03 December 2017



A Query.

A pre Rome, civilized, Italian pontiff seeing the Nobel savage Romans at the edge of the great river, revels in his sophistication, as he knows  in his bones Tuscany is dying ,and the wolf men Romans are the barbarians at his gate. With a young nun, who he admires for her pluck and prettiness as a girl, and one he wouldn’t dare impregnate as he did so many, as his aide de camp and scribe, the Tuscan pope decides to place down as many of the Ruscana books and relics as have verse been. Not because they are interlocutors of fear, or even censors, it seems of anything but they adore smoking their enemies out. With his attaché writing frantically, the pope begins with a story of metamorphosis, strange story of the Sun god of the cobalt sky, Aplu, and his overwhelming urge to have and trap his truest beloved, a gal named Dafne, who as in all such stories, cannot get away fast enough.

Please, Anthony, give us keywords for your submission and any warnings about any images or ideas that our readers might find jarring  or objectionable as we endeavor  for the safety of our readers,,,blah blah blah…

Listen Toots,

Hearing that , I wouldn’t want any words of mine anywhere near this sanitized for your approving fag  toilet, yes dear I said fag, Its okay  I’m Jesuit pre law, don’t  make me expound on that dears, as I want no part of  this echo chamber you’ve crated. Consider THE EPIC OF DAFNE  thus withdrawn, as newspapers return to their Pulitzer creeds of tying about New Jersey wife killers and whose ruined today, lest anyone notice a bombed hospital, if they can help it.  

As for having to make everything have the parental adversary stamp, once decried before we became an empire of ninnies, as am old enough to recall was once a Tipper show of suburban overfed-Ness, wow, have we fallen far, mostly from the goniffs and pimps who were quite good at joining Bill Clinton in on his pagan nonce’s until, of course, he decided as he usually does, well, girls, thats enough. I almost feel insulted that Id have to somehow pre apologize, I mean that’s asked for quicker from me than its ever been, wow,  for anything that now offends all the white trash and shickas and fat creeps and retards  and effeminates and pimps, who thought nothing of laughing through the Sopranos not that long ago.

This reduced every writer to the polemic cobbler, therefore in a crowded theater cnn apparatchik, poly-sci hack, who is out there for no better reason than touring pigs to their polls and then back to the pens, as I have said before Im not on any pad, and therefore dont ever have pretend I like George Will now, or later pretend I ever didn’t.

I don’t know what a story about Etruscans can engender among or amid the fluoride smiling gasbags of now, if I may I think Bill C would like it, Im not sure as not sure about anything coming from a supposed alluded Roman who seems to fear his wife.  Sit down, honey and shut yur yap, would have been my George and Maaarrrrrthhha aside when that old crow started quoting Caesar.  I really don’t know what to say about the land list of supposed trigger streets, I have a real despise I have had to deal with since a boy, and wasn’t just one if the little ninnies the nuns  warned  me  were coming from  those who survived their mammies sinks  in more ways than  one. I almost don’t know what to say about this, or what it implies or infers, who knows, as we have come not only a ship coming apart without a Virgil on the crew, a hangover from a Satyricon age, shows a papal states, as isn’t there a real undercurrent of Puritanism to our sexual based offenses crimes now, as a fat cunt on television ant Matt Lauer or was it Russell Simmons to be ‘Indicted’ for their crimes against the war state. Juts like Uncle Cheech was, oooossschhhhhhh, you rancid hag, a curia, and who called that…?, with treason  trials and dogma suits, that is more damming and vacuous than anything our  Juvenal’s  ever said or did, and sthedoesnt he look awful, as he  shows up again, more than he  did for Hikkie, and so, Jonnie  seemed to openly and dejectedly wonder  if maybe his closet  doors about to blow open too. Wouldn’t that make Keith laugh so hard. We now have Mother superiors  demanding we say mother may I before we go off that watery edge, which my Italian father thought would have been the best outcome Columbus could have hoped for, all in all.

