01 February 2017


i. The basic tenet at to all I am and do is this simple phrase, as I have said before. I am not again one of those lovable wops you see and enjoy on television.

ii. During Saturnalia, I committed to and did three strips which is my word for sometimes multipage comicals and cartons and one pagers and did them all as I said I would. Have to hear back about one and the others are sent in and cast as dice. I DID THE pages during the holiday, as it was nice diversion from the vibrato and the cum stained poison that came from hags and creeps, trash and thugs who suddenly imagine this, weren’t as against OLD grey mare Hilly as you would have thought when in fact they voted against her so often than any trashed concierges or gone baby gone negroes who didn’t show up for her, as perhaps as I thought and even warned, too many middle class families were shattered and torn asunder by this bow caster shown as lovers of the familiar party when in fact more than a few back men and sons and fathers were sent to prisons and wars, the only jobs program the Clintons and Bushes can argee upon in the duchy they have figured to split between their paltry takes.

A gal I am working for as much as anything, I say with, but as most things juts do what II do and send it in, good or bad and don’t take as Sallust said, Dictation. She asked me, Tony why is it when you show a standard  as you often do in your work, she liked the image of the Italian banker standing smoking under a standard as he was, Brutus he was named, as in the yellow sun air of all placed Buffalo, New York, a standard flies sadly and forlorn ly from a blue state and thus left to the rigamortis of aldermen and tenement upkeep, a telephone pole, and she added, why is the standard sin your work, like this and telleus meter, the solider in shining metal armor, why is the standard always frayed and barley kept together…? Because, it is I said, and vain gloriously myself sent her a link to a work called Regalia explaining all that was about to happen, if it was bloated an pompous and self righteous it might as well be German, this making her laugh Jewish she is, and broken and frayed and busted and unraveling, like the republic in which we live, it is and decent and Roman and whole and pure, like the three graces, and is like those last pages in the decline and fall of the roman empire, whose last gasp as roman soldiers does and did so bother the English queers who thought it impunity to give in a copy of an English book a twenty page translators introduction, much like the one in my Boccacchio, lest I take away the wrong ideas that Penguin didn’t want me to take. I must make the standard as sketchy and unsheltered and barley held together as that first and last Romans awards was, the clean dun shining lies of Augustus if I may and the cleaning quickies if imperial woe mean little to me as much as does the at wits at arms length at odds at extremis, at last bastion at ends and means stand of a society of Italian farmers whose crass crowns are true and real, as grass and wool and old incitements are the best and only honoraria they have We'll get there thanks to the Bush family and their new found help at Yale quads, soon enough. There is dignity, dignities honor I say and am told in poverty, the nuns told me, as they and the priests too, they loved that last gasp of Roman devotion too, from where I learned it as a boy in 1977 or so, and it is in that unraveling red stained reminder and clutched unto silk, like say that of a praetor who wont share his manta with mother dreariest, in which there is a sadness of empire which you Jews and spics haven’t ever gotten close enough to too ever understand, much less take that thing which is the fulcrum of all art, realization and recognition.

iii. I had a chance to get some comics done and our there, although again and this now is a trend, I WAS TOLD NOT TO USE the characters I HAVE made and subsequently copywritered as my own, again not trusting the society that the society of Jesus and my father told me was a nest of vipers long ago that make Sicily look positively tame and un highwaymen as Himmler himself once said the third Reich was nothing compared to the nation of Ragtime and the stealing of superman from Jewish kids, you know so new Hercules could fight Hitler for the temerity of thinking his race was dominate when in fact they were barely English at all, and didn’t even have a real history of slavery as the Spanish and Jews had. Slaves adhere to your masters that Jewish praetorian said, you know.  Poor Shuster, he who got nothing for creating that better mousetrap, which is better as all things American as a theoretical and thus no string attached idea. I have been told before I could not use my own ideas, but unlike comics I have done called Mr. Invincible for writers wishing to get a foot hold somewhere anywhere though I may not be the best to do that but who like my work, they don’t give me a character they have invented, which I am more than wiling to do, no, they just tell me whatever it is I cant own it, but they wont give me one. My brother, as I have said,  is sharper and smarter than I, as I have said smells a con, but I went ahead and did five covers for this miniseries anyway, though couldn’t use Angry as a magazine of satire, as I have sued, but instead they saw a cover I had done and posted I called Mud, which somehow waddnt a copyright infringement, which a I have said before an since Augustus, there has always been a satirical intent codicil to our empires greasy weasel laws about copyright, which even the Italians and Romans you see as all criminals have never had.  Did my share of it and sent some in and as usually happens the people as if they had never seen my work before; again, they were not kind or impressed.

