to you down, to make myself feel like I actually believe in something. How bout that…? 


So, sex with a fat blond chick bloated passé pin up girl , recently, Who dyes herself up to make herself look like a more porcine platinum Jane Mansfield, not my favorite Jane, affected me in ways you think and not all bullshit mental and spiritu either. It as was much fun as you’d think, she doesn’t see herself as a fat girl, so there goes any pity sex or haranguing, a queen of spades as she calls herself, young Paula Dean over here is a bit of life and joy and she is an acquaintance of my Brother and she told him , now that her greasy grimy husband is gone, an epidemic in Obams America, she wonders if at first he, then I would pick up her as it ere sack. My brother thinks I am alone enough, and set it up between us, though when I said I don’t want to pay for sex, again, eh assured me this was just a gall in heat as has been scene Roman tenements. Full of gusto, double e’s, god bless her, and four foot none, and laying on a fake hillbilly accent, this ghetto Boadicea has given me sadly a condition called Balanitis, and more unease than discomfort, as was cleared of any VD. She just went at me hard and lest say Friction, a was actually just glad to be there and did as she commanded without need of whips or safe words, as sex is only dirty as Woody said, if you’re dong it right. Now writing it out after two weeks I can guess what it as with this lovely anachronistic pin up gal that left me so raw, and leave it at that.

So, too tired from the pills I was given to do anything started watching George Lopez, a cute show, harmless, that is a insult to the white girls and as seen on TV mister microphone like faggots needing chippings in their comedy, as opposed to Comeddia, but found it a relief after Ray Romano destroyed his life by being too close to the Toxic Scorsese. Vinyl was unliked by all, as he is now, and so, Ray Ray and his stage marriage fetish and blond children have been banished from the kingdom, reduced to one am and the like. I sat and watched this pleasant enough show, wondering why can George Lopez have a pretty wife who isn’t a bitchy cunt who has Klan instigation's, Jewish in laws and looks down on him as bitch incessantly, why is she cute this Constance Marie, and the girl as the daughter is cute and sweet and the family more human than that card of Jews parading to be long island Italians as Jews always do. 

Then I saw a commercial for a show coming up soon these cable stations who didn’t know what a mitzvah they had in Trumpy. I read Plautus since Te and sue his how to be a Roman Playwright as a canonical writ, like Bill Clinton does, but without the forays into Rape and Murder, something Rachel never understood cant be in a farce. Or soon this channel called history is another show, somehow gotten past the goalie Jews, about whoso else, your in laws themselves, than vandal and beloved barbarians, which this soon after the slaughter at San Bernardino, I d think you’d forgo. But no as a addition to your History channel of roots and Chumely selling Meth behind the chahkies and Frank the cheapo skimming off his top, oh well, its tie so you in laws and barbaric swine paper over that blatant hole in your résumé, the barbarian invasion and your eons of tree dwelling, which frankly no nigger and injuns being alluded can make you forgo. Barbarian is a Greek word, they hate and hated you more than anyone, seeing you, not them, and not even the Spartans, as the bastardization of the Trojan thus Aryan Ethic. The same channel telling us how much they love Vikings and the like now give us barbarians as hero, the good Samaritans with a knife, who knew how decent and noble you were as you cut off water to the south of Europe, how Jewish in the occupied lands of you, though we know the Romans ever kept water or roads from anyone, as that wasn’t what free traded that they adored, was all about, as the wall street journal, too late,  intimate of your dying Jewish empire. 

 [not so much censored as Plautus line, know thy audience.] 

Yecch, I thought as am too tired too do the pages asked this time, but as then ashamed to write this gal back and say its because my Wang if not hurts is so tender I have to piss into a glad bag lest the whiz go all over the place. Oy. Also this blond , natural Blond, that’s why she’s takeble and not a living doll in all those Vincent Price ways, is fond of gels and perfumes which may have been quite the thing to Darius but just got in the way to me. Still I sat and watched this commercial, bristling at it, a s you Jew and white in laws don’t know many like me, even blacks and Jews how matter are as saw it capped by an H, the logo to be Egyptian about it, the sage of the station, an H worthy of Hadrian’s wall, those walls that Barry said you don’t put up when you are by definition locking the golden door too rails who have never started America as much as the Rosenberg’s did, but by now, all is forgiven. Bow back to the colored’s we love I could hear Ed Norton say , now back to Charley Chan theater and George Lopez, oh wait, this its okay, but Charley Chan is not, somehow the Hollywood that brings you Joe Peshi digging shallow graves all Zane Grey, or is it Petrarch, is ashamed of an oriental solver of Crimes, but stay tuned for that big Colombo marathon as we are all suckers for nostalgia, Peter Faulk again a Jew who’d Ginny it up for fun and profit and at least, seemed as he told Cassavates to love Italay and Italians in ways sort of echoing patina of horse Saint Paul. I felt badly as I was meant to, that what this show is being made for , usually the barbarian cult and the vinyl stuff is not that acceptable in a good Roman year ending in a even number, yes , fuck you Jesus,, the barbarous as Tacitus said, still dream of Roman cloaks and Trump will be at the south face of the senate to bask in the winters s8n as praetor as all have since Numa, unless of course that call from Glenn Beck come out for a Brutal Patriot too kill Trumpy as our Crassus is losing radio stations, and putting three million bananas in a fix news outlet that no body wants. That horrendous would leave us with Bill Clinton as Trump's Antony to Cry Havoc and if you think I’m kidding….