I’m sorry, but satire is no forte of not my vocations, see I never shut up, more is the pity, as it recalls in me for all your  assassin credos,  it reminds me I think as have started watching a brilliants show called Mystery Science theater 3000,which ash echoes to it of Monster chiller horror theater! As  can recall watching dr Tongue and his house of stewardesses, rippp and tearrrrr Bruuuuuno...wow, what has the commission done to dread Sicily what bags of Dante saw as shit have we become, man,...nothing personal, I’m sure  you just think you’re fucking as decent as anyone can be in a land where we cry for dancing bears as we release the drones. I started watching mst3000 as did Gore Vidal’s teleplays and Reginald Rose  teleplays at  studio one all summer, just to hear someone say something other than anti Trump shit, sorry girls but when you’re  out to trash someone, as learned from Sallust  then don’t have to tern around and say he’s just as bad  as we all are, the credo that saves Clinton a myriad of times, because it makes your agreements looks as hollow as it always was, but have a feeling someone out there knew that, as maybe George will and the Bush family don’t run things as well or as much as they rethought and that it was never their broad straips and brighst stars, as niggers who want the flag burned or the star spangled banner censored  , like jews who distain POW  FLAGS, don’t make a second  day of circus. As between the antimony of office girls all on the same aside, as idiots always are. There is a b movie I think called Humanoids, or some such thing, in which right  before whoever it is , the vampire, Vincent Price , Christopher Lee, Karloff, Nanna Pollozzi, whoever it is, is about to  take a bite out of some white woman, they are after all perpetual victims, juts not now that the Italians chicks have all been raped or married, no  mustache jokes for them, remember, the screen goes red for two seconds  telling people to look away, which is like a con done in carnivals worthy of Collodi and the italic nature civilization before you have us all being sneered at,  as the bombs are falling on everyone. This recollection was brought back to me, as somehow suddenly the creeps of a dying empire want words to and stories to never ever make the ladis who perpetually lunch me rethink or shock them, thinking of  Plautus sage  advice to playwrights about the encores, and found it in starting that these  amazon war women stonily there in ways they weren’t last year, hummmm, were dealing with something of my Etruscan italics must have warnings no one asked for in Saw movies that they show in the afternoon, when batman was once on. As I said, eliciting dangerous admiration from the Arabs, they look upon with the humanity they save for their prisoners, unless a retard has to die in a gallows where Clinton stands as  game show host  Miles Gloriosusus wannabe, lest the media speak of another gal falling out of a  closet , see Plautus above, maybe the only roman oily he will  ever be, ouch! they shit on your graves.


Well, there goes that.

I must say, it is always funny mus using my lie of Roman farce as a kept, when someone says something wrong it has little to do with your sissy fairy skimpiness, as found I wasn’t thrown off face book dispute a  lot of slurs I use purposefully, you something dears, recalling the last fifty years  and who toyed stated Outlawing Italians as a minstrel  show  because  a couple  of anestrous wimp wops  let you have a steam valve, learn to take a punch  every once in a while, and not just from democrats and stealers  who barricades girls in the toilets. See, I hadnt been hurled off face book until I motioned  that Barry the fairy and his shrew Auntie Hillary, Katrina, and doest that stick in my throat, had actually damaged  Magnus Leptis , a Roman ruin, but  then what lese  do barbarians do...?our Barry is finally the white man you dreamt of being all along, Barry, grandma would be proud, though wonder  if  Bilbo steams, does anything mean anything too Brademente, or he by now just a suit of armor rusty from the cum and  still stinking of aqua velva…Happy Saturnalia kids! Yes, it as I said is supposed to come out of a box, as its starts off wonderfully with a loss by the Sabin Girls.  

One of the reasons I think old bloated Bill would like it,  a line bothered some one of these submittable hags, is that when hes listof favorite books came out, and never was it so simple to say merely Dantes inferno, or Ovid’s Metamorphoses , no it was always  last then The New Life, or Roman festivals, an affectation I found sweet, sorry,  I  saw  n Sorkin kept up, he  and his homilies gone now, and he took everything else and sold it for parts,...but w hen I saw Bill say his hero was Marcus Aurelius, Roman stoic, uh....anyway, it said much when I think it was Maureen Dowd no elss on Charley Rose,--the inevitable dovetailing of parallel liens, -- I think i recall curelessly, we are all under reports as  Brutus so wild stupidly say, i think it w as her who said his list of favorite books, though had Chaucer and some other things you’d echoed, smelled of garlic, ah that lust have  been before the dandy installation of Barry the God was so Apollo like, his  halo so bright, as it were we could all read his canceled checks in the midnight dark. as TWO OF THE LAST THREE  PRAETORS i sat there soft shoeing and tap dancing and trying to make us forget all their sorties as are too stupid or malignant to quite number ten I think on Bill  list, Caesar  Commentar---Im sorry, The Civil war...and  one isn’t there, one, in all garments all cesarean read, and boated and lonely and alone and quite finally, our Roman hero, beaten and broken and wanting out with the departing florish  of a roman playwright,  played by a Jewish comic black listed, someone  is as the statirist are amusingly circumspect about whom they trash , someone is quite and inst there, as its  one last measure of having decorum that our Roman cannot  abide…


2. In the Manzonian Italic dark ages in which  we  abide, if that, a letter was posted in that way of such wild west’s, on the door,  telling how whatever plans they had for delousing that lower section of piety town was, due to a cop being killed this close to an election year, nowit atterws, so beat it, Lawnda, would be exacerbated and quickened. Who  cared…?, I  thought, having left that home behind and liking the smaller placed we moved into, anyway, and wanted no way to return. But upon hearing that, my mother thought it over  and had to sned us back in and, with Christmas coming, the rfeisan old ancient Alcoa waffle maker used only at  Christmas, if  at all, was still there, in wrought, iron, and she had to have it back. Again as unsesco can state, the ancient and the old mean something to Italians, as youll find out when your doges think your  poverety makes them good. Ill buy you an electric pizeeel maker, Ma, I Told her, but she would have nothing of it, she had to have this caste iron long wooden age of Barnum thing, which was left with some other  Saturnalia shit, a heavy iron  in an attic eves back there.