Why was I dong this then I thought, as have cast off most work in a under the weather time of January, but wasn’t sure exactly what they thought I was to do, or why, as suddenly I was far too subtle I was told, --that’s ME, EVEROYNE I WAS TOO SUBTLE, WOW, still they wanted more cartoonist, which I wasn’t  enough, more like Wally wood, -- that’s ME AGAIN THAT’s ME THAT THEYY WERE TALKING TO, GOOD GRAVY!—I wasn’t cartoon enough whatever still, I really wadnt in the mood to keep going, at all, and again somehow they felt cheated as if I ever preened to be anything else. But while doing some of these pages I went to the internet and looked up free copies of comics I was trying to redo or do like, and as I may have said at face book was looking for NOT BRAND ECCH as I love the work of Marie Sevrin, especially as her Wonder woman, who I noted like the Scarlet witch is given a larger bust and true black hair in these comics, freed from whatever edicts and caveats, decrees and demand that uncle Stan placed down, as it took roman satire to allow a pretty brunette into the bullpen where Jack the hack made sure a brunette like his wife would never be welcomed into his fake world as wives were horses that bitched at poor men who may or may not have had Capote put his underwear back  in backwards as a signage to the wife that this blind hack later re seen and made into a Virgil by sportscasters on political hack TV, turns out I was right when I said he was a canary in a gold mine as the mimeos are starting to fly, was again, playing the filed with keep girls at Gothem quarterly. I downloaded the massive fold more than any other shared ware comic I ever took off the tubes of the internet, a reason I took a nice respite from having put the ram on me by men of the people who find again and too late that the Bush And Sorsus IOUS aren’t worth the people they are written on, as in Scorsese and old movies, those snowflakes turn out to be soap fakes, and detergent, just like the blood that smears itself in the tenement walls, as I a Roman prefer less falseness than all of this. As a Roman I say if bothering to put blood on the wall, or like an antony have it cover your hands as a signage of ones liberator decency, it better be fucking real blood, that’s for damn sure.

