24 October 2017


They gave, of all people,  David Letterman, the Mark Twain award,which its me fine by me,  as Old Sam, he shared a nickname with Beealzeebub, was never a hero of mine, as thank gods what he wrote about Italay, like all you in laws do is “only joking" no one else is ever allowed  to do. So, in FACT IT WAS REVEALING to say to unmarried women as they say at  CNN, and others what  he’d  written about Italay, a precursor  to an antiitalianism,  and how it was gloried in by this very station PBS, where only the Spanish  can comment on their own tales lest you ever forget-it, that wasn’t really about until sisiclias trued to become Hitch, that got me thrown off face book at  last that first time as some devotee of Martin So-Erse didn’t like knowing he was in a long-line of diminution that has deep roots,Minerva for bid in the land my father called Columbus biggest mistake,  had slight up-spurts of dignity like Marty, BUT NOT BY MUCH.

Letterman of all people, Good Gawd, has been the bizzaro Carson, within moments of hearing on Fox no less, Johnny wouldn't do a commercial for a Hullary and be so complicit, thats what bathtubs are for, well that ad left, you are who you follow Hillie dear... that has given us the theater of the ninnies we have now, man-girls, all pasty-faced boyshciks with iron poor blood and soft hands, all studied ethics under him,which is  why I, IF A PLUTOCRAT PRAETOR, I'D be using  a crowbar to fund out what lurks in old Stevens haunts and vaults. Letterman was a Clinton pair in one body, an All of me sorts, as he was a sexual deviant  who preyed on the weakest woman he could find, no gorgeous, sarcastic and thus equal in anyway,-ah-aha! -Cunts for our least  Juvenalas, god knows, like Seinfeld they trill the middle schools, --like  is aid I can do Juvenal, though am more  a Virgil boy, all day long, as even lover of Rome Dante,--oh that explains  it-- didn’t like farce, god forbid, as you are ne’er sure in Rome new or  old when the Seth-childern stop laughing with you. He also when lost the tonight show as men like Dick Martin and others had done but went on with their lives,as John Kennedy Burns would say, he sated hurt forever, but the buttons-holing of CBS was a nice parting gift from the station of Johnny Olsen, so come on down! He dint  get the tonight show and thus took America through a year of sore loser-man antics, and then when was offered the tonight show, at least to gets shut him up, throws it back in Russel Daylrimples face, well who ever said I wanted that...? and begged  off as had done enough just trashing a funnier man as a vulgarian and unworthy of the seat that Johnny never  intended on giving him the seat, hummmmn,.... He, like Jewvenal, bugged out before Hillary could do her one woman show of Tru, and again really do not dislike Jon Stewart, though do not admire him as much as a mother who loves him, and yet hates Colbert as a con man,and used her Machiavellian like Italian senses to discern,  unlike you all,no matter who is president, he’s oppositional to them, whether as a jest or just as now, a wise career move. So we got lectured to again, by this aging ALFRED E, REALLY ITS SADDER THAN BEING AN OLD QUEEN, So says the creepy Anti-Carson who if he wasn’t  looking at secretaries through  high powered binoculars through windows, was putting the arm on all the office girls to try to get them to sleep with him. Sad that this is what Bill Clinton would have been if not for the humanizing aspects of  the Ovid.

We have a real aspect showing anti Trump which to me recalls the Simpsons episode about shooting people into the sun, and some of those same names are now trying to somehow clean themselves of pre Donald filth, as Trump becomes our blackest Catiline. As i said to some clerk, when they standing up for  our  JKK Wraling dismissing my Ariosto theme witches tale for Halloween, at least i never said anyone in my story 'stretched their legs', which wasn’t gotten, which told me much about the caliber of the Bush apporatchiks now. But, It did bother  me to see those 2 ex praetors, past is pro-log, boys, x praetors, in all ways, the patrician, you wish, and the lawn jockey, they found so that there wrent riots after tarp, and i'd like to know when health care went from inalienable right to being that magic word of  mercantile  in our imperial used car lot, affordable, ah  like Oscar I feel like i'm trapped in an Allstate commercial, there was Barry the faery, decorum again is for suckers, as they laughed at Bill, as  he was trying to again, be the Roman pig, the end of the night who gets the best lines...It made me shudder, i was reared in decorum by Jesuits, yeeeeowooow! and am not kidding to see our  Roman hero laughed at  by those two chimps. As if, you were fine with a country that bombs hospitals why now, I am Antony, are you bitching...? And it was sad to Roman me to see Poor  Bill laughed at by the two creeps, the Imperial doofus clown and his yard nigger ,the fall of Rome in Tacitus in two armani  suits, ogling, piffling away, like women, away as well, the tragedy of Julius Caesar goes on longer than any even tragedy should, lest it go back to being a circus. But I cant hate Bill C, not like his fish wife who i truly hope gets all she has coming, look what can of worms just turned, and a canceled check from the Kremlin for 500,000 balloons, oh Bill, get out alive before she had you impaled, from various mania, which she hopes like the electorate doesn’t have as much black hair as she and clowns  fears. As I recall, if may say here, that when Bill gave his list of favorite Books, who was it on Charley Rose, not Rachel, she isnt that awful, was it Maureen Dowd, someone like that, who said of his list making news because a Roman was atop it.