We, on a nice crisp day had to go back to this neighborhood SO dangerously close to  where the cop was just shot, which made the  Kaepernick house niggers and black lives matters queens of low end expense accounts take a full ten days before they started a strange vital viciousness that tap dancing Obama , this when still distained by the coloreds voting against him once, as they were paid to do, was ytryed to be again in the as ninny voice if reason and always tried talk them out of. This time, so close to an election year and already with an albatross called Hillary having made the waste the un good, unromantic,  uneven odd year as a year to get things done well ahead of any plebiscite, like war  malingering and foreclosure  creeds and pay raises, the house of Maccers is in for it, showing why old Mackane himself in always mid simmer, is  telling her to beat it. lest this Visigoth queen ruin the roman senate in full. A house everything cow started talking about how white children should be thrown to the wolves, you see, as Griimms becomes our Vigils eons ago, the children of a white woman seen as less than she, but of course, she didn’t make day two of the circus, either when some realized, maybe with some priding of mine on the daily  mail, that you know, dearie that included by definition, your beloved paratrooper Barry, so if only this could have  been done in 1975  I might have been with you, but now its just gilding an  age of abortion lily for th de fetuses meeley gotten rid of like so many cancers sells, again, don’t get me wrong,not that I at all even care.

In a scene reminiscent of a few pages  in a book written  by  me called Ancient  Romance, in which  a senator escapes a manicominum, a nut house, and goes back to his Tuscan home of rustic charm, I had to return to a home that had been abandoned  in an essay called Fve, admired  and both hated by some. Outside, a large imposing Blackman with a large imposing dog, a pit  bull named I found out names Streak, a  man enclaves and denim and wrapping came up and took my brothers almost darker  Italic hand, hands and mid high fived  with an embarce.  Hey,Skittlet, my brother asked this black man from the old days, I aint seen you in ages, what’s going on…? Oh, keeping alive,  Ma brudder, he said laughing. You live here…?  he asked him. Naw, not anymore, Skill, I gotta get back in here and save a cookie maker my Ma brought from the Old Country. Yeah, the large dark man  said, Woman are connected to  those things….how you been, Capt…? My brother shrugged. Uaut…?, the man said, I’ve aint been out on the streets in four days, dude…5-o us everywhere, he said, pointing up at a sliver helicopter churning in the cool sky. The cops, he said, Are everywhere tehse last few dais…Well, my brother said, Some idiot went and shot a fucking cop  like he  was Wyatt Erp, fer  Christ’s sake , what  did they think was going to happen. The man shook his  head. Can you imagine, he said, in our days someobody killing a cop over a  drug charge, that’s what they say happened, that this imbecile didn’t want to be caught with the heroin he had in the  car…They know what happened, …?, I blurted out. This is my brother Tony, my brother said to the man who looked singly like the dude in animal house, do you mind if we dance wif yur dates,,,., which will be outlawed soon enough now that virtuous Blutarskys have become SENATORS , a joke from when I was a kid, not as funny now, whatever is…?, as Jews fnd out why  the Satyricon, was not, I repeat not in Bill Clintons garlic stinking lists of fave books. Shit, the  man said,Now, tehers a 40, 000 dollar rewards now, half the town is snitching that dude, hes dead. So, my brother said, This moron killed a cop, Jesus… I could see black wearing cops down the long street, as it seemed more winter than not, despite it being a sunny pre holiday day.

Whatever yew gotta do, Bra, the man said, Go do it  quick cuz the pooooleese are rustling everyone and everything, and you  are dark enough to count, heheheh…With that, he smiled and walked across the street. Come on, brother said, Lets get in and out before Fuckings watchmen guns us down for trespassing on our own house ,Fucing Clinton[ beloved by Jesuits brethren who spoke Latin longer before me, he was an alter boy, unlike I , I devoted to  Backus refused to be an alerter boy  angst bemired lt,  and refused doing the weddings and funerals he was paid, and asked to do by a dying local family of hoods called Manderino, I wanted no part of it, and my father didn’t want any part of them  for me either, Clinton never immersed him as he did me, as anyone can say they are a Roman, especially in the shade of various woman’s skirts. Ouch.]  and his crime bill bullshit, I cant wait till she’s so infected he has to let her fall, my brother  said,shwoiwng there’s a reason you, or she, lost Pennsylvania that no amount of murdering people over their yard signs can ever paper over. We went to the door, and I was nervous so as usual. What if its padlocked…?, I asked ,making him roll his eyes. He moneyed with teh door and opened it up, The palled was gloomy but not as bad as I would have thought. There was front on old windows left open and it was cold. I clomped up the steps, to an old officio. Save what you want ,he said, Im not comming back here  again. Don’t leave me  stranded  here I said, making him tsk. I looked at the old desk and the books hut here in ever retrieved. United states, the compendium of Gores,  was too big,I only had one hefty bag, and small at that. A box was marked props for WLM  never done , or ate last completed for a  film festival, which demanded actors in it to show more than just my Italianate  eye at framing things, I ahd to show my ability to keep I geuss  actors from playing to the tenth row, as less a wellsain art as I  ever thought filmmaking to be,but alas never pulled it off in the thirty days I was given to make tehse croons pop with life.