iv. I downloaded the comics, and after a few pages not having found wonder woman yet or ever Marie yet, whose brother husband if connected at all, John Severin didn’t get a book of his mad work in a box set of comics as did my beloved Jack Davis and Wally Wood and Elder whom as I said, I have never liked, as if again Severin, he was persona non grata because as that blimp citizen Gaines said he didn’t ‘draw funny’, which im still not sure what that even means. In this comic, I saw what I think is wrong with America to day, shown even back then by the king of hard sell, old Stan the man Lee, who never stops closing to the pivot that enough already, as with Scorsese is the only legit answer to the position like talents of a perpetual motion machine, is he. I saw that I can interestingly enough speak for the rest of America cant take about the horrid satire now, the cutsey pie way that the marble comic creeps were shown, a play at satire, and the meanness at which the brad X dc was shown, meanness which parades and sanctifies itself as satirical when its nothing but its ugly unmarried and unmarketable cugine Ridicule. I was not shocked really and glad I didn’t pay the thirty bucks I  would have bought the whole kit and caboodle for at a local comic store, of using my augers gifts t know id hate it, as this was an American thing as seen now, in that NOT BRAD ECCH was a perfect distillate of the strage underpinnings of sanctimony from a hard sell goniiff like Old Stan, always be closing Stan, Glengarry Glenn Ross Stan, poormouth blue streak Stan, I had a feeling this was what I’d get and actually started to resent having sued a whole gigabyte to get it down as again, there was level of meanness that I will never have and cant thanks to the Franciscan  nuns as never as willing to be on the Bush family payroll as never ever will be as have an inkling their vaults are filled with postdated  checks, and lead nickels, and they like all patricians of names and names only, are more weathered and hollow like the Hillary campaign alas as we now hear from prince of foxes as his ilk always does when Lucretzia is gone and tries to get back in the rabbles aside again as life if not imperia goes on bra my oh how de life gooes ouhnnn, obladay obla dah… Sometimes the wind itself   tells me of the unfrayed standards of the Bush house dry cleaned and ever so proper, the House of M, upturns downthrows, fake patrician hood are always over cleaned, and kept much more nicely than those held by the rabble marching arks through Italy or in Dante’s Florence trying too melt the Ice, and find the old ruins, and that as roman Tony says is a dead giveaway to the dust of imperial rot within.

v. What made me sad was seeing these hags and cunts trash and pigs, in some Greek choruses of fag hags and queens, whiter cunts than you know, myopic and ugly witches, sorry if harch, too harsh for the pigs, nothing more wide sweeping or demeaning than  a fag named Dickens seeing of the women as all the witches of Italy, maybe that should be vce versa but don’t care to get that penny dreadful hack right, as there were no gracious ladies or far away goddesses of Chaucer for that queen, a fish run lead by ageing twat Madonna, whose knew wasn’t just using a gynecological exam as a replacement for having talent. Ah, but once again old divine miss M is always right and has seen her ilk before god knows, no matter who white your skin is dear, you coming as she did from the same Umbrian Plains as Alan Alda and Cassius, still you are a dago whore dear and my mother warned me about how you masters will eventually treat you honey, especially  if show a Neapolitan love of the sun and the sex which Cicero even said came from the worshipers of it as is found in that ancient city. Speaking of which, I by accident heard this cretin again on the Radio, speaking of the traps they lay for even the lightest sonend of the Neapolitan wouldn’t take that as an insult as her kind might, I heard this Huge faggot shit on cbs radio, still screeching about Penn State for reason  am unsure as that great ending for the last class of Joe Patetno seemed to enflame our human hemorrhoid even more as I don’t know what he is looking for exactly, a disinterment  of Joppa’s grave, perhaps,  I m snot sure, but something must be done, he demands what I am sunerrs, as the rapists and wife beaters start to outnumber those who are not in the nfl he like they do seems to carrey water for. As all Lee j Cobb public avengers as he always insists, though I am unsure what it why or where or how, but something more must be done as he revels in calling whatever gaped there in that shower as rape, saying it with a child’s joy at saying a bad word, whereas Rape of women as done in say the north side, and black couches who knew of hangovers gong nowhere , that isn’t such a big deal as he  brings up Rottensbugher as do all the tomboys without so much as a dirty word. This creep keeps screeching about Penn state, for reasons I am uncertain, but I can smell the sulfur, maybe nothing more than Italians have been made a stand in for all the darkeis I’m so sure he ready hates, whoever it is wherever these linemen are kept in, whatever it is that tooth as pop says is rotten and makes the tongue go there, whatever, it shows something that they standing on principal, ever know is as transparent as the face maskers never really understand. I don’t know what this hack hag creep pig wants exactly maybe only fake outrage, maybe worse, maybe he doesn’t know either, but something about a man going out is way too make sure we know he is firmly against child molestation called rape by him n a glissando of fraudulence, again while the nfl seems more than willing to have woman molesters in its ranks despaired what unmarred first and Tom Sawyer like gals say on cable TV, whatever this creep is after I don’t know.

