13 November 2016


11 November.

Keep getting some smiling Negro posting at me to somehow ban for profit jails  you know that now without Power, Barry can go back to being the radical sheik now that the white men he surrounded himself with are all back to the war business as lobbyists for our only Satan approved industry. Like so much for you house coons, Democrats policy was made by what the Clinton's had in their portfolio. Please tell your fellow ho dee doers that if they couldn't trash Trump as a vulgarian with that rapist standing there as the destroyer of Monica, no one will cry out here , I admit, saw it coming, for the jailer who disrupted sista soldja first. To paraphrase Ovid, with the Clintons there is no where left to turn. All I know is that when George Will and Keith Olbermann are on the same side that just means that the other side of the boat has a hole in it. Sorry George but your dinner with the Praetor is over, you will never come back from this, and since all is bidness your enemies at fox, will dismember you and scatter your baseball cards to the wolves.  You served too much Crow. I bet Bill would get that, as its funny the aging guard Queen is left with rag tag Bund stragglers and trash and filth as they try to get the bitch back into her imperial shoes, tres Tyberius at the end, gloomy and conniving a way off his island to retake power. And I could and end this election  coverage here, as America deserves  its peace now, say that and suck my own dick, that I called that too by mentioned that Bill Clinton mentioned Tyberius and show myself as quite the auger. But to be Franciscan about it and not Jesuit, I must say from what I gathered on that Jewey Radio hour, an ACLU but more shhheeeehh,  oy, it wasn’t that Tyberius that Will would have first thought of. It was a senator and his brother who were torn apart and who were beaten to death in the once vaunted now flophouse senate, by all the lords of power and the priests, a sly joke, of the Empire coming humnnnnn,  that wasn’t loaded for bear was it...? It was that Tyberius, the one even vicious Livia named a son for, I wrote Caveat about, has his mother hurl his dead body in the alter of the senate, as I write three pages in ancient Tuscan dialect just to be a bitch.

So, don’t know why I found this as haven’t really looked for dear Wendy that much when I suppose she had enough of the weenies and ninnies strangely vicious towards her, as they gobble up, see what I did there, fat bloated porcine women who eat crullers not only before but during cunnilingus, in our dying res publica, where as Ovid sadly intoned, the perverts have taken the fun out of everything. I did see somehow that Wendy, My Wendy, was still taking her cuts as it were, and I would surely film her in a batting cage, and was dodging some audition for CBS, which looking for some election coverage as bad too get various out, without a TV, I went there. Sorry NBC, no one wants to play 21 anymore. So, saw her the pretty goddess, with belladonna smirk more than fake ass pepsodent smile the perverts love to see,  though have yet to watch the link, as had too get things here and there, and I felt well towards her and wished her the best avenge out loud. As I said the creeps and the fetishists at these fat girls sites I do not traveled to anymore as am too much a Romantic, they have a hard on fir her, in both ways, angered they are that she would use the Peek-a-boo thread of pin ups and calendar girls one a signage of the American empire as we all drift into a Gomorrah but with enough Jews on the payroll so we can all feel sanctimonious about out bathroom antics. I felt good for Wendy and hope she gets whatever job this was, as it as sign to the weirdos and the creeps, the self imprinted  Juvenal’s of cable TV like Bill Marrh, somehow able to be on the amen side as Jewish cripples as war is our business, and thus wonderful and nothing else matters, it felt good that she was ate least trying gamely to get away from the Caste stemma, that others like Scorsese had been sued and utilized to place us all in, until of course got too close to wall street, where in fact, all occupations are soft moved. I wished her the best and hope she , this Beatrice hope she gets out of the inferno of strangely fronting perves, and one handed faggy alders, who hated this girl as a remnant of the acrimony of the Clintons, as some pigs are better than others, some gals don’t get wept for by a few good men, the genius show saw a wall that need to be guarded with Horatius devotion the same time that the berlins walls came down, causing Gene Sisckle to shake his head incredulously at the duplicity and silliness, of it all. So, having eyed what your perverts did when a lovely brunette girl came too near to them, just doings  what Grandma Empire said we can, destroying the brunette girl as Maureen Dowd is able and willing to do, we now know that a lot of conferrable shoes DAR Types and others woman with pearls oh gee, ceeeeraaaash, didn’t vote for Hillary, at all, as this time at Trimalchios diner there just wasn’t enough Brisochi to swallow all that crow, pun of course coming naturally. As I said I could never be Tim Burton and make a career out of stealing images and grave robing Gahan Wilson, neither like Sorkin could I have strip minded Preston Stergis and Jack Webb. 