Then again, as I was living out scenes had augured, there was the roman cutlass I had bought as a talisman and a prop for Italius ,and old man in a red  toga  would I have made this live action. I placed it in my coat, and too the Gun, a police derringer sort, which knew in these mean streets at this meanest  time, to wrap in toilet paper and put in my Cowboys fleece, in  which I was still awfully cold. Spam cocmis I didn’t want to bother with, I left them to the city, a book, Gore Vidal’s Perpetual war for perpetual peace an essay like 12 Caesars, denied for a rag called the new Yorker, which gave us the nonfiction novel and razing Kane. I took that, and as the rain allowed through seasons of open windows made some of the books ruins. Also saved by me in this scavenger gift, was a few thors drawn and only bought because  they were drawn by a great Italian artist  named Simone, a Shazam, power of hope,  done in tabloid size and gorgeous gouache in paint by Alex Ross, a wibderful  painter who as I am told with Bill Clinton, gives the feeble creations of deaperssion era pulpy national more credit than they deserve. I grabbed a copy of  National Lampoons histories of comics, their maybe height point  as such things are verboten now as staire has become something they pay you not to do, like grow wheat or carry a gun. I took the nutriments of WLM,  the leaves and tiara for the vestal, the pop guns and the Roman knight shield, ect, and walked out and down the rickety stpes, wanting to get out of this area , where a house nigger had lived out his creed that Puffy and all the rest of  the house niggers of apostasy and RCA, never notice of care about or see, as my father warned me almost as if a  dark bantam version of  the wizard Shazam,dint play into the ginners oafish rotgut, because if you do he said, I wont be there to bail you ou,t boy, I didn’t send you to the priests  become a Sicilian hood, and too, he said, Francis Ford Copula, the man he disposed  of as a Brutus, he wont be there neither. I walked down the steps, needing some help from a brother as was loaded up with cheap papers and mads and a dvd burner and left a lot more than I wanted to, as I said, lets get the hell  out of  heer as could still hear the silver blades of a poleeese helicopter whirring in the browning, reddish, burnt sienna, hilly distance. ‘

And, alas guiltily after dropping a box of prisma colors easter tints, all pastels for background, a simple way to make sure the brightest ckosrs are in the fairground,  as if Id ever pay that much attention, also last retrieved was a book called ‘Broken Columns’. By Jove, you watch, the Jew York Times soon enough as recently did for the big three, Frank Sammy and Dean, no wait, Leo, Mickey and Raff, will say the renaissance artists are good as you think. So, so long Charlie, it was nice having something other than a woman hysterically bloviate a lot about a coming star wars, which I guess had to erase the last ones in George’s notebooks, his epic, his saga from an addled Copula funded and tinted roman  work, its the life of  Sejanus, JJ, dear, like Stanley you  should have read some roman shit before you ended up marling something you’d  have to disavow one day, and  I in arts choo l knew my  share of wpople what hate you and it and everything about it,  as down to daddy issues, as the fall is too too sad for gravediggers to contemplate, but know Francis apprentice must have gone there. Here is the rather thin volumea, all that is left thanks to these Vikings that Medved loves so much, who failed to admit to the saturnalia qualities of Christmas as he’s more of a Lenten christen, a thin book of intense charm, the Romans didn’t like pompousness, they didn’t like verbosity ,they didn’t like academies ,academies  were where children become prostitutes, like white girls at NCAA, states a roman line said, nor tomes ,and lovedthe dirty joke MORE THAN THE MSISTESSES NOW WILL ALLOW. An epic in that Italianate  way of disquiet and dresses and on Achilles no less, a roman in joke on what the most Bitchy Greek probably was. Buy one, its only five bucks here, and is actually enjoyable as opposed to all other Mediterranean mythology, which frankly I got sick of hearing of Trojan horses and boys debased as brothers for land swindle since 1972.