But he keeps saying the word death penalty over and over, as if it means something, carefully not a Latinesque Precedent, god knows as certainly he don’ts seem to be as concerned about how in the black arts of legalism somehow a gal who called herself raped was through the Jewish jujitsu of legalese, made a whore who now that we think of it may have actually went to a co- ed party asking to have ten men cum in her yap, all woman are whores if not ugly witches, see Dickens above, so, at any minute with the cunts on their side in their pockets it is amazing how quickly that wall of cunt that can be whipped about there can find itself love of eye socket blood is just for those who make a Playboy cartoon or an aside, but if the fates are going to get even with Ben and the rest of the now called killer bees who lost their stingers on prime time television, well, that will have to come through the attritions of bad ratings. Think this ghoule getting Patrenos hide would have fed this interviewing vampire enough, and yet, I smell the sulfur as did Gore in that film, and as for this hack saying there was never a connection between sports  and the university system, wrong again, dear old hack, closet everything. You see going back to the ancients and to the recreation of universities again, Oxbridge was in fact still a cow pasture when the lyceum remade at Naples was breaking down, but what cabal television show would be sad neigh to show that like so much erected first in Italy before like with poetry and rock and roll England could make its oxen go across bridges and preened they invested it, the roman line was sound mind sound body and thus people were emptied to play at parts as a way to learn sportsman ship and decency an such, and after all, dear sissy old, Gymnasium in fact, naked youths and I ever told the Latin wished for me to take by my own lets say, eyeing priests, it means that in fact, as some I know anyone who is attached to sports in such a way well it to my jaundiced eye reveals much the more you are sure you aren’t standing in principal I  hear echo’s of something else, but then such is my greatest talent.

I do hope that idiot Madonna is put in jail for insinuating that shed blow up the white house, oh as close as shell ever get to be an ISIS, as Turan or Minerva alas was always out of the question, Venus only as an American way as turning the tricks of entrainment and with her fake Brash accent, the essence of American hood, as I have been of eating crow always with her ilk, everything can be a sad sexual pun. I do hope after she aid she so hated Trump and is soooo devoted to Hillary you see shed commit mass murder, where were you at when those hospitals were being bombed, but then Madam Lugosi has made a party as crass as all the gumba Jews have always been.

To blow up the praetorium, a mere toll booth I grant now, is sad even for this aging whore. So blow up the white house, dear, squeaky is catching, and through, easier than having to vote for her, again the reach is all, such a good little wop living out her dago creed as murderer and a history of Vice that the Jews are so sure of as they build their pens I wasn’t allowed to be against once, how about that…? I HOPE SHE IS PUT IN JAIL, accused you see dear, you hack, you dago cunt, you stupid wop twat, see Barry the fairy when in full imperial bloom, he made sure that words were brought back such a wonderful lovely man, he made sure that Irish garbage like Billo and Chris Matthews could call men sympathizers again, words made a joke in Altman and the MASH I LOVED AS A KID, words like rabble rouser and men were put in jail for merely thinking the thought crime that America somehow wasn’t allowed to crack open a nation for no reason, the giant flag wipers barely recall that, the whip having been theirs for far too long and they thought they had bought it. and not only not leaving roads like the Romans, they managed to make sure priceless antiques were stolen and somehow all ended up on tear sheets and safest and sups of for sale papers sent to various western museum lists, as though this was an Arab and not quite the bonanza that is Roman stiff to the middle browed cultured of America still, was a bargain at these prices. I hope duped ageing cunt like stake tartar Madonna goes to jail as better Italians went to jail as we know now than her for less. Not only is this cunt no Gina or Sophia or Peir or Cardinale red and full breasted in the Tyberius trees. I want this hag to go to jail, because being a button man is sad enough of a Italian American crime dream, but doing it for an ageing hag cunt like Hillary or any Clinton, or any Bush even is an Italian tragedy whose retiling had been done enough so much it makes the lesbians angry, or muddy, as the case may be.

vi. At some hungered, haggard, ragged convention of unmarred pigs, this old whore got up and said this masking thing, showing again the liar tells the truth when thinking they are lying the most, another off those Jesuitical equations you really should have read up on dear Madam Borgia Hillary before putting America through this perpetual third act you wont lay go.