So, don’t tell me, the Italian boy since 1972 adored by tactician nuns who would make Rachel and George look like the Oxbridge high fallowing middlebrows they aren’t quite as good at being as they were ten days ago, tu know when elections were sacrosanct , at least it they were when they went the die were supposed to, ah but if anyone could lose a loaded dice game it was…my essay about the golden door got me notice and acceptance that dust up with bleeding cool makes them all say now at these websites looking for graffitist work, that suddenly Men are not to be wholly dammed, as lesbians who have radicals web sites rather like my Captain Magnus as did Bill Clinton giving me a like six years ago out so, he as the image of the man as they can get behind, without having to be one of those effeminizers who hold a purse of like Andiepioo have a look of debarred monk, as Mother seems to be again leaving, and as in Shane, alas saying a plaintiff come back. And I am a HAM, as in either  Homosexual, Asian or Minority ethic, and again, think fat Mike and his armies of the suburba, this will all pass away once Roman Bill has had enough, and the money dregs up, as the rag tag army against Hannibal, fighting out of genetics you arent. So don’t have the Jew Yorker lecture me about walls, I know all about them, or at least bridge and tunnels and recall the every warning my father gave me of Columbus mistake, and I know when need be the Knesset at the new Rome of charmers and red necks can make the golden door a wall, simply with the turn of a lock. Don’t give me Charlie Habdo bullshit cartons about crying Liberty, as what would make even a French goddess cry would be a wife, yechhh, horning on her husbands mistresses and derailing them for fun and profit. I recall her in better times, in say the GODFATHER AS shorthand by a beard charmer who thought he was a Roman poet, making the godfather in La Bohem, or worse just standing there as white boys and gals scream about their insurance, or misled just a inert rock, as soon to be dead James Gandolfini had his fat face there, explaining just be face made how much more fun you all had in the days of your last minstrel show, as racism like all else in our Jewish ghetto of Florence is in flux,  is always allowed as long as you can get to watch the sopranos the Wire or any other Roman comedy about the Sicilians, they were seen as killer clowns when Oxford still a swamp, and that inside too was what had more liberals than not actually start to wish me well. Its like one of these barley closeted fags on a tear against Wendy, but they do show the picture fulsomely and apparently lest no one click, see, who was so bothered by her spelling, like a lesbian schoolmarm  hated by Ovid would be. You become, dear Hillary as your hero Caesar said, that which you have destroyed. Don’t quote him dear if you haven’t read the whole book.

The next time you make everyday a lupricalia  dear, read your husbands little black book, no not that one, his copy of Commentaries, as you might have leant something, and the rag tag scumbags aren’t long for the world as Bill I can hear him yell, saying to his own NBC operatives, knock it off before they dos something stupid like install Roman Bill as the first lady, uh, a fate worse than losing. I didn’t tell Hillary to back out back down, cunt  out or Jew down, space on us and leave, I didn’t tell her to not play this out to the third act, I didn’t tell her to go screaming at her coven and not like a man, a Roman, just stand there and take it  and with decorum, and dignity and say I lost, as there is no disparate in that, but there is to the next thousand deaths of George Will, should this con even last that long, Ah you showed your cards as Ma  would say, and you showed they were marked, and now its over, as Roman Boy Bill, makes it apparent back off, coeds and Emily Dickenson cretins dandle your nigger boyfriends, as even Boiney and Lizzie and all the erst of the rose parade saw that map, in which she, a true Cowboy, made her stand at the too Slimy sleazy Rio Grande and left the great lakes up for grabs. To boys like me and Bill it’s a learned habit, this Jesuitical thing, and he isn’t going be made first lady, like some woman, boy does that come with a sash. ...or just a tiara...? Not the one he wants. It is much to ask for, that Negroes, faggots and Jews and fat chicks on the pad be able to go by the Roman calculus of the republic, but the next time you want to sing out a cantore requiem for your defaced hag, Vanna, I know its hard with the fact that New Verona only has a few families from which to choose and so awful are we that our Antonio’s and Metrcucclios like Willie are not even devoted as much to their own crime family as to the keeping of Sicily poor, it is hard to do this having only the Monteverdes and the Capilittis from to choose, but next time you hold a requiem for a death of the republic because some hack cow lost, make sure, by the scheme of Galileo, make absolutely sure that you didn’t vote against the bitch first. So am off to have Thai food for the first time in my life, and so, Remember, It was Tyberius who was destroyed by the industrialists and the commmunnnnitaaaay, pimps and aldermen that We did better than you, and on command the poor on rich men's pads, and to give the man a slight Roman toast, Ill leave it at that.


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