I find a black thing already a relic called a floppy disk. I stand there, unwilling to take many of, these image cosmist  comics who vulgarly adn thus vitality,  I found a kind of liveliness back when, but wasn’t larding myself out with these, exacting some of Alan Moore’s Supreme. I sit down in the frigid abandoned room, and turn on the e-machines relic still here and ruin meets ruin. It clicks on to that fake window win to a fake meadow that I awoke to every day for a few years. I use the  dusty abandoned tower at the floor by the seat, and click in the icon of the floppy dish drive A. A binge works icons come yo and some Pictyres of STARLET WENDY sure to make into my various heroines, Wendy I wanted to save, and some earliest pages of MS that were scanned when still had one, a Lexmark I think. Sad I seemed to waste so much time. A folder of yellow, WARLORDS it reads. Click. Over Ten files, KEPT here, warlords a, warlords b warloards c warlords d, etc,  etc…Other early files in mid frst draftedness, Arms and the woman, Capotolina, BB and the mafia cops novel, all in chapters  of twnety pages as wrote like that once. Warlords, a attempt of mine to make a Peckinpah in space, a space opera that would have Mitchem no less in it. A true western in space. What GL wanted do, as dont know why I actually feel bad for his  epic, never  been as told my arts school buddies love of his strip-mining of Tacitus  or Hal Foster  or whatever  it was, an artist ahs the right, or the obligation, to finish his saga, casually when he went in[ know  non persona] Charlie Rose and compared that drivel to Dante. As sad as that is, might be better than what the rest have in store, and I want to know what merely you bought if dint want to use his Poliziano like circle epic about one family. It is cold then, I am tired, I am exhausted  then. But have gotten some art placed to show I am failing better than ever before, I wonder since invited too send more to Asimov, I should send  the first chapter of this Cattilus like answer epic, as answer  to the ruin , ironically,  star wars has become. I wanted to see the fall of Remus graves in space, instead as I was told by devotees of it, a rehash of this malarkey thus all ways more Flash Gordon than it was Parallel lives, much like the Clintons when one thinks of it,see anyone can SAY THEY ARE ROMAN…the only thing that could make the gods not destroy you for making Sejanus, really look It up, into Ming the merciless. But then  I never thought that Luke and Obi were Dante and Virgil and certainly don’t now so, whets the connection…?,  or is there one, since TopoGigio and Machete predate Mickey and Clark Kent, as you keep Italo Calvino out  of the prizes who they amazingly want back from mop headed black cooks who didn’t kiss your hand enough.  Saw fat bloated TV pitchman Kimmel make a point to try, as we are all hard sell , to connect Trump to star wars, a long way from Darth as Satan in the last canto isn’t  it George…?, the looks on the faces of them who have  preened their Romanism have been positively Zero like these last few years, by stating all he wants is to make the Empire great again, as wonder if heard by Lucas I wonder if that wasn’t another low point, as that’s what they’ve been  doing in Italy, or at least the Copolla family, for the last thousand years. Our story begins on a giant planet orbiting before a giant white sun, a place named Hesparia, as there was a space shot to send the  remains of  italic writer Gian Hespa into the moon, he knew was closer to us once, but it gets trapped  in a vortex pigeonhole, and is sucked into a planet of apes, where the collections of his millennial stories erected an mgm like set in space with  GV as his John the Baptist, a new Tesus has fallen into a indigo sky, and a last knight now named Ambra Rima, literally dark Poem, no blue eyed princess yearning for freedom here, kids.  goes to kill a master he despises, nicknamed Smiley, on a moon called Dodge…I said it was sort of like Capt Video meets Myra Breckenridge, but that didn’t help matters…


3. The days of womanish scansion  have me saying to some laughs and approbation, that I cant wait what with all these Jews being destroyed , I had hoped that adherence to Bush would along the way revert to how they felt about Jews at Bollaboolaland, you know, keeping them out,  over sometime a smallest of things, that I cant w ait to see Bill Clintons next last Hurrah.

It wont be ,  not that it ever was, Spencer  Tracy  like, but it will  come and come with a stink that it never really before, because how much will you have to pay these stupid women to look Longley and lovingly  at the pharaoh who knew how to marquise as well as an Obama,Ouch, doth they lounge so low…as in the last few days one major white man macher after the next has fallen in a ten little Indians sort of fall that is alas more Hercule Perot than it is Cornelius Tacitus, Always aware elf of shifting terrimotos, Mackers openly tells his dearest friend hag witchiepoo to can it, and to get lost, ah the italic like mad, put  out of business compile re and compiled in a book I , like sincerest  form of parody, was left  as fell to pages and let it go. I do want to see Marius the great  make his triumph return as more than a few , today it is smiling weatherman emeritus Matt Lauer, in a  strange sanctimonious being shown by  the new York times when they should have just admitted they like having Hispanic scabs clean their toilets, as youll find as shall George Will and the Bushies, that as niccolo could have told you, pretending  you  had ethics was  your first mistake .As said, I  smell  a mutual assured  destrsuction quality to all of this, as I wouldn’t be so glad were  I you, Stuffingenveleopes asI didn’t have to vavacte my offcie every time Marius the geraat  put a tie on the door, hey I wonder if was the same…anyhow, I grew wearey of a triumph that never ended, a farce that goes on too long, packed liens by Plautus, a Coriolanus who won’t just go away, and almost every Italian worth his salt does, as this circus is turning vicious now, kids, and frankly that worst of all things, its something aghast Greek as medea wont get off the stage, and it turns out you missed your cue  Octavian and  now might just skeevve out the rest of your life  as Ovids Eccho,  --a reason for that ill get to, as mite as anything, as maybe by then,  no one will want tie hear anything you ever have to say again.