As I write again this, prince off foxes tread gingerly, seeing the hemorrhaging off ratings says it isn’t purely we don’t hate you middle classed 240 percent grown  poverties pimps and Sicilians, no we just never noticed you much even though we had an inkling you couldn’t stand Livia. He dismissed the queen of the Tyberian body count. Now that’s entrainment. The kings of the last act age are falling in the chilly winds, as I said, quoting the beloved by Jesuit when I was a kid Napoleon said losing is its own purge but again, with these ratings…sorry well see who wishes to be a sellout for eth dying old queen, as I know one thing, this dago cunt Madonna, like Michel Corelone being a war hero, they love trashing the Italians best with their worst, Donna not so gentila, our handmaiden at a perpetual Salo, ho!!!!!!!!, isn’t the sort of Goddess that my brother Bill, brazen Bill has loved since he was a kid as have I, Madonna has never been my Italian goddess, though she is Umbrian with blue eyes and white skin, same as Beatrice, oh Darwin was a liar, she isn’t my her, the she, and I dint think  his, so I’d be careful again as I have warned as much as anything, if this Kotex patrol thinks that Capt Billy will let this keep making him relive this failure of his name over and over, your family has my name on it dear, too out it in the terminology of the only roman mythology we are allowed, if you hags and twats think Bill will live through this snow strum, this sludge, this Italian avalanche much more,well I have a feeling that our tie wearer wont. As how about a woman telling me I made that up, oh go ask Maureen dear, I bother the hags instantly, if you think my buddy Roman Bill, which was a designation bothering this hag too, if you think my man Roman Bill, yes Roman Bill, I take it the hee haw analogies didn’t bother you enough to mention it, oh well, sorry, but one has to pull out if the skid before it takes you off the minivan bridge, dears, as I have  feeling that the Roman Bill show I was going  to tell him  this and then felt to leave him, alone that Roman as a descriptive bother some hag, well as he would say quoting Plautus again, you don’t have any, I have an inkling and am alas right, ask Arod I knew hed, uh, run out of steam, and the flags didn’t come that day, i have a feeling our buddy Bill always took the side like me of Norman Mailer, and I leave it at that.

 Goodnight, Laura. 

vii. A public official was according to wgn gotten rid if dared  to call these sold witches and crows ugly women…I cant say what I see this time, lovers of truth when it came to the sopranos like those stung by wolves of wall street positively ballistic you hurled your shit at them, as they always are exempt. OH, I cant say all the Jew jokes, fine once, now which were fine for Monica, or the woman once shown as graces on Roman works were almost no one Is blond, imagine that, and now have been placed in a limbo until the hags and the bitches are retold to disrobe another praetors girlfriend just because its fun, ….oogh F you dears, see along with those spics and Arabs who think they are loved, remember Roman Antony’s scenes of the gilded door amid how quickly you and find yourself as persona non grata and how fast a man can become Pompey with of all people Chuckie as the wall street bankers friend as champeen of the poor and the weak and where do I go to dip my beak, emphasis’s on the beak….well I will call you anything, I have he impunity of the roman dago mad man at the triumph, less like anything Caesar had for Hillary as much as Sky Masterson singing away in a sewer that shed be saved by a Roman goddess, who has always hated her and loved her husband in front of her, like most of the DAR.