I think it was her who said about BC'S list of favorite books that ‘it smelled of garlic’,again allowed despite and maybe due to scales of ads during on unpaid for Saturday gladiatorial contests, the Romans paid them at least, showcasing their new darkie America, all eating pizza eagerly, as they had to do once, as only Italian and Chinese restaurants were not, the jokes on you, restricted. America has never been so shameless. As there is a fine line between Machiavellian and merely incompetent, as Killary shows is, as now even Jewish ratty satirists show up at whooping cough  audiences ago forgone to speak of all things, IQ tests for  a Praetor, somehow these didn't  matter at the gallows when Miles was running with his ego and his dick both inflamed out for all to see, and tests that were discredited when I was a kid, as a way the Lutherans made sure that children who only spoke Italian or Russian or Polish,  or any backwards R lingo of the Languages now seen as beneath the good hacks of  3 dollar poets, but that didn’t last as the echoes of what the nuns told me the iq test was dropped as quickly as a lying fake soldier  Jewish senator done away with and  dropped, lest you lost the blue states are revolting even more so. As wanted to stay off line pretty much had to get work done, but I saw a moment going through the channels, no not the midnight clowns of Mars who think anti Trump is better than Goldie in a bikini, i saw a ruin which was the Mac Neal Lehar  news hour,and a rennet therein, a  Roman  Latin schoolboy emeritus,  named Mark Shields, who I recall from the Capital Gang, trying vainly and almost heroically to say how and  what an honorable man it was to see imperial jackass GWB the Younger, as he trashes anyone who didn’t vote for the Property party the Coriolanus-us of this latest dying Rome, patricians, or is it crime families, as whats  the difference, just the size, and I do hope that Trump does give them hell with the to be seen  Kennedy papers, as that might be what this is all about.As I saw Mark Shields no less, come out to be on board this sinking ship and a distress as Gore said that turns into panic it seemed, as Mark always seemed a honest Broker, who said that night with even Gigot, called a white bigot by a radio yenta here on the  air who, as he might have laughed at her in Jr High school, all it takes, the night of Ruby Ridge, that fulcrum upon which we still spin out of control, that such doenst happen in America, that citizens  don’t die for a disdain or pushing back  to the overwhelming  gummit, at least not in Pogo land, as if they did all the abortionists  lovers should be killed then too,as the nuns said when i was a boy, as thats all they are suing is that the fear of  the Gumint, that they resent so much, which if fine for them, always, and are somehow allowed their principal. You are obstinate, I am a resistance, fuck off. I felt sad seeing the Irish priest of sorts try vainly to keep up this duping front, as someday niggers in rhinestones Dan Blocker hats and George Pill will in fact be at each others throats again, but well know its all that ere anyway, and i thought, wow, we really are in for it from the button-men, and the patricians aren’t we..?

So already put various Angels of Naples in Christmas editions of art magazines that took well to them, like the Bunny cartoons, sweet within Anderson Coppers Hot Tub party...while they depart Halloween dutifully as Hillary made everyday Halloween for a year, as David Letterman kept living out his Sullivan creed to us once. I have the opportunity to make or at least design a  perseppio, angels and figurines of  a manger, a recollection of Francis of the Roman Grotto of Livy early histories, to sand household gods of the Italians, which explains why it was- is so hated in our Laturnless woods. I MUST admit a Roman schoolboys disdain again, to see those Twi- idiots sneer and laugh openly at  old Roman Bill as he tries to, always a bad move and an exemplar  credo of a nation of bagman,  do the wrought thing, as Junior hadn't laughed his maniacal chakel and jumbled muttonish face with this much glee since in anticipating a born again woman hung to death in his perpetually humming Texmex gallows. I have grown weary of the family of lunkheads  from the Kennebunkport Chain saw massacre and so, I do hope that Marius from the weeds gives it to various house every things from the Cheney haunted house. You see all such confederacy of losers is doomed, as someday he, junior,and the old man and his hateful brother and the rest will have to be on the same side if not same room as Al Hunt, speaking of the capital gang, and lest see what shapes on that day, Google that, when Junior was still a hatchet man, speaking of  Tacitus, and got  Bill Clinton’s draft card Commentaries out, and made him a different man than he would have been, and lost anyways.My mother, when I was a boy, disposed of  Halloween, making it as only a candy holiday, as she said it was strange to notice a  woods ,‘the woods’ is what she called America, so go fuck your darkeis now and their flag waving,we know it s all bullshit, that once submerged a Victoria from the Roman states as  a gift to George Washington, causing a letter be written in Latin to the curia by Tom Jefferson in Burr, lest the Roman state think half the world was now in the hands of barbarism ,it never convinced my father, dare its pagan attributes curse the empire  of the weeds.  Now,  yes, imperial farces eternal all l wish too you, as to know what crumbling podesta you stand on, gals. There is too much sanctimony being hemorrhaged by a nation of Monica, Jew Sopranos and Kordell and will always remind you,those low brows, middle is out of the equation and Jewish in  laws who think they’ve made it to the lace curtains, I will remind you all of every Polish joke and jersey shore the good and decent baud when they thought their  imperium would sail forever. I was thrown off Face book, this time and for good as many I was told were, as recored much this year, as am into page 7, sixteen instillations and acceptances of my work,  Kudos from Arab’s, radicals and even lesbians,for knowing the squibs always await, be cause this time I mentioned Magnus Lepits, a no-no amid the weeping and the drunken, and that priest was right in 1972 when he told me don’t let these white snakes take away your Noble past Anthony, so take your Coke and Pizza and Fatty Arbuckle with  it, showing an America that was always under the surface, that was always right beneath all that more tinsel.


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