A commercial is on television, not quite as awful as last years  Christmas with the Frankenstein’s , but done from the same liver. In it a pretty mixed race gal, that means Brunette, in the ruins of Miramax land, but merry if are  allowed to say such a thing, dances about until finds her dream partner, again high yellow as opposed to Orange, a plausible check all boxes ethic type as Maureen would say at lunch, I guess who was  apology for the ladies ocne, in that’s same mixed race attribute seen as a detriment only a few years ago, when  you were all watching the sopranos, no I wont forget that, a ginny jersey version of Bonanza. Since forced it cant be as sweet as solid have been, but then, who needs sweet in a land where we are permeably attacking at dawn, who needs  sweet in new Sparta, where even our faggots are always  ready to march and die and kill and are always on the rag. Or Pad should you work at NO BIGGER CASTE, which is seemingly about to get theirs from the Jew tork times, as again the Orborus OF Dante’s was always were Anti Trump was heading as an eagle cant have two heads, no really his line, unless one is I guess Polish, see…?, and well, neither bill at  not Jebbey were willing to be second in Rome, no matter what that ninny from Oxbridge thought. I noticed the Palestinian drag that the colored boy was wearing, again everything is hard sell, and I know I couldn’t have been the only one, and downer if  they’ll still be dancing together when that first advent candela is lit, as somehow the bags of shit falling and splattering in the ground have certain things they like to make evil always, and don’t you forget it, although to be fair, that Beatrice aspects a loves om what as see in seen Hollywood Jews a willingness to rape brunette starlets as opposed pit them in their shifty  puppet shows, as the Jesuits called films.

As if I dont know  that this was a cesspool of an empire, well, he last few days of what has happened too a man named Chiano, clpse enpigh, shows the Martins Scorsese black arts at their most bestowed. With only the most ephemeral of third party hearsay, the dehumanization of those not fleshed by mother comities as he, a graduate assistant  at Penn state, and an Italian, don’t forget that in plantation land and the archipelago of  antebellum south, that didn’t admire Jimmie V until dead, somewhere was involved in this only episode of boylove, which the good and adjutant almost noble enough to be jews fags now  wish to expunging from History, as the jokes of the bird cage have been passé now, as the last thing we are  allowed in drag at least when one us dealing in the sacrament of  holy marooni-- matrimony, and get with the program bitch, we are amazingly without empathy, which to me gives the game away, I don’t know what Button man of  empre   and crime family is behind this spasm of decency, but that layer of  Aquinas like lack of empathy says much, as it says  it all, I think. As all good Americans now must be devoted to.  This seemed  a  bit much, even for water carriers as seen in espn, that’s a shock, but it seemed par for our imperial course, but a bit more draconian than even this dump does use. The dodos at Tennessee count imagine binning  some catholic in, and made it look like they were all so decent and noble, we are gagging on decency lately, as they are all against child rape,you understand,  a strange newspeak word which attempets to say somehow child molester doenst say it all, as it must not have when you were still laighing precisely or preening tout Louis Ck. I got this letter once….anyway, the last few days told me exactly what this country ash come with crime families stele careening for power they maybe should have never had, there is a vciouness that doesn’t work with the self imposed mute qualities that as tunnels not as shameless has he was in youth Clinton has tried to excise himself from, a circus that he no longer seems the biggest act. You should have went to the farm as a roman might, old boy, it might have been time to husband up and roman out and be a man, dare I say such a thing to a man who essays he said he lives  by the percepts of Marcus Aurelius, do you middlebrows ever read  anything escaped or even including Shakespeare ..? ,and reign in your fucking shitty  wife, as a Roman might, instead of beieng kept in teh dark somewhere as snow even scions Times coy Brutus’s strat to rethink that farce you put us all through.

As the outrage patrol is tiring America out, but they don’t care as long as are paid, so you’re really not that much better than those Sicilians you have looked down on as affable Jews all your miserable lace curtain lives, Bushies. They hector and swath Trump which just goes his again a stature ,against you, but why give away trade screts that Bill hides as well now as he hides his own self, left bring up a backdrop of our American Barnum unlabored in a land that so sanctimonious that they shutter cicrueses as bomb the creation. Trump said something about Hiawatha, that white woman hag, may  I recall her laughing it up as Al Al Franken dame his own sexually charge jokes at a gal he made his Della on Sundance, ohhhhhoooo,  but she didn’t have the blouses and hair cut to pull it off, may I recall a skit I write-in which , well was castigated for it, lets just call it the Nutty Senator, as again saw all this coming when was pilloried for it, but then, saw now reallllll nervous Jewvanal say Trump was a baby  man , to which I said as opposed to that Steve reeves who was prez in 1999, but he alas a good joe, Im guessing, HE NEVER censored me ,as say did Colbert did when I mentioned his seeeestr. This Nordic fold, thin lipped, whore, fleet street witch, cunt who oozed some  bullshit dna 5 percent blood if that to guild a lilly and get ahead, I guess too ugly or pompus or being to do it as woman have scne Livia was a rival for Anton’s chrams with that slut her husband would destroy, named Cleopatra. Ah but this didn’t stick and this wasn’t much mentioned after the nearing shows, no early, as Bushes incompetence and Hilleys madness aren’t as inculcated as either thinks. Niccolo’s second persona is waiting to owe at them up. This wasn’t much  mentioned, as these aren’t the days to try to protect this fallen senate, god knows, as comedy wryest angrily and bald facedly show up again, as must  I use that line froom Cornelius Tacitus again.The  hist is that the once vaunted and honorable Roman senate becomes  an assembly  of queens, a hall of bribery ,fakes, snakes, liars, fakers, fumblers tumblers skimmers scammers, est. And now, with its head cut off, lets all enjoy Christmas at the Prometheus ,a mixed metaphor if ever there was one, and our sandstone monument out of which alot of people Rachel madddow smiled at and with turned out to be abject perverts, and yet it was Trump who’s made her stomach churn, at least  on those days the checks cleared, with THE NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY, GUNSHY WASN’T US, HASN’T ALWAYS  BEEN A GIVEN. BE THERE! I put it on for my Ma, as I must revere again about a sketch I wrote as see my beloved Cecily, dark angela, the sort  jews throw at darkies, the rest and whiter must be safe, you know, and think if a script in these halcyon days when we all were able to hate and distract and dislike and vote against Hillary,no not be betray 2016,but  2007-08,and my own  Sister Gertru—sorry , Mother Hillata lights the Saturnalia  tree. And its flagging by ever vigilant Tina Fey, oh I hope that fellow wayward Jesuit schoolboy gets you next, it is amazing isn’t it…?,and how I augured that first Saturnalia  after she was allowed to crowbar her way into the praetorium, and the settng a fire of a Christmas tree, and falling down, and brought to you by Keith Olbermann  on work release  from his many  SVU like restraining orders. I mean ,that made sense did it…? Olbermann as perv ert, i mean thats gold jerrah,but Charlie ROSE….?WHAT…? Nut then, before she was demeaned so heartily then  by  Jewvanal, didn’t Alex Wagnermax, didn’t she imply that  NBC was animal  house but with a sheen of sanctimony that makes everyone scik ,  you know, to get  away with the unnoticed, given drones of a broadcast partner… ? 