But to show how sad I feel as this march of the unaired and unquaffed was going on, depilatory cream is after all a mark of imperialism as somehow Gigi Marquez never is, still, during this another TACITUS MOMENT OF SAD RELAXATION, THAT FROZEN MOMENT IN WHICH WORDS AS DANTE SAID ARE UNNECESSARY, and might just muck things up. So Goodnight Mary, and Della my beloved boyhood goddess as  a symbol of the kind of woman I desired and wished for so bad, some of us need, finding only the conniving with lesbians whose divinity just begged too be demeaned with wayward, no icy and careful smarmy dismissals from Roman plays and farces, the society girl Friday we all dreamed of before the rabbis left being so near my pops decaying candy store, he asking my dad to send me to Harvard as a spitting from the inferno heart to the Harvard swells. But, my father would have no part of it, as these two old men missing the old country more then William Payly would call for, so Della Street,  the rialto cigarette girl sympatric Kelly girl answer to the bloved by television married woman as she helped her oafish hero solve crimes always on the side of the defense and never as cops a da, they were always buffoons then. Della and Laura are gone today I write this, sad it is, but even a misto mother seeing this who she adored them too, before we all became Ovid’s blonds in the mausoleums, and the brick and the Romans weren’t fitting anymore to a Jew or Arab chancre diner party thrower who was serving shit, from where again we get as I once proscribed, eating crow. THE IDIOT, unaccustomed to the Georgetown sub urba life and still a hack and a grasper as his ilk always is, served crow to the swells of the fashionable part of Rome, and didn’t uh,…lets say what is called, what does my mother do to those fish she salts as was taught by the Chinese who got there first or most, well when you take a beast and tress him for eating tailing out the innards, which the Italain to Greek and Jews horror thought, made sausage and sweetebards were as edible as anything. See, to eat crow means in plicate Romans circles forever ever since to eat shit. So, I packed here a story told to me by a Jewish chubby cute office girl once at DreamWorks,  who saw my work as despite myself and my affections quite early to sell and make and even commercial, --how dare you!—Still she sent me missives from la la land, as I was far enough away to make it count. and she told me that Madonna, Madonna, Madonna, writhe around and Twyla it up when you say that pal, sucker, she wanted the role of the princess in that snotty movie made my loved Meathead, and this girl told me that not quite a chip off the old block as have adored Carl since he my first hero and who I wished to become, ALANNNNNN BRAAAAYADDDAYYYYY….that’s when we were all Jerry Paris then, and that in this fairy tale movie, that Madonna wanted to play one of the roles like Stallone as superman  she was ‘too Italian’ for, as  Meathead wouldn’t even read her. I DON’T KNOW IF TRUE, BUT AS THE JESUITS TOLD ME ANY LAWYER WHO CAN’T GET HEARSAY INTO A TRIAL ISNT WORTH HIS FEE. I have loved Rob Reiner since I a kid, and he was a best part of wolf of wall street, don’t forgo the audience, dont sneer at them too much, kids, the Roman rules still the same, don’t do it Martin, it is everything!, as I heard some Jew trying too make him out to be some turn coat , as the white woman now use shame you see that for them dint, even to Brady fer Trumpie, you’re only allowed to be close to a man like that of having the bonds of matrimony and Italian history dear, but see, don’t use shame you anti Dellas, and anti Lois that our Lana Langs always hate, see cause if you want to use shame you really should, you Pittsburgh football fans and democrats, have less rapists in the parade than you do.