So, I watched this commercial as I think Lopez girls cute and at wits end daughter was having her Quniseniara, again and Roman Italy things seen in the works of Apuleius and Petronius and always for a laugh, but sweet too before italic girls were made Whoopee Goldberg buddies and then disappeared in whole. I was ruined for the knight and not just from the horse pills I was given and the slaves I had to rub on my Roman part. But then, again, you house everything’s, and your white asters never think it through do you, there wars the Roman legions at some all you were trying so hard to defame and demean as even Glenn Beck asked if you cant say that the Jews who had a vested interest in destroying Jeuusu as they had when they deprived others with Greek and Persia and others always doing their dirty work, like Ben Laudin they are idea men, as in the men with the gray flannel suit of the ad man in twelve angry men, clever you know, a word even Copula can sue, or at least his minions can, ilk Oabams with thug, Ah it is the American dream.. I think I’m done with this for a while, I am hoping for Birney to start riots at the coronation, but i wouldn't hold my breath, a good Jew he fears the goys as rabble and he says Populist with the sneer of  doge, lest he lose his scab, I mean spics, who are willing to neither pay taxes or demand a living wage.As you are all so Unromantic its boring, but, in seeing this commercial for a show I hope dies, just to give it to you Jews where it hoits, I saw the Roman legions gathered there, somehow not allowed the self preservation that Israeli is when bombing tenements, somehow we cant recall in fact it as barbarian incursions into southern Europe, that place both Crystal and Brooks and Bacchus hate, which caused the hated and hateful Greek to like England, later with America say, lest give the Romans a satee at the table and see if these wasp paper men can beat back the barbarians about to destroy us and our brilliance as shown in the Ptolemaic system, the bullshit grafted into Christianity, a Christ who said nothing about planets, but the Greeks sure of their Keplar loopiness never held against them. Ah the Greek ethic of alas right now bequeathed to faggots, and still devoted to alloying anyone with the money to by pass the detours at Alexandria if they could pay the toll, like Amazon.

I STOPPED FEELING BADLY as just the symbol of eagles in the sun, against these barbaric horse, was almost heartfelt and warming to me, like the Middle earth, look it up, sun was to those barbarians the true God, as Cicero said, but alas life in fur and ice caused them to die off easily within the lands of Circe. I felt better as rather like Gorge Lopez, even his new show and especially that girl who plays his Signet ala Ann Marie had, a cute gal who looks and reminded me of a similar girl I had back and forth with named Trudy. Down to the glasses and the long skirts. I felt better as again, this show thought you were just showing the Romans as fodder, soon to be killed off by your truest conscript fathers, I reveled in you didn’t make them niggers like the doorman of all people as at Asgard,
yeowww, There only so far the rotten quince falls, as again like pink Christmas trees and Pow flags you shulbs ad schlemiels, like Italian they take the words from you they want, didn’t see it all as I and others would. The Romans are in full battle regalia, full men, standards up, ready to be destroyed if need be, but like men. This isn’t the middle passage, this isn’t Auschwitz, no save your sympathy and imperial blessings and white woman paternalism for others. These are the Romans, ready to die and fight, not inglorious bastards, hyping for arson, not Glory wanting, crying, Denzel, these are Roman men, and in fact, I wonder if this will be on, it was a reconstitution of the Roman army in the late fall that caused the barbarians actually to slud into the fall of Rome. No you can look it up, again for the first time in history the Germans reach out strapped its grasp, as despite the veins and the vice of them, no matter how vacuous they are they cant quite seem too win. This isn’t me or Dante or any other catholic you white girls can demean on Bozo middlebrow Amazon. Its Edward Gibbon, one reason he is disliked to, as his book ends alas it had to, not with Romans hiding in baseboards or planked like baseboards on a gallium, or kept in pens as FDR even did to you gooks, no the Romans are here, a reason that Jewry cretin Kubrick said Spartacus didn’t work, as the Romans stuff is so good and so great, like cheaper theater, you cant fuck it up, as even broken bit and epic scene can cause sold out shows they see AT THE MOMA, no the Romans are not going into the vault with Nazi Lugers, this is too good to leave to back markets, bust, The Romans are here, in full battle station, in the light of the apostolic god. The Romans gleam in the sun even as they look for another Homer to glorify their in laws, as Id think you’d take the Romans said, what with your barbarism at your crumbling gates, the Romans had a thing you should have empathy with, unlike barbarians who lived in trees and drank when it rained, the Romans had a roadside bomb about to burst apart them all called Pensions, money owed, pensions like Pensive and Penitentiary showing the bomb was about to blow. Gibbon ends the fall of the Rome as he should and he must with a rag tag Roman army as it goes back too its Marshall creed, as in a purist of Mars by the way, as they began down by all the endless wars made by patricians, all the Livia wives clutching and grabbing like the new jersey Devils for power and pricing, after a millennium of Romulus’s playing with their birdies, these Romans are heard, and you can have all the fat white pig men of the armamentarium, to tell us how again, like Wagner, the Germans are again better than they sound, still, here are the Roman , tough guys, not being fed through slats in a floor, not waiting for general Patton to save them and not fighting for a union who will for a hundred years lynch them and keep them in tenements as slaves, and like I felt when read that In the end of Gibbon, I must say, catholic schoolboy I am, there is something glorious and wonderful and yes, masculine, about all off that.



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