An Asian girl, I’m big with them, as have been since parents of boat lift pretty young gals wanted me thrown out, out of a catholic school as I seemed too…lets say overacted for the tiger mothers, gives me a cascade of likes and links to my Anti-Franken works and other 2012 essays on face book as a way to get even with them. If resentment is the mothers  milk of politics again I await the next time Marius the great whose anticipates and demands  a peanut gallery to applauder on command. Dafne is, I am informed, again too Ovid for a Rome that  as I said, made me feel that Bill Clinton who has the mea culpa of  all with that tie, its better than issuing the word Dick twacie in one,as you are addicted to living your act, snap out if it, Lulu, as I said, Billy the kid reached  me as sad, ah there’s that pesky empathy again, causing those mobs of keyboard saints, boondocks all the way, who out think they can destroy  anyone and next will come the ramsomes, oh believe it, as Sicily might have been too romantic a  depiction for this dump,  as Bill has turned on the Milanese housewives before, I can tell you that. He strikes me of  Petronius in Salem. First off, I am alerted,  I have misspelled Dafne, gosh, as only  a white woman could say, seeing an Italian she must feel superior to, no matter what, as thinks of Italians as merely those  Guido’s who have been villains and clowns in every film haggled Moms Whoop has ever been allowed to be in before used up  her 4. An important story, ah but if satire gives the game away,tragedy si a too long break in the applause sign being clicked on and off  for a Colbert who was willing and eager to do anything other than be funny. Like I said it wasnt Trump still than at NBC, like so many about to be escorted off the Rock,  by by securitaeeee, who kept lil sis out of the assembly of queens as didn’t want you havaing an in in the cloak room, punk. It is I am told by these hags, a story what…is it…?, romanticizing rape culture, whatever that is, as last times aw this some hack bitch was explaining as what keeps her devoted to a Jewish senator  who actually committed his vulgarity  to Kodak paper, as if I ever even cared, as I’m sure they save you forth so later if need be slamming of the golden door that Trump made the mistake of actuary mentioning and not just Chheccch,  la port, AND WALKING WAY LIKE FRANKIE FIVE ANGELS. Of course it says something that a nation that imbibes all those death comedies and films noted by Homer Simpson in that run down of such films that showed us what Romero hath wrought. That a story from Ovid’s is so bothersome to these hags, and
The sun god doesn’t rape her at all, Maybe too esoteric for thugs who voted for Clinton or pretended to, did anyone,…? but schemes for her ass as an anchorman might, and she slips and falls and devoted to her chasteness, ah theres the rub, already she ahs no future in journalism,  I read Answered prayers, dears, and she begs her father or mother earth to turn her into, of  all things, a tree, an early  variation of conservation, but then if you erally belied vthat shit, someone would  notice that that Bozo kingpin Amazon warrior queen stands on an empire made of corrugated cardboard. A gal I knows sends me a post, NO AMAZON CHRISTMAS, as 650 acres of trees, I am told will be cut down for this schemata’s I was certain would be vacated since you love Arabs so much, juts not close too Jedah of  the apple store, that all. ANTI-AMAZON CHRISTMAS ,OR SOME SUCH THING, I wasn’t planning on it anyway, as I like Saturnalia shopping and dont like screaming my needs into a a micreopheone that may or may not go to the kind of pigmen who say them are  with Kaeperdick,  and then disappear as well as a Clinton when that officer was down.  It is turned down, as the black woman had to turn down my Rapture but that woman liked that much more, as white woman think they are somehow so very decent and bola and good, as I recall your every fat joke made, for that not Steve Reeves, and wonder  whey Letterman will lose whatever he has, as thing  either mean something or you’re juts a hack. They distain my Braega DAGO carnie too, also sent in, as my watching Maude isn’t securely the stuff of an essay. Talky, but an attempt none the less,  I email back it wasn’t Maude I was watching, I’m no liberal hack, it was Adriane Barbau who beguiled me that warm summering night,  memory and standing up for her mother  when as usually as all liberals  disdain in Norman Lear  turned into a wet  sponge and a fraud. What does that matter…?, well, I explain, because she is a handmaiden of Signora Fortuna that I have adored since a boy, and too, just to be a bitch, earley in his run as a Triplicate girl who is on the rims of late night, now that Carson is dead, AB was on Jimmy Ols—Fllall—Kibble  ,and she sat there, a bit nervously as was in with fellow dago thuggish woppish pig the sort my father wished me not to be even though I  was  built like a Thug, and do remember this girl, if I may,  the nest time this smiling dimwit portends he’s some voice fleabag liberalism because he thinks Colbert in staking him fall off  a  mountain, that this lovely woman was being ogled by this perpetual boy and he got up and dropped his  pants as she sat there dumbfounded ,you know, since this matters now. And so, lest at the lightening of the saturnalia tree, lest bring out some pop hack with an  Italian name to sole something  no catholics ocuety would ever do, as my Ma asks, what’s this stripper here  fer…?, as she  meows and groans her  thigh high booted  figure through Santa Baby…