viii. A girl I sort of met came up to me, because of my Cowboy hat, and she started to talk to me because of it. As another cute Italian woman, quite Sarah Spanish in demamenor, she told me with a knock of her fingers against my navy blue cap, ad its cesarean star, playfully causing its blue bill to fall against my face, and when I sited it up saw this pretty, lippy, gal standing there with smarty smile, Hey dude, she said, I feel bad about the cowboys, too. Never turning up my nose at a pretty girl of that tanned Gumby smiled sort I said as reaffixed my cap, lest she know I am as bald as I am, my meter like Bills is always on, I said, I don’t feel bad young lady, I had an inkling that the Cowboys were going to be the human sacrifice in this rites of vespacian —I trailed off realizing this pretty, tanned skin, girl had no idea what I WAS TALKING ABOUT, and so just smiled back, always a smart thing to do. She started too tell me how she was disappointed in that lug Arod going on to again, as I augured, lose badly in a championship game , but at least as I sometimes do , despite the circumstanced, that piggish lout coach did get another line in his always flouted at you résumé of liens and championship games, when not playing  a cowboy team suddenly avowed too be openly rigged  against by a dying sport and the bloated hack who is taking if off the ledge, dimwit Gödel, is stupid enough  to think  America  hates, as despite the paid and payee house everything’s who support him and his teams of rapists and cheaters cable television, its the audience he loses. I saw, she said, her smiling at me and quite curvy in a long limbed sort of way, that they cant sell this super bowl to no body she said, and it serves them right, showing again, as Machiavelli said, no one is as stupid as they hope they are, and as in fact, America, that place supposedly against the cowboys has said a giant Feh to blood sport this year causing the tom boys and the sissies and the ninnies if sport talk to not know the first rites of Roman circus. To that jewie rat in fan radio whose numbers have plummeted too, as this super bowl shows us what the next for years would have been had Hillary wan, yawwwwwwwnnnnnn, there is indeed as Niccollo said a fatiguing quality to evil and again, despite the niggers of spirits radio and television and the Prairiea filled with cowturds, no one wants to root root root for Tom Brady, already openly laughed at, and for him to get even with the fact that some one caught him yet again. I hate when he and the Clintons are said to be Machiavellian, that BLACK SIANT OF the black Priests, it bothers me as to say that if they were more like Machiavelli, they would be caught so often, but that just me. I’m not watching any shitty instant apathy uberbowl, I’m watching Mary.

She was very cute, an Italian girl of the sort unseen on the Jewish theater that is acceptable Minstrel shows asking to be seen as art as Gene Siskle called it all, and she stood there more affable and open to me that I often think girls are or should be to and with me as I am perhaps a bit more guarded than I ought to be. She continued talking to me as if she knew me and I found here very pretty, friendly, and disarming. She had those lovely, droopy, half asleep eyes of a Mitchem sort, the kind of moody somnambulant eyes and dopey air I adore and a long thing lipped smile, very Italian as again unseen on the myriad of minstrel  shows that Jewish in laws and America has loved as they pretend now they just love Muslims so now, so much and see,  if they happen to close the golden door and or bomb an aids caravan all paid by Jews and such who start to get a bit nervous  when they lay it on so thick as the hypocrites literally always do. And, which doesn’t even make a needle move amid the smiling and red carpet dancing hags, you Arabs now beloved as they weren’t for Fisa bills that the 400 voted against, no matter what they Jew us down with now, do remember to take the whoops and the apologies with the with crocodile tears and apologies with the can of salt they deserve, remember, it doset rain drones, it  pours, and bidness is bidness. Watching the Laugh in reruns, which we aint getting anything like now that the National Biscuit company thinks they are going to be the new Fox, so fuck you fat hags, and such is life,  what you get when you sell your soul to the arms traders and toasters makers, I realize as a boy again, I hated Lilly Tomlin who comes in now two months into this replay, as I find this hag cunt was trying to take over for and from the gal I really did like, the cute Ruth. I hate that cunt Lilly Tomlin, ever leaning her or her usual mod aspect of making fun of the menially and viciously trashed  the working women, telephone operators and in fact DAR. I hated Lilly Tomlin, even as a kid, and her smart ass act, making fun of  the housewives and telephone operators, and ladies in ermine and furs, dammed and demeaning all, as Ruth always seemed much cuter and more of a cutie pie to me, prettier more than she was allowed to be, but funny Ruth Buzzi who I always had filial dago piety for an with. Plus Ruth, she seemed to be game enough to wear a bikini or even a one piece too dame it up for the news, as the other one doesn’t seem willing to do so, not that I feel slighted by it.

