22 July 2017

POW -GIRL. A comic book novel.

a remake of a curricula comic done by me in 4th grade. It was based n the famous pages of a Lois as a superwoman as seen in the great compendium Comix,  a history of American comics, as i knew even then that the Della Street like Lois, paled so Pluckily by Phillis Coats was so seen ought to be made a Yenta in training,given life only brevity by Teri in  Mildred Pierce shoulder pads, and now reduced to mere red headed hag. Now KKKKKKKISSING CLARK KENT, in not an ABC musical, but incited in panoplies of deterioration fed to us, us made to rememberer amazingly and thoughtlessly, 911 destruction. So say I did a nice job here, as despite what was said to me by Slave Labors graphics girl Friday and that this was sexist garbage, i cant draw like this no more.


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