So, the epic of Dafne didn’t work  as I had hoped,but turend it into a comic book script that someone is instated in, as they like my idea of a Roman king Arthur strip, as did,  to be faor, Bill, which should have warned somebody what was happening. I did get some  more stuff included, which was all I  wanted this year anyway, as this wasn’t the day, the hour, the moment, the year, too lecture wops about what you can say about some mahgada, who frankly  did more damage to Hillary, again  me  as Niccolo Polisci    student and not that I care or resent it, and to the democrats than Trump ever did, and think she does  recall that, don’t take the  Tylenol Germanicus, as that hag witch has been decrementing and demeaning Hilary for two years  and there with three  weeks from  an election Miss Grundy , ot is it Solomon, anyway  Pocahontas with an Nordic  fold in case you  thought thinsg weren’t stacked and crooked,why  Trumps and cattilines make it as far as they do, I still wonder of a Boy Octavian on the pier, we don’t all for  get prayer envelopes, Rachael dear…you see this day you lectured me about WHAT I cans ay about something rimmed from  that’s senate, it saint no senate, mother fucker, not this war loving crowd of scardycats who sued taxpayers money to pay their trrrrrrrammmmppppps, while throwing people off  unemployment insurance while cooking the numbers to just get  above zero….zero…? ,when three last Etrsuca—ohm sorry Sioux, who sold out to Snyder, see ,this day I was told what I could say about a senator, but boy need to brush up on your Petronius, no less, but do you need to read up as Bill has, a senator above reproached, wow, this w as the same ddday that Jewish murals said that the jersey shore was coming back to TV, lest you think things  aren't soiling out of control. So good luck Miser Gödel, I do  hope you as you did this miserable thanksgiving, for you I had a ball,  downloaded and won a DVD of MSK3000, in which went out of your way to knee cap the Cowboys and a black quarterback pressed into service in cheese land was screwed over for a qb who has  multiple rape allegations in this year, so, happy saturnalia  and aren’t you just a genius at this, ah but the times, middlebrows Delphi announces no one is betting, much less fantasizing, so …, I hope Madden laughed that up, you need bad calls and imperial fiats to get, hopefully Rottensburgere in the super bowl on The channel of 21, OHHHOOOO… I believe what’s better than that…? This was the day you actually thought that a senator, no less, if somehow more important than the peoples whose decline and fall should sue this shit hole for copyrighting infringement, as that’s SENATE and all who slither from it has become fallen and there isn’t a Sallust on the steps to tell you to take your  dictations and shove it Up your  decadent  asses. I really must appologea for my Roman up untidiness and smarmy wise guises, as thought  at the time your connecting this hell  hole of  shot cops and women playing victims,  that ninny coon will be on Jimmie Jimmy Kimmel for a televised rim job in the first year of another mans interregnum because, everyone now, Decorum is fer suckers, as some hacks send me a update about the evil of maps now, that funny because I have a cartoon about maps right herrrrreee… which is strange because if you read them you’d have  known not to bomb that  place called a hospital, or famously where  Magnus  Leptis was, but we are making omelets, I  admit was wrong apply the yahoos Macers and the rest were right  brining up the story  of  Julius Caesar, which was done well, and not meanly, but to gain a certain echoing humanity in many of the stories about Africa by Dr Henry Gates, in a lovely show I WATCHED MUCH OF RELEGATED TO PBS 3 so we could resolve Vietnam, shit nigger I read Virgil doubt I need this, about how similar we all are, fiascoes for everyone, a comedy tonight!, and the dignity and in the tragedy  of Julius Caesar , as if one recalls, actually the senate lost that one, too.  


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