She was quite open and friendly to me, and this made me calm down and be frisky to her and she was quite friendly and started to talk with me. Here in this sad new Sicily they have invested which my mother taught me about when rape victims with names and skin more like Joe Paterno than not, this street corner girl told me she was set upon by three miscreants out to rape her in the sad perpetually duchy town. There idiots were out to rape this girl there in the abandoned left behind town. She like one of the smart princesses in Calvino didn’t lose her head or get cursed as they did their share of Italian woman as my mother warned me, as it was open season here in the cesspool once, near  black bar, she started screaming ARAB TERRORISTS, ARAB TERRORISTS!!!!! AS SHE RACED TO THE EMPTY DEPARTMENT STORE WINDOWS, as smoked these idiots, one of whom I knew by name as a wop dimwit always hanging around the white trash hillbillies they were always willing to be muscle for, the patristic of the black bar came out with brickbats and stool legs and beat these fools spineless, and this made my Roman heart proud, as welcome to the land of the sopranos dears.

As I could be a bitch and note that Martin Scorsese didn’t get a Oscar nomination as a life time of mean streets was thrown away on a film showing the Jews as almost as bad or at least as Mediterranean as the sicilaians are, a total lack of decorum, or at least a lack of canine decency to bite the hand that barely fed you. They did give an nomination to Mel Gibson, wow!--showing all was forgiven, yeeeeeow are you in for it, Marty, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, it seem to be all I do. Death of Brutus. If only you kept your black arts to trashing your own fathers race, Though my father did tell me his family was in fact Jewish, causing again that rabbi who didn’t like him or Copollla to say as I said befire It would figure, and  guess this year was good as again another ruin falls to the sorry earth, as they openly snicker at Tom and if this year’s sourball, sorry Super bowl,  will be the one where one man can somehow equal the output of the Dallas cowboys,  who have been winning since the Johnson administration that one man can equal that in fifteen years after being caught cheating in multiple  occasions going back to the Roman letters, this supwerbowl will be 51, written L 0ne, and thus sounds like superbowl Lie, can anyone here play this Roman game, as  signora Fortuna wll get her hides, kids. As a minuet that’s showed who and what we are came true in Tatcius fashion, perfect for the peacock now changing its colors, or maybe when youu think about it, maybe not so much, kiss  that frog, as I have to wonder what Hollywood it will be that will promote us all, and be the keepers of the flames of this republic, will it be the one that gave us the Sopranos or the one that gave us the Homeland , or after all will it even matter as the memos go out, as after all we have to do business with Trumpy, a Cattline who after all, like Caesar said too old queer jew Marcus, could give bribes while Hillary was putting the arm, on the rich consenti  just once too often. While the kiddies ahd their latest  weekly prom and did their screeds, within reason, lest the Jewish money men in new York and wary yet the in laws of Anglican banking heard something too close to not being willing to shut that golden door in a moments notice as the Knesset once was amusingly when again they held the whip the answer to all polemics,  and any wayward Arabs blowing up fags say would be laied at Barry’s feet and now, who cares, without power, what is America but a rumor after all. I CAN smell this bit of Mediterranean courage and decency. While at this bloated gala, and this self loving was, an Arab weirdo shot up a Masque in Canada but did like the Sopranos and Copula have taught the niggers, made sure they point their guns as far far away from where any Jews are giving their laughing giggling bags of rhinnoplasty door  prizes for whatever I spit on your graves they had to make to keep their pools. As I warn you now beloved Arabs, if you think you’ll ever really be allowed to live anything down, remember to learn how to take a joke, as from the always there giggling cretins and creeps and fat girls, always recall that laughter is the best medicine, or poison depending in how much detergent blood or soap flakes they put in the well water. 


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